They say love and logic are two different things that don't always cross paths. But sometimes love works out its own logic. As it turned out it was only logical that I cross forbidden boundaries for love.

It all started when my pregnant sister-in-law, invited me out for lunch. She called right after my husband had left for work and I had gotten my two boys off to school. I was in my bedroom ready to enjoy some private time when she called.

I picked up the telephone and said, "Oh Hi, Tina. Lunch today? Sure, where?"

The voice at the other end of the call said, "Bickford's Bistro in Norwalk at twelve-thirty."

"I'll be there. Bye-bye."

I glanced at the digital clock setting on the nightstand. I smiled I still had plenty of time for a little self-indulgence. I opened the drawer to the nightstand next to my unmade bed. I lifted the hardbound romance novel and placed it beside me on the bed. I looked longingly at the cover art on the book. It pictured a handsome, hard-bodied man in a khaki uniform embracing a nurse in a white uniform. I lovingly traced my fingertips across the man's face as I memorized its chiseled details. Untying my robe I opened it. My nipples hardened in the cool morning air. Hissing I tugged on each nipple in turn until I felt the familiar warmth deep in my belly begin to flood my nethers.

I hesitated, gazed at the hunk on the book cover then pulled out a pink plastic phallus and a tube of lube from the drawer. Blushing, I knew my husband would be hurt if he knew I had resorted to mechanical devices to reinforce his flagging sexual prowess. I shrugged, I had needs that required satisfaction, if I went too long without an orgasm I could be a real bitch. I liberally applied lubricant to the slim 7-inch long pink shaft followed by the wide bulb-shaped head. The enlarged head contained a powerful egg vibrator that focused on my G-spot.

Satisfied that the vibrator was ready to use I began to prepare myself to receive it. I began by warming up my erogenous zones with my own fingers. With familiarity my digits traced their way around my anatomy, mapping out my puffy pussy lips, pinpointing my clitoris and exploring my vagina. It felt so good, I whimpered, "Uh, uh, uh."

I twisted the base of the vibrator engaging its lowest speed. I allowed the head of the vibrator to slowly travel the most responsive parts of body, first buzzing my inner thighs then my labia. I increased the speed of my toy and applied varied pressures to my clit. My arousal built. I relished the powerful sensations surging through my body. I panted, "That's it, that's it," and puffed breathily, "Oh, that's it."

Glancing at the man painted on the book cover with glassy eyes I slipped the enlarged tip of vibrator slowly inside my pussy. After a moment, I simulated sexual intercourse by sliding the droning dildo up and down in my slick snatch pushing the limits of comfort. I located my G-spot with the wide egg-shaped head of the toy and groaned. Quickly, I twisted the base of the vibrator dialing up the intensity of the vibrations that gyrated all the way through my gash. I diddled my clit with demonic endeavor until a toe-curling orgasm was delivered. My climax exploded in the pleasure center of my mind as my cunt contorted and contracted around the humming device still imbedded within me. I screamed with agonized release, "Yeessssssssss!"

A couple of hours later, I met, my sister-in-law at Bickford's Bistro in Norwalk about halfway between Tina's home in Irvine and mine in Pasadena just off the I-5. I wore a simple white T-top with green slacks over my 117 pound frame that accentuated my 36-28-38 curves. I arrived at the restaurant early so I grabbed a table and waited for Tina. I saw her draped in a blue moo-moo dress as she entered the restaurant. I stood up to make my five foot, seven inch stature noticeable and waved at her.

She waddled to the table and collapsed heavily into the chair. She was six months pregnant with twins and miserable. She asked, "Hello, Jen, how are you?"

"Fine," I replied, "and you?"

"Okay." Tina's first two pregnancies had been a breeze but this one was proving to be more difficult.

She took a long swig of water. "That's good. I really like the lime. My taste-buds are super-sensitive right now."

I nodded, "You, look well. How are the children?"

"They're both fine and can't wait to meet their brothers growing in mommy's tummy."

"I don't envy you, Tina. You're going to have four boys all under the age of six in a couple of months. I know you're just twenty-eight but that's going to require a lot of energy. You make my brother give you all the help you need. I'll kick his butt if he doesn't."

She sighed then sipped her water. She asked, "How are your boys?"

"Everyone is just fine. Stanley is coaching the boys Biddy Ball team so the boys can be on the same team this year."

Tina smiled knowingly and nodded, "That does simplify things a bit."

