tagGroup SexLocker Room Seduction

Locker Room Seduction

byJohn sixfooter©

Another in a series of true stories

Sometimes it's a real pain to have a big cock. When I walk around in the locker room, men stare. Plain and simple - they gawk, they stare, they drool, or they look jealously. Occasionally I see a man stare and he gets turned on. How do I know? Well, duh, they get a hardon. Their cock gets hard, it come up to their stomach, and it begins drooling pre-come. I have seen this in high school, at college, in the gym, even in dressing rooms in stores.

Consequently I dress conservatively, in loose clothes, wearing baggy pants, sweat pants, pants a size or two too big with the belt tight around my waist to hold it up. What a pain in the ass this is. If I buy pants in the right size, you can see a sizeable bulge where my cock and balls lie. I don't want to attract the wrong kind of attention, at least not too often.

I usually wear shorts over my lycra workout shorts, so that my cock isn't too visible. When I don't, people stare - that is how Susan and I became close to Roberta. That was a good meeting, but I'm not gay. Nope, no way, not me.

Last weekend I came to the gym alone, Susan wasn't feeling too hot, and I had to do a little extra to make up for lost time. I changed in the locker room, did my weight routine, followed by an aggressive 45-minute workout on the treadmill. I was soaked in sweat. I used one of the towels supplied by the gym to wipe the sweat off of me, but I couldn't get rid of the sweat on my clothing. It smells funky, not too great, but it has a cleanness to it, I can't quite describe it, and it feels great to know I am working to improve myself. I've added quite a bit of bulk since high school, I try to avoid the fat my father is beginning to gather around his waist.

After the workout I met some friends in the locker room, and we chatted about things in town. It's nice to live in a small town; you know most of the people and have a lot of things in common. We chatted as I took off my shirt and shorts, and I walked into the sink area to get a tissue to blow my nose. I kept on my lycra shorts, so I wouldn't attract undue attention; it has just become a habit. The five of us continued to chat as I removed my lycra shorts, and everybody just became quiet. I looked up and asked "What?"

I caught most of them looking up, tearing their eyes away from my cock. I wrapped a towel around my waist, and we chatted again, ignoring the deafening silence from before. I walked into the shower and washed off the grime, and then went into the sauna. The sauna is kept almost uncomfortably hot, and I tried to relax, I don't get this luxury too often.

Two of my friends came in shortly behind me, and we chatted. Rick and Brad have been friends of mine from football, wrestling, baseball, school, church, and lots of parties. Rick left and Brad and I continued talking.

By now I was sweating profusely, all the dirt from inside me was being pushed out my pores and running down my body. Brad then dropped a bombshell on me. "Dude, you should be a model," he said. "Huh? What do you mean?" I asked. He told me that with my good looks, killer body, and then he paused "and with your big dick" he told me that I could really make a killing.

Then Brad told me about some of the stories he had heard, specifically about my big dick. He then asked me "Just exactly how big is that thing?" I told him it was a shade over eleven inches. He just gaped and said he wished his dick was that big, and I told him it wasn't all it was cracked up to be.

I watched him swallow after a while and then he said something like "If you don't mind, I would love to see what your dick looks like hard." I laughed and told him I'd take a picture. Brad then told me about his girlfriend, and what a killer bod she had, about her big tits, her sexy behind, and how she loved fucking and sucking. He told me about how the weekend before she had sucked him off on the way to the concert, and they had fucked inside the concert while standing up. I've seen her, she really looks like the All-American sex machine, really stacked, a killer smile, and incredibly beautiful. He then told me that they had discussed a three-way, and he wanted me to join them.

By this time I was starting to get revved up. I pictured in my head this girl I had known for years, Amy, and how she had paraded around the swimming pool, knowing she was the hottest thing this side of Playboy. I had jerked off imagining the two of us together, and wasted millions, probably billions, of sperm cells in the process. He told me how she loved getting fucked from behind, and he wanted me behind her and him in front, and then we could switch positions.

