tagNonHumanLittle Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood


(A story by Bros. Grimm, slightly altered by Gatorman)

I know . . . You've already heard the story of Little Red Riding-hood, when you were a little boy or girl yourself. Only remember: THAT story was translated to English from the German story compiled by the Brothers Grimm, along with a LOT of other similar German "Fairy Tales."

When they compiled the stories into a book of tales for children, in many places they took out some of the TRULY grim or horrifying parts of some of the stories . . . after all, what child is going to be happy after hearing tales of people being disemboweled, or truly eaten alive? So the stories were "bowdlerized" and "made suitable for children" by leaving out some of the truly nasty scenes of some tales that were originally passed on in families as methods to frighten little children into obedience. Like Little Red Riding-hood got changed from its original fanciful story of the origin of the lup-garue (that's werewolf), into a tale intended to frighten little girls into obeying their mothers.

Also, (besides many accidental mis-translations, like Cinderella's fur slipper becoming a glass one) in many cases the original meanings became considered to be "too mature" for children . . . such things as what the "prince" did to "sleeping beauty" or how the frog REALLY got changed back into a prince, or what the prince did to "snow white" to resurrect the girl

Even in the translation from the German to the English, this trend continued, until the present versions of "Fairy Tales" are almost bland and insipid in comparison to the original gory and quite often bawdy stories that were the originals.

This very recent translation from the original German is a case in point. While the sentence-structure (trying to maintain the original flavor of the story) is not what you might be used to (especially in a fairy-story), it is closer to the German original.

Some liberty has been taken in reconstructing parts of the story-line though, as the original racy story was "toned down" for children with almost as much liberty by the Brothers Grim, who wanted to make it "acceptable" to the Victorian society it was being published in. Besides, they wanted a book for CHILDREN, not a porno-story for adults.

We however are adults; and think you will enjoy this NON-bowdlerized (and even somewhat eroticized) version of the old story, fully as much as we did.

Or at least, so we hope.

At first the eighteen-year-old girl is reluctant, when her mother calls her in to the house. As soon as she hears that she is to see her grandmother however, she becomes eager to come in, because she likes this not-too-old woman very much. When she spends time with her grandmother, she always has fun.

Quickly she removes her jeans and dresses in a short skirt. A nice red cape with matching hood makes the slender blonde girl look very neat. Granny had given it to her some times ago; and since then she only is called "Little Red Riding-hood" (as this is the type of cape that people used to wear, when riding horses).

A basket with wine and cake is standing ready. The mother gives last advice to the young woman; such as not to leave the straightway, etc. The mother sighs, because she knows quite well, that these tips would be forgotten by her daughter very quickly. Still, the way isn't far, and the girl has been to visit her grandmother many times before. The girl rises to her toes to get a good-bye-kiss and a loving pat on her firm behind; then she leaves. Happily, Little Red Riding-hood follows the way to her grandmother's house that leads into the wood after a curve. Soon it's becoming rather dark, as the woods are deep and the day is overcast. This causes the girl to grow quiet and thoughtful. She is very glad to see a little clearing, illuminated by a sunbeam. Having a need to piss, the girl hurries off the straightway to this spot without thinking of the admonitions she got from her mother. She quiets her conscience with the idea of picking some flowers to carry them to Granny.

Relieved, the girl squats herself on the forest floor, pulls down her panties to her ankles, and lets spring the little golden river. Just like a little muzzle the soft rosy crack distends and produces a twirled foaming stream pattering on the forest floor; but what a shock when the teen rises and finds herself vis-à-vis with a giant gray wolf. If she had not pissed yet, the young girl surely would have wetted her slip then.

Frightened she turns around, stumbles out of her panties; the garment remaining on the forest floor, and rushes away several steps. The wolf's slow smooth voice calls her back.

"Well, well, Little Red Riding-hood, you need not be frightened. I never would do you any harm."

Hesitatingly the young girl stops running. The wolf seems so nice to her, that she turns around and starts chatting with this beast. After some time the girl relaxes, but doesn't dare to bend down to pick up her slip lying on the floor. While the two unequal creatures talk, Little Red Riding-hood slowly approaches the huge wolf. She tells him that she is on the way to visit her grandma. By this time she has built so much trust that she even dares to caress his dense gray fur. The wolf likes this very much and settles down on the floor, growling comfortably. The young girl throws herself cheering over this shaggy fellow.

