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Locker Room Sex


Ginger was an 18 year old senior in my afternoon history class when this happened. She always sat in the front row so she could flash me--which I didn't mind even though it kept me off balance at times. Ginger was a tall girl, about 5'11" with legs that went on for ever. She was trim and modest of chest, perhaps small is a better word--but with legs like hers she never needed to worry about what her chest looked like. As if her legs weren't enough, she had a gorgeous bubble-shaped ass, and she was beautiful of face and had long blond hair that cascaded over her shoulders.

During second semester, which was Ginger's last in High School, I was assigned to teach an after school weight-training program for girls. Of course Ginger was one of those who signed up for the program. Watching all of those beautiful young bodies going through their motions in their gym shorts and tank tops always kept my blood at a boil--and made a nice way to finish the day.

As the weeks went by that spring semester, Ginger became ever more flirtatious--especially during the after school weight-training sessions. It seems that she was always finding a way to bump up against me, or some reason to touch me--or to get me to touch her by always asking for a spot whether she needed one or not.

To be honest, I can't say that I discouraged her attentions--even though I knew I could never follow this course of action to its logical conclusion. Hey, I didn't want to lose my job. But like I said, it made a nice way to end the day--and gave me something to masturbate about when I went home.

It happened one Friday afternoon. The basketball team, the track team, and the baseball team all had games and meets out of town that weekend, so all of the other coaches were gone. Thus, when I wound up the weight-training class and retired to the coaches' locker room to take my shower, I had the entire place all to my self.

Naked, I stood under the shower nozzle letting the warm liquid cascade down my body--all of the time trying not to think of Ginger. I mean, even though no one else was here the thought of getting a hard-on in the male coaches' locker room would have been pushing the line a little bit too much for me. After rinsing the soap off my body, I turned off the shower and grabbed my towel off the hook. I dried my face and torso, then returned to my locker.

As soon as I turned the corner from the shower room into the locker area I received the shock of my life. Ginger was sitting on the first bench directly in front of me--in fact she had planted her self right in front of my locker where I'd left my shoes.

My heart leaped to my throat, and something else a little further down started to leap too.

Just fresh out of the girl's shower herself, she was wearing a skimpy T-shirt mini and absolutely nothing else. Her fresh smell of soap, water, suds and wet T-shirt were a welcome change from the usual rankness of the men's locker room. She obviously had not dried herself much because her T-shirt mini was soaked as if she had just come from a wet T-shirt contest. Not only did the wet dress emanate a sexy wet cotton odor, but it clung to her young body like a second skin making her nub-like nipples pop out of her otherwise nearly flat chest.

She had one foot drawn up onto the bench right next to her butt with her knee pointing skyward, and her head resting on her knee. With her one leg pulled up like that her mini skirt was totally hiked and her beautiful shaved cunt was winking at me.

Shocked at first to see her in here, I quickly wrapped the towel around my waist to hide my nakedness--and to hide the fact that my cock was suddenly and rapidly expanding and quivering to life. I tied the ends of the towel into a knot to form a towel skirt and tried to reclaim my dignity.

I stood in front of her and with one hand on my hips I tried to sound firm, I said, "Ginger! What are you doing here! You're not supposed to be in here!"

"Oh, that's all right, Mr. Smith," she said, lifting her head up off her knee to smile at me. "Everyone is gone, the whole campus is empty and nobody saw me come in here. I just had to talk to you, that's all."

"Well, okay, I guess . . . . ." In spite of myself I couldn't help but look between her legs. The sight of her naked and shaved cunt pouting at me was more than I could take. My cock really went into overdrive now, bulging my towel out in front.

Ginger stared at the growing and all too obvious bulge tenting my towel out to the front. She grinned mischievously, then looked me in the eyes again. "You just don't know how horny you make me, Mr. Smith. Every time I watch you walking back and forth in front of the class I get so hot I can hardly stand it. The reason I'm not doing any better in class is because I have to spend too much time masturbating, thinking about you."

By then my cock was fully erect and throbbing, tenting the towel so shamelessly high and huge right in front of Ginger's face. I saw her eyes dart back and forth between my tented towel and my eyes. She had a sexy little smirk on her face.

"Well, I. . . . I . . . .I . . ." And, I was too flustered to say anything.

