tagInterracial LoveLogan and Lauren Ch. 04

Logan and Lauren Ch. 04


A couple of days had passed since the library incident and so far, Logan stuck to his word. For the most part, he acted like nothing sexual had happened. Though occasionally, he'd whisper some sort of obscenity in my ear just after he walked me to a class, just enough to make my face flush and my mind wander for the entire period. He walked around the school all day with his arm over my shoulders and formally introduced me as his girlfriend to his friends on the football team and some of the cheerleaders, even though I've known most of these people since preschool. For the most part, they all seemed accepting, all but one cheerleader: Vanessa Hodges, a Class A Bitch that seemed to have been fucking since elementary school.

"Ugh, since when have you dated so far beneath you, Logan? I'm surprised at you!" she said directly to Logan as if I wasn't standing there.

I shook his arm off my shoulders and stepped towards her, causing her to take a step backward. "Excuse me, but unlike you, I've been accepted into five different colleges, two of which I never even applied to. My eighth grade ACT score trumps the one you're trying to shove at colleges right now as a Senior. I'm going somewhere without having to sleep with my professors... can I say the same for you? I think not. That means I'm definitely not beneath anyone... especially not you."

She huffed and pushed past me and Logan looked at me with an unreadable look on his face. "What? She started it," I said, shrugging.

"Well, you finished it, Babe... impressive. Let's get outta here," he said, opening the door for me. He walked me out to my car. It was Thursday and he had a game tomorrow, I would see him at school but not afterwards. It was really weird how I had a somewhat uneasy feeling about not meeting him at the library for the first time that week. He seemed to be able to tell what I was thinking because he wrapped me in a tight hug. His actions surprised me because he'd never given me an actual hug before.

I knew better than to feed into this bullshit, this was an act... this part of the deal and nothing more. Even though I knew I wasn't beneath anyone, I definitely knew that I wasn't Logan's type... this was just something to boost my status a little bit. Regardless of what my brain was telling me, I felt myself relax into his hug and I felt my arms wrap around him as well. I inhaled his scent: cologne and masculinity and felt my worries fade away...

Friday was uneventful except for the fact that Logan had his biology test last period. As we walked the halls hand-in-hand, he would ask me to quiz him. Honestly, I could say that I was impressed.

"What is the actual definition of a tissue?" I asked, grabbing some books out of my locker.

"A group of cells working together to perform a specific function," he said, taking them from me.

"Outstanding, Logan!" I said as I leaned forward to let my lips brush his, "I'm so proud of you!"

Before Logan could say anything I heard a female voice echoing down the hall: "Lauren Jameson!" Mrs. Oricelli yelled as she trudged down the hallway. "You know that public displays of affection are grounds for detention! I am surprised at you!"

"I'm sorry, Mrs. Oricelli. I guess I just wasn't thinking," I said, looking down.

"You most certainly were not thinking! I don't know what's gotten into you!" she said, looking at me.

"I bet I do!" one of Logan's friends yelled in the background, causing both Mrs. Oricelli and myself to turn different shades of red.

"Hey, Chance, shut your mouth or I'll shut it for you! And you, can you lighten up on her, Teach? She said she was sorry and it won't happen again, plus, she's a first-offender!" Logan said, trying to control every aspect of the situation.

"I guess I can let this one slide... You are a first-offender. Just don't let this happen again, Lauren," she said as she walked away.

I had mixed feelings... this was the first time I've ever been called out by a teacher and I didn't like the way it felt, not one bit. Logan put his free arm around me and pulled me close. "It's okay, Babe," he whispered into my ear and touched his forehead to my temple. He walked me to my last class and I wished him luck on his test. He smiled at me nervously before he walked down the hallway. My breath caught in my throat as I watched him walk away, the "Chadwick" on his letterman's jacket disappearing into the distance. I thought about how lucky I was that he was mine... or was he? That was the last time I saw him that day and I didn't hear from him at all over the weekend, I hoped it went okay.

I knew they won their game because when James got home, he was elated, giving us all highlights of the game that were so vivid it was almost as if we were there. I couldn't help but swell with pride when he told us about Logan's performance. "That boy is a helluva quarterback... he's going places!"

Monday morning, he was sitting outside of my house in his car waiting for me to come out. "Ren, that Chadwick boy is outside in the driveway, it looks like he's waiting for something," my mom said, peeking out of the window.

