tagIncest/TabooLittle Sister's First Time

Little Sister's First Time


My little sister Megan was the biggest cocktease I've ever met. She had just turned eighteen and she walked around the house in clothing that would give a corpse a hard-on. She wore tiny shorts with the word "juicy" written on the ass, and shirts that were too small for her, forcing her big braless tits to practically pop right out. Megan is about 5'6'', with shoulder length black hair, tan smooth legs and an ass that fits snuggly in every pair of pants she owns. She was captain of her high school field hockey team which meant not only did she maintain an athletic figure, but it also meant she got to wear those short plaid skirts that made men suddenly take an interest in girl's field hockey. Although Megan was part of the crowd that was known to be slutty and easy, I was fairly certain that my baby sis was still a virgin.

My friends never let me forget how hot my sister was, and how much they wanted to fuck her, and I admit, if she wasn't my sister I would totally agree with them. I had it rough between the dirty thongs and panties in the laundry, and the skimpy clothes, I could barely keep my head clear enough to remember that this was my sister. We got along like any normal brother and sister did, until two weeks ago, which is where my story begins.

I was shaving in the bathroom after my shower, and I hadn't gotten dressed yet. I always lock the door when I shower but for some reason I didn't this time, and wouldn't you know it, Megan comes barging in to blow dry her hair. She must have figured since the shower wasn't running, I would be clothed. Well, I had no time to cover up, and no reason for that matter, as I happen to be very well endowed. Megan looked down at my dick, which was now starting to grow to its full size of a thick nine inches at the thought of her staring at it. It seemed like five minutes had gone by of us both frozen in the bathroom staring at each other and I could see her nipples poking through her little top. Finally she came back to earth and ran out after quickly apologizing.

After she left my cock was now like a piece of steel and I started to stroke it. I found one of her recently worn thongs at the top of the hamper, and brought it to my face to smell her pussy. The aroma was intoxicating and I wrapped my big cock in it while I jerked off to my sexy sister. It took about 10 seconds for me to explode into the thong and even then my cock stayed hard as a rock.

Neither of us spoke about this at dinner but we kept catching each other's eyes wandering over the other's body. It took all I had not to stare directly at her huge chest which, like always, was jiggling freely without a bra. After dinner my parents went out and I was watching tv in the den when Megan flopped down across from me on the couch. We talked like normal, though I'm sure my fat cock was on her mind much like her gorgeous body was on mine. I noticed every few minutes that her legs would be spread slightly farther, and she kept re-adjusting herself so that her crotch area was still in my view.

When she got up to go get a soda I saw that she had no underwear under her tiny shorts and I could see the top of her sexy ass. A few minutes later she shifted again and I caught a glimpse of what appeared to be the hairiest bush I've ever seen. I have a huge fetish for hairy cunts and my cock started to press through my shorts. The scene on the tv turned into a sex scene and I was about to get up and leave because my dick hurt so much and Megan must have seen it. But I saw her hard nipples poking out and I could smell her hairy pussy from where I was and I just froze. My dick grew down my leg and out my shorts unknowingly until I heard Megan gasp. When I looked over at her, I followed her eyes down to my huge cock sticking out in all its glory. Before I could speak, Megan said, "I've never seen a real live cock but I'm guessing that yours is much bigger than normal."

I looked up at her for a second, and then slid my shorts off so she could see the rest. I sat naked from the waist down on my couch in front of my hot little sister whose wet pussy was smelling up the room. I told her to slide closer to me, and if she promises not to say a word, she can look at it, touch it, and do anything she wants with it. She gave me a smile and slid down toward me and my monster cock. I could see how nervous she was, so I took her small hand and placed it on my cock. When she still didn't know what she should be doing, I put my hand on hers and started to stroke myself. She caught on and started really getting into the hand job while I slid her shirt over her head and was face to face with the most gorgeous set of big tits I've ever seen. I put my fingers on her hard nipples and rubbed them until she purred like a cat. I knew I would only last about another five seconds so I took her hand away and pushed her onto her back on the couch. The surprised look on her face was quickly erased when I moved her shorts to the side and buried my face in her steaming bush. I wasted no time, lapping her pussy for all I was worth while her legs locked around my head.

She could not stop screaming while my tongue sucked her juicy snatch dry. I then pulled her shorts off and positioned my cock right next to her hairy pussy. I asked her if she wanted to be fucked, and she told me that if she doesn't have my huge meat in her immediately, she will scream. That was all I needed to hear and I slid into her slowly at first in case she felt pain, but she told me to ram it all the way in and fuck the shit out of her. I plowed into her for about two minutes before I had to pull out and before I could figure out where to cum, she leaned forward and took my hot load down her throat, every last drop. When I stopped cumming, she kept her lips wrapped around my cock until I hardened again, which took very little time because I had the sexiest creature alive needing her second fuck.

I lay down on the couch and pulled her on top of me and she slowly slid down my huge pole until she was filled up with cock. Her eyes were shut and she moaned like a cheap whore as I screwed my sister silly. I took full advantage of her fat tits bouncing in my face and I sucked on one, then the other, until the pleasure was too much for either of us and I felt her hot juice dripping all over my balls. I threw her off of me and blew my next load on her tits and her flat stomach. She stared into my eyes while she rubbed the jizz into her tits and my dick finally began to soften. Neither of us could speak, and we didn't have the chance as I heard the car doors slam outside and my parent's voices. We picked up the discarded clothes and scurried into our own rooms, hoping our parents wouldn't smell the pussy juice and aroma of hot sex that their kids just had on the family couch. More chapters coming if anybody liked this.

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This story

it was almost ok up to the fucking part .

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