tagLoving WivesLiza & Tommy #9

Liza & Tommy #9


For those who asked there will be one more chapter to this story. There should be four but I'm combining them for those readers who think this is to long now. But, I sincerely hope you read this sad tale of interacial sex and perhaps understand what is and could happen to women who meet men like Lee and fall for his line of bullshit.

Tommy said, "Hello."

Mary said, "Hey baby! How's it going Tom?"

He told her it wasn't gong at all. He explained that Lee had been there and in fact he had just left. Tommy told Mary that Liza was lying next to him in their bed fucked out and was passed out, asleep. He told Mary that Lee had actually gotten him to fuck his wife in her ass after Lee finished with the rest of her body. He explained that he was so embarrassed because of what happened and what he did to his wife while she was completely out of it.

Mary asked him why she was out of it completely and Tommy said he didn't know for sure but Liza looked and acted like she was really drunk or stoned when he was fucking her. Tommy told Mary he had never wanted to hurt Liza like he had done when he fucked her ass, but he was sure he had.

He said, "Damn it Mary, it was like I was taking all of my built up aggressions about Lee fucking Liza and I rammed her ass. And he told me to do it. Lee told me to fuck my wife's ass since now my cock was to small for her pussy since he had fucked her for the past two hours. He told me he had her stretched badly."

Tommy told Mary that Lee really made him mad. He told Mary that as he was fucking her ass he was thinking he would show Liza how good he could fuck her too!! He fucked her ass hard and long.

Mary asked him, "And......what did Liza do or say?"

Tommy told her, "Well not much she mumbled her words as we did it Mary. But what I could understand she just begged me for more. She was so out of it completely Mary and I think she enjoyed me brutalizing her from behind! God I have nerve seen her like that before Mary. She was such a whore for Lee and then for me too!"

Then as Tom rolled over to sit up in the bed so he could talk some more to Mary, he saw the bag on the nightstand. He said, "Oh shit! There's a bag on the table here next to the bed. I....I think it's drugs Mary. Oh my God! I think Lee drugged Liza and that's why she was like she was."

At first Mary asked what was wrong, and when Tom told her he was sure Lee had drugs with him, she said, "what kind of drugs Tom?"

Tommy had no idea and said, "I don't know but he left them there. It's just a real small baggie with white power in it."

Lee was gone and the bag as still sitting on the nightstand. Mary said, " Look I'm on my cell phone and I'll be there in a few minutes. Don't throw it away I want to see what it is. OK? Damn it! I was afraid he would bring drugs into this with Liza. These guys are like that sometimes, black men like Lee. I mean, sometimes when they get a white woman who gives themselves like your wife is doing with Lee Tommy, sometimes he introduces her to the sex drug."

Tommy said, "Sex drug? What the hell is the sex drug?"

Mary said, "Look Tommy I'll be there shortly. Just let her sleep and we'll talk."

As he waited for Mary he looked at his wife and want her body like never before. He actually had to leave the room before he fucked her again and tried to hurt her showing her he too could make her cum from his cock. Then his brain flashed back and he remembered the size of Lee's cock and how he had Liza gong wild fucking herself on it and Tom realized that he could never complete with Lee that way. He pulled the covers up over his wife and went into the living room and waited for Mary to arrive.

He didn't have to wait long Mary was there in less than fifteen minutes. She asked about the drugs after kissing him hello gently on the lips. She looked great as she walked towards the bedroom where Liza was sleeping. As he watched her ass wiggle down the hallway, Tommy was thinking, "Jesus, what a body Mary has."

Tommy said, "Man are you dressed up! You look like a Victoria Secrets model or even a Playboy bunny Mary."

She tanked him by touching his face and kissing him again soft and easy. His lust was building for her since he had seen he had had her that last night and then watched her make love to his wife. He knew right them that he wanted to do it all again. But he was worried about his wife and didn't make a sexual play for her.

She smiled at him as she stood next to the bed and looked down at Liza. She knew exactly how Liza felt. Lee had fucked her like that a few times. But his sex got more and more nasty and then when he invited that other black man over so they could both do her she and taken her time after time after time, she decide she had enough of that type of sexual fucking and sucking. Mary needed more loving type of sex rather than raw animalistic sex.. Oh she liked it hard sometimes sure, but Lee was taking her deeper into his form of interracial sex. Much more deeply into it than she wanted to go.