"He's what?" I asked, looking out the opposite window. "Oh, my God! What is he doing here?" I asked myself aloud. I grabbed a piece of bacon and a piece of toast off the table and grabbed a bottled water out of the refrigerator. I was already dressed and ready for school, I was just waiting on breakfast. I slung my backpack over my shoulders, grabbed my keys, and I was out the door.

When I walked outside, he got out of his Navigator and walked over to me wrapping me in a tight hug. "I've missed you!" he said, picking me up off the ground and twirling me around before setting me back down. I was extremely shocked by his action, but I had to admit that he made me feel ten feet tall.

"I've missed you, too, Logan... but what are you doing at my house at seven thirty in the morning?" I asked, puzzled.

"Two reasons. One: No girlfriend of mine is gonna have to drive to school every morning and Two: I have something to show you," he said flashing that to-die-for smile of his. I was quite surprised how far he was taking this act of his, he should be getting an Oscar for Best Performance!

"What did you want to show me?" I asked.

"Get in my car and I'll show you!" he said, gesturing to his vehicle.

Against my better judgment, I got inside and closed the door. "Lauren, you moved so fast, I was gonna get the door for you!" he said, semi-frustrated.

"Oh... sorry," I said, shrugging, "So, what did you want to show me?" I was determined to find out what he wanted so I could keep myself from falling into whatever trap he had in mind. I hadn't heard from him all weekend and all of a sudden he missed me so much? Please..

"Jeez, so impatient!" he said, shaking his head, "Close your eyes."

I closed my eyes and felt a piece of paper in my hand. "Okay, open," he said excitedly.

When I opened my eyes, I saw that the paper in my hands was Logan's Biology test. At the top, there was a red, encircled 88%. My eyes got wide and I squealed. "Congratulations, Babe!" I yelled, hugging his neck, "I'm so proud of you!"

He pulled away an looked at my face. "Really?" he asked, searching my face.

"Of course!" I said, smiling. "You did a great job!"

"I owe it all to you, Lauren," he said as he pulled me in for a kiss that took my breath away.

Today, school with Logan was different than any other day... He acted like a boyfriend. Sure, he had been acting like my boyfriend for about a week, now, but this was somehow different... he couldn't seem to keep his hands off of me. When we walked, his fingertips would dance along my hip and when were we standing still, his arms were wrapped around my waist. Against my better judgment, I allowed him to steal kisses in the hallway between classes and I even sat on his lap in the lunchroom. Something about him was bringing out a part of me that I never had experience with before: a borderline rebel. Of course, I would never mouth off to a teacher or anything ridiculous like that, but pushing the limits with him was invigorating.

It seemed like everywhere he touched on my body was on fire and I needed him to stop the burn. He fed me a fry off of his tray and continued to talk to his teammates about Fridays game. I watched as his lips moved and remembered the way they felt when they enveloped my clit a week earlier... I could tell I was getting wet. Here I was, sitting on his lap in the middle of the lunchroom unable to think of anything other than him taking me right here, right now.

"I'm just saying, if Nick would have let that big fuck through one more time, I would have had to tackle his ass to return the favor," Logan said, taking the fry that I offered.

"Hell yeah, Dude! I was thinking 'Oh, my God. Logan's gonna fuck up his knee or some shit!' and what did you do? Fucking jumped over his ass! I was on edge the whole fucking time!" Chance said, acting out everything.

"Hey, I do what I can," Logan said shrugging his shoulders... he was so cute!

"You do it well, Bro... and where were you at, Miss Priss? You shoulda been on the sidelines cheering your man on!" Chance said, turning his attention to me, snapping me out of my filthy thoughts. For a second, I felt my pulse quicken... I had never been included in a lunchtime conversation before.

"I wasn't invited, Chance," I said, nudging Logan and getting some laughter from Chance.

"What's up with that, Bro? Not inviting your girl to a game? I'm shocked!" he said, painting an artificial look of shock on his face.

"Dude, give it a rest! She won't be missing anymore because I'm not letting her outta my sight," he said, pulling me down for a kiss.

"Ugh, you guys make me fucking sick," Chance said as he gathered his tray and walked away.

"Babe?" he said as he broke the kiss and traced his fingers along my lower back.

"Yeah?" I breathed, getting even hotter from his slightest touch.

"You want it, don't you? I can smell it," he said, whispering in my ear.

"Mmhmm," I said, biting my bottom lip and nodding my head. I loved the way his breath felt on my neck.

"You need it, don't you?" he asked in that same delicious whisper.

"Mmhmm," I replied again, almost embarrassed of the wetness pooling between my thighs.

