Little Red Coat Ch. 07


I looked at the camera again, "I see we have some naughty neighbors watching, how fun!"

I put the camera back in it's spot then I slowly, seductively slid my pussy down on the old man's cock. I rode him smoothly but firmly. The camera caught a very good angle of my young, tight, sexy body, fucking this slightly overweight, upper 50 something. I was moaning. It wasn't an act. I craved this stuff. I kept thinking of how I'd teased him and now I had to please. I tried to push Crystal out of my head as I rode him. Still, I thought of her. I wished she was there, looking out the window at me with pride. I couldn't help it, I came at the thought of her watching. Ralph soon followed. I made sure we were both noisy so Bill and Josh could really get worked up.

I slid off of Ralph, thanked him for the great fuck and turned to the camera. "Wow," I said, "You just never know what's going to happen to me when I go out in my little red coat! Again, I dabbed my pussy with the coat. The cum would dry nicely on the sleeve. I clicked the camera off. Another winner video for Ted.

I got out of the limo, I left my coat open, I mean, why bother? I waved at them. "Hi boys, can't wait for the party!" I giggled.

I called Ted and told him about the video he said, "Lish, you won't believe this, but I've been up the last couple nights working on this and...well fuck...we got our first hits earlier. We had our first paying customer even. It's only been a couple days, this is awesome!"

I told him to wait until tomorrow and I'd drop off the newest video, I was tired. I went and collapsed. I erased my messages again. I needed to recharge again. It wouldn't take me long. Money, finally. Ted had said with all the feedback he was getting that the guys loved my introductions as well as the action. They liked it when I set the scene, told them what I was about to do. He had told me to keep it going. I wrote everything down in my slut diary. I wrote about the bar, the website, everything. All my thoughts, all my promises. I wrote everything I planned to do which included everything Crystal and I had talked about. I didn't suppose she'd ever see it but it was a way I could connect with that part of her again.

I craved the sex. I craved the use. The one thing I was missing was the feeling that another person who loves and cares about me controls my actions. That's what was missing. Being used is just a part of it. Being made to do things, by someone that knows your very soul, well that was the drug, the high. I was fighting it, since I didn't think I could have Crystal, what's the use of wanting it?

I awoke the next day with nervous anticipation. Bill and Josh's party was coming and I had no idea what that was going to be like, what was to happen. I was for sure going to try and get as much of it videotaped as I could, for sure, but I had to do it in an unobtrusive way. I couldn't just drag Ted along. That would hamper the natural lust they'd have for me. I wanted it to be real, to be raw. I wanted it to be their natural reaction to getting a slut that's mercilessly teased them for so long. I longed for Crystal's brilliantly devious mind. She'd know what to do, how to have it done. It would be in the most exciting and humiliating way possible for me, I was sure of that. I craved that. The knowledge that someone knew the very core of me and would force me to face myself and my desires was what drove my arousal sky high.

I dropped the new video of me sucking Glenn and Ralph, off to Ted and he excitedly got it up and running. He gave me a nice check, my first one. It was more than I expected. I tried to reward him as I'd promised to do. I wanted to drive home with a belly full of his sperm. For some reason, he rebuffed me and made me promise it for "later". He told me how so many of his friends and their friends were emailing him, asking him if they could somehow meet me and use me. That thought, the wording "use me" made my pussy slick. I had an idea.

"Do you think any of those guys would be good actors?"

He gave me a dumb look. I continued, "I mean, do you think they'd be willing to act in some of these videos? I could write some sexy scenes, all they'd have to do is basically give it to me how I wrote it, how I want it to look for the website. Don't offer them pay or anything, I think them being being able to use an insatiable slut should be payment enough."

"I don't know, I'll ask around," he said thoughtfully. It looked like he was shifting painfully, his pants were swollen in the front. I wondered why he didn't let me ease his suffering. I left without his cum inside me, it left me craving it.

