tagBDSMLittle White Dress

Little White Dress


You are standing in the kitchen just finishing up the dishes after an excellent meal. You are wearing a light, short, white dress and nothing underneath except tight white cotton panties. You are lost in your own world, thinking about sex. It has been awhile and your wondering if maybe there is someone else. Maybe I'm fooling around, a flash of anger flares you up, excites you but also arouses you slightly. The thought of me with another girl makes you mad but thinking about me have sex makes you hot.

You are so caught up in your thoughts that you have not noticed me walking up behind you. My arms wrap around your waist and pull you ass firmly against my crotch. You feel the hard cock in my pants and it feels like a steel rod. Instantly the anger in your thoughts disappears. You know that you are the only girl in my world. This makes all the energy that was focused into anger turn into pure sexually energy. My left hand moves upward from your stomach towards your breast, the other hand presses hard into your stomach and slowly moving down. You feel your pussy getting wet. you feel my hand moving and you know what I plan on doing with it. It presses hard on the bone above your clit. My fingers curve around the bone and push right on you clit through your dress. A moan escapes your lips that had previously been sealed tight. That is all the encouragement that I need. I know your into it and I am going to push ahead. My left hand reaches your left breast and I squeeze hard, and pinch your nipple at the same time. This time it is not a moan but a loud scream. It is a cry of pain and it turns me on. I want to hurt you, I want to make you scream. As you scream I feel your ass rub against my crotch hard. My right hand slides down your leg and pulls up your short dress. My finger pulls your panties to the side and I slide two fingers into your wet pussy. Your knees buckle at the intensity of the sensation. Waves of vibration rippling through your body. I squeeze your breast again as I fuck you with my fingers.

"Has Daddies little girl been good?" I whisper husky into your ear.

"ooohhh yeaaa...." you can't stop yourself.

I spin you around putting my hands on your shoulders and gently push you down to your knees.

"well daddies got a treat for you then."I say with a smile. "close your eyes, show daddy you trust him."

I pull my hard cock out of my pants and rub it on your face. You open your mouth as wide as it will go. I ram my cock into that open mouth and push it in all the way so that my short hairs press against your lips. I continue to ram my cock in and out it to your mouth, till tears well up in your eyes. Making your heavy eye make-up stream down your checks. You look so beautiful that I decide to torture you some more before I fuck you.

I grab your hand and take you into the living room. The kitchen table is cleared off of everything except the chocolate syrup and whip cream left over from dessert, and two tall candles in tall candle sticks. Your eyes get wide when you see that I have already attached restraints to the legs off the table. You know that it is going to be a long night. I reach up your dress and pull your panties off in one quick motion. And bend you over the table. I quickly attach the restraints to your wrists and then to your ankles. I pull your dress up till it is up past your shoulders I walk back around and grab your hair and pull your head up, when you let out a little scream I silence you with my cock. I slides down the back of your throat. I fuck your face hard, making you gag and cry. I love to see that huge cock make your jaws stretch to fit it in. you look so beautiful with your arms and legs bound and your mouth stretched around my cock, and your makeup all messed up.

"I have a craving for more chocolate. Do you want daddy to eat your pussy for dessert."

"Please Daddy, Please. I want it sooo bad, please Daddy." you purr, gasping for breath.

I pour chocolate sauce down the crack of your ass so that it covers your pussy and dribbles down your leg. Then I take the whip cream can and stick the spout in your pussy and fill it full of whip cream. I throw the can down, and start licking the drips of chocolate running down your leg. Following the flow of chocolate, I get higher and higher, you start to shake, uncontrollably all over. Finally I have licked all the chocolate off your legs and am licking right around your pussy. You buck back and forth, you want my mouth to take your little pussy so bad that you cant stand it. I dive into your pussy. My tongue shooting into your hole lapping up the whipped cream. It tastes so good that I just keeping licking and licking. You are screaming and shaking. I know you will cum really soon so I back off and slap your ass hard.

"you don't get to cum until I tell you too."

"Yes, Daddy, I'm sorry Daddy." you say with a truly apologetic tone.

I know how to stop you from cumming yet though. I grab one of the candles and pour hot wax down your spine. You arch your back at the hot wax burning your skin. I smack your ass as it sticks out. You look back at me with a face that tells me that you didn't like me doing that without warning.

