tagIncest/TabooLizzie's Big Tipper

Lizzie's Big Tipper


A true story, slightly embellished.

Elizabeth Egan pulled up to the oddly shaped little shack off the business loop outside her college town in a hurry, a half-hour late. Along with her ringing headache from partying the night before, she was dreading what could be a long day at work.

She usually enjoyed her part-time job, which was a surprise even to herself. She was unsure at first that she was cut out for the business, but after three months, she was getting used to working at Aquarius Massage Center, especially after seeing what she could make every week in tips. And Elizabeth was attractive enough to be popular with the patrons, who enjoyed her fresh, girlish face and athletic figure. In just a few afternoons and evenings a week between classes, the 19-year-old could easily finance her weekend adventures.

Some days, of course, were worse than others.

She slipped in the back door, hoping that Leslie, her boss and the owner at Aquarius, wouldn't notice her tardiness. But she was there waiting.

"Where have you been?" Leslie scolded. "You already have a customer waiting, he's been waiting for you 15 minutes already!"

Elizabeth didn't remember having an appointment, but she quickly apologized and hustled over to her room. If he had asked for her by name, he had to be a repeat customer. She liked to treat her regulars well, because most of them tipped particularly well for her "special services."

She rushed in, but stopped in her tracks as soon as she opened the door. She took one look at the man sitting on the table, wearing only a towel, and gasped. It was her father, Frank.


"Hello Lizzie," he said. "How long have you been working here?"

Elizabeth's head was swimming. Suddenly she felt as if she were having an out-of-body experience, but she desperately tried to keep her composure. She thought if she played things right, she could salvage the situation, at least somewhat. She closed the door behind her.

"Oh, a couple of months now," she said, trying to read her father's face. Perhaps he didn't know what went on at Aquarius, and would believe it was a legitimate massage center. His attitude was strange... he didn't appear angry, but he seemed almost too casual about the circumstances.

"Well I could certainly use a good rubdown. I've been feeling some twinges since playing tennis yesterday," Frank said. "You must be pretty good at this by now, huh?"

Perfect, Elizabeth thought. I can give him a little massage and get him out of here. "I do all right," she said with a smile. "How did you hear about us?" she added in what she hoped was a matter-of-fact tone.

"Well, I told George at the club I needed a massage, and he said to come here," Frank said. "And he said the best girl was Elizabeth. After he described you, I thought it might be you."

"And you came here anyway?" Elizabeth said.

"Sure, why not?" Frank said with a smile. "You used to give me neckrubs when you were younger."

"True," Elizabeth said. Uneasy as she was, she could never say no to her Daddy. "OK, get on the table, face down."

Frank did as he was told as Elizabeth hung up her jacket on the hooks at the end of the room, next to where she saw her father's clothes. She took note of the boxers on the wall, indicating that he was completely naked under the towel.

"So, baby oil or powder?" she chirped, trying to hide her nerves. Frank chose the oil, and she worked some into her hands as she looked at her father's lean, toned body. For a man nearing 50, he was still in excellent shape, owing to his daily morning swim and frequent tennis at his country club.

As her hands made contact with his shoulders, Frank looked back and said, "Is that what you wear?"

Elizabeth couldn't help but freeze in place as she squeaked out her reply, "Why?"

"Well, George said it was a lingerie massage," Frank said.

"Oh, you don't want to see that, Daddy," Elizabeth said with a nervous chuckle. "Plus, it'll cost you a $20 tip."

"I've got 20 dollars," Frank said. "Just go ahead and treat me like any other customer. You don't want me to complain to your boss, do you Lizzie?"

Elizabeth studied his face, fearing what might be beneath his smile. And she knew that Leslie was already annoyed at her chronic lateness. Would her Dad really get her fired?

"It's OK honey," Frank said as Elizabeth paused. "There's nothing wrong with what you do here, right?"

"Of course not Daddy," Elizabeth said. "I'll show you," she added, giggling when she realized the double meaning. "I mean I'll show you how harmless it is." She reached behind herself to unzip her loose-fitting, navy linen dress, letting it fall from her shoulders to reveal the lavender teddy underneath. It offered coverage of all the key areas, but her perky B-cup breasts spilled out a little bit from the demi-bra top.

"Goodness, Lizzie," Frank said. "The guys must like this, huh?"

Elizabeth blushed. "Most don't mind," she said, working some oil into her father's muscular back. She felt light-headed as she worked up and down, paying close attention to his neck and shoulders, then working her fingers gently on his legs. As she felt herself falling into her routine, she forgot who she was with enough to work her fingers tantalizingly up her father's thighs.

Frank let out a soft moan, but it woke Elizabeth up nonetheless. As she quickly drew her hands back, her father took the moment to turn over.

"A little bit on the front too, I think," he said.

Elizabeth felt herself getting flushed again as she squeezed some oil on her father's chest. She looked into his eyes, and saw him eyeing her chest. She took a deep breath, and her breasts trembled in an irresistible way.

Frank reached up, unable to contain himself, and pulled down the front of Elizabeth's teddy, revealing her perfect, baseball-sized breasts. "Daddy!" Elizabeth gasped.

"I know you give nude massages, little Lizzie," Frank said. "All I want is what hundreds of other men have had."

"Daddy..." Elizabeth whispered, covering her breasts with her arm. She couldn't move, couldn't think, couldn't tell herself what to do. She felt her father's hand caressing her tight young ass, squeezing.

