tagInterracial LoveLogan and Lauren Ch. 02

Logan and Lauren Ch. 02


Shortly after he sat down, thunder began to rumble. It wasn't long before I heard rain trickling down the fireplace. He looked awesome. He was wearing his letterman's jacket over a crisp, white tee shirt and dark, stonewashed jeans. After a few moments of awkward silence, I spoke the first words:

"Well," I began, "What do you want to start on first?"

"Honestly, I don't want to start on any of it," he answered, truthfully.

"Okay, then. Biology," I decided, "Where's your Biology book?" I questioned.

"It's in my car," he said, shrugging.

"Well, I suggest you go get it," I said firmly.

"Dammit, Lauren, it's pouring out there," he pointed out, looking out one of the large windows.

"Not my problem, only an idiot goes to a tutoring session and leaves his books in the car," I said, crossing my arms.

He stood up grumbling something about "rain" and "know-it-alls". He used his keyless entry to unlock his doors. "Be right back," he said as he ran outside. Shortly after, he emerged soaking wet with his textbook wrapped in his letterman's jacket. His white tee shirt clung to his perfect torso and left little to the imagination. He was damn gorgeous and it was extremely difficult for me not to stare as the water dripped down his body.

He sat back down and handed me his Biology book. "Thank you, Sir," I said as I took the book from him. I thumbed through it, remembering the material very clearly.

"Which unit are you guys going over?" I asked, trying to figure out my next move.

"Something about the Levels of Organisms or some shit," he said, searching his memory. I had to admit: his thinking face was adorable.

"It's the Levels of Organization, Logan. You really haven't paid any attention to lecture, thus far, have you?" I asked.

"Nope, that's what I have you for," he said, crossing his hands behind his head and reclining in his chair.

"Logan, I know you may think so, but I am not your ticket to an "A". I am only going to help you study... the rest is up to you," I said, feeling myself already getting frustrated.

"Okay, Okay... easy Killer," he joked.

I outlined the chapter and put together a study schedule. If it was up to me, he'd have this entire book memorized forward and back by the end of this month. I gave him a notebook and made him memorize the Levels of Organization. While he studied, I read Shakespeare, well tried to read Shakespeare, but I repeatedly found myself staring at him. His hair was still wet and shiny and ever so often, he wore his adorable thinking face while mouthed words to memorize them. I inhaled his scent and I was intoxicated by it. The water amplified the intensity of the sweet aroma of sweat and cologne. I remembered he came here from football practice and found that rather than being disgusted by it, I was invigorated. It was all I could do to not crawl over to him and rub myself against him like an attention-starved kitten. When I felt enough time had passed, I quizzed him on his progress.

"Logan," I began, "What are the Levels of Organization?"

He sat there and looked at me blankly. I hoped to God he didn't just waste my time. He opened his mouth and began to speak:

"Cells, tissues, organs, organ systems, and organisms," he said proudly.

I almost jumped out of my chair! "Perfect!" I yelled, "Outstanding!"

He just sat there flashing his perfect, white smile. I almost melted in my seat.

"How did you remember that, Logan?" I asked, proud of him. Sure, it was only five words to memorize but I had always classified Logan to be in the 'Big Dumb Ape' category. Seeing that he wasn't as dumb as I thought was a pleasant surprise.

"I used one of those sayings that you use to help you remember something, whatever the hell it's called," he replied simply, shrugging his broad shoulders.

"It's called a mnemonic, Logan... Great job! Mnemonics are awesome study tools! Which one did you use?" I asked, curiously.

"I don't wanna tell you, it's stupid," he said and for the first time in his life, he sounded self-conscious.

"It's not stupid if it works, Logan. Which one did you use?" I pressed.

"Cunt and Tits= Open Oral Orgasm," he said, looking down.

I stared at him blankly. I couldn't believe the jumble of obscenities that had just left his mouth. I felt myself grow wet under the table and my nipples strained against the thin fabric of my blouse. It took all that I had not to moan right then and there. When he didn't hear a reply from me, he looked up at me, those beautiful emerald eyes seeing right through me.