I had never had a three-way before with another guy. I was interested, and I asked him when. He told me soon and we talked about how to swing it. I agreed on the next evening at his place, the three of us would just meet and watch the tube together. "Great!" I said, he stood up and it was then I noticed he had an enormous hardon pushing his towel way out in front. I couldn't help buy stare also, I hadn't seen a lot of hard cocks, other than mine. Curiously, I asked him, "Brad, just how big is yours? It looks mighty impressive." Brad slowly pulled his towel aside and told me it was about nine and a half inches, he used his hand as a guide to show me and judge its length.

By this time my cock was rock hard also, tenting my towel in front of me. I told him his girlfriend was in for a lot of trouble, and he agreed. With that he turned and left. I was almost disappointed; I had almost come on to another guy, and a friend at that. I just couldn't shake the image of his hefty stalk, with its smooth stalk and huge, red, flaring head the size of a pool ball. Granted, my cock and stalk were bigger, but his head was just immense. That night I thought of Amy, his girlfriend, and occasionally of Brad and his cock. I tossed and turned for a while, Susan still wasn't feeling well and didn't feel like making love.

The next day I told Susan of my plans and she thought it was great for me to have some time with my friends, besides, she was still sick. I arrived at their place around seven and we settled down in front of the tube. Amy still looked hot, perhaps hotter than before. Amy is blonde, has at least D cup breasts and a long torso on a 5'9" frame. All my fantasies about her came flooding back, and the thought of a three-way with her made me spend most of my time at least half erect.

Brad and I settled down on either side of her, and Amy put her hand on both our legs, occasionally rubbing us in a friendly manner. We hadn't crossed the line from friendship yet, but we knew it was coming. Brad finally leaned into Amy and began kissing her neck, I followed suit shortly after.

Amy told us it felt great and put her hands around behind our heads, up and down our thighs, and occasionally ran her hands across the bulges in our pants. We both took Amy's stretch top off, pulling it over her incredible breasts, revealing what I consider the most incredible large breasts I have ever seen encased in a very wide bra. Yep, a four hooker. Guys, you know what that means, at least I think it means that she has very large breasts and needs a lot of extra support.

We struggled with her bra, but finally Amy had to stop and reached back, unhooking it herself. I find those thing soooo intimidating, but seeing her breasts push her bra away was awesome. She put her arms out and let the bra slide down her arms and... my gosh, she had Double D's, you know those breasts that are in the magazines and you swear are silicone but these were real. She reached up and flicked her nipple with a finger and then did the same for the other. Yes, I was entranced, and yes, I couldn't help myself and reached out and just held one in my hands, marveling at its size, its weight, and its sheer mass.

As we were acquainting ourselves with her solid jugs Amy told us both to stop and take off our pants now... Yes, Ma'am! After we had taken off all our clothes and were down to our underwear, Amy got on her knees and watched more closely as we peeled them down. Amy worshipped my cock, and then Brad's, then switched back, sucking and jerking, never letting either one of us go. She couldn't fit the head of Brad's cock in her mouth, but she could barely touch her fingertips around the stalk. On the other hand, she fit the head of my cock into her mouth, but oh so barely, but there was no way she could fit her fingers around my shaft, she had about a half inch of space separating her fingertips.

Amy stood up then, never letting go of our cocks, switching hands, however, and walked into their bedroom, leading us by our "leashes". Amy sat down on the edge of the bed, after removing her sweatpants and panties and just attacked our cocks, rubbing our shafts against her face, murmuring just how much she loved our big dicks, and how she was the luckiest girl in the world at that moment, and how she had died and gone to heaven. A bit cliché, but who is to argue?

Amy then settled back and lay on the bed crossways, her head towards me, and Brad moved around between her legs and began mouthing her. I began to slowly fuck her mouth and caressed her breasts. I was amazed at how solid they were for their size, I slid as much of my cock into her mouth as I could, but I was scared I would really split her mouth open with my large shaft. In the meantime she was pulling me in by my hips, and finally took me out of her mouth and ordered Brad to fuck her. "Yes, ma'am" was his response and got between her legs, his cock on his shaft and slowly pushed into her. Damn, that was a sight to see.

