tagIncest/TabooLittle Sister: the Future In-Law

Little Sister: the Future In-Law


Well we were on vacation in Florida visiting relatives. It was the first time, and the future wife and I were meeting each others parents. We were on vacation together, and we hadn't been involved that long at this point. We were living together already though. We were just wasting a little time down in south Florida till we all had to go to her older sister's wedding up north and had already the "Meet my Dad" thing, so we were spending more time at her Mom's house. We could sleep together there though, but they had a pool in the backyard.

Little sister Nancy seemed to like me a little more than the future "Wifey" had planned and paid a lot of attention to me. She thought it was cute that her 18 year old High School senior sister liked me.

We went out one night with her friends and got hammered. She went to HS there herself and a few friends still lived in the area. I actually lived not to far away for a few years so I knew of all the hot spots to party, and that we did. I even saw an old friend, next door neighbor Rob, and he joined our crowd as we drank way too heavy and were the last to stop. We staggered into Mom's early in the AM, and both passed out in her older sister's room we were staying in. Waterbed's aren't good when drunk, always remember that.

It was still to early for me. When I staggered to the can to take that piss that last's forever when you drank the night before. I fell down on the bed on my back and the next thing I remember is a hot mouth on my cock. I woke slowly savoring the feeling thinking that she specifically told me don't count on any fun till we get north and in a hotel room. I was enjoying the sucking so much I was hard as stone in a minute. She was really into it as I felt her wet pussy grinding way down on my right leg. My god she radiating some heat, but something felt weird, and I reached down to grab her hair trying to get to suck slower so I wouldn't cum so quick. I felt like I was ready to let loose already. When that's what I realized, hair there's way to much hair, there was hair even rubbing on my leg, and too much hair in my hands. My future "Wifey" shaved her pussy to have only a little triangle on the top, none on around her pussy lips.

I pulled the head up that was sucking my stone hard cock. It was Nancy that was sucking my cock, and doing a awesome job I might say.

"Please don't make me stop. I want to suck your cock so bad." she dove back down on me sucking even harder.

"You can shoot it in my mouth. I want yours to be the first I taste." she added.

That was all I could stand and started to cum. She dove down taking all she could and started to swallow my cum. I had a huge load saved up. She couldn't handle it all but just kept licking and sucking my cock. She was trying to keep it up, and she had some on her chin as she looked my cock over jacking it.

"It's just like I heard." she licked my balls some.

"I heard my sister talking to her friend and it got me so excited." I just listened to her amazed.

"She said you were so big, and she really loved all the sex you had together." she sucked me deep my cock in deeply, and I felt her wet pussy grinding all over my leg. I was still hard as stone. She moved up to my face and kissed me. I tasted my own cum. She was completely naked her thin little body was perfect.

"Please take me." as she kissed my neck whispering.

"There's no one's here but us, and I want to feel you inside me please. All the way inside me." and I felt the hair on her pussy brush up against my sensitive cock head.

Then she pressed against me and I felt my cock head against her wet pussy lips, what an erotic feeling. WOW ..!! What was I doing I thought. This was crazy, and I had to stop. I jumped up and tried to clear my head, this had to stop ... DIDN'T IT!!!!

She just looked up at me and rubbed her hands all over her body. She was teasing her nipples that were hard as rocks, reaching slowly for her muff, she slid her hand across her belly.

"I heard all about you. I know you like to look." she moaned and closed her eyes her fingers finally reaching her pussy lips.

"So look at me, watch me." as she rubbed circles around her clit.

"Your going to want to put yourself right where my fingers are." and she pushed a finger inside her wet pussy, groaning loud.

"Please don't wait. We don't have too much time." as she plunged another finger inside and started to squirm on them. She was coming already, and I couldn't take my eyes off her. I didn't even realize I had my hard cock in my hand as I knelt on the bed.

"Yes. Please put it in me. Please do anything to me. I need you so bad." as I leaned down to kiss her neck. My cock was in her hand in a second, and she rubbed it against her pussy. She was wet, so very wet, but too tight as my cock head was forced against those parted lips.

"OK Nancy then tell me." I teased her with my cock head. "Tell me how bad little sis .." before I could finish she look at me pleadingly.

"Please. Please get it in me, all the way I want to feel you in me all the way, press against me." she had grabbed my head and looked me right in the eye. I didn't tease anymore. I couldn't wait as I started to slowly slide into her wetness, she was so tight.

"Yes, mmmm get it in there, all the way." as I moved in to the hilt slowly, and as I reached bottom.

"I feel it. God its so good." she kissed my ear and wrapped her legs around me. I started to thrust in and out, her pussy felt so unbelievable.

"Mmmm .. now." she whispered. "Now explode in me, just like you do my sister, I have to feel it." I pumped harder and knew I wouldn't be able to hold it with all her hot talking.

"Yes yes yes. I need you too explode, to feel it all deep in me, do it please." she was groaning and almost pleading.

"Be the first." was the last thing I heard before I exploded. It felt like I was blacking out.

"Ohh .. I feel it all in me, it is so good." she was wiggling under me, grabbing my ass to hold me deep as I could get. I felt like I was never going to stop cumming, she was kissing me. Grinding against me so hard I could feel her clit against the base of my cock. She was moaning so low I couldn't make out what she was saying.

I went to roll over onto my back, and she followed not wanting to break away from my cock still in her. Getting soft I slipped out with a pop. She was kissing me telling me how it was everything she thought it would be. I was dazed, confused, and hungover so bad I couldn't focus my eyes. All I heard was mumbling, and she was saying she loved me as she kissed my cheek and got up. That I could have her anytime I wanted, and that she was going to have me again soon. She then practically ran out of the room. I don't even know when it was after that I got up, seemed like minutes, but it was really hours. I was all alone and I made my way to the shower. I just got finished dressing when Mom came home for lunch , thank god I needed some food badly.

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