"You like this, don't you?" she asks; while she tousles his dense fur and slips to and fro on the pretty tame-seeming animal. The wolf is rolled back and forth by the happy laughing teen and settles at last on his back. A quite strange sensation grows in Little Red Riding-hood's naked belly rushing around on the wolf's fur. Disheveling the coarse fur of the wolf's abdomen she suddenly encounters a very stiff thing.

"What's this?" the young one wonders; closing her little fingers around this growing item. The wolf has put back his ears and gives himself over completely to her teenaged curiosity. His penis has appeared out of the hairy sheath by the touches of the teen's little hands. Amazed, the young girl bends down close to the hot thing that she only can grab with both hands. Curiously she examines the wolf's glans which is as big as her fist, and approaches her little mouth hesitatingly, until her tongue touches the taut orb. "That tastes funny!" she says; but determinedly she opens wide her little mouth and slides it over the animal's organ with effort. The wolf feels like he was yanked up, when the young girl begins to suck with closed eyes like a little calf at the udder. He starts pushing from his hind legs, and his piece expands even more, as a thick ball expands in the young girl's mouth until she can barely close her lips around it. The eruption of wolfish semen takes Little Red Riding-hood totally by surprise. With widened eyes, she swallows hard the salty liquid; and sucks again for the next shot, until the jumping source runs dry and the swollen ball shrinks enough for her to remove her mouth from the organ without getting her jaw out of shape. Smacking she licks her lips. "That tasted awfully good!" she states; and leans back against the broad back of the lying beast, as if she sucked the cum out of swollen peters every day.

But suddenly she falls down on her back because the thankful wolf wants to give back the benefit of the pleasure he enjoyed to her; and has jumped to his feet. Little Red Riding-hood gets a little bit scared, when the savage beast lowers his big head with those sharp teeth to her little head. "Eeeeeeh!" she screams laughing, when the wet coarse tongue drives over her face and neck. But when the wolf licks into the notch of her shirt and reaches her little nipples, the teen becomes very quiet and closes her eyes. The wolf turns around over the young body so that his hind legs stand at both sides of her head. Then he lowers his head to her naked belly. The teen jumps when it feels the first tongue-stroke at her young naked cunt.

Gasping, the girl extends her body and stretches it against the wolf's tongue. Again and again the wolf leads his coarse tongue along the young slit, from the crinkled ass-hole to the swelling clit. Little Red Riding-hood has closed her eyes firmly; and trembles with her whole body when her little joy-button is brought up by the wolf's tongue. And when the beast dips the tip of his tongue into the girl's young entrance, she pants and jumps in shocks; experiencing the first orgasm of her young life.

Patiently the wolf keeps on licking. Moaning, the teen bites her fist, when she sees directly over her the wolf's newly extended rod. Panting she grabs it and sucks on it hectically, while more orgasms shake her young body.

The wolf enjoys this very much and extends his efforts causing the teen to run out of control. This time, when the animal's sperm shoots down her throat, the young girl swallows eagerly; and screams and struggles with her slim little legs to give air to her lust; almost swallowing the swollen member itself; as this time she doesn't stop sucking until the ball has shrunk inside her young mouth, and the stiff member begins to retreat into its furry sheath.

Exhausted the big savage beast and the young girl are lying together. The teen has slung her little arms tightly around the coarse fellow; giving him many kisses on his muzzle. Her red hood having slipped from her fine blonde pigtails; she fixes it again.

"Actually Mother says I mustn't leave the straightway," she explains her departure to her newfound friend. "But then I never would have met you, my beloved wolf!"

"That really would have been a shame!" grumbles the wolf, to whom the eighteen-year-old girl has given a special joy.

"Now I must go on to my grandmother. Thank you so much, dear wolf!" Thoughtfully she strokes over her young wet shining belly and picks up her slip. Then she grabs the basket and jogs along the way to her grandmother's house.

Now the wolf has only gotten his appetite whetted by this sweet young teen's mouth; and takes a shortcut to the way the teen has described to him, across the darker forest and deeper woods where she can't go, in big jumps and reaches the grandmother's house after a short time; knowing it will take the teen MUCH longer to follow the path. He sneaks around until he finds an open door that leads into the cellar. Quietly he slips in and approaches carefully the bedroom of the old lady.

