tagBDSMLittle One Meets Her One Ch. 02

Little One Meets Her One Ch. 02


**Author's Notes**

i have many thanks to Bob for his hours of editing for me on this section.


Part 19

tara couldn't help but gulp a bit. This was going to be hard as she had never been spanked by Sam. It wasn't what their play had ever been about. In her mind, she understood why it would be Sam carrying out the punishment. she waited with anticipation for it to begin.

Trey excused Himself for a moment and tara began to get even more nervous about things. she was feeling rather exposed kneeling there but knew enough not to try and shield herself. she began to think that this waiting was just a part of the process. Before true panic could set in, Trey strolled back into the room.

He spoke in a hushed voice with Sam and they both looked over at me. Trey and Sam agreed upon how this punishment was going to be carried out. When They were finished Trey came over to tara and told her to stand and follow Him. her legs were a bit rubbery when she went to stand from nerves but she obediently followed Him into another room.

This room was Trey's personal dungeon. It was decorated with assorted apparatuses and smelled like leather. He walked her over to a St. Andrews Cross and motioned for her to press her chest against it. tara timidly did as she was directed and soon found her ankles and wrists bound to the cross.

tara breathed slowly in and out and focused to pay attention to what ever directions might come next. A part of her was scared but another part was growing with excitement. she had always enjoyed being spanked and today was going to be no exception. she did, however, realize that this wasn't about fun but rather punishment for her actions the other night.

Sam came into the room and went over to where Trey was standing. tara could see Them out of the corner of her eye. Trey handed Sam a flogger and instructed him on its use. Sam took a few practice swings to test it out and the sound brought chills up tara 's spine.

When Sam was finally ready he crossed the floor over to where tara was bound.

Trey made a few last checks on the bindings and told Sam that everything was ready. tara took in a few deep breathes and slowly let them out. she wrapped her head around that this was truly going to happen. she wiggled just a little bit in the restraints and waited. Finally Trey spoke once more.

" tara , you will count for Sam with each stroke of the flogger. With each count you will say "One stroke Sam" until the count is complete. If you fail to count it will begin again. Are you ready to begin?"

"Yes, Sir, i am ready."

Sam reached out and touched my shoulder. He gave it a reassuring squeeze and she began to relax in the bindings. He stepped back a bit and took a few more practice swings with the flogger. He then stepped up and softly tapped her with the flogger.

"One stroke Sam."

The next stroke of the flogger was a bit harder then intended. tara winced a little bit but quickly recovered.

"Two strokes Sam."

Sam quickly realized it had been a bit too hard, and reengaged how he would need to proceed with the next one. He swung a bit slower and hit his mark on her left ass cheek.

"Three strokes Sam."

The next stroke landed squarely on her right ass cheek.

"Four strokes Sam."

By this time there were the beginnings of sweat sheen on her skin. This was much more intense then letting someone in a club take a flogger to her. This wasn't fun and gone were her thoughts of make a joke about her surroundings. Sam didn't hesitate with the flogger and landed one square on the middle.

"Five strokes Sam."

"Are you doing all right tara?" asked Trey at this point.

"i am doing fine Sir. May i please say something, Sir?"

"You may but be brief."

"i am truly sorry for my actions. It will not happen again Sir."

"That is good to hear tara but it will not get you out of the remaining five strokes."

tara nodded that she understood and prepared herself once again. Sam listened to the exchange and waited for the go ahead from Trey. Once it was received, Sam landed the flogger across her left ass cheek.

"Six strokes Sam."

The next stroke was a little bit harder than planned. It landed across her right ass cheek. Sam felt a little flustered by it because he knew it had to hurt.

"Seven strokes Sam."

Trey could see Sam's frustration and gave him a few pointers. tara wiggled in her restraints while they talked. her ass was smarting from this punishment. Sam regained his composure and let her have the next one.

"Eight strokes Sam."

tara breathed deeply in and out as the pain sensors were becoming over loaded. Trey kept a watchful eye over his promising submissive and on Sam who was learning how to punish. Sam delivered the next stroke and was a bit light with it.