I smack your ass hard and say, "why are you looking at me so defiantly, is daddy cruel. Do you want daddy to stop?"

You gasp, and plead in a pathetic tone. " Oh No! Please Daddy no. Please keep doing it to me. Please Daddy, I'm sorry. I won't do it again."

Another hard slap across the ass, by now it is mostly red. Stained in chocolate and cooled wax. Beautiful. I smack it again and say, "That's better. Now do you want me to fuck you?"


"TOO BAD! You have to earn it, slut!" I say as I sneer. I know that will make you mad, and that is what I want. I want to see how much you have submitted to my will. I know that soon you will completely give yourself to me, and then I can do or say anything I want, but you still have a little will to fight. So I release you from your bounds. You look shamed. Your legs and ass covered in smeared chocolate, pussy still dripping whip cream, makeup running down your checks and harden wax down your back. You look a mess, but never more beautiful, and you know that I see that. So you smile.

I grab you tight in my arms and take you back to the bedroom carrying with me the lite candle. Then make you straddle the corner of the bed. I push you forward as I pull up your dress to reveal you pussy and ass. I light several other candles in the room. That is the only light, flickering and dancing on the walls, and over your smooth soft skin.

"stay!" I command you like a slave.

you obey your command without questioning it. I kneel down on my knees so that my face is right at your ass. I kiss your cheeks repeatedly. It makes you squirm around. I stretch out my tongue and lick you from your clit to your asshole, it tastes of chocolate and melted whip cream, mixed with your musky pussy juice, delicious . You make deep low grunt and your breathing gets faster. I keep licking each time all the way from your throbbing clit to your puckering asshole. Then I dive into your pussy licking you furiously my tongue shooting in and out of your pussy until I take your clit into my mouth and start sucking it hard. I can tell by your breathing that you are getting close to cumming. So I stop and back away standing. You lay face first on the bed panting in that odd legs spread position. "please finish me, daddy." you beg pathetically.

I smack your exposed ass check with an open hand hard enough to leave another hand print. A little scream and a squirm lets me know you got my message.

"you are now Daddy's little Slut!"

"Yes Daddy."

"every time I do ANYTHING to you, you say THANK YOU DADDY!" I growl in a low and commanding voice.

"Yes Daddy, Thank you Daddy" you purr.

"I am going to fuck you now. You have earned it. I am going to fuck you hard. You will say Thank you daddy every time I stick my cock in you! Do you understand?"

"Yes Daddy" you say in a low sultry voice, because you are finally about to get what you have been wanting for so long. I smack you hard across the ass!

"THANK YOU DADDY!" you cry out.

"that is better slut."

at that point I lay into you. Dipping down so that my cock slides into your overly wet pussy, dripping with melted cream. It looks a cheerleaders pussy after the whole team had a turn on her after the big game. That turns me on. Seeing that cream dripping out of you. So I lean forward and start to pound your ass as hard as I can. You are gasping for breath. The first time my cock fully penetrated you it took your breath. So I grabbed your hair and yanked you back onto my throbbing rod and smacked you in the face.

"what do you say?"

"Thank you Daddy, Thank you, thank you Daddy!" you screamed

you could hardly keep up with as fast as I fucked you. I was pumping my cock in and out of your pussy and fast and hard as I ever have. You shot your hand down between your legs and started rubbing your clit really hard. I knew that you where going to make your self cum and I though, well let her do it. I didn't actually think I could stop you at this point. So I let you frig yourself off as I continually pounded away at your pussy, and your constant chanting of "thank you Daddy." was enough to make my balls tighten up. So I knew that I was about to join you.

I grabbed your hair and pulled you off the bed and onto your knees and shoved my cock into your mouth. You were still cumming, over and over you came. You reached around my hips and shoved your finger in my ass and made my spew my hot thick cum into your mouth. I pulled my cock out of your mouth as it sprayed cum all over you. It looked like a fountain.

After we had both reached our full climax I pulled you up on the bed and kissed your cum cover ed mouth. Deep and passionately we kissed and held each other.

You never looked more beautiful. Covered in cum, chocolate, wax and hand prints.

You where mine, and only mine.

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