"Well, well, well, Mr. Smith," she reached out to gently touch the tip of my bulge. "It looks like I'm not the only one who gets horny. Just look at this." She pushed the end of my bulge down and released it making it spring back to full mast as the towel quivered and shook.

And all of her sexy talk and touching me only made me all the hornier.

"Oooohhh! Watching your cock swell up like that has made my pussy so wet I can't stand it," she said spreading her legs wider to make sure I got a better view. "See what you've done to me?" She pulled her skirt up completely out of the way.

Her pussy certainly was wet, I must say, it was all slick and glistening. But, still, she was my student. "Ginger, we really shouldn't. . . . . .This is getting a little bit out of hand."

"Oh yes we should!" she giggled as she grabbed hold of the towel where I had knotted it and with one yank jerked my towel away and held it behind her back. "If you want your towel back, you have to come and get it."

She leaned back against the row of lockers behind the bench and now planted both her feet on the bench next to her hips with her thighs spread wide. Her dripping wet cunt pulsed and throbbed at me, teasing me, daring me. Her nipples bulged out even more through her wet T-shirt mini, growing huge, hard, and horny sticking out like fingers from her otherwise flat chest. Her nipples looked to be almost throbbing and bobbing just like my cock.

I just stood there dumbfounded with my mouth open---but my enraged cock throbbed and bobbed and quivered with excitement right in front of her eyes.

"Oh, come on now, Mr. Smith," she dropped the towel on the floor and stretched her long legs out to the front wrapping her feet around my ass. "No one's gonna know but us." With her feet she pulled me in towards her, then she leaned forward and grabbed my cock in both hands.

"Oh God! Ginger!"

After playing with my tool for a few moments, pushing it this way and that, she put her lips around the head and sucked me in while fondling my balls and ass.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmm," she moaned as she sucked on my rod--the vibrations from her vocal chords sending new thrills all through my body. With both her feet on the floor now, she began rocking her pelvis back and forth on the bench as if she were trying to fuck the bench at the same time she was sucking me.

"Ohhhh, Ginger!" I said. This was more than I could stand, so I reached down and grabbed her under the arms and pulled her up.

We looked into each other's eyes for a moment, with our arms around each other. Then the next thing I knew we were face fucking each other like sex maniacs. Her hands were on my bare butt her fingers digging into my muscular cheeks. My hands found her ass too and as we played with each other's butts we mashed our bodies together.

My enraged cock slipped up under her skimpy mini to rub up against her hot dripping snatch. Her hard-on nipples poking through her T-shirt fucked against my muscular pecs as we made out.

I inhaled the smell of her, all wet hair, damp cloth, freshly bathed skin, and suds. Sticking my hands under her short hemline, I fondled her butt cheeks. Then I raised her skirt higher while caressing her body all the way up to her shoulders. After removing her mini T-shirt I Flicked my tongue all over her hard-on nipples making them bend and twist and bounce every which way.


While I licked and sucked and played with her horny nipples she reached one of her long arms around to playfully slap my ass while her other hand went underneath to play with my hungry cock.

I returned the favor by playing with her pussy and ass while sucking off her nipples. I

kissed and licked my way down her body until I ended up taking my turn sitting on the bench directly in front of her crotch. Fondling her gorgeous round ass cheeks with both hands I blew hot air all over her cunt.

"Nnngggggggoooodyiiiiees!" She moaned, quivering all over.

Slowly licking her sweet wet slit from the bottom to the top, with long, slow, up and down motions, I nuzzled my nose against her clit with each upward stroke of my head. Then I swathed my tongue around and around her labia and explored every square centimeter of her tasty tight twat. Using the tip of my tongue I teased her throbbing clit.

"AiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiGgggodfuckyesssss!" She wailed as her hips went spastic on her and she started fucking air as she pumped back and forth. And all this time while I was licking her pussy, she played with her nipples pulling them out as long as she could make them, releasing them, then twisting them this way and that.

While still licking her with long, slow strokes of my tongue, I slapped her ass, first one cheek, then the other. "Smack! Smack!" echoed throughout the empty locker room making us both feel naughtier and heightening our senses. "Smack! Smack!"

"Nggggggg!" she moaned trying to fuck my face all the harder as I quickened my licking strokes up and down her slit, ramming my nose harder into her clit.

Then grabbing her firm young ass roughly with both hands I mashed my face into her throbbing, pumping cunt and sucked her off for all I was worth.

