tagBDSMLittle Red Coat Ch. 07

Little Red Coat Ch. 07


{Part 7 of "Little Red Coat}

I spent most of the next few days in bed. I didn't feel like moving. Crystal and John were getting married. It seemed so surreal, so impossible a few weeks ago. A few weeks ago....that's all it was when I was falling completely in love with her and she was expanding my sexual horizons to a point where she had me in a constant state of arousal. Instead of being energized and manic I was just a depressed lump, wasting away in my self pity.

John and Crystal kept calling me, I kept ignoring their calls and texts. One day I heard them banging on my door but I didn't answer. I pretended I wasn't home. I had had the locks changed. The banging stopped.

I lost my job because of all the time I was taking off. I didn't care, I just slept in longer. Suddenly the bills started piling up. Crystal had taken care of them before. I realized how little I actually made in relation to the cost of the bills and the apartment. I only knew of one way out.

I called Ted. He was happy to hear from me. I know he was angling for another shot at me. I wanted to use that to help me. I asked him how it was going, especially, how it was going with whatever website he'd put my pictures and video on. He told me it had run it's course.

"People just don't like censored porn," he guessed. Plus, he said the videos and pictures weren't of the quality that good sex websites have. He said he was thinking of making his own website. That way he'd get all the money, but with just the pics and video he has he has decided against it. I told him to go ahead with it.

"Do it, put up your website," I urged.

"Why? What good will that do?"

"Because, I want you to," I begged. "Put up the website, post those pictures and the videos. You have both of them don't you, yours and the one Crystal made?"

"Yes," he said, sounding embarrassed. "I actually made a copy of hers for my own use," he admitted. "I was afraid to ask Crystal."

"Good, then post them, post them all, don't censor any of them, show everything," I urged.

"Are you sure?" he responded incredulously.

"Absolutely, however, whatever you make, I get half, got it?" I said firmly.

"Um, half, yeah, great!" He said. "I can get that started soon," he said.

"No!" I whined. "I need money now. How long will it take you if you are motivated?"

He said, "Ok, I can probably get everything going, and maybe get a few hits and money coming in...in...say...a week? That's only if things go perfectly," he warned.

I asked, "you can't get it going sooner?"

"No, I'm afraid not, this stuff takes time. A week is totally optimistic. I can have the website up tomorrow. Getting it advertised and getting people interested takes longer."

"I see," I said. "What if you email all your buddies and their friends, like the ones at the party, all the ones who have seen it. I know they all wanted a copy of it then."

"Yes, that's a good idea," he said. "Are you sure you are all right with this?"

"Yes, do it," I hissed. "And make them all pay for it too, don't give them any freebies!"

He laughed, "Ok, ok. I'll tell you when it's up and running, I'll give you the administrator password, so you can see how we are doing."

I thanked him from the bottom of my heart. I asked him what he was doing. He said "nothing," I told him I'd be right over to properly "motivate" him.

I took my little red coat off the hook by the door. I grabbed some shorts but didn't put them on. Just me and my coat. I took a box out of the closet. It was my last present from Crystal. It was a new digital video camera. She had the idea for me to bring it along on all my adventures. I'd never taken it out of the box since she'd left. I had an idea to help our fledgling new business.

I hustled out the door. My tits were bulging out, my ass was hanging out, the shorts were for later. I didn't bother pulling down the coat. I ran directly into Josh, from upstairs.

He grinned boldly. I'm sure he expected me to ignore him and walk past. I stopped. I chatted him up. I was just bullshitting, about the time, the weather. I just wanted him to ogle me, standing there, my pussy and ass poking out under the coat. He was looking, oh, he was looking hard. I just smiled sweetly like it was just another day. I turned to my car, I still had Ted to deal with. I asked Josh when his next party was.

He said, "Uh, next Friday. Do you want to come?"

I grinned, "I'd love to," and with that I flipped my coat up in the back so he could see my bare ass as I walked away.

"See you then!" I heard him call excitedly from behind me.

I got to Ted's in record time. He caught my outfit.

"Ah, the little red coat," he grinned.

I told him my plan. "Let's do a series of videos. Sell them one by one," I said, laying it out. "We'll call it the Little Red Coat series. I'll wear it every time I do something. We'll make it my story, the story of the slut that goes out and gets fucked in all sorts of ways in her little red coat."