Brad's head took forever to part her pussy lips, he finally slipped in and forced all the air out of her when he hit bottom. By this time Amy was telling us both to fuck her as hard as we could and she reached up and caressed my balls with her fingernails. Her long beautiful fingernails made me feel like I was on fire, and I struggled not to come too quickly. Brad came after only a minute or two and Amy ordered me to take his place. Ever the gentleman I aimed to please her and moved between her legs. I hadn't realized how long her legs were until I stood between them, how smooth they were and how nicely tanned she was. This girl, no, this woman, was definitely centerfold material and here I was getting ready to fuck her. No wonder Brad had come so quickly.

Amy wasn't as tight as some women, but damnation, she was active. I kept my feet on the floor, with her legs around me and she began thrashing around on the bed. She told me that my cock was reaching inside of her "so deep, Damn, so big, so deep." I held her hips in both my hands and slammed into her, as she kept urging me to fuck her harder. I reached up and tweaked her nipples, when I could catch those swaying orbs, moving up where I was almost laying on top of her.

Then I felt Brad under us, he was fingering her and caressing my balls.

Jeez, it felt great, but I had never had a man's hands on me before. Brad then shocked the hell out of me and inserted his finger slowly into my rectum. Oh shit! I felt him touch my prostate gland and I just blew up in Amy explosively. Amy began orgasming even harder and joined me, grunting and groaning and sweating and pouring fluids out of our bodies in every pore and orifice we had. This lasted an incredibly long time and I lay on Amy, exhausted. I finally pulled out and lay beside her, satiated and almost weary.

After a short while Brad crawled between Amy's legs and began sucking her pussy and get my juices all over his face. I had never seen this before, and didn't think too much of it. Amy moved her hand over Brad's head and moved the other hand down my stomach and onto my cock and began caressing my cock, making it hard all over again. Then I felt Brad's hand join Amy's on my cock, I felt the bed shift, and then I felt Brad begin to lift my cock, put it in his mouth and suck on it. By now Amy got up on all fours and crawled over my face, hanging her breasts in my face, and began to compete with Brad for possession of my cock. I couldn't imagine anything feeling better than two mouths on my cock, but I had never experienced a man suck on me before.

I'll say one thing; Brad seemed to know what he was doing. He aggressively wrapped both hands around my cock, and practically inhaled my dong. Amy began licking on my exposed stalk, occasionally tweaking my nipples, and teasing the hell out of me with her large breasts. Damn, this was heaven.

I began feeling my orgasm approaching and warned them. Brad pulled his mouth off my cock a little and Amy joined him, both of them with their mouths open, becoming willing receptacles for my come. I arched my back and bathed both their faces with jism, they jerked more come out of me, and I actually blew a wad on the side of Amy's face. Brad began sucking my testicles into his mouth, but I had to pull him off, it felt great but I was way too sensitive.

Amy shocked us, er, rather me, then, she got up and got a strap-on dildo and proceeded to lube Brad up and fuck him up the ass. Brad blew a load onto the pillow he had beneath him and Amy turned to me. No way, nope, not me.

I've had a finger inside me today, and that's about as big of something as I want inside of me.

Amy and Brad had been experimenting for some time with each other and had found out that Brad was bisexual. He fantasized about men's cock, especially large ones, and had jumped at the opportunity to seduce me when he had seen my mammoth cock in the locker room. Amy had gone along with Brad when he told her he wanted to actually try out a big cock, and she agreed to a three-way, and help ease me into it. Amy was happy and satisfied, Brad was satisfied and happy, and me... okay, I'm happy too.

Okay, okay, I'm satisfied as well.

The other day Amy came by my work place and the whole place lit up when she called me "Tiger". I leaned into her car window and we chatted and she thanked me once again for the terrific evening and hoped that she could experience it again. And again. And again. I told her that if she twisted my arm hard enough I would consider it. Yeah, right. I'm considering it already. And she didn't even twist my arm!

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