Mary knew Lee was dangerous and she knew she was one lucky white woman after the gangbang he almost got her to perform for him. She had actually told him yes after a night of some great sex and the sex drugs. She did it just like she knew Lee had done to Liza this time.

But Mary finally decided to back out and thank god she was thinking with her head rather than her wet cum filled pussy when she made the decision and call Lee to break it off with him completely. Having six big black men fucking her in all her holes just seemed like too much and she knew she would be a cum slut all night long for these men. Some of these men think they are real studs and no white women can say no to them. But why then did it take more than one of them to really drain a woman sexually and with drugs. Most of the time, without the drug in her system it took two of them to drain her once she got use to them. But that was a time ago when she was experimenting and wondering about it just like Liza. She was taken advantage of more than once with Lee and his friends. It was usually dark, nasty and evil sex and so very dangerous.

Yet she knew there were some white women who loved it and even enjoyed the degrading of themselves to the level of gangbang and having the black men's cum all over them by morning. They would be so tired and sore they could hardly walk. And some loved it while other were thinking suicide after it was over and they were home alone to think about what they did. Mary wasn't sure how Liza felt yet.

But that type of life wasn't for Mary and she had realized that soon enough to stop it. She was built like a playboy bunny and was very nice looking too. So she decided that she would now do what she wanted not what any man wanted. If she didn't want a cock or sex of any sort that night then the man she was with would go home with a hard on. She felt that it was to bad and she hated the lost of a nice hard cock, but sex was all her call now, a woman's call, just like it should be. She knew men loved to look at her and she did enjoy it. She knew she had a good body and she worked hard to keep it that way. And, hell yes, Mary liked big cocks, but she also liked normal ones too. She absolutely loved oral sex with a man or a woman. Sometimes she enjoyed oral sex almost as much as intercourse. She loved the tenderness and gentleness and love that could develop between a man and a woman. And sometimes maybe not as often but sometimes that same love could develop between a woman and another woman. Sex was great when you could have it on your terms without the danger of drugs or unwanted pain, disgrace or humiliation. That's what Mary was looking for these days.

As Liza lay there both Mary and Tommy could see the cum slowly oozing out of her two holes. Mary felt a chill run up her back since she had been there and done that herself years ago. She felt Liza might just be one of those women who would love the DP on a regular basis. She might even enjoy a gangbang. And, Mary was sure Lee would be talking to Liza soon about both of them if he hadn't already done it. She knew Lee would try the DP first along with some of the drug. Then once he got Liza to like it he would try and talk her into the gangbang again along with the drugs. It was his style his way of degrading white women and humiliate them and their husbands. When the husbands found out about the DP or gangbang and cheating that would end the marriage and Lee would be there to move in almost immediately. He would supply the ex-wife with more cock and more drugs and more degrading things until she became his whore. Some women would do that without the drugs, but if not he used the drugs. She had seen this done more than once and sometimes it went on for a long time before the husband found out. And Lee didn't care too much about color when he wanted women a woman to be his whores. But when he did get a white woman it was a bonus! A huge one since many of his friends loved to fuck the white women.

As Mary moved the covers off of Liza's body more she saw the butt plug and realized Lee was brings Liza alone faster than he ever did with her. Again Mary felt another scare chill go up her back as she picked up Liza's leg and showed Tommy the plug. She said, "Lee most likely told Liza to put it back in before he left today. He likes to have his woman does that so they can take his big cock up there too? They are both planning to get together again soon I can guarantee you that."

Tommy said, " I won't allow it Mary. This was it for Liza's black sex."

She said, "If only it was that easy Tom. You may not allow it but Lee has a hold on Liza now. He'll talk her into cheating on you. You may not think so but I'm telling you he'll go after her and after her and finally she'll give in. Then he'll have her. Blackmail or whatever else he needs to get her to do it again and again and again. Each time he'll get more on her by having her do more and more things. He'll drug her if he has too but he really doesn't want to do that. But he will be relentless with her. We have to work together to keep him from doing it. OK?"