He was immediately into it. "Yes, that'd be great!" His face changed quickly though. "But Lish, you should see the kind of porn that's out now, it's all digital stuff, high def."

I pulled the new camera out of the box. "Will this work?"

He looked it over, "fucking right it will, these things are awesome!"

I said, "Ok, that's the plan so far. You post what you have, uncensored, hopefully a lot of our classmates and acquaintances will start a grassroots thing first. Then, everywhere I go I'll take this with me and film it. It doesn't all have to be "Little Red Coat" stuff, of course. But I'll try and focus on a few for those first."

"Gosh, Lish, that sounds great but why are you doing this now?"

"I need the money," I said truthfully. "Crystal is marrying John, as I'm sure you are aware, I can't afford my place otherwise. I was seeing if this works out, if it doesn't I might try stripping."

He gave me a concerned look. "Are you all right, about the marriage thing? They said they've been trying to talk to you about it for weeks and weeks. Is this what's behind all this? Don't do it if you are all weirded out about that, or because you are depressed."

"What are you, my father?" I hissed. "Aren't you the one that fucking videotaped me sucking you off in our high school gym then made me crawl down an alley naked? I'm not fucking depressed!" I spat. "I just need the money.

"Ok, ok," he said trying to avoid my wrath. "Well, that camera will certainly help our revenue. Too bad we don't have anything new to hook the new customers with."

"Ah, but we will," I smiled sweetly. "Follow me. I have an idea for a teaser." I led him outside.

I knew Ted's neighborhood a bit now, since the party at his parents house. I had to put on shorts for this, they were white, very tight. You can see my pussy lips clearly in them. We walked down his street to the corner, there was a bar on the corner. It was one of those local watering holes. I stopped. I gave him a choice. When he considered the two choices he took the second one. He said it'd be better having someone (him) manning the camera. That way it wouldn't come out all grainy and poor quality.

He asked me, "Are you sure about this? What if it doesn't work?"

I told him, "look at me, look how i'm dressed. You don't think I can do it?" I teased playfully. I just had on my tight coat. I had nothing on underneath, save the short shorts. I wouldn't even be able to take the coat off inside. It didnt' matter, I didn't plan on staying long.

He turned on the camera. I put my face in close. "Hi guys, I'm Lisha. Welcome to my new website! I'm a submissive slut that loves pleasing guys in every possible way. If you haven't seen some of my old videos you are in for a treat. Tonight, I thought i'd give you a preview of what kind of slut I am and what kinds of things you'll be seeing from me. Tonight, just for an appetizer I'm standing outside of a local bar. I've never been in there. I don't know anyone there. I'm going in, just like this," I said as I backed up and let Ted show them my slut attire. I'm calling this my "Little Red Coat" series. In it I'm a slut who goes out in her slut outfit as you can see, to get fucked in many ways. Tonight, you'll see how long it takes for me to get a complete stranger to come outside and use me."

I told Ted to film through the window while I went in, so they could see me at the bar, trying to pick someone up. I said I'd add commentary later which would tell them what was said. Then, when he saw me coming he was to hide behind a fence and keep filming. It was directly across from a light that hung from the back of the building. I wanted it to be illuminated so it would show everything.

"Do you think it will be able to be high quality?" I asked Ted nervously.

"Fuck yeah, I get to work with one like this in my film class. These things are awesome, it'll be like being there." I smiled. He looked around. "Are you going to be sucking another cock in an alley, young lady?"

I giggled, "Wish me luck." I walked into the bar, my coat barely covered what I was about to give away.

I went straight to the bar. There were a couple older guys at the end and a blue collar, younger man in the middle. I chose him to be the lucky one. Watching the tape back I wasn't surprised that the running time for me in the bar was 5 minutes and 47 seconds. That's all it took me to convince that complete stranger to come outside so I could please his cock. That's what I told him when he offered to buy me a drink. I whispered, "I'd rather go outside and see that cock." The humiliation of it made my pussy tingle.

I led him out, under the light and I dropped to my knees and took his cock out. I made sure I angled it so Ted could get closeups if he needed.