"What's the matter, Lauren? Never heard bad words before?" he asked, mockingly. He flashed his pearly white smile and continued to stare into my eyes.

I opened and closed my mouth but no sound came out. I looked away to break the intense eye contact. "W-well," I began, trying to regain my composure, "It only makes sense that you would use something to help you study that you can relate to."

He stood up and walked to my side of the table. "Cut the bullshit, Lauren," he said, leaning against the table. His still-wet shirt clung to his body in all the right ways, making me want him in the worst way.

"What are you talking about, Logan?" I asked, avoiding his eyes.

"Don't give me that... I can smell your wet pussy from here. I smelled it when I walked in. You want me and it wouldn't have surprised me at all if you were finger-fucking that sweet little pussy before I walked in, the way you were sweating," He said looking down at me, I felt his eyes on the top of my head.

"I don't know why you feel that everyone wants you, you are such a cocky bastard," I fumed, trying to change the subject. He had such a filthy mouth, it was raunchy and unfamiliar and it turned me on to no end.

He sat in the chair beside me... his masculine, bittersweet scent filled my nostrils. He leaned forward and whispered into my ear:

"I want you, Lauren. I want to feel your pussy wrapped around my cock. I can only imagine how good you feel. In return, I can give you popularity, money, sex... anything your heart desires. I can open so many doors for you, Lauren. You can go to every party on my arm, honest. You would be known as something more than just a brainiac. How awesome would it be, Lauren? I can make that happen for you," he proposed.

"What makes you think that I even want to be popular?" I asked, as a final, feeble attempt at defiance. My heart was beating quickly and loudly... I wanted him.

"Because I saw the spark in your eyes when I made my proposal. Being popular isn't all you want... you want me to fuck you, too. Tell me I'm wrong," he challenged huskily.

I couldn't do it. I couldn't even lie to save face.

"Stand up," he commanded. I obediently got to my feet and awaited further instruction. "Take off your jeans," he said authoritatively. I hesitated, I still wasn't 100% sure about this and I didn't know how true Logan was to his word, he could just fuck me now and blab about it to the whole school tomorrow. No one would believe him, though; no one would believe that he fucked Lauren Jameson in a library. Plus, he wouldn't risk pissing me off when he needed me to be able to play football or pissing the coach off by talking about having sex with his daughter. I unbuttoned my jeans. He watched me pull my jeans down approvingly. "That's a good girl," he said looking me over. "Now, let me see that pussy," he demanded.

I stood there looking like a deer in caught in headlights. I couldn't just take my panties off...that was wrong. I felt nervous and incredibly self-conscious.

"Lauren," he began, "Are you afraid to show me your pussy?"

I nodded shyly and blushed, his obscene words still making me hot.

"Why?" he asked, sounding more concerned than irritated, to my pleasant surprise.

"Because," I began, "I know you've had lots of girls that are experienced and prettier than I am and I know you've never been with a black girl before and I feel awkward and intimidated."

"Lauren, you have nothing to feel awkward about, you look awesome! You shouldn't feel intimidated, either... I've wanted to fuck you for awhile now...and how did you know I've never fucked a black girl before?" he asked, bewildered.

I blushed again. "I didn't know, for real... in my dream you said you've never been with a black girl, so I just assumed-"

"Your dream? What dream?" he demanded excitedly.

"The dream I was having when you came in earlier," I said, feeling as if I could die of embarrassment.

"Shit, so that's why you were sweating! How did it go?" he asked and waited eagerly for my response.

"You came in, told me I wanted you, raped me until I liked it, and gave me my first orgasm," I said hurriedly, allowing it all to rush out of my mouth like one long word.

"You've never had an orgasm, Lauren?" he asked, hardly able to sit still.

"No, never. I'm still a virgin and I haven't even had one with myself," I admitted, instantly feeling foolish.

"Just lay on the table and I'll take care of everything, Babe," he said softly.

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