tagCelebrities & Fan FictionLois Griffin, Return to Video 03

Lois Griffin, Return to Video 03


Video two had gone over well and the stage was set for video three.

Brian had given Lois the heads up that he intended to do a location shoot involving some girl on girl and some straight sex. He gave her a chance to decline but she was all for it. Clearly she was having a good time with her little project. So here they were driving out to shoot her next video. They were going to be gone for at least half the day if not most of the afternoon as well so they left Peter with the cover story that Brian was heading to a literary event and Lois had wanted to tag along since there were some authors there whose works she like.

It wasn't long before Brian pulled up at a security gate at the back service entrance to the Quahog airport. He passed the guard there id's and there info on where they were expected and just like that they were driving towards a large maintenance hangar. This being a weekend there were very few people around and the hanger they pulled into was deserted containing a moderately sized passenger jet that had been idled in order to execute a retrofit.

After parking next to the jet and grabbing a bag containing some gear Brian directed Lois up the stairs to the entry at the front of the jet. Once at the top of the stairs he gave the door a set of three rapid but soft knocks. After a few moments the door swung open and they were greeted by Quagmire wearing his airline pilot's uniform.

"Hey guys come on in. Why don't you head down the aisle to first class and get comfortable. By the way Brian I've already set up most of the gear you just need to hook up your second and third cameras and we'll be all set."

As they came down the isle into the first class cabin that was clearly going to be today's set they were greeted by the sight of a sexy young flight attended. She had wavy shoulder length auburn hair, a stunning face with a beautiful mocha complexion. As she walked the sway of her hips was hypnotizing. Her gorgeous bouncy tits and long full legs were not overly on display but still clearly showcased by her slightly conservative but very carefully fitted flight attendants uniform, a standard not to tight skirt ending just above the knees leading up to a white button blouse, legs and cleavage strategically on display. The uniform was rounded out with matching high heels and a small open jacket. This was the uniform of a real airline flight attendant not the kind a flirty young woman would wear to a costume party.

"Good morning my name is Jasmine and I'll be your hostess today."

"Lois you and Jasmine will be entertaining each other today after which we will all have a little fun. There is a uniform for you on the seat over there. If you would please go get yourself changed while I set up the last of the cameras and get changed as well. Jasmine can show you were to change and I'm sure she will be more than happy to help you."

Final set up and wardrobe took about fifteen minutes.

"Girls we're all set up if your ready come on down."

Jasmine strolled in with Lois in tow behind her in a matching uniform looking just as sexy.

"Alright girls we will start this video with you two in the first class galley. Lois I want you to work at prepping the food cart. Jasmine will come in to help you. I want you two to get comfortable with each other and go from there. There are some toys located in the cart if you have a need. Okay so if you girls would please put on your little masks, get yourself into position, and start when you feel ready. The cameras are rolling as of right now."

Lois went over to the food cart and started working at getting it set up for service while Jasmine vanished behind the curtain that left the first class galley area. After a couple of minutes Jasmine reappeared. She came over to Lois and proceeded to assist her with her task.

"Let me help you get this set up."

"Thanks, I could use the help."

This went on for several minutes allowing for plenty of shots of both the girls bending over and showing off their asses as well as providing shots of their cleavage as they worked. After a reasonable amount of time Jasmine stopped and started to take off her jacket.

"It's really warm in here and with all this work I'm starting to overheat. Aren't you hot too?"

"Yes and I could use a little cooling off."

Lois proceeded to peel off her jacket as well but then took the initiative and unbuttoned the front of her blouse. She walked over to the mini fridge and took out some ice cubes.

"Here let me help you with that."

Jasmine came over and took one of the cubes form Lois. She then came around behind Lois and pulled back her loose blouse exposing her shoulders. Her lovely shoulders now free Jasmine took the ice cube and proceeded to work it slowly over and around Lois's shoulders. The initial touch of the cube sent a shiver through Lois and you could see he nipples getting hard through the thin material of her lacy white bra. As she rubbed the ice cube around, first just over her shoulders then onto her neck and down towards her cleavage she left a trail of glistening ice water.

