tagCelebrities & Fan FictionLittle Spouse on the Prairie Ch. 05

Little Spouse on the Prairie Ch. 05


*Note: I am a great fan of these books but those who have read the series know that Laura is a child at the beginning of the series. I have taken the liberty of making Laura eighteen years old so that she can tell her story of learning how to become a loving wife on the prairie. I am also using the visuals of the actors that portrayed the members of the Little House community in the television series.*

* * * * *

"Yes. You have to know how to bring pleasure to yourself if you are to guide your husband in pleasuring you."

"I thought that men didn't care about a man's pleasure."

"Not all men are like that and I have an idea that your Almanzo is not, either. Now, I want you to take your hands and rub your skin all over."

Laura clumsily began to smooth and stroke her own flesh, growing more confident with each pass. She ran her hands over her neck and shoulders, breasts and stomach, mound and thighs, trembling at each sensation. The blood arose to her cheeks and her body flooded with heat.

"How does that make you feel, Laura?"

"Makes me have goose bumps."

"And how does it make your pussy feel?"

Hearing her teacher speak like that made heat flash through her body. "It feels funny."

Miss Beadle smiled. "That's good. Now do as I do." Laura watched as her teacher let her hands roam across her breasts, cupping and lifting each one. She did the same, her skin tingling at the touch, then let her fingers circle her puckering nipples just as the teacher was doing to her own. "Feel that, Laura?"

"Oh, yes." She whispered, trembling at every touch.

"Give your nipples a squeeze now." A staggered groan erupted from Laura's lips and her body arched in response to the sensations that raced through her body. The harder she squeezed, the stranger her pussy felt. "Like that, eh?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"And how does it make your pussy feel?"

"It's ... " She allowed her finger to lightly breach her pussy lips, something that she'd never done before. "It's wet!"

"Good! That's very good, Laura. Now open your legs." Laura did as she asked, looking across at her teacher's blond mound. Miss Beadle's long fingers probed her flesh, pushing the thick lips open and revealing a tiny nub of flesh. "This is your clit." She touched it and hissed in pleasure. "Touch yours." Laura did as her teacher asked and could barely breathe at the feelings that coursed through her. "Slide your fingers into the slit."

Laura had barely recovered from touching her clit when she let her fingers glide along the silky-wet edges of her pussy lips. Electrical tingles skipped through her skin, connecting with her nipples and making them even harder. Miss Beadle's words seemed to come from a distance, light and disjointed as her fingers continued to stroke her turgid flesh. Something seemed to be happening to her and she couldn't explain it. Her skin felt as if it was on fire and the heat affected every inch of her body.

"Push your fingers into the hole near the bottom."

She pushed her legs farther apart and did as the teacher asked, gasping for breath as she breached her own hole. Her whole body reacted, trembling so hard that the pillows fell to the floor. Miss Beadle stopped playing with herself to watch her pupil working toward her first orgasm. Laura closed her eyes, adding a third finger to the mix. She felt her pussy muscles stretch to accept the extra digit and the pleasure seemed to increase tenfold, her thick juices running between her fingers and dripping down the crack in her ass.

"Miss Beadle ... " Laura gasped for breath as she continued to pump her fingers in and out of her pussy. A fire started in her belly, the heat torching her entire body as she moved closer and closer to the edge. "I don't know what's ... what's happening to me ... "

"Keep going, Laura. Keep pumping."

Eva's words spurred her on and she sped up, pushing her fingers deeper into her dripping quim, her mind blurred with thoughts of lust and passion while her body vibrated with sensations. "Miss Beadle ... "

"Don't stop. You're almost there."

Laura quit thinking. Her body took over, her fingers pounding her pussy flesh and her other hand grasping and squeezing one of her nipples. It happened all at once. Everything went silent, like she was in a vacuum while her pussy exploded, sucking her fingers deeper into her body and pulsing around them. She wanted to scream but the feelings of pleasure were so overwhelming that she found herself just holding onto the bed, gasping for air.

As suddenly as her orgasm began, it ended, retreating in softly receding waves, leaving her beached and struggling to return to reality. The soft touch of Miss Beadle's hand on her face brought her back and she trembled in the woman's embrace.

"Congratulations, Laura. You've achieved your first orgasm."

Laura just held onto her teacher and cried tears of happiness.

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