"I'll say, last season when they were on different teams I ran one way and Stan the other."

A waitress took our order and we continued catching up. It was astonishing that even though we only lived 50 miles apart we hadn't gotten together since the holidays. Our food arrived and my sister-in-law dug into her lunch like a linebacker after a big game. In between bites Tina asked, "New hair style?"

I touched my honey brown hair and said, " Yes, do you like it? It's called the Gosselin Bob."

Tina's big doe like eyes sparkled as she said, "It suits you."

"Yes, it does," I had to admit that the hair style suited my busy lifestyle. It was easy care for leaving me more time to shuttle my busy boys to their activities, take care of my husband and run my own home business. "It's a little easier to demonstrate my Green-California cleaning products without my hair falling in my face. I'm giving a demonstration at Mom and Dad's tomorrow by the way."

Pulling the fork from her mouth and pushing the food into her cheek Tina mumbled, "I thought your parents were out of town. Golfing in Palm Springs, wasn't it?"

I nodded, "They are but Mom lets me use her house to demonstrate my products. She likes getting a clean house without lifting a finger. It will have nice clean smell when they get back."

Tina giggled, "Maybe, I should let you demonstrate in my house."

"I'd love too. I could always use more sales."

Once she was finished eating she pushed her plate back and belched in the most unladylike way. Several diners gaped at her but I laughed. Tears burst down her red face, "I'm so gross."

"It was just a burp, Tina. It's not a big deal. You are very pregnant after all."

She continued to shed tears out of proportion to her etiquette faux pas. "I'm just a fat hog. I'm afraid I'm losing your brother."

I changed chairs so I could sit next Tina instead of across from her. I patted her back to stem the tide of tears as her body trembled with sobs. Finally, I asked, "Are you and Nick going through a rough patch?"

She nodded, "I'm going to lose him." She started weeping again with a heart rendering moan.

The waitress stopped by and collected our money for the bill giving Tina a sideways glance she asked, "Hormones?"

"Yeah," I laid a tip on the table, "excuse us." I half-pulled, half-drug Tina out of her seat and we exited the restaurant. I walked her to the city park across the street. We sat on bench in the warm Southern California afternoon sun.

Tina reached into her purse and retrieved a tissue. She wiped her eyes and blew her nose. Recomposed she smiled weakly, "I'm sorry, Jennifer."

I smiled back and remarked, "That's okay Tina, every woman needs a good cry now and then."

"Thanks, I wish it were just my hormones acting up but I'm afraid I'm going to lose Nick." Tina's tears exploded again. "I can't have sex and a big boobed blonde is trying to seduce him."

I scooted next to her and rubbed her back, "What?"

Tina calmed down enough and explained that her doctor had forbidden sexual intercourse due to the chances of a premature rupture of the amniotic sac because she was carrying the twins so low. She sniveled, "Do you think your brother can go five months without sex?"

"Five months?"

"Three months until delivery and then another two months after the twins are born."

"I see," I conjectured, "aren't there some other sexual things you can do besides intercourse. Maybe, oral?"

Giggling she said, "We've tried but the last time I gave your brother a blow job I gagged on his big horse cock and threw up all over him, not very sexy."

Red faced I said, "Oh my."

Tina grew sad faced and conveyed, "That was a month ago, your brother has always been a very sexual person. I can't take care of him, now." Tina scowled fiercely, "To make matters worse little Miss Kimber Walker's shaking her skinny little ass in his face."

"She the big boobed blonde?"

"Yeah, Kimber's a little 24 year old bimbo in Nick's department, barely five foot tall, all boobs and butt." Tina narrowed her eyes and ranted, "You should've seen the skimpy red dress the little slut wore to the company Christmas party, barely covered her ass. She openly flirted with my husband while I was standing right next to him and I wasn't near as far along then as I am now."

"Nick loves you Tina, you have two boys together with two more on the way."

She smiled sadly, "Its not about love, its about sex. I know he loves me and he will resist as long as he can but Nick needs sex and he's been without it. I think I could forgive a one-time thing but once won't be enough for Kimber."

"Tina you're obsessing over this Kimber person..."

"Don't patronize me," seethed Tina, her eyes throwing daggers. "My marriage is falling apart. If Nick has an affair with Kimber, it will be over."

"I'm sorry, Tina. I understand you're upset but nothing's happened yet, right?"