Still behind Lois she leaned in and started to suck the ice water off of Lois shoulders and neck. As she did this she reached around with the ice cub and started to rub it over Lois's right breast slowly working the ice cube beneath the bra teasing her already hard nipple. As the bra became wet it became mostly transparent. Lois was clearly enjoying it purring as Jasmine went along. She reached up and unclasped the front of her bra freeing her tits giving Jasmine unrestricted access. While Jasmine played with her right breast Lois starting squeezing and playing with her now free left breast.

Right about the time Jasmine started running out of ice cube Lois abruptly turned around. She pushed Jasmine up against the planes hull and ripped open her blouse. Jasmine was surprised and before she could react or respond Lois's lips were on hers and Lois was making out with her. As she was exploring Jasmines mouth with her tongue her hands were undoing the zipper on Jasmines skirt then sliding it off revealing her delicate powder blue panties. Lois started to finger Jasmines pussy through her panties and clearly Jasmine loved it. Her moans and sighs were muffled as she and Lois were still making out every moment getting more and more into it.

When Jasmine had built up much of the way to orgasmic Lois stopped making out with her and dropped down to her knees. She slid of Jasmines now wet panties giving the guys and the camera a clear view of her shaved pussy. Then without wasting time she buried her face between Jasmine's legs and started to eat her out. Jasmine almost double over and had to use the counter of the galley station for support. She had already been moaning quietly when Lois was rubbing her pussy but now she was getting more and more vocal by the minute. As Lois got her more and more worked up and towards climax she started to convulse with each wave of pleasure that passed through her. Then right as Jasmine hit her climax Lois dug her nails into her thighs and Jasmine screamed out in utter carnal joy nearly passing out.

Lois backed off giving Jasmine a chance to catch her breath. Jasmine melted sliding down the wall till she was face to face with Lois then leaned forward and started to once again make out with Lois tasting herself on Lois's lips.

Jasmine slowly and gently scooted Lois towards the middle of the floor were she pushed her onto her back. She then reached over to the service cart and removed a vibrator form one of the drawers.

Jasmine pushed Lois's skirt up to her waist then pulled off her panties.

"My turn." And with a wink Jasmine laid herself down in between Lois's legs.

Jasmine started in by gently licking and sucking on Lois's clit and as Lois started to respond more and more she started eating Lois out ever more enthusiastically with every moment. When Lois became good and wet Jasmine began working her pussy with the vibrator. Slowly at first but faster and harder as Lois climbed to orgasm. Lois started to approach her climax thanks to Jasmine's skilled mouth but Jasmine stopped her short. Instead she quickly rolled Lois over on her stomach while continuing to work her pussy feverishly with the vibrator but now with easy access to Lois's ass she started to finger Lois's asshole with her other hand. This was the straw that broke the camel's back and put Lois right over the edge causing her to buck and scream as she came.

Spent Lois melted into a heap were she lay with Jasmine laying on top of her enjoying the moment of relaxation as well. The only sound in the room was the girls shallow panting and the soft whir of the vibrator still working it's magic in Lois's pussy as it cycled down much like the girls had done.

Brian gave the girls around three quiet minutes of rest and then gave Quagmire the go ahead to get started.

Quagmire slowly strolled into frame from the direction of the cabin. He unlike the girls wasn't wearing a mask and neither for that matter was Brian. They had both been on video already at various times over the years.

"Well you two put on quite a show. I enjoyed your performance form just back in the isle. Now that you both are no longer distracted maybe you could take care of me?"

Both Girls looked at each other and grinned. Jasmine slid off of Lois and they both crawled over to Quagmire. When they got to Quagmire they got up on there knees. Jasmine started to work on his belt while Lois went for the zipper. They quickly pulled down his pants and boxers and out he sprang to attention having long since gotten hard watching these two go at it.

Jasmine took Quagmire's sizable cock and went right to work sucking on it while Lois went to work licking and sucking his balls. Each took a turn sucking his balls and cock then they both started working his cock together sneaking a quick kiss to each other every time they go to the tip.

At this point Brian left all the video equipment on automatic (though he did have a remote control on him if he saw a opportunity for a better shot) and walked into the scene for a little fun as well wearing the same type of pilots uniform as Quagmire.

"So this is where everyone went to. Well you guys got room for one more?" With that he unbuckled and drop his pants and much like Quagmire he too was already hard.

Jasmine stopped playing with Quagmires dick and instead started to crawl over to Brian.

"Something new to play with, can I please have a taste?"