"Nine strokes Sam."

Sam swung his arm and delivered the final stroke. It wasn't that hard of a stroke but yet not so soft.

"Ten strokes Sam."

tara had tears streaming down her face now. she was relieved that this was over. At least this part of her punishment anyway. she waited to be released from the cross. Trey kept her waiting for a while and let those tears fall freely.

Trey reached down and undid the bindings upon her ankles and then upon her wrists. He checked for signs that leather might have rubbed into her skin and found very little sign of that. He rubber her skin and slowly brought her over to a nearby bench. He told her to lie down on her side upon it and that He would take a look at her ass cheeks.

He inspected where the flogger had hit and found nothing that would leave a lasting mark. In fact they would probably fade within the hour. He motioned Sam over and told him to hold tara a while. Sam didn't need to be told twice.

Sam let tara 's head rest in his lap and softly caressed her hair. He softly told her that it was over now and that she could recover now. tara let her tears dry and allowed herself to be comforted. This was probably the hardest thing she had experienced in a long time.

Trey rubbed some cream onto the marks just to be certain that they wouldn't leave a mark. she tensed a little bit as He did that but soon relaxed. Her ass cheeks were smarting and it wasn't a pleasant feeling at all. When she had finally calmed Trey asked her to stand and ushered her into a bathroom and told her to take a hot shower.

Trey turned on the water and got it to the desired temperature. He told her that He would be watching but not joining her. she stepped into the shower and washed her skin with the offered puff of lavender soap. she felt His eyes on her body as she scrubbed. It was if they pierced through her to her core.

Something about Him made her shiver inside. It wasn't a bad thing but rather an oddity. she had never met a man like Him before. A part of her was longing to be touched by Him once again like He had done upon their first meeting. she knew, however, that she would have to wait for such an encounter as she was certainly not in the driver's seat in this relationship.

When she was done a towel was offered to her and was told to pat her skin dry. He took a good look at her skin once again. It was still a bit red and rubbed a bit more cream onto it. He ushered her back into the room she first came into and told her to get dressed and that He would see her again in two days. He told Sam to stay with her tonight but that there was to be no sexual interactions.

Sam was happy for the chance to be near tara , but understood this part of her training. He waited for her to dress and they took the taxi back to her place. tara barely spoke on the ride home. It was because she was a bit over whelmed emotionally. It was sort of like being in shock.

Part 20

tara readied for bed as soon as they were inside the apartment. she put on a t-shirt and pair of shorts and snuggled down into the covers. she hollered out into the living room to have Sam join her. Sam quietly walked into her bedroom and stripped down to his boxers and t-shirt and climbed into bed next to her. He held her close and told her that he was sorry he wasn't that great with the flogger.

"Sam, i realize that you are just learning. i am not upset about that at all. Sure my ass smarts but that is what this punishment was about. It wasn't for shits and giggles this time. This was the real deal. i deserved what i got and i do understand why it needed to be from you. You will get better as time goes by."

"I am so relieved to hear that you're not upset with me. I can't begin to tell you what it means to me to hear those words."

"Let's get some sleep. This was a long night for us both."

With that said they snuggled together and slowly began to drift off to sleep. tara 's dreams were filled with erotic desires for Trey. she found herself rubbing against Sam in her sleep and he gently pushed her away from him. He realized it was something she was dreaming about and didn't want to wake her.

In the morning, tara was more than a little sore. Sam asked to check her marks before getting ready to go himself as he had plans to see his Mistress that day. she complied and squirmed a bit when he touched the marks. He told her they looked fine and were almost faded away now.

When Sam left, tara sat down at her computer and began to work on the second part of her assignment. Words just poured out her as she worked upon it for the better part of two hours. she was all ready learning so much and felt that she was going to be learning so much more yet. she detailed everything she had learned thus far in her punishment.

When she was done she had a little over 5000 words. she proof checked all of it and was careful about how things were phrased. she certainly did now want Trey upset at her over this essay and really wanted to express herself clearly. she called the messenger service and had the essay sent right over. she didn't want to dally.

