tagBDSMLittle One Meets Her One

Little One Meets Her One


I was at the club with a group of friends from my LARP troupe. Several of the small troupes had gathered tonight to meet with the Prince of the City and have a night of dancing. I was having a lot of fun when I noticed him standing at the bar watching me. I wasn't alarmed. To be quite honest, I was a bit intrigued. New faces were common place as new players came and went from the troupes.

Out of the corner of my eye, I kept watch for my mysterious on looker. As the night was winding down, I finally saw my chance to perhaps meet him. I walked up to the bar and ordered a drink --for me it was always cranberry juice with a splash of sprite. It was the "joke" between the bar keep and I as I never touched alcohol when at the bar.

I felt more so than saw my mystery man walk up behind me. His breath was hot on my skin as he leaned in to whisper into my ear. "I see that you are now alone little one. I am not here to harm you. Rather I have something I wish to say to you."

I tried to find words to speak to him but hey stuck in my throat. My brain said these were just simple words but the tone he said them in sent shivers up my spine. His voice was deep and commanding. Goose bumps formed on my skin and I felt him move even closer to me and just a bit behind now.

He leaned in once again and whispered, "There are so many folks here little one so I can not do what I really wish to you. I know you have been craving my touch for hours. My gaze watched your every sultry movement. You have been begging me to do this and I doubt you even realized that."

He moved his hand onto my hips and pulled me a bit closer to him. His breath is felt upon the skin of my neck now. He wraps one hand around my hip as if to hold me steady. The other hand moves down my back and soon I can feel his touch upon my ass.

He chuckles softly at me for a moment. "Such a little tart you are. No hindrance for me to simply place my hand any where I wish. I know you would love for me to rub that hard little knob of yours."

I could feel his hand softly parting my legs and I was allowing it. I didn't care that this was a public place. I was lost for the moment in the sound of his words. A part of me was compelled to stand there and let him play with my body.

My mystery man didn't keep me waiting long until I could feel his fingers rubbing along my clit. It was all ready hard for him. His eyes watching me all night had me aroused. His lips softly kissed my neck and I closed my eyes for a moment lost in this.

He whispers in my ear once again, "I am going to stick a finger inside you and you will ride it as if it was the cock you feel pressed up against you. You will cum for me when I tell you to little one."

I could feel him pressed up against me. I had been trying not to notice. What was it that made me want to feel his touch? I wasn't sure. All I knew was that I wanted to do what ever he asked. A part of me wanted to drag him into some darker corner and have him there.

His finger found its way inside my wet pussy bringing me back from those thoughts. He was fucking me relentlessly with it. His hand upon my hip steadied me and held me against him. I could feel him grind his cock up against me.

He whispered in my ear, "Yes, I know you keep wandering what darkened corner you could drag me into. I am having you here where any one could discover my hand up your skirt. I want you to cum for me now. No excuses from you on this little one."

My body seemed to respond to his words. I was going to cum all over his finger inside me. He brought my lips to his and kissed me to stifle the moan that started to cross my lips. I was riding his finger as he said that I would.

As my body slowly stopped pulsing around his finger, he released my lips from his. He placed a card in the pocket of my skirt with instructions not to read it until he had left my side. With that said he removed his hands from my body and strode for the exit door of the club.

I watched him a bit still in a daze. Who was my mysterious man? Why did he keep calling me little one? What was on the card?

Part 2

I waited until I was headed home from the club to read what was on the card. I knew that my friends would have asked a lot of questions if I had stood there in the club trying to read it in the dim lighting. I wasn't ready for questions.

The card on the front read -- Incubus in Chains...Come in for a spanking or two. On the back was a short note that read... little one, I know you are wondering what it is that I want. Please come to the club as my guest. Bring a trusted friend with you as well. I do not wish to harm you. You may ask around about me, and I am sure you will find many answers to your questions. Trey

I called up the one friend I knew would be able to answer a ton of my questions -- Sam. Sam was into BDSM and knew a lot of the fetish clubs around. He was actually a bit excited on the phone and insisted on coming over to talk. This got my curiosity going.

While I waited for Sam, I did a quick check on the net and found out a few things about the club. Trey was actually one of the club owners, and a well know Dominant in the area. But why did Trey have an interest in me? That was the big question.