Tina stood up, "Can we walk a little? All this sitting is starting to irritate my hemorrhoids, I'm so gross."

I stood up and pulled Tina to her feet. "You're not gross. You're pregnant with twins."

Tina's stride was something of a slow wobble. "You're right, Jennifer, nothing's happen, yet. But, I can smell her perfume on Nick's shirts when I do the laundry. She's been hovering and rubbing up on him. Like I said, my senses are supersensitive right now."

"What can I do to help? Do you want me talk to my baby brother?" I replied with a sincere smile.

Tina stopped at bench near a duck pond, "We better sit down again."

We both sat and Tina began again, "Please don't be mad at me and understand I've given this a lot thought. If I hadn't, I wouldn't have invited you out to lunch to talk about it face to face."

I laughed, "I knew you had something in mind when you called out of the blue."

She gave a hesitant smile disturbed that I had interrupted her, "Jennifer, this isn't easy to ask and I know it will sound crazy..." She drew a deep breath and continued, "I want you to have sex with Nick."

Stunned, my mouth fell open while Tina dropped her eyes to her fumbling fingers in her lap. I rapidly blinked a recovery and asked, "Yeah, Tina that does sound crazy...Its not just crazy its taboo... Its out of the question. I can't believe you asked me such a thing. I can't believe you thought such a notion."

Tina held up her hand to hush me. A tear trickled down her cheek. "Please, Jennifer, don't be mad. Look at things from my point of view. My marriage is hanging by a thread." She daubed her eyes with her fingers. "My very sexual husband can't have intercourse with me while at the same time a sweet young thing is rubbing herself up against him every day. If I were able to make love to my husband I wouldn't be worried about Kimber, tight ass or not."

"So your solution is to ask me to be some kind of sex surrogate for my own brother?"

She nodded, "It's not so crazy. You love your brother. You're not a threat to our marriage. I mean you're not going to run off with Nick like Kimber would. It would just be sex."

Wide-eyed I asked, "What about my marriage? You're so concerned about yours, have you even thought about mine?"

Tina watched a duck waddle toward the pond. She shook her head negatively, "No, I didn't. I'm so sorry. I'm such a selfish bitch." With down cast eyes she added, "I'm sorry. Please forgive me."

With an awkward silence we watched the ducks swim on the pond. Tina hissed and rubbed her bloated belly. "When one kicks me the other thinks he needs to kick me too."

I put my hand on her tummy and felt the active twins within. I looked into Tina's sad eyes, "I'm sorry you're so miserable. A woman's pregnancy should be a time of hope and joy."

"Yeah," was all Tina could muster for a reply as a tear trickled down her cheek.

My curiosity got the best of me so I asked, "Why did you even think I would even consider sleeping with my own brother?"

"Because you've had incestuous sex before..."

"Wha...what?" I interrupted with widen eyes and face flushed red.

Tina smiled broadly for the first time that afternoon. "Twelve years ago, the night before your cousin, Mike, left for the Army. You had sex with him in the pool house at your parent's home. Nick saw you."

My mind whirled and I whimpered, "Uh...uh...I"

Laughing Tina patted my knee, "Don't worry your secret's safe."

Finally I composed myself. "I had no idea that Nick had seen us. You must think I'm some kind of pervert. I had just finished college and wasn't married. I guess I just got caught up in the lust of the moment. Mike was going away. You know he died, later that year in a training accident."

"No, I don't think you're a pervert. I think your cousin was scared about leaving home and you tried to comfort him then one thing led to another. Nick showed me his photo, he was hot."

I smiled weakly at Tina appreciating her understanding. "What did Nick say about it?"

Tina giggled again. "He was peeping in the window. He said he got a good look at your snatch after Tony pulled out of you. Your legs were still spread and his cum was trickling from your pussy down the crack of your ass."

She held her swollen stomach and laughed again, "Nick makes me shave my bush, when I can actually see my bush that is, into a landing strip because he that was how yours was then."

Blushing I said, "Well, I had been wearing a bikini all summer."

We both laughed. Tina finally asked, "I hope you're not too mad at me, Jennifer. I thought if you had done it once you might do it again. I had to ask. You are my favorite sister-in-law, I trust we can still be friends."

I laughed again, "I'm you're only sister-in-law, Bitch."

We gave each other a big hug. We both needed to get back to our respective responsibilities so we left the park got into our cars and drove in opposite directions on the San Ana Freeway. Traffic was light so I was able to contemplate Tina's revelations not only about the state of her marriage but her motivations for asking me to sleep with my own brother.