Then she felt a loud, hard smack! "Don't make me spank you," Frank said.

Elizabeth felt high, like she was watching herself instead of actually living the moment. The word "No" wasn't in her vocabulary, and suddenly she felt powerless to resist what was clearly happening. She untied her teddy and slipped out of it, as Frank dropped his towel on the floor.

She saw something she had never seen before... her father's hard cock. "Daddy..." she croaked again.

"Massage it, sweetie," Frank said. "I know you've done it before."

Elizabeth reached under his balls to cup them in her hand, holding and tickling them with her left hand as she used her right thumb and middle finger to ring the shaft of her father's cock, lightly jerking it. Frank moaned, and throbbed.

"What else do you do for your customers, Lizzie?" Frank asked. In response, Elizabeth slid up to rub her soft breasts up and down Frank's thighs, then took his cock and put it between them, cupping them together to smother his hardness with her supple tits.

Elizabeth was still speechless, whispering again, "Daddy..."

"Yes, honey?" Frank said.

"What else did George say about me?"

"He said you give great head, darling," Frank said. "He didn't know it, but he was telling me that my daughter is a cocksucking whore. My little girl takes dick in her mouth for money."

"I'm sorry Daddy," Elizabeth said, now feeling the humiliation in the pit of her stomach even as her father tit-fucked her."

"How many hundreds of cocks have you sucked, slut?" Frank said, allowing some anger to rise.

"I don't know, Daddy," Elizabeth moaned.

"Well you're going to suck one more," Frank said. "I'm going to pay you, and you're going to suck my cock like the little whore you've become."

Frank put his hand behind Elizabeth's head, gripping her hair and slowly pushing her face down in his lap. Elizabeth kissed the head of her father's cock, holding her lips against it, then letting her tongue slip out to circle the head.

"That's a good little whore, Lizzie," Frank said as she slowly licked up and down his shaft, caressing his balls as her tongue explored him. "Now lick my balls."

Elizabeth let her tongue slip down her father's shaft, all the way to his balls. She massaged them with her tongue, lifting each of them into her mouth to be sucked. Lightly jerking him still with just her thumb and middle finger, she serviced her father as no one ever had.

Frank moved both his hands to Elizabeth's head, running his fingers through her hair and tousling it so that it looked unruly in a sexy way. Then, pulling gently, he guided her back up to the head of his cock, saying, "I want to fuck my cum-hungry whore of a daughter's mouth now."

Elizabeth looked her father in the eye, then lowered her lips around his cock, engulfing it in her hot, wet mouth. "Oh god, Lizzie," Frank moaned as his daughter took his whole cock down her throat. "You are a good cocksucker, aren't you?"

In answer, Elizabeth bobbed her head on him, doing what she did best, continuing to play with his balls and look at him with her big, brown eyes. She devoured him hungrily, keeping his shaft wet with her tongue so that it would slide easily down her throat.

"You love sucking cock, don't you?" Frank said, stating the obvious. "You can't get enough. Even your own father's cock."

Elizabeth took her lips off his shaft just long enough to whisper, "I'm sorry, Daddy, I can't help it," then took him deep again, all the way to the root, her tongue slipping out to lick his balls.

"You let all these men cum in your filthy little mouth, slut?" Frank said. Elizabeth shook her head without taking her lips from his cock and put her hands on her breasts, cupping them to indicate the usual destination of her customer's loads. "Sure, but if I give you another 20 I bet you'll take a mouthful of cum, won't you whore?"

Elizabeth lowered her eyes, then slowly moved her lips up to her father's cockhead, kissing it softly and wetly, and said, "Yes Daddy."

"Well get ready, babydoll," Frank said, arching his back as he thrust his swollen and throbbing cock between his daughter's willing lips. As she let her father fuck her mouth, Elizabeth let her middle finger slide up slightly from his balls to tease his asshole. She pressed the tip inside and braced for his orgasm.

"Oh, my Lizzie," Frank groaned as his body went tense and exploded. Elizabeth moved her lips to the head, allowing room for him to pump his warm, gooey load in her mouth. Spurt after spurt landed on her tongue, hit the back of her throat, filled her with the taste of cum. As Frank finished his orgasm, Elizabeth parted her lips to kiss the head of his cock, and squeezed the last drops out onto her lips. She looked straight in his eyes and licked her lips, her tongue coated with sperm.

"Swallow it, whore," Frank said softly. Elizabeth closed her mouth and gulped, feeling his salty load slide down her throat. She laid her head down sideways on Frank's leg, tenderly kissing his slowly deflating cock, and lightly running her hand up and down his leg and chest. Her mind was a blank, attempting denial even as her father lightly slapped her cheek with his softening penis.

After a few silent minutes, Elizabeth got up and pulled on a robe, slipping out of the room to get a towel. She gently cleaned her father, giving his penis one last kiss when she was finished. As they both dressed, Frank said, "I can't believe I raised a cum-eating whore, Lizzie. It's not what I wanted for you. And I would never have done this if you hadn't been sucking every other cock in town."

Lizzie looked at the floor, then felt her father's arms around her. "But you are what you are, and I love you," he said, hugging her close. "If this is what you're doing with your life, I'm going to share it with you.

"Just don't tell your mother, all right?"

"I won't if you won't," Elizabeth said with smile.

Frank pressed a crisp 100-dollar bill into Elizabeth's hand, holding it for a long moment, before slipping out the door.

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