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Living Together


I was hardly inside the flat and certainly the door wasn't shut behind me when: we were in each others arms, our mouths were clamped, our hands were all over the other's body and our tongues were deep in the other's throats. We were frantically tearing at each other's clothes. He pulled my ridiculously short, denim micro skirt up round my waist, I fumbled the belt and zip of his jeans undone, his hands went into my panties and grabbed the cheeks of my bum pulling me harder against his glorious erection. I undid the buttons on his shirt, nuzzled his hairy chest and nibbled his nipple. He pushed his jeans down, he wasn't wearing pants, and I pulled my tee shirt over my head, I wasn't wearing a bra.

He pushed me towards the stairs. I thought he meant me to go up them but he pushed me again so that I almost fell on them. I put my hands out to support myself. I had my feet on the floor and my hands on the fourth step. My body was bent in the middle. My bum was in the air, my tits were hanging down.

And like that, me with my panties on and him with his trousers round his ankles, he fucked me doggy style. It was quick and vigorous; hard and dirty, it was exactly right for the circumstances.

We climaxed together, quite noisily I recall. I collapsed onto the carpeted stairs with him lying on top of me. We hadn't exchanged a word until he said.

"Welcome to Notting Hill," as he eased himself off my back and went and shut the front door.


"I've left her," DD had said earlier that morning.

"What do you mean?"

"I've left Philippa, it's over, I'm a free man."

"You're joking." I gasped.

"No I left on Monday."

"That's three days ago, why didn't you call me sooner."

"I had to make sure, I was really away and I needed to get my head in order. Also I had to sort out somewhere to live."

"So where are you?"

"I've borrowed Mark's place, he's on a sabbatical in California for a few months."

"Well I'm gobsmacked," I said. "I can hardly believe it."

"Well come round Sam and I will help you believe it, don't wear much."


That was how I came to be kneeling on the stairs of that flat in Notting Hill being fucked doggy style by my long term lover David Deekins.

I met him when I was at university in Bristol. He was a lecturer, but I wasn't lectured by him. No I got to know him because I was producing the end of term play for the drama society and he was the staff member responsible for vetting what

we did and providing support and advice.

We had decided to do 'What the Butler Saw' by Joe Orton. It's a fairly raunchy tale with some interesting bed scenes between two women. One was played by me and the other by Stephanie, the woman who had introduced me to the delights of girly sex hence, the 'girly' scenes required little acting skills on our parts!

"We will be doing those scenes naked," I had told him as we sat in his flat.

He was married and his wife lived in London, she had some high powered Civil Service job and travelled a lot, mainly to Brussels and Strasbourg I found out later.

"Really?" He'd said, his eyes seeming to me to roam over my body, 'possibly wondering what I would look like naked' I wondered.

The group of female students I mixed with often talked about the lecturers. The welter of opinion was that most were too old, including DD as we called him who we put in his early forties. Not for me though. I had always preferred older men and I very much preferred Mister Deekins. Yes I fancied him badly. And that was why I had gone to his flat alone, why I had told him that Steph and I would be naked, why I had gone on to say that there would be a lesbian scene between us and why I had said that if he needed a preview of any scene I could arrange it. It was also why just after that we were kissing and shortly later we were having sex on his green leather Chesterfield.

We kept in touch after I left midway through my second year without completing my degree. Actually, kept in touch is something of a misnomer. For the next six months we had sex at least twice a week, but when I left it was more difficult, that is until he left Bristol for a departmental heads job at London.

For the past three years we had seen each other whenever we could. That was mostly when the 'bitch from hell' as we came to call his wife was away on her frequent business trips. During college vacations, when both of us was free, were the best times. It was during them that occasionally we got to spend whole nights together, often in his marital bed; I liked that.

I loved him and still do, no doubt about that. And he loves me, but we both know there is no real future, after all a twenty plus year age gap is very hard to cope with as are children almost my age.


After the urgent shag in the hallway, we talked. We also shagged and then talked more. In fact we shagged and talked nearly all night. I didn't leave until four.

I spent a lot of the next few days with DD. I had to go into college, but went to the flat after that, usually mid afternoon. And we did what two lovers who hadn't been used to the luxuries of time, availability and location, should do, we fucked.