Now one should know that this "old" lady is in no way feeble; she's only 37. She gave birth to Little Red Riding-hood's mother at 16. Actually she isn't really ill, but only feels a little flabby and is lying in her bedroom clothed only in a thin gown; reading and awaiting her granddaughter. What a surprise, when the door opens and the big head of the huge wolf enters. With a soft sigh she faints.

With one leap the savage beast is over the unconscious woman and rips away the light nightgown off her body. Growling snugly the wolf lowers his muzzle on the grandmother's firm breast and lets his rough tongue wander over her nipples. The unconscious woman's body reacts and makes the sensual buds grow and harden. With each stroke of the beast's tongue the female body shakes, stretching out her breasts to the wolf's muzzle. In the meantime, the sleeper's thighs part like in a trance. The strong scent of the awakening female lust teases the licking wolf's nostrils. He drives a wet track down from her breast, over her flat stomach, through the dense dark bush, to the source of the hot odor. When the tip of the wolf's tongue first touches the grandmother's already stiff clit, her body arches abruptly and she wakes up. She is shocked when she realizes who is giving her so much joy. But she is almost ready to climax.

"What are you doing to me, you savage animal?" she murmurs and tousles the gray fur of the wolf. Then she only can throw back her head and give herself to the spasms coming from deep within her.

The animal continues licking without tiring; while Grandma arches again, as yet another orgasm rips through her body. She has grabbed her breasts and clutches them firmly; raising her upper body, she stares trembling at the savage beast that is possessing her, then falls back with a loud shriek.

(Unbeknownst to either of them, this shriek travels far; but at first it's ignored.)

The woman turns onto her stomach; enjoying the afterglow of her spasms. But what's this? She feels the wolf's body over hers. At the same time, she feels his huge rod poke between her thighs. Almost unconsciously she lifts her ass and grabs behind herself to lead the good piece of meat to her pussy. A short contact with the slippery entrance then the fat glans slips into the right track. Grandma gasps when the whole rod vanishes completely in her cunt with only one stroke. Growling the wolf nibbles on the nape of his human fuck-partner, while he fills the woman with strong shoves up to the hilt. As her orgasm is building up; each thrust of the piercing sword yanks her up and makes her whimper. She barely feels the swollen knob inflating in her body; locking her to the savage beast, as the feeling of the bone-hard prick poking into her cervix has her full attention. When the wolf blows a last time against her cervix and squirts his sperm directly into her womb, a long howl escapes the woman's wide opened mouth. Helplessly struggling and wiggling, she pulls her canine lover close, and faints.

The wolf comes to his feet under a wet slurping sound of his tool leaving the woman's cave. At first it won't come out; but then as the knob shrinks under the influence of having already cum twice with the young girl, and now once in the older woman, its satiated state makes it diminish rapidly. Besides, having born Red Riding-hood's mother, the woman's cunt just isn't as tight as it was when she was Red's age. He lets the fainted woman slide down from the bed. He closes the curtains of the bedroom's window with his teeth, causing the room to fall into darkness. With some effort, the wolf pulls the sleeping hood from the unconscious woman's head; then he pushes her under the bed. He slips under the covers; and puts the sleeping hood on his gray head. At last he drapes the shreds of the nightgown over his upper body and sinks back for a short nap.

A short time later the wolf wakes up by the noise of the opening door. "Grandma, I'm here, your Little Red Riding-hood! I've brought cake and wine."

"Come in, my girl! I'm lying in bed," whispers the wolf.

The girl opens the door and is only able to see somebody lying in bed with Granny's sleeping-hood. The young girl sits down on the bed's edge. "Phew, this was really a long way! I'm really tired; may I get into bed with you for a little bit, Granny?" She always had liked to cuddle with her grandma.

"Of course, my child! Just undress and come in," the low voice comes from the bed. With only few moves the girl gets rid of her skirt, shirt, shoes, socks and of course her slip. Only the little red cape and hood remain; because she knows that her grandma likes it on her very much.