Across town, Trey had just received tara 's punishment essay by messenger. He was impressed that she wasn't going to keep him waiting on it and quickly sat down with His afternoon cup of coffee and read through it. The first read through, He could sense her emotions so clearly and appreciated its beauty.

tara was definitely going to make a fine submissive. she just needed a bit of confidence in herself and not cling to how she did things in vanilla settings. He knew that took time and He had patience to allow her some slack. He, also, knew that He needed to be firm with her or she'd never learn her way upon this path.

Trey made a few notes on her essay and set it aside. He allowed His thoughts a moment to drift back upon T/their first meeting. He had wanted her then but something about the way she submitted so innocently to Him in that moment made Him want her in a way He had not felt in a while. Sure He had submissives but this one was different from the others.

tara was willful and sure of herself in so many regards. she was all ready exhibiting signs that she may not just be an ordinary submissive but perhaps a switch. Sam had recounted many things about their encounters in private talks. He hoped that tara would forgive Him for asking things without her knowledge.

He felt His cock growing hard at the thought of fully claiming that minx. He picked up the phone and called for one of His trained submissives. He wanted to relieve the tension He was feeling but it wasn't time to do so yet with tara . There were still some more lessons to be taught.

He greeted layla at the door upon her arrival and ushered her into the bedroom. she quietly undressed and kneeled up before Him. With a nod she undressed Him and waited to see what His next desire would be. layla licked and sucked at His cock until He couldn't stand it any longer.

With a snap of His fingers, she rose to her feet and lay down upon the bed. she spread her legs for Him and He quickly entered her. Riding her body and bringing out the inner desires and leaving her quaking beneath Him. He withdrew before coming and she stroked out His seed upon her stomach.

He smiled down at layla and thanked her for coming on such short notice. He told her to shower and to go. she understood what this was. she was just the means to relieve a bit of what ever was on His mind. she felt honored though that He had sought her out.

Like a dutiful submissive of His, she showered and dressed. she walked down the steps and got into the waiting taxi. Trey sighed a bit because all though the relieved the immediate need it didn't take away His desire to claim tara and soon. It was just a matter of time before that happened.

Part 21

Across town tara was wondering what Trey was thinking in regards to her completed assignment. she was hoping that He was pleased with the work that she had put into the essay and that all would be forgiven. A part of her was warming to this lifestyle in such a way that she was beginning to long for what might happen next. she might be new to this but this was something wonderful all ready.

she was patiently trying to work when she got His phone call that very afternoon.

"tara, I just wanted to say that you did well on finishing your punishment. There is just one final thing and I want to see you tonight. I don't like to say that things are forgiven unless it is done in person."

"Yes, Sir, i do understand and i am free tonight."

"Good then come at your usual time and this time come alone. I'll phone Sam and explain why I want to see you alone."

"Very well Sir. i'll see You tonight."

With that Trey hung up the phone with tara and made the necessary call to Sam and explained what was going. Sam completely understood having been through similar things with his Mistress in the past. Trey told Sam when the next session would be for the three of them and hung up.

Trey made some preparations and headed to the shower. He wanted this moment to be particularly special. He took a shower and thought of tara as He showered. He couldn't help but get hard at the very thought of her. He wanted her to writhe beneath Him. He wanted to claim the last bit of her that was still struggling to be the submissive that she was.

He stood there in the shower thinking of what it would be like to finally claim her as His. He got instantly hard at the thought. He thought about standing there and stroking Himself to orgasm but decided there were other things to do besides play at that moment. He wanted to prepare the room so it would smell like roses.

He rang up the florist and reserved several dozen roses and a single white rose and had his delivery service go get them for Him. He placed large pillar candles all around the room. He would light them about a half hour before her arrival so the vanilla scent would mix with the roses. He made sure the bed was turned down and simply smiled a few moments.