Sam asked me a few questions as soon as he was inside the door of my apartment. He wanted all the details. Talking to Sam was like talking to a girlfriend most of the time and he wasn't gay. I kid you not about that. He was just very in touch with his emotions.

Sam then seemed to recall then seeing Trey at a few other places I had been recently. Including the fetish club I had got with Sam to last month. I let one of the staff Dom's paddle me. I thought it was fun. Sam knew I was one of the few from our little group that would get into the spirit of things and experiment a bit.

I blushed upon hearing that because that was the night I had chosen to wear a very revealing outfit. I loved my black bra top and leather pants with most of the ass cut out. It was such a simple outfit but it felt wonderful against bare skin. It's why I wore it to those kinds of clubs. It added to the fun and excitement for me.

Sam and I made plans to go to the club the following night. He was going to be my guest and chaperone of sorts. He wanted to make sure Trey wasn't going to try and not be a gentleman. Sam and I both knew that Trey had a good reputation and that a lot of folks wanted to be His.

I had a hard time sleeping that night. I kept replaying the events of the evening in my head. I was excited and apprehensive at the same time. I had never been anyone's submissive before and I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I didn't even know if I wanted to be one.

Sam met me at my apartment to share a cab ride to the club. We always took a cab when we went to fetish clubs. It was so neither one felt like they had to stay if they started to feel uncomfortable and wanted to leave, or if we both decided to just kick back and relax with a drink or two.

We made our way into Incubus in Chains and found a booth near one of the stages. The doorman said he would let Trey know his guest was here. I was nervous and Sam was doing the best he could to help me relax. While we were waiting, we were treated to a demonstration on role play -- one of the growing popularity Father/daughter skits.

I didn't notice Trey sit down at the table next to us until after the skit was over. He nodded at me and then at Sam and motioned for us both to join him at his table. I slowly got up. My knees were a bit wobbly as I was growing a bit more nervous. I had never really sat down like this with a Dominant before.

Trey started with asking if either of us wanted any thing to drink and had a server bring us all a cup of coffee. While we waited for it to arrive, Trey talked a bit about the club and what sort of amusements it has to offer those into the fetish scene. I paid attention not only to the words he spoke but how he spoke them. I guess in some way I was looking for clues as to who he was and what he was all about.

After the coffee arrived and a bit more chit chat Trey cut to the chase finally. He turned to me and laid the cards on the table. He wanted me to give him a chance to truly expand my horizons. He wanted to take me on as his submissive. My brain was in a state of shock. I had never been any one's submissive before. I didn't quite know what to say.

Part 3

I sat there stunned for a few moments idly stirring my coffee. I had never considered being someone's submissive. True I enjoyed the scenes I had done at various clubs I had gone to with Sam. This was different. I had never been one and one with someone before. I was a bit curious in the past but I had never had the courage to pursue it. Here was the chance staring me in the face.

I felt Sam's hand on my shoulder and it jarred me back to the table there in the club. I looked Trey in the eye for a brief moment looking to see if this was maybe a practical joke. The serious look in his eyes told me that this was a real offer -- the real deal. Trey wanted me to be his submissive. But what really was a submissive beyond the stuff I had seen here in the fetish clubs.

I slowly found my voice. I told Trey that I had never been someone's submissive before and that I didn't really know what it meant to be one. I found myself telling him about the things I had done at various fetish clubs and even the few things I had done with a few kinky lovers. He nodded and listened to the words as they poured out of my mouth.

Sam spoke up and asked Trey to give us a few moments to talk. He could tell that I was a bit blown away and perhaps needed a moment or so to just absorb what had just transpired. I blinked a few times in an effort to take it all in. I leaned over and whispered for him to pinch me so I would know I wasn't dreaming and sure to his nature he did. I chuckled a bit at him.

He leaned over and said that maybe I should think this over before giving an answer. It wasn't something to be entered into lightly. I listened to him give me some advice and told me that he would always be a phone call away. He knew me too well. I was never one to back away from a new experience. What did I really have to lose? Maybe a few nights if I realized this really wasn't for me.