I was at a private college studying Stage and Film Production. I had enrolled there after ducking out from uni and was, generally enjoying it. My aim wasn't to be an actor, I couldn't stand the rejections. I wanted to write and produce for stage, TV and film.

The three year course was going well, but I had to fund myself. I never used to have to do that and had I realised I would need to, I probably would not have enrolled; hard work and Sammi had never traditionally got on.

When I started at the college after ducking out of uni, dad was doing well and I was able to live rent free with my brother in a flat my dad's company owned in trendy Islington, just off Upper Street, it was heaven. But when the development company went bust the flat went with it as did mum and dad's marriage. He went to live in Spain to try to salvage something from his 'building empire' and I went to live with mum at the family 'mansion' in Essex. I lived well there, but now there was no money from dad to pay the bills. So I had to pay my own way.

I won't bore you with the details of how I started as a glamour photographic model, but that's what I did. I started posing for amateur photographers at their club nights, but by the time of DD leaving home, I had progressed to one to one sessions at a number of studios. I had also progressed from 'nice' poses, in scanty underwear, topless and nude, with legs firmly closed to anything goes as far as legs are concerned. I had also progressed to posing with my hands in action on my body simulating masturbation and orgasm; as time went on there seemed to be less and less simulation!

"Why don't you move in Sam?" DD said the next evening as we lay in each others arms in bed.

"It's difficult with mum."

"She doesn't know about us?"

"Fuck no, of course not," I replied squeezing his flaccid cock.

"Can't you tell her?"

"Well I could, but I am loath to do so just yet."


"Well not too many mums would be that pleased to have their daughter say they were seeing a married man twenty years older than her would they?"

"Hmmm, I dunno."

"Oh come on David be fair, especially one that has only been parted from his wife for a few days."

"Yes I see the problem."

I smiled. "And remember, darling, she is younger than you," I said rather cruelly.

"Fuck off," he said flicking my nipple with the back of his finger. "You cheeky little bitch."

Over the next day or so I thought of little else than moving in with him. I so wanted to do that. I had never lived with a man and I badly wanted to live with DD. But how could I?


"Open them a little more luv," he said as he stood over me aiming his camera downwards.

I did.

"Now get hold of the waist of the panties and pull it up, hard."

I did.

"Harder, with both hands so that I really get your camel's foot," he went on ripping off shot after shot of my body clad just in black, fishnet hold-ups and white silk panties.

I did.

He knelt down between my lewdly spreaded thighs and focused his camera right on my pussy. I knew my slit was clearly emphasised by the tight silk. My tugging on the panties not only framed my mound, but also the lips of my pussy. It also pulled the material slightly inside my lips and tightly against my clit; I wondered if he was aware of that. I hoped he wasn't and of the effect that has on a girl; it's so very hard to resist becoming aroused when you are rubbing your clit with your silk knickers. I hoped, even more fervently, that there were no visible signs on the silk of that arousal.

But of course sod's law applies in such situations.

"Oh my God Sam," he breathed, putting the Canon to one side for a moment.


"Look," he said holding the camera so I could see the last shots.

The gusset of my silk panties was darker than the rest. My wetness was on show. Oliver saw it. I knew that he had seen it and he knew that I knew that.

"Oh fuck," I said as his hand reached out and cupped my mound and pussy. He had been there before so it wasn't a shock, more a relief.

It was difficult being with DD an hour or so later. It was even more difficult when he kissed me and pushed his hand up my skirt and also cupped my mound and pussy. And it was as good as impossible to cope with when he pushed me back onto the sofa, pulled my panties down and started to shag me.


This was my conundrum. I wanted to live with my lover. I wanted to be with him as much as possible and I wanted to be faithful to him. And I was faithful to him in my way as he was to me in his. But I had to earn money to pay for my college and he had, until a few days ago, lived with his bitch of a wife. So he shagged her and I let photographers mess around with me. That worked. Well I felt it did. But that was when he lived with and shagged the bitch. We never talked about his sex life with her and he had no idea what I did as a model. But now he didn't live with her. And now he wanted me to live with him. Fuck and bollocks what a mess. It should have been momentous news, but instead it was a right fuck up, fuck it.

