tagBDSMLittle One Ch. 05

Little One Ch. 05


I clutch onto Sean's hand eyes glued on the car pulling into his driveway. One of my oldest friends Jolie was in town and staying here with us. I straighten out my dress taking a deep breath. She jumps out of the car running towards me.

"Oh Kathryn how are you?" She sings squeezing me in her arms.

"Jolie I'm wonderful! This is my boyfriend Sean." I say in my most charming voice. I'd forgotten how beautiful she was. Jolie has a slim frame, bleach blonde hair flowing down her back in perfect curls, bright blue eyes, and freckles dotting her face. I plaster a smile on my face chewing the inside of my cheek.

"Hi Jolie, It's a pleasure to meet you." Sean says smiling. Her eyes roam down his body soaking him in.

"Oh Sean it's great to finally meet you! Thank you for sharing your home with me!" She purrs flipping her hair, "This is way better than the crap you lived in when we were little!" I frown at the ground. That was a low blow. Why would she want to make snide comments about my past?

"Yes it is Jolie, but I do have a place of my own. I just stay here sometimes." I say politely grinding my teeth.

"Hopefully soon I can get her to just move in!" Sean says playfully kissing the top of my head. She turns to pick up her bags rolling her eyes. I feel my heart leap. Jolie Holder jealous is of me! Caught in the moment I turn around quickly pulling Sean in for a kiss. I feel her eyes on my back. Sean pinches me hard enough to get my attention. I hold in a squeal backing away from him. Jolie is leaking envy.

"Let me show you to your room." I say tucking my hair behind my ear innocently.

"Oh that would be lovely!" She spits at me angrily stalking off towards the house.

I turn to follow her, but Sean catches my arm pulling me close to him.

"Room fifteen minutes!" He whispers in my ear chilling my skin. I rip my arm away opening my mouth to argue. The look on his face tells me I should use my fifteen minutes wisely. He turns walking towards the house.

"Ok! Geez!" I whisper purposely leaving out "Sir". He shakes his head slowly obviously angrier than before. Maybe a yes sir would have done me better.

I lead Jolie to her room and sit on the navy blue bed. Clouds are painted across a blue sky on the wall. When I need to be alone after a spanking I come in here. It makes everything seem normal almost.

"This is my favorite room." I say hugging a feathery pillow.

"Why would you do this to that poor man?" She commands throwing her bags towards me. I dodge them looking at her with wide eyes.

"I don't know what you mean..." I whisper looking at her in the eyes.

"Are you with him for his money?" She whispers harshly sticking a manicured nail in my face.

"No Jolie I'm not!" I say through my teeth slapping her hand away, "I love him!"

She snorts then sits down next to me.

"Well I mean look at all of this! You went from a one bedroom apartment on the bad side of town to...well to this!" She says gesturing around her.

I feel my eyes start to water, and I shoot off the bed leaving her I the room alone. I run to Sean's room closing the door behind me. He's sitting on the bed with a straight face. I can't do this, not right now. I turn to leave the room, but he catches me by the arm pulling me over his lap.

"Why would you purposely make your friend jealous?" He asks rubbing my behind through the dress.

"Did you not see the way she looked at you...Sir?!" I demand into the sheets.

"You decided to make her jealous of you because she looked at me?" He says with a hint of humor in his voice.

"Yes Sir!" I say smugly smirking out of sight.

"It was rude and you need to be kind to her. To be sure you remember that you're getting a spanking." He says hiking up my dress.

"That's not fair!" I squeal hands shooting towards my behind.

"Little one you're acting childish!" He states slapping my hands away and tucking my legs under his knee, "Now do you understand why you're getting this spanking."

"Yes sir." I whisper burying my face in the sheets.

"I can't hear you." He says coldly hitting my behind once.

"YES SIR!" I yell shame bubbling inside of me.

"That's a great way to act when you're about to get your ass toasted!" He sighs tearing down my panties.

His hand comes down hard on my behind before I can blink. I bite my lip to hold in my outburst. His hand comes down harder each time; tears start to flood my cheeks. After an assault on my sit spot my body goes limp giving into the punishment. He pulls me into his lap looking me straight in the eye.

"If you act improper at dinner in any way you will regret it." He says narrowing his eyes.

I use the back of my hand to wipe my cheeks then get off his lap retreating into the bathroom. He follows me in watching me intently as I fix my makeup. As I finish applying mascara I see him mimicking the face I'm making.

"What are you doing?" I laugh turning towards him. My behind is on fire, but I'm finding it very impossible to stay upset.

"The faces you make are just funny." He shrugs chuckling.

"You're making fun of me Mr. Walker?" I gasp hiding a smile.

"I believe I am." He says making another face. I move towards him kissing him hard on the lips.

"I love you Sir!" I laugh wrapping my arms around his neck.

"I love you too Little one..." He whispers hands traveling down my back. I move my hands from his neck to his belt unbuckling it quickly. He lifts me on the counter eyes never leaving mine.

"Tell me what you want Little one..." He says nibbling my neck.

"I want you to-.." I start interrupted by a knock at the door. I roll my eyes hopping off the counter.

"Remember what I said" He whispers raising an eyebrow.

"Yes Sir!" I whisper back letting my hands move into his boxer for a slight second to stroke his member. His eyes shine darkly and he pushes me out of the bathroom playfully pointing at the door.

I open the door and then my mouth hangs open looking Jolie over. She's wearing a tight black mini dress and matching pumps. I gulp looking over at Sean who is standing in the middle of the room eyes staring right at her.

"Wow ok!" I mutter closing my mouth watching him.

"Too much?" She smiles winking at Sean.

"We'll be in the car." I say slamming the door behind me.

When we get outside I turn to her quickly balling up my fist. She smirks at me flipping her hair.

"What the hell?!" I demand stalking towards her.

"What do you mean Kathryn? Don't be mad that your 'Boyfriend' finds me more attractive than you." She sighs rolling her eyes.

"How dare you!" I cry hurt, "I outta kick your ass right here –.." Sean's hand is on my shoulder and I'm suddenly frozen in my tracks.

"Lets go we don't want to miss our reservations!" Sean says through his teeth.

I peek up at him heart racing. He warns me silently to shut my mouth. Jolie climbs in the car without a word.

"S-Sir I-I..." I stutter starting to panic. I remember his warning and chew inside of my cheek.

"Little one if you don't shut your mouth and get in the car I will punish you right in front of your friend!" He warns quietly making my skin chill. Whoa.

"Y-Yes Sir!" I say immediately rushing into the car. I look over at Jolie eyes watering. She opens her mouth then closes it frowning at her hands. She doesn't even realize what she has started for me.

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