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Locker Room Workout


When I'm traveling on the job, I stay at hotels that have a fitness center on-site. Once I find a hotel that meets my needs for room amenities, fitness center, location, etc., I tend to become a regular customer. And you learn who the other regular customers are and who is a regular user of the fitness center.

Late one evening, four of us were finishing our workout sessions. Kurt, Chris, Jon and I are nodding acquaintances. We all travel on the job and over the past year or so have gotten to know each other a little as we work out together whenever we stop over at this hotel. None of us are fitness fanatics and none of us have chiseled abs or buff bodies, but each of us like to stay in shape.

I had showered and was sitting in front of my locker, putting my gear away. I had a towel around my waist. I was trying to rub my right shoulder, when Kurt came out of the shower. He was drying himself off as he walked over to his locker. "What's wrong? Did you pull something?" he asked.

I replied, "I've got a muscle that just knotted up. It'll be o.k." I was stretching my arm when Kurt said, "Let me see if I can help." He walked over beside me, dropped his towel on the bench, and started to massage my shoulder and upper arm. I commented that I wished the fitness center Trainer worked later hours.

Kurt said, "You know, I bet we could use the massage table in the Trainer's Room. Let's go see if the room is open." I turned and looked up at him. He looked down at me and smiled. His cock and balls were dangling inches from my face. He had a pretty good looking package - a thick cut cock and a pair of plump balls all nestled in curly brown hair.

We walked to the Trainer's Room. Kurt was carrying his towel and I adjusted mine around my waist. The room was open. The massage table had a clean sheet on it and some oils were on a stand nearby. "Lie down. I'll massage that knot out of your shoulder." I lay down on the table. I adjusted my towel to cover my ass. The only light in the room was coming through the door from the locker room. I heard a bottle clink as Kurt put some massage oil on his hands. As he started to knead and rub my shoulder, I heard one of the showers turn off. I heard someone walk into the room and say, "What's going on?" I looked up as Kurt replied, "Hi, Jon. We're just unknotting a muscle here."

I heard the last shower stop and a couple of minutes later, Chris came into the Trainer's Room. "Need some help?"

"Nah," Kurt replied, "We've just about got this muscle unknotted." I heard someone step closer to the table, then I felt another pair of hands on my back. I heard a towel drop and felt a third pair of hands, only they were on one of my legs. Kurt moved around to the head of the table and started to massage my shoulders with both hands. The other four hands started to massage my back and one leg. The towel over my ass was removed and the hands on my back moved down to my ass and the hands on my leg moved up to my thigh. Pretty soon, fingers were sliding into my ass crack and brushing against my cock and balls. I heard a voice say, "Time to roll over." With that, six hands rolled me over onto my back. My cock flopped against my thigh.

"That's nice tool." And a hand squeezed my cock. Kurt was still standing at the head of the massage table. I looked up at his cockhead. I tilted my head back, extended my tongue and licked the tip. Kurt leaned forward and fed his meat into my mouth. His balls rested on my nose. I massaged the underside of his cock with my tongue as his cock grew to fill my mouth. I let his cock slip out my mouth. His semi-hard cock bobbed up towards his stomach. "Move around to the side so I can better suck you." Kurt moved around to the side. I turned my head and sucked his now hard cock into my mouth. I cupped his balls in one hand.

I felt my cock being lifted and then I felt a warm breath as a pair of lips slipped over my cockhead. They slipped the length of my semi-erect cock and I felt a nose push into my pubic hair. I stopped sucking Kurt long enough to look around. Jon was standing beside the table. He was stroking his long, slim cock. Chris was bobbing his head up and down my cock. He stopped long enough to look at me. He then ran his tongue around my cockhead and tickled the underside with his tongue. I like that, it is a cock stiffener. Kurt pulled out of my mouth. As he moved towards the foot of the massage table, he leaned down and gave Jon's cock a quick suck. I motioned to Jon to come closer. I took his cock in my hand and guided to my mouth. I circled his cockhead with my tongue and then licked the length of his cock to his balls. I pulled him closer so I could suck his balls. As I gently sucked and rolled one of his balls in my mouth, I felt Chris pull his mouth off my cock. A new hand grasped my cock and a new tongue licked my balls. One of my balls slipped into the new mouth as the hand stroked my cock. Chris moved around to the side of the table. Kurt let my ball slip out of his mouth. He licked the length of my cock, sucked the cockhead, then plunged his mouth down the length of my cock. He clamped his lips tight around my cock and pressed his tongue against the underside of my cock as he pulled back up to my cockhead. He did this several times - a plunge down and a hard suck back up. Kurt was a better at cocksucking than he was at massage.