When the roses arrived, He put them into clear vases and placed them about the room. He was happy to see that they had included one white rose by itself. He placed that on the bed. He paced a bit around the room and checked His watch. It was nearly time to light the candles, and He went ahead and did so a little early.

Meanwhile, tara had finished up work and raced home to shower and change into something that Trey would approve of for T/their meeting. she carefully showered and freshly shaved her pits. she wanted to be smelling fresh and clean for Him. she had a feeling something important was up to be meeting with her alone.

she finished putting on her shoes just as the taxi honked the horn letting her know it was there to pick her up. she picked up her bag and tied the trench coat closed and made her way downstairs. she didn't need to give the address as the taxi driver all ready knew because his company was one that Trey used often. tara was a bit nervous about tonight as she didn't know what to expect.

The ride over went smoothly and the taxi driver told her they were there to jar her out of her day dream. she thanked him and got out after giving him the fare and tip. she went to the door and rang the bell. Trey opened it Himself and ushered her inside.

He took the trench coat and was pleasantly surprised by what He saw under it. she was wearing a mini skirt and a top that you could tell there was nothing on underneath either. He led her into the room she was familiar with and He told her to kneel up at attention beside the couch. she quickly did as she was told to do.

He sat down on the couch near her and ran His fingers through her hair. He was happy to see her but business needed to be conducted first. He gave her a few moments to adjust to this and then started to talk.

"tara, I am quite happy with your punishment assignment. It shows me that you are going to take things seriously from now on. It, also, shows Me that you are beginning to fully understand what it is to be a true submissive. I do have a few questions for you though. You are allowed to speak freely while I ask you these questions, tara."

"Thank You, Sir."

"tara, have you been doing any research online into what this type of relationship is all about?"

"Yes, Sir, i have been doing some research online in my spare time. i really do want to know what this is all about Sir."

"What is this research telling you, tara?"

"It is telling me that perhaps this is what i have been for quite a long time now Sir. i feel that i have had these tendencies for some time now and perhaps have been suppressing them, Sir."

"How does that make you feel to understand all this?"

"It makes me feel a bit uneasy in some ways but let me explain what i mean by that Sir."

"Go ahead tara, explain it to Me."

"i am uneasy because it means i have been losing out on something that can be beautiful, Sir. These last few visits have been showing me things that before i had only dreamt of or read about in books, Sir. This is something i, indeed truly want Sir. i want to be a submissive Sir."

"I was hoping you would see that for yourself, tara. It makes me happy that you are seeing this early on and that you are open to what you are."


"Yes, tara?"

"Sir, if i may be so bold may i say that i truly wish to be You're submissive."

"you may be so bold as to say that tara. you already are in fact, deed, but yet unclaimed by Me."

"i am unclaimed Sir?"

"tara that is a fact that I wish to change this very evening. By unclaimed I mean that I have not claimed your sexual side for Myself. Tonight that will change. Do you understand what I mean by that tara?"

"Yes, i do Sir."

"Then W/we are in agreement then? You are my submissive and I will claim you for My very own tonight."

"Yes, Sir, W/we are in agreement."

With that said Trey leaned over and kissed tara on the lips. The first kiss and a timid one to see how she would respond to it. tara responded by wanting more of a kiss and kissed Him back. This made Him grow hard and knew He would have to keep His wits about Him or this night would be over much too quickly for His desire to claim her ran deep.

Part 22

After a while He broke the kiss and pulled her to her feet and led her to the room He had carefully prepared for this evening. tara was shocked to see all the roses and the candles lit. she saw another side of her Dominant that night.....a romantic side. So Trey did have a soft side as well. she smiled at Him.

Trey took her hand and led her over to the bed, and placed the single white rose into her hand. she by instinct brought it to her nose and smelled it. It smelled so sweet. He stood there watching her and used that time to regain control over Himself. she was a treasure to be taken slowly.

"This rose will always symbolize the purity of the gift that you give over to Me tonight. Do you understand what I mean by that, tara?"

"Yes, Sir, i think i do."

"Then explain it to me so that I will know that W/we are on the same page."

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