I motioned Trey back over to the table when Sam and I had finished our brief chat. I didn't want to keep him waiting too long. I knew enough that I needed to be respectful and after all he had asked for this meeting.

Trey returned to the table with a small swing in his step. He seemed pretty pleased about something. There were a few brief moments of silence before I finally spoke. I told Trey that I was not sure if being a submissive was right for me, but that it was something that I had always wondered about. In that next moment, I asked him if we could possibly do being on a trail basis.

Trey smiled as I spoke. I wasn't sure if it was because I was agreeing to this or because I was being straight forward in how was addressing all of this. I didn't want to lead him on thinking that I was gung ho about something I knew very little about. Hell I was nervous as hell.

Here I was going to trust someone I barely knew any thing about. Would he be a cruel person when there wasn't anyone around that I could cry out to? Was he really as good as others said he was? I had so many questions that had yet to be answered. I waited a few agonizing moments for him to respond.

Trey chuckled light heartedly and smiled at me. He reached over and patted my hand in a reassuring way. He was happy that I wanted to take things slow and start out on a trail basis. He wouldn't want it any other way with someone so fresh to this idea. With that said he motioned to a server and a small box was sat down before me.

Trey said that it was a gift. One of many more to come as the journey would progress. He told me to open it when I got home. I was very curious about the contents but I would wait until then. Trey then asked me if I would oblige him with a small scene here and now at the club. With those words spoken my heart began to race a bit. I found that words were slow to form but soon enough I was able to ask just what he meant.

With a chuckle he said, "Well my little one I would like to spank you before all of these people. I wish to secure you to the table you see up on that stage now. Place a blindfold around your eyes so that you can not see the crowd. I would place 10 lashes of a whip upon your butt. I will of course allow you to inspect the whip."

I looked a brief moment to Sam and then back to Trey. I told him that I was agreeable to that. A part of me wanted to know how heavy his hand was. Why not find out before we really get started. With that said he motioned for me to stand and follow him to the stage. He indicated to Sam that he wished for him to be one of the spotters as it would probably be a calming factor for me.

Part 4

I follow Trey up to the stage area and wait for further instructions. He is talking with Sam and one guy I have seen around before that does a lot of spotting at the fetish clubs. He's been around a long time and knows what to watch out for. This makes me feel well in hand. *smiles*

After a good while has passed - at least for me - Trey motions for me to join him up on the stage area. We talk for a few moments so that we both understand what is going to take place. We both agree on simplicity and "Stop" is my safe word for all action to cease. He places a hand on my shoulder and tells me to take a few deep breaths to calm my nerves. Sure enough it helps. While we were doing that the spotters checked the equipment out to make sure everything was safe. We got the green light to proceed.

He hands me the whip to inspect. I give it a good once over. I know what I need to look for such as frayed ends, hidden bits of metal, and what not. I have managed to pick that much up from going to the clubs. He pats the table and asks me to lie down on my stomach. He places the blindfold over my eyes, and adjusts it do it does not affect my hearing. Then he attaches leather cuffs to my ankles and wrists and asks to make sure that they are not too tight. He then secures it to the table.

He leans down and whispers in my ear, "I know you are not used to doing this for a Dominant so this will be a different experience for you. I want for you to count each one using the words such as -- One lash Sir -- and so forth until we get to ten. Be brave my little one and you will be rewarded when you join me at my house for your first real lesson. Do you understand these instructions?" He asks me.

With a clear voice I answer him, "Yes, Sir, I do understand your instructions."

With that said he gives me a light pat on the butt and takes the whip from the spotter who was holding it. Sam checks to make sure nothing is too tight and then gives Trey the go ahead. An announcement is made that Trey is about to give a demonstration on the main stage with his new submissive. I start to get rather nervous now and use the calming breaths to get myself back in focus.

Sam gives me a gentle pat on the shoulder and steps back to watch from his spot. The other spotter is a bit closer and I can almost hear his heart beating.

I then hear Trey say, "Let us being little one."

I can feel the first sting of the whip upon my butt. Not too hard but I am clearly aware of its hitting its mark. "One lash, Sir."

The next lash is a bit felt a bit more. It is no harder but its sting is certainly felt. "Two lashes, Sir".

