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London Loves Ch. 03



© Sadie Rose Bermingham & Bellora Quinn 2012

(Which means, do not copy, reproduce, republish etc... without permission of the authors. You know the drill. Printing it to read later does not count, btw.)

We've had a slight hiatus on chapter three which is why it's so short, so we've made up for it by sweetening the pill. On the plus side, it means you get an extra chapter. So, yay! Hope you like it.


Xavier felt himself relax again with Matt's departure and slid down on the bed next to Rayne snuggling up close in the crook of his arm as the vampire called Lord Warren to arrange the retrieval of their luggage. The phone rang out exactly once before it was answered. Xavier licked lightly over Rayne's right nipple as his lover greeted Dominic. He sucked it into his mouth with a mischievous glint in his eyes as pleasantries were exchanged. Rayne was chewing restlessly on his lower lip whilst Dominic chattered away, none the wiser, on the other end of the line and Xavier teased his ultra-responsive peaks some more, with little flicks of his tongue. His sexy mate wriggled contentedly on the bed and when he spoke his voice was just a little higher and huskier than normal.

"Are you coming here? Or do you want us to come over later?" he exhaled, then caught a quick breath as Xavier's teeth pinched one of his stiff little buds playfully.

Xavier's eyes twinkled and he made a sound suspiciously like a giggle.

Dominic was still engaged in the process of inviting them over while Xavier was ever so lightly circling the edge of Rayne's bellybutton with the tip of his tongue in a very suggestive manner. His lover, who had not bothered to dress, was responding very eagerly to Xavier's oral ministrations. He was reduced to making small, affirmative noises now to whatever Dominic was suggesting.

"No... no..." Rayne ventured at last, in a fragile tone. "I'm fine... abso-fucking-lutely fine. No worries." He sucked in a long breath as Xav's tongue began a course of action that certainly wasn't conducive to polite conversation, or even rational thought.

Xavier had slipped down between Rayne's slim thighs, spreading his slender legs wider, and was kissing and lipping at the tender skin of his sac, his tongue wiggling lower to stroke along the smooth skin behind his nuts and tease into his crevice. Rayne drew his knees up and let his thighs fall apart loosely as Xavier's deft tongue explored him. He lifted one foot and stroked it slowly up and down the blond youth's golden skinned shoulder.

"Yeah...!" he gasped softly into the slender black phone that was pressed to his left ear, but whether that affirmation was meant for Lord Warren or Xavier (or both) was entirely uncertain.

"Mmmm-uh..." Xavier moaned softly, pressing deeper, forgetting all about the fact that he'd only started out to tease Rayne as he got swept up in a heated rush. His tongue circled around the edge of Rayne's tight little pucker and then delved in while his hand reached up to stroke gently along his cock.

Rayne shuddered with pleasure. After the exertion of the past few days he had not even considered that they might make out again once Matt had gone. Now he was happy to surrender to Xavier's renewed vigour.

"Mmm-hmmm..." he said vaguely into the phone. "Uhh-huh, yeah... ohhhh yeah!"

Xavier snaked his hands around Rayne's hips and pulled him up from the mattress, tilting his perfect backside skyward, and only when he glanced up along the undulating line of his lover's naked body did he realise that Ray hadn't hung up yet. Xav's husky little chuckle reverberated against Rayne's sensitive hole while he ate him out hungrily. He hadn't been meaning to turn this into anything other than a bit of teasing fun, but he just couldn't seem to get enough of his beautiful dark haired boyfriend. He applied his tongue with vigour to Rayne's ass and didn't care if he was on the phone still or not.

"That took you long enough!" Rayne laughed huskily as Dominic finally twigged what was going at their end of the line. His free hand slid down to stroke through Xavier's soft curls. He bit his lips again, still smiling as his lover's tongue fluttered and probed in his clenching ring. "Mmmhhh..." he groaned, arching his back and pressing down with the foot on Xavier's shoulder as his slim hips bucked fiercely. "Jesus Dom!" he was panting as he switched the phone over to speaker mode so that Xav could hear the effect he was having; "Most people would have the fuckin' decency to ring back later, you know!"

Dominic's little chuckle sounded completely unrepentant. "You called me, Darling!" he said, and they could both hear the grin in his voice. "What's the little minx doing to you?"

"Wouldn't you like to know, you dirty-minded old fucker!" Rayne's answer dissolved into a husky moan and his breathing quickened automatically as Xavier took the teasing to another level.

Xavier had hastily unzipped his jeans and shoved them down his hips, shucking his clothes yet again. He was beginning to think he should just leave them off entirely when Rayne was around! He stroked the smooth firm head of his cock between Rayne's pert cheeks, rubbing seductively over his spit soaked anus.