"Ggggggngnnngngnggggod!" She almost gagged in her excitement.

I rammed my tongue as far up into her cunt as I could get it, curling it up and back to strike her G-spot while rubbing my nose against her clit back and forth, side to side, and up and down.

"Sssssssssssshittttttffffffffuck!" She was yanking on her nipples so hard I was almost afraid she was going to rip 'em right out of her chest. Then she went spastic all over, trembling, shaking, and convulsing until she came on my face.

As she came, her knees buckled and gave out and she ended up with her legs straddling mine and sitting on my lap facing me. I held her in a tight embrace, kissing her lips as her final tremors expired.

"Oh, Mr. Smith, that was wonderful," she said when she regained her breath.

Then she started getting randy again and began licking her cum off of my face while I played with her sopping wet pussy.

"Mr. Smith, will you fuck me doggie style now? I've always wanted to be fucked doggie style, please?" She got up off of me and bent over to support her weight on the bench.

My balls were so blue by this time that I wasn't about to argue. I stood up behind her fondling her ass and pussy as she spread her legs wide to allow me easier entry. First I slapped my engorged tool against her butt checks savoring the sexy sound of my hard cock flesh striking naked ass flesh. "Smack! Smack! Smack!" echoed through the locker room again.

"Ummmmmmmr. Smith, you're making me so fucking horny."

I slipped my cock up under her ass and slapped it side to side against her inner thighs.

"M-m-mister Smith, you're driving me crazy! Please fuck me!"

I aimed my cock at her pussy and started humping it back and forth sliding it up and down against the length of her swollen pussy lips, striking her clit at the top of each stroke.

"Nnnngggggod! Mr. Smith. Inside of me. I want you inside of me!" She reached a hand back to guide my tool in between her hungry lips.

The burning fire of her hot wet cunt devoured my raging hard-on sending the most incredibly shock waves of electric pleasure all through my body.

I completely lost my mine and began fucking her has hard as I could, ramming my cock up inside of her as hard as I could, its bulbous head striking her G-spot on each upward stroke like a battering ram. With my arms around her I had one hand fondling one of her hard-on nipples while the other hand busied itself in her shaved snatch finger her clit while my cock fucked her G-spot up deep up inside her cunt.

"Nnnnggggggodfuckkkkyessssss!" She moaned as her body started to go spastic, trembling and shaking all over.

I held on to her tight as her knees started to buckle and squirted my hot creamy load like a fire hose against her G-spot.

"Nnnnnghghhggh!" she moaned again, becoming like a rag doll in my arms.

I caressed her and kissed her all over until I felt her recover, then I laid down on my back on the bench. "Okay, sweet Ginger. Cum to teach. Sit on my face let me make you feel real good."

She threw one of her long legs over the bench straddling my body then scooted forward until her crotch was directly over my face.

I caressed her long, sleek, beautiful legs, running my hands up and down while staring up at her sweet, cock-eating pussy. Her swollen pussy lips were all soaked and glistening with her girl goo, and her slit was a sloppy swamp of steaming sex as it overflowed and oozed her cum and my cum mixed together—the hot sticky, sweat smell of sperm mixed with the tangy tartness of her hot girl cum. The hot, tangy girl goo trickled down her thighs and I tried to lick it all off turning my head side-to-side as she slowly lowered herself over my face.

Her clit, all red and swollen stuck a good inch out of its hood and pointed at me. Her pussy lips, swollen and angry red, pulsed and throbbed and opened and closed only inches from my mouth as if hungry for the pleasure they knew was coming.

The smell of her steaming sex engulfed me and made my cock so rock hard again I couldn't wait any longer. I grabbed her ass and brought her the rest of the way down mashing her sloppy wet hot cunt against my mouth.

As I ate my student out, my hard-on, jealous of the cunt my mouth was enjoying bobbed and twitched in the air seeking another cunt to fuck.

Ginger sensed my urgent need and switched positions so she could go down on me while I ate her out.

With both of us having had our cums, there was less urgency this time, and we sucked and licked each other for an eternity of pleasure, driving each other higher and higher with each lick and each suck.

Still horny after our mutual orgasm, Ginger made me hard again and then climbed on top of me and fucked my brains out.

After that session, I let Ginger start coming over to my house once in awhile for a fuck session on the promise that she would really cool it while at school so as to not arouse suspicion. Luckily we made it through the year without anyone finding out about it.

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