"Well, I can't just let my girl's needs go unsatisfied... what class do you have next?" he said, wrapping his arms around my waist.

"Trig with Mrs. Oricelli," I said with a sigh.

"Oh, well! We're ditching, Babe... Come on," he said, pulling me towards the door of the cafeteria as the bell rang.

Ditching? I had never ditched before, I had never even wanted to. But here I was, getting talked into ditching class... well, I guess it wouldn't be so bad, it was just this once.

We exited the school building and walked to the Navigator. Logan walked on the passenger side and opened my door before he all but ran to get in on his side.

"Where are we going?" I asked, watching him pull out of the school parking lot.

"Not far, you'll see," he said as he pulled onto the narrow road leading away from the school. A few minutes later we pulled up to the football field... I should have known. He parked the Navigator in a small clearing on the side of the road that was shaded by trees.

I didn't wait for him to say anything... almost instantly, I was straddling his lap on the driver's side and tugging at his shirt. "Easy, Babe," he said, trying to calm me down but with no luck. When he successfully prevented me from stripping his clothes off, I started in on my own. I had my shirt off and was unbuttoning my shorts. I felt his erection pressing against me and I needed it badly. That day in the library, we never actually had sex and ever since that day, I've been imagining what he'd feel like.

He reached behind me and undid my bra and I let it fall in my seat. He reached up and rubbed my breasts, taking my left nipple into his mouth. I sucked air in through my teeth and released an involuntary moan. He licked his left index finger and traced my right nipple, making it hard.

"No..." I groaned as he ran his fingertips up and down my spine.

"No what, Babe?" he asked as he licked and sucked a circle on my neck and bit down... that was gonna leave a mark.

"Stop teasing me, Logan," I whined as I grinded my pussy on his cock.

"Why? What do you want, Little Girl?" he asked, continuing the damn teasing.

"I want you to fuck me, Logan," I said, going for his belt.

"Are you sure?" he asked, pulling my hands away and searching my lust-filled face.

"Yes, Logan, I'm sure... I need you to fuck me," I said, leering into his emerald eyes.

That was all he needed. He put me back on the passenger side and removed his shirt. "Take off the shorts and the panties, now," he commanded and I quickly obeyed. He pulled his jeans down over his thighs and pulled me back into his lap. I reached down and angled his dick right at my entrance and began to lower myself only to be stopped by his hands. "Babe, don't fucking hurt yourself being impatient, it's been a week since I've even had a finger in you."

I nodded and proceeded to lower myself again... as soon as he entered me, I felt a sensation almost like an electrical current pulse through my body. He let out a sharp exhale as I continued down until I met resistance. I felt so full, even though I knew there was still farther to go. "That's your cherry, Lauren. If we break it slowly, the pain will last longer... I can push in quickly to break it and it'll only hurt for a little while, like ripping off a Band-Aid," he said, leaving the decision up to me.

"You do it," I said with a small smile. He nodded and gripped my hips and thrust upward, causing me to yell out. The pain was excruciating and I wanted it to be over. He shushed me and kissed my cheeks as he slowly continued his thrusts. He whispered words of comfort in my ear as he increased his pace. Soon the pain began to subside and Logan laid his seat back and let me take control. I rolled my hips trying to get more of him inside of me. "Oh, shit, Lauren! You feel better than I imagined, just like that..." he coached me. I began to bounce on his cock, his hands roaming my body and squeezing my breasts. Sounds of our passion filled the vehicle. I leaned forward and gave it all that I could as I traced the nautical stars on his clavicle with my tongue... I felt myself begin to tighten around his cock.

"Oh yeah, Babe, let me feel you cum," he said as he anchored my hips and thrust himself deep inside me over and over again. With a spine-tingling squeal, I felt my pussy pulse on his cock, threatening to stroke him to an orgasm as well.

"Logan, I want it in my mouth," I said as I hopped off of him and wrapped my lips around his rock hard dick. Like the day in the library, he grabbed my head and began to fuck my mouth. Before long, he was shooting in my mouth... I swallowed quickly to keep up. When I swallowed it all, I straddled him again and laid my head on his chest. He linked his fingers at the base of my back and kissed my forehead. "That was amazing," he said in a hushed voice.

Before I could open my mouth to agree with him, there was a knock on the fogged-up window. "Logan, are you in there?" a familiar voice shouted outside.

Logan looked at me with the same terrified look on his face that I had on mine..."Fuck! It's Coach Jameson!"

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