As Jasmine came up onto her knees in front of Brian he reached out and took her by the back of the head guiding her towards his hard waiting cock.

"Open wide."

He pushed her head down about half way onto his shaft. Then eased up and let her get to work sucking like a pro. While she sucked she also worked his balls with one hand and reached over to hold onto his ass with the other digging her nails in.

Lois now had Quagmire all to herself and went to work deep throating him. Quagmire took her head with both hands and started face fucking her holding her head down every time she took him right down to the base of his cock. Lois took it like a champ never gagging. After a while Quagmire started pumping in and out of her mouth slowly increasing the pace steadily as he fucked her mouth. As he was about to blow his load he pushed her head down onto his cock all the way and held her there.

"I'm coming baby, swallow it, swallow it all!"

He bucked his hips as he blew his load and didn't let Lois pull away. She did her best to swallow all she could only, chocking a little bit. When he was done he let her head go and she came up for air but soon returned her mouth to his dick to lick him clean.

While Quagmire was making use of Lois's mouth Brian was enjoying the blowjob Jasmine was giving him. Watching Lois take Quagmire's load pushed Brian over the edge and he started to blow his load as well. He blew the first couple of shots into Jasmines mouth but then pulled her head back off his dick and shot the rest of his cum onto her face. When he was done Jasmine much like Lois proceeded to lick her man clean.

"How about you girls get out of the rest of your uniforms and get on all fours for us."

Wordlessly both Lois and Jasmine shed what little they still had on and as asked got on all fours. They both positioned there inviting ass's towards the guy who's cum they had just enjoyed. Their asses were barely in the air before the guys were behind them lining themselves up.

Quagmire went right for Lois's asshole. He had been dreaming of fucking her up the ass ever since the poker night some time back and watching Jasmine finger Lois ass earlier just made him more determined. He took his still hard wet dick that had gotten fairly well lubed up from the blowjob and slowly started to work it into her ass feeding it in ever so slowly as she rocked her hips back and for with steady determination. Lois was in a little bit of agony but didn't complain.

Brian laughed a little watching Lois grimacing as Quagmire start taking her up the ass. And as tempting as the idea was to take Jasmine up the ass as well he had other plans. He wanted her pussy plain and simple and positioned the head of his cock at her pussy gently rubbing against her pussy lips. He then took her hips with both hand and pulled her back hard as he rammed himself home with one strong thrust. Jasmine squealed at the sudden forceful insertion and gave a little squeak every time he trust in all the way as he pumped her pussy for all it was worth.

Brian pounded Jasmines pussy for as long as he could without cuming but when he felt he was getting ready to lose it he pulled out and rolled her over onto her back, spread her legs, and went back to fucking her. He was having a great time fucking her doggy style but he wanted to watch her lovely tits bounce back and forth and see her face as he came in her and hopefully as she reached orgasm as well.

While Brian was pounding away on Jasmines pussy Quagmire had gotten as much of his dick into Lois's ass as he could and had picked up the pace to a steady rhythm. Lois had stopped grimacing and was now enjoying herself. As Quagmire worked her ass she reached back and started playing with herself as well. She had been building up to her own orgasm and when it hit sending waves of pleasure through her causing her to quake Quagmire almost lost it. He was done and he knew it having only a couple of moments before he blew. He pulled out of Lois's ass with a audible pop and quickly, to her surprise, flipped her over. He took both her feet and guided them to his crotch.

"Come on baby milk my cock."

Lois knew instantly what Quagmire wanted. With one foot she took his hard throbbing cock between her toes jerking it off and with the other she teased and massages his balls. In a matter of seconds he was shooting his hot load all over her feet and sexy legs.

When he was spent he took her legs and spread them then lay down on top of her. He wanted to come down form his climax while enjoying the feel of her body under him and the taste of her lips.

As Quagmire was relaxing with Lois Jasmine gave out as scream as she came and Brian followed her in quick succession. When he had finished blowing his load in Jasmine he too pulled out and relaxed himself on top of his partner.

After everyone had plenty of time to relax the guys helped Lois and Jasmine up and the two of them headed off to a shower facility that existed in this particular hanger to clean up. Brian and Quagmire then packed up and picked up.

After editing Brian ended the tape with everyone in a comfortable heap on the floor spent.

Now what to do next?

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