tagLoving WivesLiza & Tommy #8

Liza & Tommy #8


FYI This story is all about having fantasies completed and going to far with them. It also has cuckolding and interracial sex in it. I you don't like this sort of thing then please don't read it. You have been told. Thanks for everyone who has written me with suggestions and/or comments. They are all appreciated. Again this is a true story, only the sex has been enhanced for the reader's enjoyment. The people in this story actually had this happen to them. It's a sad story and won't have a happy ending. V


Mary and Liza sat there with Tommy, as they all have breakfast. Tom could see Mary's robe opened and her pussy smiling as it shinned up at him. She had exposed her body to him all the time, all weekend long. She seemed to like him looking at her and watching her move even when she wasn't fucking or sucking him. She sat there facing him like that on purpose, with her robe wide opened and her legs parted so he could see the slit of her sex. Her fully large breasts showed love marks that he and his wife Liza had placed on them during the Saturday and Sunday morning of sex the three of them had together.

Tommy watched her breasts rising and falling with her breathing. Her nipples were softer now, maybe the first time all weekend that he saw them soft and pink rather than long hard red and excited. Liza was watching him closely wondering if she should bring up now what she was thinking about most of the weekend? Her idea of getting together with Mary and doing this all again was the only way she felt she might be able to fuck Lee again with her husband's permission. She only wanted to do it with Mary so that Tommy would have to let her have Lee again. Well actually as she was thinking about it that wasn't exactly 100% true. She had enjoyed the sex very much with Mary too. She knew her husband loved it, Mary was beautiful, very well built and intelligent. But Liza enjoyed the sex with Lee much, much more and besides, Lee was her greatest fantasy.

Liza was thinking very hard as she wondered if she should she wait until Mary was gone or before she left to talk with them both about her ideas about doing this all again. Would Tommy or Mary want to do this again? She hoped so, she really want Tommy to owe her one.

Mary had given her some excellent advice so far and she had been able to talk her husband into allowing her the chance to have sex with a black man, her greatest fantasy. Could she give her more ideas, which she could use to talk Tommy into another round of these fantasies? If she waited and chatted with Mary again, maybe she would want to do it again and help her to talk Tom into it. She really didn't think she would have to try that hard if Mary was with her when she did it. She knew Tommy loved sex with Mary and loved watching her and Mary together too. .

She remembered the first time when Tommy told her he would let her do it. But then they had fought like hell afterwards. But that was because she had gotten greedy and let Lee stay and fuck her all night. She wouldn't do that again. But she knew Tommy had just had the best night of sex in his life. Last night was good for her too. So maybe, just maybe, he understood now why she kept Lee all night. But, if they did the three-way again, Tommy would have to let her have her black man fantasy that would be the deal. He may not like it, but she would insist on doing it if he was to have Mary again. She wondered f Tommy liked it that very much to do it all again? She was sure he did and would want to do it again!

She decided to wait and talk with Mary first. After all if Mary didn't want to do this again she would have to find some other woman for Tommy. But, if she was careful and went slowly at this she was sure he would allow her see and have Lee again, but not for the entire night. She could see the look on Tom's face as he sat there looking at Mary and she knew that look. He wanted her body again.

Liza made up her mind and she waited. She would talk with Mary for the next few days and let Lee know what was going on too. She loved how Mary teased Tommy all the time. Jesus she had his hand on her pussy again and was showing him her entire bodies, right now at the kitchen table as they sat talking. She knew he had forgotten all about his little wife at the other end of the table, just like she had forgotten about him when Lee was fucking her deep with his big cock. God how she loved that cock! She decided to approach the subject again with him later on.

As Mary and Tommy talked about how Tommy liked the night of sex she listened and didn't say much. Mary was slowly working him and she smiled knowing what she was doing. She knew he was extremely happy about what had happened over the weekend. Tommy told her his cock was so soft and completely drained from all the fucking and sucking they had done. He told Mary that he wouldn't be able to get it up for days. Mary laughed and smiled as she said, "I bet if I came over tomorrow night and gave you one of my patented blow jobs you would get it up."

He laughed and said how satisfied he was right now and if he would like to do this all again? She asked him what Liza was thinking. Good! Now she would hear what he had to say. But Tommy didn't answer Mary's probing question and Mary was smart enough not to ask him again right away.