The guy knew I was a slut, how could it not be obvious? I think he was just giddy that I wasn't some paid whore. He called me a slut and a whore while I lapped his cock. I shimmied out of my coat, I wanted to give the viewers a good look at what they'd see a lot later. He filled me up like that while I was naked in an alley, my slut clothes lying in clear view next to me. He was gone a second after he'd cum in my mouth. I wasn't even off my knees yet. I stumbled naked over to the fence. Cum was still dripping from my lips. I had Ted zoom in. I said, "How long did that take?"

He looked at the running clock. "Less than ten minutes."

"You see guys?" I said as I licked up the cum. "Inside ten minutes of meeting a guy in a bar his cum is now inside me. Remember, this is just a teaser, I'm a way bigger whore than this, believe me. Till next time!" I said as I blew a kiss at the camera.

We rushed home and Ted downloaded it to his computer. He promised me updates. I promised him a blowjob if he got it running and got us money coming in within a week.

I went home. As I drove I kept trying to convince myself I'd be all right, that I didn't need Crystal. I was going to make it on my own and if this is what it would take I'd do it. I didn't care anymore. I was laying it all out there. I felt manic again. My libido was raging. That's why I agreed to party with Bill and Josh. Hell, why tease them? Why not let them fuck me, why not let them all fuck me? I figured it would make us some good money on the website. I thought about the office episode where I'd sucked all the men Glenn had bragged to. I'd made that happen, didn't I? There was plenty more humiliation out there. It seemed the world was out to humiliate me anyway, I might as well make it easy for them. Deep down though, I knew I was missing something. I tried to push it out of my mind.

Again, I skipped through the messages on my machine when I got home, I barely heard Crystal speak before I cut it off. "Sorry babe," I said to myself as I smirked painfully, "but your slut has to rest up, she's got a busy slut schedule to keep."

Still, I wrote it all in my diary, about the website, the bar blowjob, teasing Bill and Josh, the upcoming party, I spilled all my slutty thoughts onto those pages like the men did with their cum on, and in me. I realized I was living out our dream. All these things I was doing were things she was leading me to do anyway. Glenn, the office, the website and people viewing me, even Bill and Josh. They were all things I knew she'd have had me do eventually anyway. I was keeping a log, like a good little slut.

I had a hard time sleeping. I kept dreaming of the neighbors, of the guys at the office, cum, gang bangs, Ted.

I met Bill, the neighbor at the mailbox the next day on purpose. I'm sure Josh had told him that I flashed my ass at him. He had a goofy smile. I just felt so fucking horny and I was excited about the new website so I wanted to have another little something for Ted. I just had on my g string bathing suit which I usually only tan in, and a barely there top which did nothing to hide my perky nipples. I couldn't help it, exhibiting myself always got me perky. He took notice, I let him stare.

"So, will there be lots of guys at your party?" I asked with a hint of suggestion.

"Um, yeah, there always is, probably 10, 15, who knows, the game is on," he said, still ogling my assets. Are you coming?"

"Depends, do me a favor?" I asked seductively.


"Good, come here," I urged. I led him back to my apartment. No sooner had the door closed I'd taken off my top and my g string. He stood there gaping. I hit the remote on the camera, slyly, he didn't even know there was one. I was on my knees sucking him. He'd wanted this for months and I swear he saved up because he nearly choked me with his cum. I helped him zip up and I basically pushed him back out the door.

"There, now tell all your friends there's more of where that came from," I said as the door closed behind me. I approached the camera and smiled as I licked up what was left. "Mmm, that tasted good, I was so hungry for cum this morning!" Hoped you liked it!" I then shut it off.

When I replayed it from the start it sounded like this, "Hi, this is Lisha, I'm feeling extra horny today. I decided that I'm going to get some new cock. Like what I'm wearing today?" The camera showed me swirl around with my outfit. "Good, because I'm hoping this will just take a minute. You see I've been teasing my poor neighbors something awful and a slut like me can't just be a tease. I hear one of them at the mailbox. Let's see how big a slut I can be and how quickly I can get his cum in me."

I had pointed the camera out the smoked glass, you could clearly see me enter the building, you could see me and Bill talking, even if it was somewhat blurry and literally, within a minute, two at the most there I was leading Bill in and stripping. I noticed the timer when it was all over, from the intro to me pushing Bill out and licking up in front of the camera was six minutes, fifty seven seconds.