Anyway, I came up with some cock and bull story for mum about a friend, who she had met, Stephanie Gordon, having a spare room in her flat in town and how much more convenient that would be for my college in Bloomsbury, near to the British Museum. She bought it, but then I think she was pleased to get me out of the house for I was sure I was 'queering her pitch' with her potential conquests, young guys of my age were her recent penchant.

"I'll move in Friday if that's alright?" I told DD when we spoke on the phone on the Monday."

"Fantastic, want me to help bring your stuff?"

"No thanks, I can handle it," I replied not wanting him and mum to meet. After all they were about the same age and I knew she'd fancy him as I expected he might her, men always seem to go for a full pair of tits and mum had those in spades. And of course, on top of that, how could I explain who the hell he was to her; best to keep him out of sight.

It was brilliant, it was amazing, it was incredible and it was totally and utterly so fucking exciting that for the next few days I felt as if I was floating through life. The fact that for most of that weekend I was on the end of DD's cock one way or the other, slightly contradicts that term is beside the pint, for my mind floated whilst my body was penetrated and pampered everywhere.

I hadn't, of course, brought all my modelling gear. That would have needed both a lot more storage space than was available and an explanation as to why I needed something like a hundred pairs of panties, fifty or so bras and a range of basques, waspies and teddies. I'd used up a favour from Sandra, the woman owner of the studio where I worked, for her to store the gear for me. Actually, that was more convenient for her flat was over the studio which was in a large, detached, three story Edwardian house. That meant that I didn't need to lug a great big holdall and a hanging wardrobe carrier all the way from Essex to the studio in North London. That was a big plus, but of course there was a downside; there's no free lunches in any business. I had to have sex with her.

She had seduced me when she'd 'auditioned' me for modelling a year or so ago. She was my second female lover and so different to Stephanie, my first. And I don't mean by her older, slim, almost boyish figure compared to Steph's body that was dominated by her glorious breasts. I mean more in the type of lovemaking. She was dominant, urgent, almost rough and showed little tenderness. With Steph it was loving, languid, soft, and gentle mutual sex where we both contributed evenly. With Sandra there was no doubt who was in charge and there was equally no doubt as to what we were doing and that was fucking, whereas Stephanie and I had made love during that magical last three months of my time at uni.

Sandra was a tough Londoner. An astute businesswoman who had built up an 'empire' of property she had investments in the studio, a few massage parlours, some web sites and, I was pretty sure, some brothels as well.

"Of course you can luv," she said when I popped up to see her. It was after I had masturbated Oliver to a stunning climax, which splattered all over my breasts whilst his fingers probed deep into my pussy. "How much space will you need?"

I explained what I wanted to store and she showed me to a bedroom in the attic on the third floor. She didn't ask any questions.

"This do?" She asked opening an old fashioned, stand alone, dark wooden wardrobe with a mirror on the middle door.

"That'll be great."

We agreed that I would drive over the next morning with all my gear.

"I'll even help you put it all away," she said moving closer to me. I could smell the cigarette smoke on her and see down the front of her white silk blouse that had one or two too many buttons undone. Her small breasts were bare. "It'll be fun seeing all your lovely stuff," she said, touching my cheek with her fingers. "You won't have to rush away will you?" She asked letting her hand fall onto my shoulder.

Her intentions could hardly have been more obvious when she opened the door to me the next day. Her longer than was fashionable for a forty five year old woman, black hair was down, a style she rarely adopted. It tumbled onto her shoulders framing her angular, rather hard looking, but not unattractive face. She had a pointed, quite big nose and thin lips, but lovely, smoky grey eyes. She was wearing a silk dressing gown. It was dark blue, had no buttons, just a tie and was floor-length with thin lapels. The top was gaping as she stood holding the door. I could see the edges of her small breasts. The tie wasn't done up, she was holding the robe closed. That made me gulp.