Mary looked at Liza and Liza smiled telling her she too was very satisfied. Mary said that she was the most satisfied since they had both worked on her all weekend and she enjoyed it so much that she would like to do it again. She then waited for one of them to reply. No one did, so Mary continued by saying how she especially loved Tommy wonderful tongue and the way Liza licked her clean.

Then she asked Liza if she liked that big strap on she fucked her with? Liza laughed as Mary told her she had enjoyed fucking her. Liza came over and kissed Tommy as she told him he should rent out his lips and tongue. Then she said, "Oh hell Tom, I even had a few nice orgasms from your cock too baby."

He didn't say anything but said to himself, "Well that's big of you dear."

He just smiled at her. Then he asked Mary how she felt and Mary told him she enjoyed the night of sex tremendously and again she said she would like to do it again. She told them she had really enjoyed the pleasure of both of them. She thanked Liza for inviting her and thanked Tommy for giving her some of the best orgasms she ever had. That wasn't actually true but she did enjoy her time with both of them. Over and over again she thanked both of them. Then she smiled at Tom and asked, "So Tom, are we ever going to do this sort of thing again baby?"

He looked at Liza and then hesitated. She said, "Well not right away Mary. I mean I'm drained and Tommy is too. Don't you ever get enough?"

They all laughed and he continued to look at his wife. He didn't look at Mary when he said, "How about I talk with Liza about this and she'll let you know Mary. I mean you were a dream come true for me and I loved it. Again I thank you for joining us, but I need to talk to Liza about all of this before we agree to do it again. OK?"

Mary kissed him and placed his hand between her legs and right on her wet warm cunt. He smiled into her eyes as she said, "Well I'll keep this warm and tight for you. I hope you'll invite me back again Tom. I really did have a good time with you. And you too Liza!"

Liza looked at her and wondered if Mary was thinking more than she was saying. Mary said, "Well, I better get going. Tomorrow is a workday and I need sleep."

Mary stood up and went to the bedroom. She gathered her clothes and dressed as Tommy stood there and watched. He loved to see a woman dress and undress, especially undress. She smiled and shook her head as she stepped intro her dress saying, "You men!"

Then she walked him to the door and kissed him hard and long as she squeezed his soft cock. It didn't move. She knew he was telling the truth when he told her he was drained completely. She then turned to Liza and they kissed and hugged. Tommy watched them press their bodies together and saw Mary's tits crushed against Liza's body. Then Mary said, "Well I'll see you at work Liza."

Then Liza said, "Right, Mary work. Oh Tommy, would you please get Mary a cup of coffee to go? Put it in that car cup for her, black with one sugar."

He said, "Sure", and turned walking into the kitchen.

While he was getting the coffee Lisa said, "OK Mary, we'll talk and I let you know about a second time. If he tells me yes, would you come back and do this again with him?"

She kissed her again and whispered, "I think he'll want to do this again Liza. I mean what man won't?" She use the word man with emphasize.

Liza said, "You were fantastic Mary. Really great, I know he loved it all night long!"

Mary said, "Well maybe we can come up with something he hasn't tried or done this weekend and that he'll really want to try. Then he'll invite me back for sure. Once he does you'll get your time with Lee again and I know that's what you're pushing for. Just be careful girlfriend. This could get tricky and we don't want it to get out of hand do we?"

Liza said, "NO! We don't but I want it to continue Mary. I want Tommy to let me have more of Lee or maybe even some other black man. I mean not all the time but a few times a year. And I'll let him have his three-way. That is if he can find another woman to continue if you don't want too."

Tom walked back into the room and said, "What? To continue Ladies?"

Liza said, "The three-way Tommy, Mary and I really have a good time this weekend didn't you?"

He laughed and handed Mary the coffee. He said, "Hell yes I had a good time. We'll talk with you soon Mary about maybe doing it again."

They said goodbye and Mary left. Liza said, "Oh God I'm so tired. I'm showering and going to bed."

He said, "Come on I'll wash your back, and I mean just wash it."

