Liz Bradshaw

byParis Waterman©

Still, Liz had experience on her side; experience that told her to take this monstrous cock slowly, and that's exactly what she did. She made love to it rather than trying to swallow it. She was more than adept at giving a hand job, and took to stroking Kenny's member with both hands while licking and sucking the head of his cock, causing Kenny to moan pleasurably.

Willow stood nearby, and her smile grew wider as Kenny's moans intensified.

Liz cupped his balls in her hand, ultimately taking each one in turn into her mouth and sucking on them. A feeling of euphoria swept over her as she felt the power of her actions reflected in his contented sounds. Eventually, Liz returned to his cockhead, managing to capture most of it in her mouth. She swirled her tongue over it as he stood there, not forcing the action at all, actually surprising even Willow with his passivity, which was not like him at all.

"Baby," he crooned, as he massaged the top of Liz's head with both hands," you give good head, really you do. I love the way . . . the way you're taking your time . . . and not hurrying things."

Liz doubled her sucking tempo, and increased the pressure of her suction. Then for good measure, she began to tickle his anus.

"Whoa! I like that!" He gasped.

"Stick it up his ass," Willow suggested, and Liz did so.

"Mmmmm!" he moaned, "That's really nice!"

Liz sucked harder.

"Liz? Do you want Kenny to cum in your mouth, or would you rather he fuck you a little?"

Liz promptly removed his appendage from her mouth and said, "I'd love for him to fuck me, I don't know . . . I love sucking his . . . thing, but . . . yeah, let's fuck!"

Liz was caught off guard by the ease in which he entered her. The fact that she was dripping juices from her sodden cunt helped considerably. Each subsequent thrust brought on a squishing sound, as his thick member forced the juices from deep within her to her entrance and out onto her thighs and his loins.

Willow knelt next to them and whispered in Liz's ear. "Hear that squishing?"

"Ugh!" Liz grunted by way of reply, for she was getting close to a strong orgasm.

"I love that sound," Willow said, as she lightly caressed Liz's neck. Then as Kenny began to pound his massive instrument into her, stretching her open to nearly twice her original size; Willow found Liz's mouth, and sent her tongue into it, and then tried to suck Liz's tongue into her mouth.

Being attacked on two separate fronts was too much for Liz, and she started to cum.

Kenny followed a split-second later, holding himself deep within Liz, as he spurted against her cervix. She moaned into Willow's mouth, and her orgasm exploded when Willow increased the intensity of their kiss.

Kenny extracted his mammoth cock from her pussy, and seeing the two women still in a torrid kiss, began to spank Liz's cunt lips with his thick member, making every third blow (all of which were lightly administered) land upon her very swollen clit.

This wrought another, even stronger climax from her system. Liz terminated her kiss with Willow and arched her back, and then shuddered without stopping for five minutes.

"Awesome!" Willow screeched midway through the period of shuddering.

"That was just an awesome fuck!" she said, repeating herself, as she caressed Liz's face with both hands.

Liz just nodded in agreement for she was totally exhausted and lay there as limp as a wrung out dishrag.

"We'll let you rest," Kenny said. "Your clothes are hanging in the closet and there's a shower. I guess you know that. But it's there, and please, take your time. There's no rush, stay as long as you like."

Willow added, "When you do leave the room, one of us will be outside to show you the way out. It wouldn't do to have you go in the wrong room and walk in on someone else, would it?"

Liz did take her time, grabbing a short nap, before rising and taking a quick shower. She dressed and left the room. Willow was waiting with a big smile.

"So, did we satisfy that itch for you?"

Liz fumbled in her purse and handed Willow a hundred dollar bill.

"I know I've already paid, but consider this a tip. I truly enjoyed today's experience." Liz paused for a moment, and then went on. "Willow, I want to see you again . . . say three days from now?"

"Certainly, I'll be looking forward to seeing you again."

"Kenny too, I hope?" Liz added.

"He'll be waiting too. Perhaps we can try a few new things when we see you."

"I'm looking forward to it, and yes, by all means . . . new things."

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