All the cock sucking I'd been doing had done one unexpected and noticeable thing to me. It made me hunger for the taste of it. Coffee didn't taste right unless someone's cum was mixed with it, my breath wasn't right unless I had its scent on it. I thought about Glenn, the guys at the office, especially the black guy Rob. Then, thinking of that led me to thinking about the fantasy of me on my knees, sucking off the black basketball players. I wondered if Crystal had begun planning that before our breakup. It made me juicy.

I thought of driving to Glenn's office, since my coffee lacked the most important ingredient. I knew they'd all be there, all the men I'd serviced the last time, including Danny. I didn't have a plan, it just wasn't doable. It made me angry at myself. "Crystal would just have you march in there and just offer yourself to whoever wants you first!" I hissed. I knew she wouldn't, really. But I knew that she'd have something up her sleeve to give me what I crave.

I started having uncontrollably crazy thoughts. I had to have some cum. I headed for Starbucks. My luck was good. The cute guy that worked there smiled when he saw me. I'd unbuttoned my blouse before I went in so he'd get a good view. I waited until he had his break. I barely touched my coffee. I wanted him in my coffee. Unfortunately, after I embarrassed myself hinting at what I wanted, he told me he was gay. It just left me wanting again. It probably was just good build up for the party, I supposed.

When I got home, in my lust I wrote down all the thoughts I had such as the fantasies I'd just had about having Ted's friends use me for the website, the office guys, Rob, and the black athletes. I wondered if someday we could sell the diary entries too, as stories. I kind of regretted not getting all I'd done so far on video for the website, such as being tied to the bed and fucked in all holes by Dennis. It just got me hotter and gave me the feeling I needed to ramp it up more, they'd be bored quickly if it was just mostly about blowjobs. I cursed myself for not thinking of it all earlier. I thought how great it would have been to have the whole office scene on tape, complete with the rough fucking I got from Danny. "Oh well," I thought. "Maybe I can try to top that at the party somehow." I still had no idea how to make it happen.

I went shopping for some slutty outfits with the money Ted gave me. I was able to pay my bills and had leftover money. I was walking out of Victoria's Secret in the mall with some hot underwear, teddys, panty and bra sets and coverups, when I nearly ran into a group of young black guys, the mall thug types. The ones with their hats on sideways and their pants down nearly to their knees.

I blushed when they spotted me. I'm sure they would've loved to see what's in the bag, and me in them. I instantly flashed to the fantasy of having them all lined up to suck.

One of them flashed a smile and said, "what's in the bag, shortie?" My face turned to a darker shade. He just laughed along with the rest of the boys and moved on. They were catcalling as they moved away but in the humiliation of the moment I couldn't make out all of it. It all caused my pussy to hum in familiar fashion. They were just teenagers. They were probably barely in high school, but I wondered in my head, if they'd been old enough, a little more bold....?" I distracted myself with thoughts about the party.

With Crystal controlling me I had a safety net. Somehow, some way she'd have control of the situation, or at least, I'd have someone who could call for help if I got in over my head. At the party I'd be flying solo. There'd be a bunch of guys I didn't know, including the few I'd flashed and teased mercilessly lately. I thought about the gang bang and rape flashes I'd had lately. I knew I didn't want that. I didn't think I could take that. I was torn. I wanted to be used, sure. But, what always had made it exciting was how I was used and knowing that someone who controlled my actions wanted the same thing for me that I wanted. It wasn't just about fucking or sucking everyone. It was about someone who loved me making me do it in the humiliating fashion that drove me at the core. Crystal had been that person. I didn't know if I'd ever get someone like that again.

It flashed through my mind to call it all off. I had no plan for the camera, I had no idea who, when, or how many things I was going to do. I realized I was helpless without her. I could get sex, sure. I just couldn't get safety, the imagination, the total love she could provide. She knew not only that I needed to be used, she knew just how it needed to be done.

I got a call from Glenn just as I headed home. "Thank god," I quickly thought. I fucking needed it. I rushed back and got some coffee so I could have it "right."