She laughed knowing he must be drained. They went into the shower and washed each other quickly. Then they dried off and went to bed without any more sex. As they lay in bed Tommy realized over the Saturday night why Liza had wanted her lover to stay all night. He loved what happened this weekend. He wondered if Liza would like it to happen again. Then he was thinking, "But I wonder what I will have to do to get her to agree to it?"

Deep inside as he started to fall asleep he knew, he knew. And he wondered if he could keep her from doing it again anyway with Lee? Would he even know about it if she did? That worried him.

A few days had passed and Liza had chatted with Mary ever chance she got about doing all this again. Then she went home and watched for a chance to bring up the topic again with Tommy. A couple of weeks passed by, Lee and Liza talked, about twice a week. Then one morning after Tom went to work she received a call from Lee and it was a particular sexual conversation and finally he told her to ask Tommy about letting him fuck her again. He told her that if Tom said no he told her they would meet anyway and they would fuck without Tom knowing about it. That was really cheating and she didn't really want to do it that way. But God she did want to fuck Lee again badly now. And, especially after this last conversation they had that morning she was wet all day as she daydreamed about what he told her he wanted to do to and with her.

Liza talked to Mary a long time that day. Then that night when she came home, Liza was prepared to ask Tommy if she could do it again. When she did Tommy surprised her by saying, "No", almost immediately. He was quick and firm sounding when he answered her and told her not to bring it up again. He didn't trust Lee and he didn't trust her with him. That was about the end of the conversation that night. She stomped out of the room and didn't talk with him for a few days.

She waited and Mary and she talked some more. They worked up another plan for Liza. When she got home about two weeks afterwards, Liza and Tommy had dinner. She took his hand and they walked together into the bathroom and after filing the tub they sat down and began to bath each other. That was step one for her.

They sat in the tub facing each other. Tommy felt her legs over his thighs and he could just feel the touch of her body as her pussy gently touched his cock. The harder he got the more he felt her slit and pussy rubbing him. He knew she was a tease and it was working, he really wanted to make love her tonight. His cock was super hard now as he played with her tits and they kissed and tongue fucked. She reached under the water and slowly stroked him. It was slow, easy, and very loving between both of them. He felt it was nice, very nice.

She held him around his neck and said, "How about we drain the water and fill it again so it's nice and warm. Then I want you to put your cock in me baby and fuck me in the tub tonight honey. We haven't done that in a very long time."

He said, "Not since our honeymoon Liza. So what or who do I have to thank for you're sexy loving tonight?"

She smiled and said; "Me Tommy just me baby!"

As she let the water run out of the tub, and began to refilled it again they stood and kissed and touched each other. There seemed to be no hurry tonight it was all slow and soft, so far. Now with a soft smelling bath oil coming up off the water he held her in his arms told her how very much he loved her and kissed her again. Eventually, Liza pulled gently away from him and stepped out of the tub. She moved to light then candles before going back to the edge of the tub. In the soft light of the candles, Tommy watched as his wife moved around preparing the room. She did all the work and he loved to watch her walk around without anything on.

He was thinking her body was perfect. Her ass was perfectly round and firm and sat up high. Her legs long and shapely, very athletic looking but very, very feminine too. Yes, she was so damn beautiful. Her 34-b breasts were perking up with those big long nipples pointing out at him.

He reached for her as she stepped back into the tub. They stood as the water filled it again. The odor of the bath oil came filtering up into both of their faces and he held her and kissed her and licked her neck and breasts. She felt his cock pressing against her. Liza told him to mark her and he did by sucking hard on each breast right next to her nipple. Then he took each nipple into his mouth like they would break and sucked them gently making them even harder and longer. Liza had the longest nipples he had ever seen. And now red and excited he touched them and squeezed them and played with them as he made love to his wife. She held his head against her breasts and loved how he licked and sucked them. Tommy's mouth and tongue were very talented.

It felt like old times to Tom as they both sat back down in the warm water now. She straddled his thighs and felt his hard-on sticking her. She smiled as she reached for it and slowly jerk it off a few times. She gave it a few slow gentle strokes and then lifted her body up to take it. She guided him into her love hole. And they both moaned softly as it began to push her pussy lips open and go inside her.

