tagErotic Poetrylittle teddy...

little teddy...


~* ...little teddy... *~


Last night i went to sleep...
Missing You, oh so bad.
Knowing O/our Love was One so Deep,
Like no other i've ever had.


To feel Your strong, yet gentle arms,
Holding me warm and tight.
Keeping away all that harms,
Long and deep into the night.


So i closed my tired and weary eyes,
Remembering Your Scent... so warm.
i then tightened my quivering thighs...
Then i actually felt Your form.


Reaching for a pillow to hold...
Inhaling... but sadly no scent.
Into Your arms i couldn't fold,
And this yearning did not relent.


i remembered fondly, my teddy bear,
With a purr slipping from my lip.
But sadly he wasn't there...
Into my heart... yet another rip.


Stored deep within a box,
Behind lock and key.
Hidden with other thoughts,
Little treasures... just for me.


From a different time of life,
He remains bound up, so small.
Tossing and turning, with so much strife.
i felt lost, like within a strange hall.


Tighter still, did my eyes close.
And then i felt my little bear.
Feeling my heart, as it rose...
But then... i felt Your hair.


Pushing so deep... behind my ass.
my pulse... it began to quicken.
No more than a minute did pass...
i then sensed Your cock thicken.


Grinding back... oh so slow,
my mouth went so dry.
i whispered, "Where did You go?"
But, nothing... no reply.


Tormented, lost... i then shivered,
Slowly reaching back for You.
Only silence was delivered...
Sadly, i didn't know what to do.


With a whimper and much yearning,
i again thought of my little teddy.
Knowing i must be so discerning,
Whispered... "Tomorrow, i'll have him ready."


Under lock and key no more,
i will snuggle him so tightly.
No more shadows under the door,
Then i will smile brightly.

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