"Hi, let me help," she said bending down and picking up a couple of my plastic bags, which were stuffed full of panties and stockings. Obviously the robe gaped further and as she straightened up I saw more of her breasts. I wasn't so much excited by seeing them, I'm not a lesbian, as I was intrigued by her display; it was so fucking obvious I almost asked 'Do you want to fuck me here in the hall or wait until we get to that bedroom.'

I didn't have to, though, because no sooner were we both in the house than she let go of the robe and it opened all the way down. She was wearing burgundy coloured, silk French knickers and black fishnet hold-ups under it. I thought she looked faintly ridiculous, particularly at eleven in the morning.

Looking at me and seeing my gaze running up and down her body she said quietly. "It's been a long time Sam," as she dropped the bags and took me into her arms.

She made me cum very quickly.

I was still in my jeans, sitting squashed against her on the stairs when she did that. My tee was pushed up round my neck, my jeans were open, my tits were out of my bra and her hand was in my knickers. It was quick, mechanical and urgent yet surprisingly enjoyable. It also gave me a very strong climax, but then I hadn't been with a girl for some months.

I took my jeans and tee shirt off and pushed my boobs back into the white, see through bra. We packed the gear away into the drawers and shelves in the wardrobe. Handling all the sexy underwear, the thongs, little shorts, panties and bikini bottoms, the multi-coloured, mostly diaphanous bras, the basques and corsets, the suspender belts and the array of stockings got to both of us a little. I often arouse myself when I fiddle with my lingerie and this was no exception so, when she again put her arms round me, I really was up for it and was putty in her hands.

Having been fucked by her three times I knew what I was in for and that it would be a tough, demanding, but probably overall, very exciting time. I wasn't wrong.

She quickly had me laying on the bed on my front; she didn't bother taking my bra or thong off and she laid flat on my back. I could feel her almost negligent tits pressing into me as she wiggled her hands round to cup my boobs, firstly outside my bra, then inside on my bare flesh. She squeezed them, rather hard and pinched the nipples at the same time. She had positioned herself between my legs opening them a little and was now pushing on the inside of my knees making me open them further. I felt her sliding down my body. Further and further until she was completely off my body and was lying between my open legs. Her hands were gripping my hips as her mouth slid across the cheeks of my bottom. She was squeezing the slight excess of flesh on my hips, which gives a female her womanly shape, very hard, her fingernails were digging into me and she was hurting me. I knew that would happen and recognised that I had to go through that, for that's just how Sandra is and that's what gets her off. She was licking, sucking, kissing and biting all over my cheeks as her fingers slid up my legs and pressed on my lips through the gusset of my thong.

'Oh fuck' I suddenly thought remembering I was going home to DD and would be naked with him. I wiggled my bum and groaned, that stopped her. She pulled the slither of material away from my pussy and she ran her fingers from the base of my spine, right through the crease of my bottom, across my bumhole and on and lightly into my lips ending up pressing my clit. That was amazing and made me jerk and grunt.

I felt her rolling my panties down until the waist elastic was beneath my hips, the gusset was pulled away from me and my anus and pussy were on show. I expected to feel her fingers or maybe mouth on my lips, but no, as was her habit, she surprised me. I felt her breath first, then her lips followed by her tongue, right on my bumhole. I again jumped, this time with both the surprise and the surge of sensations that roared from the sensitive puckered skin surrounding that hole to all parts of my body. She was pressing with the point of her tongue, pushing and sort of probing. It was incredible and I could feel my anus opening for her. I was gasping and grunting with a combination of excitement and pleasure, both of which were heightened as I felt her fingers sliding into my soaking cunt. I was gripping the bedclothes so tightly. She started to finger me. My bottom, automatically it seemed, lifted from the bed. She was slipping her fingers, the surrogate cock in and out of me simulating the movement of being fucked, a movement I was beginning to know so well. I was starting to cum, she realised that and slowed down. I relaxed and lay there for a moment or two and then I felt a fingertip from her other hand going right where the tip of her tongue had been. She pressed me there, then moved it away and ran it along my lips which were stretched round the two, three or fingers she had sunk into my cunt. I realised what she was doing, she was lubricating it in preparation for finger fucking my arse. And that is exactly what she did and I enjoyed every second of my anal finger fuck.

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