Tommy held his wife and closed his eyes as he felt her pussy sinking and sucking down on his shaft. God he loved that feeling. In fact it was the second best feeling in the world. The first was when he climaxed and shot his cum into her. He held her and they slowly rocked together back and forth as they kissed and touched each other. It was very slow and very erotic and he loved it, every second of it. .

His cock was now going in and out of her slow but only about 3 inches at a time. It did feel so very, very erotic, and very, very passionate to both of them. It was the way two people in love should make love at least in the beginning when they first started and before the lust took over their minds and bodies. It was paradise for him.

As they slowly fucked, Liza knew it was exactly the way he liked it! He looked into her eyes and told he told her he loved her so very much. She told him the same and then kissed him. He moved and moved and she moved and moved as they worked their bodies together towards a mutual climax.

He bent his head and licked down her neck towards her breasts. Liza knew what Tom wanted and she let her head go back and she arched her back lifting her tits to him as an offering for his waiting and wonderful mouth. He sucked as he held her around her rib cage and worked her pussy with his cock. "God his mouth is so good at sucking and licking," she was thinking, "Why can't his cock be bigger? Why? Oh damn it, why can't my husband have a big cock like.....Lees?"

And at that moment Lee's big black cock came flooding into her brain and she moaned as she felt Tommy suck her nipple now and his cock in her as far as he could get it. "It's just not fair to him or to me" she said to herself, "Why does Tommy had a small cock? Why?"

She held him and as she was thinking about Lee's dick she rotated her hips moving her pussy on Tommy's cock like she knew he loved. As she held his head with her two hands she felt his marvelous tongue flick over her hard nipple one at a time. She let his mouth suck and his tongue lick and nurse her nipples. She knew he loved that too and so did she!

She pulled his head up and said, "Oh God Tommy! Your tongue feels so good. Eat me for a little while please baby. Give me your wonderful tongue in my pussy!"

As she finished her words she stood and he was looking directly at her pussy. As she stood there in front of him, she said, "Eat me baby! Give me that long hard tongue push it into me deep Tommy! Make me cum baby!"

Her cunt was eye level with his face and he watched the warm water ran down her body making it shin. He reached around her and cupped her ass cheeks as he pulled her body towards his mouth! With his hands on her ass cheeks he placed his mouth on her pussy and felt her hands running over his wet hair. Now as she felt his wonderful tongue moving on her slit she moaned loudly and placed her right foot on the small seat built in the tub. She used her fingers and spread her pussy lips with her fingers. She opened her cunt to her husband offering her sex to his mouth and face.

As Tom licked out and then sucked her sex she moaned and began to rock back and forth already feeling his tongue go deep into her hole. It took a few seconds and she began to cry out, " Yes Tommy that's it baby. Yes! Oh God Yes Tommy! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh God baby lick me, suck me, eat me baby! Eat me Tommy! I'm.....almost...almost.......there......! Ohhhhhhh! "

It came out of nowhere! And as he licked up her slit reaching her clit, Tommy sucked it softly and felt his wife push into his face. She held his head now with her two hands and began to pump he pussy on his mouth. Tommy knew what was happening and he worked even harder to please his wife. She felt him suck her clit again and she moaned and Tom smiled. He was thinking, "My cock may not be the biggest in town but I fucking know how to eat pussy."

So did Liza and she had let the lips to her pussy go now held his head tighter with both hands as she pumped and pumped into his mouth. Tommy tasted her sex juices as she began to leak them on his tongue. He knew she was close, very close now. She pumped and pumped and moaned and moaned as she felt it building to a huge level! And then it came on so fast she wasn't ready for it. Liza cried out as she began to orgasm cumming on his face and mouth fucking it and screaming with rapture. Tommy went on and on and Liza's orgasm came and came and came as he held her tight licking and sucking her entire pussy

Tommy lapped her pussy like a kitten laps cream. He held her in place and sucked and licked and she exploded harder the second and then the third time. She began to shake and her body shivered and pumped on his two fingers he had inserted into her hole as his mouth and tongue worked on her clit. She held his head with her hands and whispered the words, "Oh Tommy! Oh God baby! OH Yes! Oh God I love you baby! Oh Tommy eat it! Eat it Tommy! Oh yes! Never stop eating my pussy baby! Oh fuck I'm cumming again! Oh yes OH GOD! YES! It's sooooo good soooooo good baby!"

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