tagInterracial LoveLiz and Sean

Liz and Sean


Thursday Night

Sean told me on the phone that he'd come by my apartment later that evening. I suspected that he was out with another woman who I'm positive was also White. He loved fucking White girls, he even told me so, not that I needed to guess. The first time he stuffed his cock inside me, he had a devilish grin on his face, and kind of uttered to himself "yeah...hee..hee..hee.." like he just chalked up another one; he did. Once he got that far with you, you were his property. With my head propped up with a pillow, looking down between my legs, I watched his jet black atomic bomb squeezing itself all the way inside of my pussy until I felt his balls bump against my ass. That's when the fireworks started. I knew it in my heart that Sean owned me right then and there. Impossible to resist, my white flag went up as I unconditionally surrendered myself once again to another Black man.

Just past 11:30, He knocked on my door. "You asshole" I mumbled to myself, getting up from the couch. I thought he wasn't coming until I opened the door, and there he was.

"Yo, what's up?" He asked as if everything was perfectly fine.

"Why do you have to do this to me Sean?" I replied displaying my sad eyes.

"You could have called and told me you were coming much later, ya know?"

"Yeah, well, I kinda got busy, yo."

"I'm here."

I just swung the door open, turned my back to him, and walked to the sofa. Sean came in, closed the door, and headed for the fridge looking for beer. I was sitting with my legs curled under, wearing a T-shirt over my panties. Sean sank down in the cushion next to me, taking a sip from his bottle.

"So what did you do before you came here?" I asked pointlessly, as if I'd ever get a real answer.

"Just hung with a few partners, nuth'in crazy."

"Just hanging here all night babe?"

"Yes. You told me you were coming a long time ago!"

I kept my eye away from his, trying to stay mad until we finally made eye contact, and as usual, my heart melted. I didn't care that he was out and that I waited for him all night, or that he treated me like that. I just wanted him with me. I rubbed his leg as he leaned towards me for a kiss. I totally caved. The second our tongues met, I instinctively turned my body towards him, wrapping my arms around his neck, my body aching for attention. Sean set his beer down next to the sofa, and then lifted me, laying my down before climbing on top of me continuing our passionate kiss. His probing hands found my breasts, first through my shirt, and then quickly underneath. Stopping him for only a moment, I pulled my shirt off giving him full access to my body. His lips left mine to suck on my nipple. My pussy started gushing in immediate response to his nibbling on me. It was moments later when I felt his long fingers push my panties aside, and plunge into my vagina. I was so hot by then, I attempted to dig my hands into his pants to get to his now firm cock. Sean pulled away from me for a moment, standing up before me. As he unbuttoned his shirt, I yanked his pants down, boxers and all, exposing him. That big cock sprang upward to welcome me, so I certainly did. Sitting on the sofas edge, I reached my arms around his waist, grabbing his ass with both hands, so I could pull him closer to me. Without a word, I devoured his penis, shoving his entire length as far deep into my mouth as I could, feeling his cockhead bang against the back of my throat. I was so relieved to finally know that unless Sean had taken a shower before he got to my place, I was sure that he hadn't had sex yet that evening. I made love to his cock, fucking my face with it, choking myself, stopping only to catch my breath. I knew that he would be happy finish off that way, but I needed him inside of me desperately, and soon. I let go of him, lay back into the sofa, and pulled my soaked panties off. Sean stepped out of his clothes, and re-planted himself on top of me. I held my legs wide apart for him, in anticipation of his black monster drilling into me momentarily.

"Come on, fuck me baby! Fuck my little pussy!" I shouted at him.

"Put it in me, put it in me.........Ohhhh...yeahhhhhh!"

He easily stuffed himself between my dripping wet lips, sinking to the very bottom on the first try. He pummeled my body like that, giving me my first orgasm rapidly. While my head was being pounded into the sofa cushion, Sean was holding my legs high in the air to be certain his pelvis was smacking into my clit on every thrust. He continued his assault on my now very stretched little pussy until I let go again. Sean released my legs and lay down on me, my chance to pull his body close to mine. My pussy quivered as the waves of vaginal contractions squeezed back against the log stuffed inside of it.

I wrapped my arms and legs around him as tightly as I could so he could hardly move. Sean was literally smashing himself into me, just so he could slide his cock in and out. It felt so good, nothing was going to make me let go of him. I already had two orgasms in a row and another was about to overtake me. Whenever Sean came, he would wrap his arms under me, gripping onto my ass, spreading my pussy wider with his fingers. When he actually had his orgasm, he would squeeze me so tight to the point that I could barely breathe. I loved the feeling it gave me of being totally controlled and helpless, dominated by his pleasure. Of course, I knew he was just using me, and I knew that my own pleasure was purely coincidental on his part. Sean's cock and my brain were giving me orgasms, certainly not Sean. He fucked me until he came and then he was done.

Sean's pace was faster, and his thrusts were getting harder. My firm boa constrictor grip on him continued when he hollered out loud that he was cumming. I orgasmed again instantly. I held onto his body, tightly clinging on with my arms and legs as if for dear life, desperately awaiting the moment. Sean began his violent squeezing of my torso as he rammed his cock deep inside of me, spraying my insides with his sperm. We were so tightly molded together; I felt his big cock throbbing inside of me, flooding my fertile and completely unprotected womb once more with his black-baby making fluid. My whole body shuddered, every muscle shaking uncontrollably from wave after wave of orgasmic electricity maximally stimulating each and every nerve fiber of my core. I completely lost myself, giving all to him.

"uh...uh...uh...y..y..y...yuh..." I uttered.


I think I came twice while Sean emptied himself inside me. He gave me multiple orgasms every time we fucked. One orgasm just connected to the next, keeping me more or less silent, but for some heavy breaths rushing in and out of my lungs. I think of it as a kind of seizure I experience where I know what's happening to me, but I have absolutely no ability to move, speak, or otherwise react. All I can ever manage to do is mumble and fuck back. Only a black cock does that to me. If there was ever a moment of nirvana, that would be it.

When Sean finished "topping me off" with his tsunami of cum, he tried pulling away from me, but I kept my wonder woman grip on him with my limbs. He knew that I just wanted him to stay inside of me for a short while each time we finished fucking. As with any guy, he hated it and couldn't wait to get off of me as soon as he dumped his load. I didn't care about that, and just selfishly held him still for a few moments, in the hope that he would fuck me again. It didn't work that time. Half of the time it would work, and I'd coax his cock rock hard again, gently rolling his balls through my fingers, massaging his sack against my pussy. Other times he'd finish with me and then make some excuse about having to leave for any number of reasons. I'd even jump up to blow him, but he would still leave me lying there as if totally uninterested.

I wondered if Sean knew that I would have had ten kids with him. I would have done anything that he asked me to do. It certainly wasn't love, not in the real sense, but something stronger than ordinary lust. While his cock was exploring my innards, I could no more refuse his every wish than a kitten could resist a roll in bed of catnip. I just accepted what we had as normal. Sean gave me incredible orgasms I had never experienced before, leaving me wanting more, begging for more. He would be calling me tomorrow anyway, so I would get my fix. Time to take a shower.

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