The rest of the afternoon and evening was spent taking care of our usual family routine: ball practice, followed by supper, then homework. I wondered if my life was becoming too routine. After supper while my husband, Stanley, helped the boys with their homework I snuck upstairs and took a bath.

While the water filled the tub I looked at my nude body in the mirror. I lifted my breasts in my hands then dropped them back to my torso. Not too bad after nursing two babies, I smiled satisfied. My 34 year old body was still in good shape, maybe, not quite the shape of a 24 year old Kimber, but in good shape nonetheless.

I lit aroma therapy candles and inhaled the relaxing scent of lemon. It uplifted my mood. I sunk into the warm sudsy water which seeped into my taut muscles. As I unwound, my mind wondered back to my conversation with Tina.

I closed my eyes and reminisced about the night I had naughty taboo sex with my cousin. I remember his cock was long and hard. My nipples grew hard and peeked from the water like periscopes from twin submarines. I pinched my nipples and moaned as pleasurable warmth spread to my core and heated my cunt. I slipped a finger into my snatch to discover I was wet on the inside as I was on the outside.

Water sloshed in the tub as I manipulated myself with a finger in my pussy and my palm pressed against my clit. I thought of the glint in Mike's eyes as his big cock penetrated my cunt sinking into my warm wet depths. My moans were reminiscent of the moans I mouthed twelve years ago as Mike's hard manhood pounded my pussy. I recollected his shaft sinking into me tagging my cervix as he unload his cum into me, so much cum that my cunt couldn't contain it all.

My over stimulated pussy was ready to pop. I pushed my palm hard against my clit with a sense of urgency. I howled as my climax crested and crashed down. My cunt contracted around my finger as my heartbeat throbbed in my ears. A tormented groan tore from my throat as pure pleasure radiated from my core.

Recalling that Tina said my brother made her shave her bush into a landing strip. I glanced between my legs and grimaced. My bush was no longer an inviting landing strip. I let it go and it had become an unattractive jungle of pubic hair.

"I've let myself go. Stan deserves a better presentation of my pussy than this." I soaped my snatch grabbed my razor and with a steady determined hand I trimmed my bush back to a narrow landing strip. I ensured that my labia were completely hair free. When I was finished I felt somewhat more sexy than when I had gotten in the tub. Water cascaded from my body as I rose from my bath resolved to break the monotony in which my life had fallen.

I wrapped a towel around my frame, opened the bathroom door and hollered down at my husband, "Stan get the boys in bed, tomorrow's a school day."

Stan echoed me, "Boys, you heard your mother, get to bed." The hustling footsteps that followed made me smile as the boys hurried to their bed rooms.

I dug into my chest-of- draws and found the Valentine Baby Doll my husband had given me last year which I yet to wear. It was an exotic pink color and its totally sheer material would ensure he got a good glimpse of my most intimate parts. I slipped it on leaving the matching G-string panties in the drawer. I found a pair of pink high heels in my closet that were a close match to the Baby Doll's color.

Returning to the bathroom I brushed my hair and put on make-up. I dug in my make-up case until I found a shade of pick lipstick that matched the color of my lingerie. As a final touch I put on big-hooped ear-rings. A type I hadn't worn since Stanley and I had dated. I smiled at my vampy look in the mirror. I really liked how my high heels pushed my boobs out.

Opening the medicine cabinet I found Stan's bottle of erection blue pills and retrieved one. I pulled a paper cup from the dispenser and filled it with water. I made my way down stairs to our home office where I knew I'd find my husband.

Pausing at the door I studied my husband of ten years. Although he had a rescinding hair line he was still in good shape for a 43 year old man. He worked as the Medical Material Manager at Pasadena General Hospital. It was the job he had taken after an eight year stint in the Air Force. He had retained the habit of running daily over the lunch hour from his Service days and it kept him fit and trim.

I cleared my throat, "Ugh-Ump."

Stan looked up from the computer terminal. His fingers rested motionless on the keyboard as his blue eyes surveyed my appearance. He smiled at me and I hoped my presentation was that of an ethereal creature standing in a pool of pink light, lovely and sexy. He swiveled his chair and whistled as I sauntered into the room swaying my hips in wanton invitation.

"Wow, Baby, you look hot. I had forgotten I had bought you that outfit."

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