She showed the butt plug to Tommy. They talked about it and then she put it down on the bed. She asked him where the drugs were and he showed her when they walked into the kitchen. He showed her the small bag and she opened it took her finger and wet it. She dipped it in the bag and then just touched the power to her lips. She said, "It's coke and something else, most likely heroin. This shit is dangerous Tom."

He asked her why and she told him, "It makes you do things you normally wouldn't even think of doing. It drives your senses wild and when you have sex using this stuff it's like nothing you have ever known before. It will kill you if you're not careful and most people who start taking it when they have sex want it more and more because it gives you such a great feeling between your legs. I can tell you that Liza had some of it tonight. And what's even more of a concern is she has just experienced the most erotic and sexual fucking of her life. I know Tommy I have taken it. I mean I can't tell you how bad this will be for her and you if she keeps trying the drug and fucking, Lee or any other man for that matter including you. The feelings in your sex orgasm explode when you're doing it with this drug. But at the same time it's very addictive and once you're hook it takes a long, long time to recover if ever.

You have to make sure she doesn't try it again. In fact we need to talk to her about this when she is back on earth. I'll stay the night and we'll both help her in the morning. She has no idea what she is getting into with this shit, or with Lee. I'm afraid for her and you. I feel bad I helped her as much as I did."

Mary talked with Tommy for a long time. She told him what Liza and she had discussed. She told him all of it, everything. She explained how bad Liza had wanted to fuck a black man badly. Mary said, "Liza told me how different they seemed to her because she hadn't seen one before coming to this country."

So Mary told Tommy how his wife had gotten Mary to help her with getting him to allow her to try one. She actually told Tommy she worked with Liza to help setting it up and how she worked with Liza to talk him into it by suggesting the threeway. We knew that would get you to let her do it Tom. I'm so sorry, I didn't realize how it would become such an addiction to Liza.

Mary told Tommy that with Liza, it was a game. To her it was just fun and excitement, something different. But then she said, "But, I'm telling you Tom, Lee doesn't think it's a game to him. He sees Liza as a sort of commodity, something he can sell. And he'll do it too. He'll sell her to his friends and others and if she isn't careful she could become addicted to the drugs and the cocks and all the fucking. He'll work his charms on her and make her believe his black cock is the best and only one she needs. He'll use her and fuck up her body and her brains with this drug. She'll like the different fucking and sucking and the thrill of having men want her just like I think a prostitute does. It's a steep slop she is standing on and she is standing with just one foot."

Tommy felt sick and scared he was hoping Mary would be able to help him with his wife. She was so young and so dumb! But Mary had been there. Mary told Tommy how she had started with a black man years ago in college and what had happened and what almost happened. If she would have taken the drugs and had the gangbang which was set up for her, she would have then be Lee's bitch for sure. She told Tom how she would want more and how she wanted to try many things she never ever considered before. It was the drug and the need for more sex so the feeling was there for her all the time whenever she wanted it. It would blow her mind just like it had done to Liza. It was serious even if Liza didn't think so. That's how it was, the women never felt they were loosing it. They always felt in control but Lee was one of those blacks who love to draw white women, especially married white women into the pit. He actually got off on taking the wife or girlfriend away from the life they knew and enjoyed. Lee loved to make unknowing white women become his whore.

Mary told him she would help all she could but she knew Lee and most likely he had been talking to Liza a couple of times a week ever since that first night with him. Tommy didn't think Liza had spoken to him since that night. But he told Mary that he had agreed to let her have sex again with Lee so he could have sex with her, Mary But Mary told him she was sure Lee had been and was still talking to Liza a great deal more than he was aware of. Liza had told her almost every time Lee called her after you went to work. It was usually three times a week. Mary told Tommy that Liza had confided in her a great deal. Tom was surprised and shocked that Liza would do that to him. He was also shocked by the way Liza had set him up so easily.

