tagIncest/TabooLittle Sister: the Future In-Law Ch. 02

Little Sister: the Future In-Law Ch. 02


Little Sister: the Future In -- Law , Part 2


Well I had thought the whole thing was behind me. I relaxed after lunch and then my future wife came home with two of her friends. There was so much going on at the house so I decided to get out when the getting was good. After dinner, and hearing all the wedding talk. Gowns .. flowers .. pictures and all the other crap I told my lady I was going to head over to my Dad's. Spend some time with him and his wife. She gave me a hot kiss out side by the car and told me to make sure I come back later as she squeezed my cock through my shorts. She said she really needed some of this and rubbed me trying to get a rise out of my cock. Well she started to succeed when she slid her tongue in my mouth searching out mine until sister Nancy shouted out her window.

"Can you give me a ride over to my friends." with a big smile on her face. "Everyone else is busy with all the wedding stuff." Nancy said, and I got a look from my lady.

"Come on honey, it's not far out of your way." she added for her little sis. She gave my cock one more squeeze. "Later I'll make you glad you did me a favor." she kissed my cheek and yelled back to Nancy. "Get out here now, he's all ready to go." and walked back to the house. Looking over her shoulder she blew me a kiss, and Nancy ran past her.

"OK, I'm ready." she said out of breath. She had her bag and was wearing a short skirt and a bikini top with sandals. She was stuffing clothes in her bag and got right in the car. I had a feeling I was in for a hell of a ride. My lady waved to me from the door."Cya later hun." she yelled out with a wink to me. We pulled away and I didn't say anything at first. Then we started out of the development.

"Ok where am I dropping you off anyway?" I said as I just looked straight ahead, not wanting to make eye contact. She was looking under the seat, and around the side of it when she kicked off her sandals. She leaned her seat back after finding the right handle, put her feet up on the dashboard and looked me straight in the eye.

"Anywhere you want, I don't have to be there for hours." as she spread her thighs and slid her skirt up so I could see her pussy. I could see that her pussy was completely shaved, bare as a baby's bottom.

"I was so excited, my friend and I talked about this morning, and we watched a movie, it was one of her brother's." she was rubbing her clit as she spoke, and I was having a hard time concentrating on the road.

"One of the girls was shaved like this." and she rubbed her hairless mound. "Then her friend ate her after doing it." by now she had two fingers in her wet pussy. "So we did it too." she tilted her bead back and started cumming on her fingers.

"It felt so good, we wanted to do it before but were scared." she continued as she recovered from her orgasm. She leaned over just as I pulled the car over and started to rub my cock through my shorts. "That's when I knew I had to show you." as she tried to get my hard cock out. "So I could get more of this." as her hot little hand succeeded in getting my now hard cock out.

"You have to stop this, Nancy." I groaned out as she stroked my hard cock. She leaned up to kiss me, and I just had to kiss back. Our tongues twisting and turning together.

"No I can't stop." she whispered to me kissing and licking my ear, a very weakening thing for me. "I love you, and I want you to have me." as she leaned over and thought was going for my cock. She pulled the handle and pushed my seat so it was flat, and I fell back. My cock was standing straight up now.

"First I'm gonna have you." as she licked my big cock head. "I'm gonna make you cum in my mouth." she stopped to suck my head and lick off the pre-cum she got to come out from her suction. "Your gonna know it's me from the start this time, Nancy, your girlfriend's little sister." she giggled. "Now it's my turn." and she sank half my cock into her mouth, it seemed then all the talking was over.

She was so good. She sucked me deep and hard as she used one hand to tickle my balls. They tightened up quickly as she played with them. She used the other hand to play with her wet pussy, and I thought I want some of that pussy. I reached over and pushed her fingers out of the way. She moaned around my cock, and I slid two fingers in, she pushed her pussy against them and I felt her take more of my cock in her mouth. She was so wet, and unbelievably hot, so hot she was burning my fingers. I had to taste her and licked my fingers, her juices were so sweet tasting. That was all I could stand and I pulled her over on top of me. She got the hint and moved her knee over my head and her shaved wet pussy was looking me right in the face. She was grinding her hips already as I took my first lick, it was more like a huge lap, with my tongue. Then she moaned loudly around my cock.