He asked if I could meet him at my place for a quickie. I thought that was odd. It was evening, past 7. He normally would've been home by now. He usually either had me early in the morning or later at night after he'd been drinking a bit. Still, the thought of some more wonderful cum in my stomach made me say yes. I figured I had enough time to do it and then spend the evening planning things. I needed to figure out the how, the where, the when, what I could wear, things like that. I still had a comlete zero in my head about it.

"At least I have some new lingerie, that could help motivate me," I thought.

I was still wavering on that though. I couldn't think of any way it wouldn't end up with me gang raped and no video for Ted to sell. I was leaning towards calling it off, or at most, just inviting Bill or Josh down to the apartment and paying them back completely for all my teasing. Thinking about it all week though had kept me perpetually horny. I wanted it, I wanted something to happen. I was fighting my fear of losing control over the situation. I knew how my judgement suffered in the haze of lust. I began to even question whether or not I wanted it to happen that way anyway. Part of it felt right, part of it was missing something. It was missing Crystal's delightfully devious plans for my use.

I arrived at home. The balcony above was empty but I heard music playing in the open sliding door. It made me think of the party. I imagined guys circling me, surrounding me. The music was thumping, it made me think of me being led to a sexual sacrifice. That made my heart leap faster. Glenn was waiting in his car. I gave him a grin. He was already stroking his cock. I walked up to his window. I let out an moan when I saw his cock. I craved it. He told me to go inside and strip and come out with handcuffs, if I had some. I had a feeling he knew I did. I smiled giddily. I bounced into the apartment, stripped, and fetched the cuffs. They were the same cuffs Crystal had used to restrain me on the bed at Ted's parents house so that Dennis could use all my holes. It gave my pussy an immediate zap thinking about it.

Ah Glenn, I'd longed for that cock to invade my pussy for so long, but in a questionable moral stance, he said that he couldnt' cheat on his wife that way. The cock sucking was ok, in his opinion. He said they had an understanding, even if they didn't voice it aloud. There was more than one occasion I begged him to change his mind.

I walked out. I didn't see if there was anyone on the balcony but it sounded like there might have been. I was at his car window again. He had me lean in, naked. I knew someone must've been watching the show from above, since they almost always were on their balcony when I came home. Glenn tugged me partly inside the window by my nipples. I groaned in appreciation. I showed him the cuffs. I handed them to him. It's just another one of those things that give me an extra perk. My pussy comes alive at the thought of being made to suck a cock with just my mouth while my hands are bound behind me. To me, it's the ultimate in cock sucking submission. That thought enflamed me. I guess he wanted it in his car. I slid in. He made me work him slowly. He didn't touch my head at all. He let me guide the pace. I loved that. I could taste his precum, it made me hungry for it. I had hopes of Bill and Josh watching. I hoped it helped fan the flames for their party, if I had the guts to go through with it. So far, I had no inspiration on how or what I'd be willing to do.

Glenn was distracted, it seems. It took a lot longer than it usually does for him to give me his cum even though it had been quite a few days since the last time. I just figured that he was making me linger so that it would build him up more. Glenn finally rewarded me with his cum. I wanted to hold it in my mouth, my coffee was inside. I kissed his tip and said, "until next time, beautiful thing."

He didn't laugh at my joke, like he normally did. He seemed distant, nervous, even. I thought my blowjob should've rid him of that. He lifted me up by my arm, my hands were still cuffed behind me. He pulled something out of his pocket, it was a ball gag!

"I'm sorry for this," He said with more than a hint of concern. "But I'm hoping it works out for the best."

Before I could ask what he was talking about my mouth was gagged despite my protests. His cum started leaking out the sides of my mouth. He took me out of his car and walked me towards my apartment. The door opened. There stood Crystal. Before I could react I was pushed inside. My world began to spin again.

{Look for Little Red Coat- part 08, the conclusion}

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