The next lash lands squarely between my cheeks creating a different sensation. "Three lashes, Sir".

The next lash lands on my left cheek only. "Four lashes, Sir".

Trey asks me if I am okay before he proceeds and I tell him that I am. My brain was swimming a bit from the sensations. I didn't want to tell him that it was simply making me wet and not really hurting.

Part 5

Sam and I went home from the club in a bit of silence. I was very curious as to the contents of the box Trey had given me, but wanted a bit of privacy away from his club to open it. Sam came inside the apartment with me when we got back from the club. He wanted to make sure that I was all right and he was curious to about what was in the box.

I tossed the keys on the counter and set the box on the table while I got out of my club clothes. It was time for pj's which for me consisted of t-shirt and shorts. Sam was nervously tapping his foot on the floor. I guess he was really wondering what was in the box more so than I.

I finally sat down on the couch next to Sam with the box before me. I slide the ribbon off the box and slowly lifted the lid. On the very top was an appointment card to have a Brazilian wax done at a trendy spa in town. Sam's only comment to that was at least the question of shaved or no was all ready answered for me.

The next item in the box was a neatly folded outfit if you wanted to call it that. Sam wolf whistled when he saw it. The bottom was nothing more than a dancer's g-string and the top was a half-cup bra. Both items were leather and velvet. I just thought the man had good taste in picking it out. It was something I would have picked out to wear for someone special.

The next item in the box I thought was a little too personal for Trey to have given me. It was an egg vibe with remote control neatly packaged in its box. I couldn't help but grin a bit at it. Sam just shifted in his seat a bit when he saw the slight blush upon my cheeks. I set it aside for the moment. Knowing there was bound to be a note in the box with an explanation for item.

The next item was a card. I opened it to find a gift card to a store I loved. The best place to find fetish wear in town. A post-it upon it said it was to buy a pair of shoes. I was to tell the clerk that I was there to pick out one for the Trey collection. I wondered how much of a heel these shoes would end up having.

Finally I got to the note that would explain everything to me. Why these items and what I was supposed to do over the next several days. I read it aloud so that Sam would know the contents of the letter.

little one...you are reading this because you have chosen to embark upon a journey with Me. I am glad that you have chosen to do so. I like for my submissives to be free of hair and will maintain the regimen while Mine. I, also, like for Mine to be pierced but W/we will discuss these when W/we meet in 2 days. you will notice that I am using what might appear to be a change way of writing here with you. Rest assured it is not. It is how you will learn to write when you complete assignments for Me. When referring to Me, you will always put the pronouns and proper nouns in caps. When referring to yourself, you will always put the pronouns and proper nouns in lower case. you will begin this practice before W/we meet. Between now and then you are to write me an essay on why it is you want to begin this journey with me. It will be no less than 1000 words, typed, spell checked and using the proper way of writing as I have just explained to you. you are to include in the writing anything you would consider to be a hard limit. you will find tucked in the very bottom of the box a chest list of things. Complete the checklist and bring it with you. Just like in the club you will devise a safe word in which W/we will use during O/our scenes. I realize this is a lot to throw at you, but you will thank Me for it in 2 days time. Between now and then there is one more task in which you will complete. How you complete said task is up to you. I wish for you to be well satisfied sexually. Yes, what an odd request, but I do not wish for you to come to me starved for it. You will choose a partner for this task whom you know to be clean of any disease. I trust that you know of such a person. If for some reason you can not find a partner of your liking then the toy I have provided for you will have to do. By well satisfied, I mean you will have no less than 3 orgasms between now and then. I trust I don't have to explain that the orgasms need to be the toe curling variety. *chuckles softly* You are to wear the outfit that I have provided along with the shoes you will be picking out beneath a trench coat. Bring Sam along with you...as I have said I wish for you to feel safe. I trust that in allowing this unusual form of trust to you that you will trust me as my others submissives have and do. Now...please tell Sam that I would like for him to jeans, t-shirt, and a pair of comfortable shoes. I have my reasons for such a request as I wish for him to be comfortable. Please be at My home by no later than 9 PM on the day that I indicated for you to arrive. I look foreword to this the beginning of O/our journey little one. Trey

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