I wanted to make her cum so hard. I concentrated on her clit, actually sucking on the hood till the clit popped out at me. I pulled her ass cheeks apart and that made her stop sucking and look back. She was jacking m my cock off hard, moaning even louder now.

"Ohh, I'm gonna cum if you do that." I moaned out as she jacked my cock even faster.

"I wanted you to cummm." Nancy said, and pushed her pussy against my face.

"Ohh, I can't control. " was the last thing she said when I was washed over with her pussy juices. She actually let loose with a flood of pussy juice. I was in shock, as this was the first time that this had happened to me. I lapped it all up as she squirmed all over me. Jacking my cock slowly now. She was mumbling, talking to my hard cock like it was a microphone.

"Please, ohh please but this big cock in me again." was what I think she was saying. Well if I'm gonna go down it might as well be having the time of my life, and I told her to sit up. She must have recovered from that huge orgasm and realized I still hadn't cum. "Yes, I want to ride you, I have to ride your cock." she got excited and turned over to kiss me. Our tongues were playing again. She tried to get me inside her. She was so wet I slid all over her newly hairless mound.

"No, baby turn around." as I pushed her around and reached up to pull her back on top of me. This is my favorite position, and she came down on me my cock head was at the lips of her pussy. "Put me in you baby." I groaned out, almost ready to explode as this young nubile sex goddess was pushing my cock at the base to get it in her. I reached around and put my hands under her bikini top, her nipples were hard as little stones. As much as I wanted her to, she couldn't bend like that for long though. She readjusted to put her feet on the dash, she rocked like mad on my cock, trying to get my cock in and out as fast as possible. I grabbed her hips to fuck into her pussy hard and she went even wilder. I licked her ears and teased her with whispering into them. "You want it again, don't you?" knowing full well she did.

All she could mutter out was an almost constant muttering of ...

"Yessssss ..." "I want it, want it so bad ..." "Do ittt .. please ..."

As I pushed her down on my cock so I was buried to the max. Then I started to spurt in her, every wad that shot out she twitched. I was exploding in that tight wet pussy. I reached around letting go of her hips to rub her clit with my right hand I felt a river of her pussy juices coming from around my cock. She was grinding into me, cumming like before, like she couldn't control herself.

After us calming down some she turned over on me , and we were kissing. She was just too hot to say no to, I couldn't help myself. It was getting late and she got her towel out of her bag, she started cleaning us off.

"I can't wait to tell Ginger this." she was saying.

"Don't tell anyone, please!!" I pleaded.

"It's alright you'll see." she kissed me again.

"Let's go before we are missed, OK." who even knew what time it was time was standing still for me. I dropped her off and pulled over changing my clothes. I didn't want to go to my Dad's after that. So I drove all the way over to my old next door neighbor's, he still lived in the same building, and I hid my sex smell by going in the pool.

---------------------------------------------------------------------- * Disclaimer - Please Read. Due to the amount of comments of a ridiculous nature I feel a disclaimer is needed. I do not claim to be a writer, nor do I aspire to be one. I do check for spelling and punctuation in my submissions. These are Erotic stories, they are supposed to get you worked up, and if you are checking my spelling then the story or experience (in my case) just isn't doing the job. Please don't feel I need to hear your negativity, just move along quietly to the next author. As soon as I see your comments are of the negative nature I delete them, so you are wasting your time even writing them.

99% of my writings are from real life experiences, with a little bit of creative description. The events are real, the people are real, the sex is real, so please try and remember - Truth is always stranger than Fiction.

I really do appreciate hearing people enjoy the accounts of my experiences, so I do welcome positive comments. Personally I only send positive comments though this site, since I am also not a critic. I do hope you continue to enjoy these adventures, and will continue to share them with you. Thank you for all your positive comments.

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