In a hush the eighteen-year-old girl has slipped under the covers next to what she believes is her beloved grandma; and cuddles closely to the warm body. She yawns and states sleepily, "You've sure got a woolly gown today, Granny," then she is sound asleep.

The wolf lifts the covers and examines the slender rosy girl's body with pleasure. One little finger has gotten lost between the young bold labia and rests pinched in this lovely crack. Little Red Riding-hood smiles in her slumber and moves her narrow pelvis slowly.

Suddenly she opens her eyes. "Oh Granny, I've had a very nice dream!" Then she seems to be aware of something not quite being as usual. Hesitatingly she asks her supposed grandmother: "Grandma, why do you have such big ears?"

"So I can hear you better!" replies the wolf, in as high a voice as he can muster.

"And why do you have such big eyes, Grandma?"

"So I can see you better!" and with this the wolf's glowing eyes wander over the naked girl's body and stick to the tender cunt.

Little Red Riding-hood almost feels the look, and trembles a little. "And why do you have such a long tongue?" she asks hesitatingly.

"So I can TASTE you better!" he replies; almost scaring her. To demonstrate this, the wolf slides his rough tongue over the young girl's nipples, and down over her naked belly.

The girl touches the woolly fur of her bedmate and comes in contact with the extended rod. She clenches her little hands around it and asks. "And why do you such a huge tail?" she starts to ask; but now she remembers the feeling from before, and stares intensely at the wolf's face. "You're not really my grandma, you are my dear, dear wolf!"

Shouting with joy she jumps up, opens the curtains, and throws herself on the big animal. "And you brought my nice toy!" she cries happily. With this, the young girl bends over the giant glans and slips her little mouth with some effort over the red shining orb to suck wildly at this lollipop.

Then she stops. "But really, why do you have such a big tail?"

"I'm going to show you, my Little Red Riding-hood," growls the wolf. "Just lay down on your back!" Immediately the eighteen-year-old girl turns on her back; spreading her slender thighs widely to offer her young cunt to the attentions of her dear wolf. The wolf lowers his head and licks with broad tongue over this delicious peach. The girl moans comfortably and enjoys the jerks in her own immature body with firmly closed eyes.

When her cunt is neatly wetted, the wolf moves up and continues his caressing at the neck and the chest of the heavily breathing girl. At the same time, he puts his thick glans carefully to the widespread slit. Back and forth the tip of the wolf's rod slides on the young cunt that becomes very slippery. With each stroke, he pushes gently some more into the narrow channel.

Little Red Riding-hood has gotten red cheeks; breathes loudly and pants; pushing her little pelvis against the wolf's probing rod. Her labia clench around the tip of the prick-head which rests firmly against her hymen. A trembling in her abdomen tells the wolf, that this young girl is about to cum. So he withdraws a last time and pushes forcefully against the obstacle. A high-pitched scream escapes the girl, and then the huge weapon slides into the teen's deflowered belly.

This first scream did not go completely unnoticed outside the small cottage; but at first did little more than distract the only person who might have heard and misunderstood.

Hardly half of the wolf's meat fits into the narrow channel before the tip pushes against the young cervix. As soon as the deflowering pain subsides, the teen starts throwing her young pelvis against the wolf's thrusts. She pants, whines and arches each time the giant rod stretches her young cunt extremely and smashes against her womb. The wolf enjoys the glowing tightness of the girl's crotch clutching his member like a vise, and the excited wriggling of the young body beneath himself. Even before the wolf is ready to shoot his rocks, the young girl arches up sobbing, helplessly struggling, when the strong orgasm shakes her body. Her jerking channel milks the wolf's prick and carries him over the edge. Just two more thrusts, then he presses his cock firmly against the young girl's cervix and squirts forcefully into the teen. The tight fit of her channel doesn't allow the sperm to escape in other direction than into her uterus. The feeling of his boiling semen gushing into the sanctuary of her immature womanhood yanks the helplessly pierced girl through a chain of spasms that stretch her young body to the tips of her toes; while the pointed rod inside her belly actually slides into the ring of muscles guarding her womb; allowing the thick member behind it to enter her completely, before the swelling knot gets stuck outside. The last thick squirts directly into her uterus seem to soothe the pain that otherwise might have resulted from being so cruelly stretched by the wolf's obscene member.

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