I was enjoying sucking on Jon's slim smooth cock. His balls lay in the palm of my hand. I slid a finger back and pressed his puckered asshole. Jon stood there a moment, then pulled out of my mouth. he walked to the end of the table and tapped Kurt on the shoulder. Kurt moved around to the side of the table and Jon leaned in and joined him on my cock. One was licking and one was sucking. Kurt moved off and Jon took over. Jon placed the side of his face on my stomach. He slid his lips down my cock and sucked. He didn't slide back and forth, he just sucked like he was drinking through a straw. He gently played with my balls and my cock moved deeper in his mouth as he sucked.

Kurt had moved to the end of the table. He picked up my legs and pulled so my ass was near the edge of the table. He tried to hold my legs with one hand as he slid his other hand between my thighs. I propped one leg on the corner of the table and Jon, who never missed a stroke or suck, reached up and held the other leg up. Kurt slid his hand between my ass cheeks and I felt a finger press against my asshole. Kurt removed his hand, I heard a bottle clink and then an oil covered finger moved up to massage my asshole.

Chris was stroking himself as he watched. I looked at him, licked my lips and opened my mouth. He walked over and slid his cock into my mouth. I let him slide it in as far as it would go, then I clamped my lips tight around it, pressed my tongue hard against the underside and began to blow him like Kurt blew me. As I sucked off Chris I relaxed as a finger slid up my asshole. The finger slid in and out and rotated around. Soon it was joined by a second finger. Jon had stopped sucking my cock and was slowly stroking me. I felt a third finger pressing to get into my ass. I wasn't too sure about that. Two felt good, but I adjusted my hips a bit and the third finger slowly slipped into place and stretched my asshole even further. As I lay like this with a cock in my mouth, three fingers up my ass, and my cock in the hands of someone else, all I could hear was heavy breathing.

Jon dropped my cock and Kurt pulled his fingers out of my ass with a pop. I heard movement at the end of the table. I heard the clink of a bottle, then my legs were raised, I felt a finger touch my asshole, then I felt Jon's cockhead pressing into it. I sucked hard on Chris' cock and tried to relax my asshole. The three finger stretching made things easier. Jon's lubed cockhead pressed against my asshole then, with only a little resistance, it slipped through the ring of my sphincter. Jon stopped a moment so I could get used to having his cock in me. It felt good. He started to slowly push and in a moment I felt his pubic hair brush my ass cheeks. He pulled almost all the way out then pushed deep again. "He's got a nice tight ass." Here I was, impaled on a cock in my ass and a cock in my mouth. A nice position to be in! Jon began to slide his cock back out of my ass. He pulled back until his cockhead was pulling against my sphincter ring, then he began a slow sawing in-and-out motion. As Jon picked up the pace, I sucked faster and harder on Chris' cock. Soon Jon's swinging balls were hitting my ass Jon said he didn't want to cum right then, so he slowed down. Chris pulled his cock out of my mouth and walked towards the end of the table. I looked down the table as Chris oiled his cock. Jon's cock slipped out of my asshole with a soft pop. He stepped back and Chris stepped up to my ass. He put my legs on his shoulders and he held my cock with one hand while he guided his lubed up cock into my ass. Chris' cock was thicker than Jon's. He pushed his cockhead slowly through my muscle ring. There was some pain as my hole stretched but when his cockhead passed the ring, Chris didn't stop. He slid his cock balls deep up my ass. He stopped a minute so my asshole could adjust. He pulled back and set up a steady fucking motion. "Jon's right, this is a tight ass." Chris' hand slipped down to squeeze my balls and Jon took my cock in his hand and started to jack me. Kurt had been watching all of this. I reached over, grabbed his cock and pulled him over to me. I raised up on one elbow and wrapped my lips around his cockhead. Kurt's cock was so thick it filled my mouth. If it had been any thicker, it would have stretched my lips. I clamped my lips around his cock, slid as much of his cock into my mouth as could take, pressed my tongue against the bottom of his cock and started to suck him like he had sucked me earlier. Kurt asked, "Is his ass is a tight as his mouth is right now?" Chris replied, "Yes, I think it is, because he was really sucking my cock like that" Kurt replied that, if that was the case, then he was really going to enjoy fucking my ass, because I was practically sucking his nuts out through his cock. I slipped my hand between his legs, squeezed his balls lightly, then pushed my index finger up his ass.