Mary told him, "Remember it's a game to her. But I'm telling you Tommy it's no game to Lee. He wants her and he'll do almost anything to keep her now that he has had a taste of her white body. You and Liza will have to be very careful and very strong from now on. Whatever you do make sure she doesn't take this drug and have sex with him or anyone else. Once or twice and that all he'll need to get her hooked on the feeling and I'm telling you she will love it and want more. You'll loose your wife Tommy, I'm telling you.

Mary came to him and he held her as she hugged him. She said, "Liza will sleep for a while I'm sure after what she did with Lee. Why don't you and I go get comfortable and have our own fun Tommy?"

He kissed her and she melted into his body. Tommy felt her hand circle his cock and squeeze it on the outside of his slacks. He cupped her right breast it was almost too big for one hand. He squeezed it as she whispered in his ear, "Come on take me to bed Tom. Fuck me I know you want to. Fuck me and let me help you forget about Lee and Liza. Take me to bed and let me ease your pain."

They walked into the spare bedroom as Mary had already begun pulling her top off and exposing her superb large firm breasts. God Tommy loved how she looked her body was perfect, so much fuller than his wife's think body. Tom grabbed her as she held the top in her hand and as Tommy's mouth found her nipple, Mary dropped the top on he floor. She felt his cock pressing into her body hard now and she knew she would be able to relieve his mental and physical pain for a little while, And why not? Liza had humiliated him to the point she might find what she was looking for, an honest nice loving guy. She didn't start out to steal Liza's husband but since that night with Tommy she began to really like him. No it wasn't love not yet anyway.

But right now she enjoyed Tommy's soft gentle love and she especially enjoyed his long tongue and willingness to lick her pussy until she told him to stop. She liked the way he gave her all of his mouth and even after she had her orgasm and was leaking her cum Tommy kept licking and sucking her pussy. Multiple orgasms from his tongue more than made up for his small cock. But she had actually gotten an orgasm from his cock too. Yes, Tommy was a dedicated and pleasurable lover and Mary knew he would work hard to please any woman he was with. She felt that Liza didn't really appreciate what she had and what Tom had to offer. But, she knew Tommy enjoyed her body and she liked very much what Tommy did to her body before and he had started again today.

He moved down her body and knelt in front of her. She held his head as she felt his hands lift her short skit higher above her thighs. She felt his breath on her thighs and it gave her chills. Then Mary felt Tom's face begin to press against her wetness and she felt her sex begin to arouse her body. Mary smiled down at Tommy and as he looked up into her green eyes, she spread her legs wider opening them for him so he could get his marvelous mouth and tongue on her hot cunt

As Mary stood over him, she felt Tommy's fingers moving her bikini panties to the side as her short skirt now sat on top of his head. She moaned as she felt his long tongue begin to go deeper into her open wet pussy hole. "Oh Yes Tommy! Lick me baby! Oh yes Tommy like that! Oh fuck yes just like that", she almost begged him.

She moaned again and again as Tommy continued to lick and kiss and suck her pussy as she pressed it against his mouth and held his head in place. Finally she began to rock her hips as she softly pumped her sex on his face and started to fuck his face. She was breathing harder and faster now and her legs were not holding her up right. "God Tommy could eat pussy, " she said to herself as she looked for a place to sit down.

She held his head and lifted his face up to her. Tommy smiled with her wetness covering his face. She said, "I have to sit. Come follow me."

She walked and sat in the big chair. Tommy walked on his knees towards her and again was kneeling between her wide-open things. Mary's breasts were rising and falling. Her nipples sticking out red, long and hard with her excitement and her pussy there for the taking. "Jesus she was built", he said to himself as he smiled at her and she looked at him. He knew she was sitting there almost begging him to start eating her pussy again, she like it!

As Tom inched closer to her he could see that even sitting Mary had very little stomach. He saw her thighs wide open as one leg straddled over each arm of the big chair. In this position, Mary was offering him all of her body. She was giving all of herself to his lusting. His cock hurt it was so hard. Mary smiled as she saw him lick his lips and she moved her ass to the very edge of the chair now, as her hips just hung off the edge of the chair, she offered her entire wet and gapping sex as well as her ass hole to his talents. She offered him both holes now to work on and to do what he wanted with them. He smiled at her as she waited for him to lower his face back down there.

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