Ted loved the new video and posted it, he told me to keep them "cumming". Glenn called me from the airport the next morning. He told me he was taking a limo again, could he stop by and pick me up on his way to work.

"Are you angling for another blowjob, sir?" I laughed.

"Absolutely," He said. "Don't think I didn't hear about your exploits at the office, hell, Danny called me later that day!"

"That fucker raped me!" I protested.

"I'm guessing you liked it though," he said confidently.

I blushed. I'm sure he could almost feel it through the phone. "Are you mad?"

He laughed. "What do I care who has you in the time when you aren't with me. I mean, having an office whore should be good for morale."

"Good point," I grinned.

"So, are you up for it?" He asked.

"You know I am, are you?" I teased.

"Not at the moment, but I'm sure you'll remedy that. I'll pick you up in a half hour. Wear your heels only, I think Ralph is a heel man."

He hung up, I blushed. Ralph again.

I stood there like the slut I was, naked, in only heels, just inside my door, waiting to be whisked away to perform my cock sucking services for the viewing pleasure of two men. I had a favor to ask them, though.

They arrived. It was broad daylight already. I didn't care, I walked out naked. Bill and Josh were on their porch, drinking beer already, "seriously?" I thought, "It's ten A.M.!" I let them watch the naked slut get in the limo. I had my camera in one hand, the red coat in the other. I asked Ralph for the favor. He and Glenn smiled when I told them what I wanted and why. I walked back, still naked, with Bill and Josh gaping , to my door. I put on my slut outfit. This one was for the series. I had Ralph start videotaping. I walked seductively to the limo while he filmed. I opened the coat on the way, showing my nakedness. I leaned in the window to talk into the camera. My ass was sticking out for Bill and Josh to ogle while I talked to the camera.

"Hi, it's Lisha again. I've got my slut outfit on and I'm hungry for some more cock today so I have a businessman who has me at his beck and call for oral services. Today, he's here to pick me up and have me suck him on the way to work. Plus, I have some other surprises, hope you like!" I giggled as I wiggled my ass at Bill and Josh. The way I'd been teasing I knew that they'd probably break their cock off in my pussy they'd want it so bad. I liked that. At least Bill had gotten my mouth, poor Josh would have to wait.

I climbed into the limo. Ralph was still filming as I took off my coat, revealing my naked body. I sucked on Glenn's cock, which was already out, he'd been stroking himself to hardness. Glenn took the camera for some point of view action as Ralph drove us down the streets. I sucked him slowly, I wanted to wait for him to cum until the right time. We arrived in the parking lot of his work. Ralph got the camera back. I had him open the door so he could film it better. I worked Glenn into a frenzy with my mouth. When he came I grinned like a proper slut and let the cum ooze down my face. I took the coat and wiped some cum onto it.

I looked at the camera. "Don't worry, little sluts like me love swallowing cum. I just decided I'd like to mark the coat a little with each adventure. It's a slut's coat after all, it should look like it."

Glenn got out, smiling. They'd avoided showing their faces in it. I wanted it like that. I wanted guys to be only seeing slut Lisha in all her glory.

On the way home I sucked on Ralph's cock. He wasn't surprised, though he was genuinely grateful. I just figured him having to watch twice now, well, it just wasn't fair. We didn't use the camera. It would've been too hard with him driving. No, not the cock, the difficulty! Sheesh! I had the surprise waiting at home. Bill and josh were still on the balcony, I didn't need them for this but I thought it helped.

I had Ralph turn on the camera again, we were in the backseat. The neighbors saw me get out, coat wide open, and get in the backseat of the limo with the older man. He positioned the camera just right so he wouldn't have to mess with it. It was from the side, and a little bit behind, he had it resting on where the window comes down in the front. I thought it would be perfect for it. I also had him open the sky light. Clearly, Bill and Josh would be able to see in from above. Like I said, I didn't need them but it was going to help. I turned to the camera. I peeled off my coat.

"Hi again," I giggled with an attempted look at shame. "I just got so excited sucking the business guy off earlier that I didn't think it was fair to leave the driver hanging. He did get to see it all. I'm a slut, after all, not a tease."

I sucked on him for several minutes to make sure he was nice and hard. For an older guy, he sure had no problem getting, or staying up. I had an idea. I took the camera from it's perch and pointed it through the front window, directly up.

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