Kurt said, "Move out of the way. I want that ass." Chris pulled out in one long stroke. "We better lube his ass well and really lube your cock, Kurt. I looked down and Jon was sucking Kurt's cock. I felt something cold and smooth being pressed against my asshole. Then I felt the neck of the massage oil bottle slide up my ass. The bottle was tipped up and pulled out. Oil ran down my ass crack and splattered all over my cock and balls. I looked over and Jon and he was pouring and rubbing oil on Kurt's cock. Kurt said, "Let me step to the plate. My bat is hot and I'm ready to play." I was a little concerned that Kurt was push his cock into my ass in one stroke, but he slowly pushed his cockhead into my ass. He would push a fraction then stop so my ring could stretch. It hurt, but it hurt good. I couldn't wait to feel his cock buried to his balls in my ass. As his cockhead popped through the ring, the pain eased. He slowly shoved his cock into my ass. I felt his hair against my ass. Kurt's cock was not a long as Jon's but the thickness of it felt like I was stuffed to my throat. Kurt rested a minute, then began a slow steady fucking motion. Jon was jacking his own cock. Chris took my oily cock in his had and started to lightly stroke it. All I heard was panting. I tried to clamp my asshole tight around Kurt's cock. He picked up the pace and as his cock pistoned in and out of my ass, Kurt would grunt and his balls would slap against my ass when he hit the "bottom" of the piston stroke. I tightened the muscles in my ass cheeks. I heard him say, "I'm going to blow!" He pulled his cock out, grabbed it with a hand and started to beat his meat. He groaned, "I'm cumming!" A gob of warm cum hit my shoulder and another landed on my chest. Little wads were spattered all over my stomach. Kurt continued to cum as he stroked his cock. He was rubbing his cock against mine and spreading his cum over my cock and balls. He finally leaned forward and licked a wad of his cum off of my stomach. Chris and Jon were standing on opposite sides of the table. They were both furiously beating their cocks. Chris arched his back and shouted, "Here I cum!' "I'm right behind you!" yelled Jon. They both started unloading and shooting gobs of cum onto my chest and stomach. They stroked their cocks until the last drop was on me. They leaned across the table and kissed. Chris took Jon's cock in his hand and stroked it slowly. Jon reached down and touched my cock. "Look at that boner. We've got to take care of that." Jon stepped to the end of the table, wiped some of the cum off my stomach and coated his cock with it. He lifted my legs and bent them so my knees were near my chest. Kurt reached down and guided Jon's cum lubed cock to my asshole. Jon slid his long, smooth slim cock up my ass until his balls were pressed against my ass. He stopped and continued to press deep into my ass. Kurt and Chris each held one of my ankles in a hand. With their free hands, one fondled my balls and the other jacked my cock. My cock stiffened even more and as my balls tightened, I blew my load of cum onto my stomach where mixed with theirs. Jon sipped his cock out of my ass and slid in next to my cock. He took both cocks in one hand and squeezed them together. He released them after a minute and stepped back and lowered my legs. The three of them moved me back up so my legs were on back on the massage table.

The only sound in the room was the four of us panting. Finally, Kurt squeezed my shoulder, "Thanks for the piece of your ass and sucking my cock so well, man." With that, he walked out of the room and we heard a shower turn on. Chris put his hand on my face, "Yeah, thanks." He walked out and another shower turned on. Jon took my hand and placed his cock in it. I wrapped my hand around it as he wrapped his hand around my cock. We held each other for a moment, then Jon said, "That was great. I want to see you again. I want you to fuck my ass and I want to suck your cock until you cum." Jon leaned forward and kissed me on the lips. I heard another shower turn on.

I lay on the table until the three showers stopped and everyone had gotten dressed. I held my cum coated cock and balls in my hands. When it was quiet in the locker room, I sat up, then got off the table. I walked into the locker room. I looked at myself in the full length mirror which was by the locker room door. My cock was semi-hard. It was shiny with its' coating of cum. Wads and gobs of cum were clinging to my pubic and chest hairs. Cum was smeared over my stomach and cum had run down my thighs from all the cum that Kurt had shot on my cock and balls.

Out of curiousness, I turned my back to the mirror, bent over, looked between my legs, and spread my ass cheeks. My asshole was gaping open from the stretching and reaming that it had taken. I stood back up and turned around and looked at myself again in the mirror. I was a mess, but a well and fully fucked mess. I walked into the shower. As I lathered and washed myself, I thought about Jon's invitation. The thought made my cock twitch and start to rise. After I showered, I noticed that my shoulder felt o.k. A massage will do that.

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