"Want some, sweetheart?" he purred.

"Oh yes!" Dom's little voice enthused over the phone before Rayne could summon the will to speak.

Rayne stroked his bare feet slowly over the firm globes of his lover's arse and nodded his head, eyes very wide and eager. His hand had moved down to caress Xavier's lower belly and his thumb was rubbing in slow circles at the base of his sexy mate's beautiful, rock-hard cock.

"He's not talking to you, you old queen!" he chuckled wickedly at Dominic, cutting the speaker again and lifting the phone back to his ear. Then his fangs extended slightly. "No, I am not gonna take fuckin' pictures of it! I'm gonna hang up now!"

Rayne arched his back again, pressing himself urgently against Xavier's cock head, feeling the hot, sleek, spunk-wet dome stretch and breach his tongue-fucked ring. He made no attempt to press the disconnect button and Xavier began to get the distinct impression that his lover was enjoying this voyeuristic conversation, big time. Rayne's lush, milky coffee-coloured prick was curved up over his belly, standing proud of his navel and dripping little pearls onto his smooth skin as he teased Lord Warren verbally.

"Aaaahh, fuuuck!" Xavier groaned, tipping his head back as he sunk into the tight wet tunnel gripping him. "Uh, fuck, Ray...that's so good," he crooned, completely ignoring the phone in Rayne's hand. He didn't care if Dominic listened, and if it got his lover hot, all the better. His hands moved in soft caresses up and down Rayne's hips and thighs as he worked himself deeper, bucking harder.

Rayne was fluid and complicit beneath him, his slim legs twined tightly around Xavier's hips and thighs as he rode each thrust with short, breathless cries of pleasure. He lifted the phone away from his ear now, reaching up to hold it to Xavier's cheek. On the other end of the line he could hear the rapid panting of a man perilously close to orgasm. It seemed Rayne was not the only one enjoying their little interchange on the phone.

"Uhhh... that's it, darling. Ride him hard!" their eager friend exhorted in a husky voice. "Sweet Lord and Lady you two are so delicious!"

Xav gave a breathless little laugh that turned into a sweet groan as he did just as Dominic suggested and fucked Rayne like he wanted to drive him into the mattress, while panting in Dominic's ear. One of his hands gripped Rayne's hip and the other circled around his shaft, fisting his cock in rapid strokes with each hard thrust of his own bucking body.

He watched the tiny, tell-tale changes in Rayne, the expression on his face, the way he tightened his thighs around him and Xav whimpered with pleasure. "Ohhh, yeah...fu-uck, mmm-uh. I wanna make you cum baby."

Rayne undulated fiercely against him, his pale eyes gone almost black with lust; small, white teeth clenched hard, the lower jaw drawn back slightly so that his extended fangs overlay the lower canines, pricking into his bottom lip and drawing blood. His head turned restlessly from side to side and his hands moved over the bedcovers like wandering ghosts. He gripped the heavy cloth from time to time as the surge of sexual energy stoked up by Xavier's thrusting body became almost overwhelming. When that happened a little whine of longing escaped his throat and his whole body tightened for a moment around his lover's shaft, then released him, leaving Rayne limp and pliant again.

"So close..." he whimpered in a shuddering voice. "Oh Xav! Fuck me! Wank me hard! So fuckin' close..."

Another tremor rippled fiercely through him and his fingers released the telephone, wherein Dominic Warren was making similar entreaties as he fisted himself to the urgent, breathless sounds of their coupling. It fell to the duvet unheeded as Rayne gripped the cover again, pulling himself eagerly onto Xavier's surging erection; bucking his own tumescent rod into his lover's hot, sticky hand as he rode Xav harder.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Jesus fuckin' Christ, Xavier!" he yelped, becoming frantic with need as he felt the hot spike of arousal plunging deep into his loins again. Powerful rectal muscles pulled tight around his lover's deliciously hot cock and his own horny member lurched and throbbed in the blond's pumping hand. "Omifuckin'god... that's it... wank me harder... fuck, yes... like that... Jesus, yes! Yes! Gonna... Gonna... Fuckmeeeeeeeeyesssssss!"

Rayne slammed back down into the bedclothes, practically screaming as Xavier's breathtakingly beautiful prick pulsed inside him. The semen rose from his balls and jetted from the weeping eye of his own super-sensitive rod. Cum spattered like a warm, driving sleet on his heaving chest. He felt the climax surge through his loins with the swell and thrust of Xavier's hot cock in his belly, spilling heat into every nerve and muscle until he could hardly move at all. His blood was on fire and his heartbeat was practically tribal.

Xavier's body moved like a well-oiled machine, flowing in pounding rhythm with Rayne's frantic beat. He was caught up in the stunning, shuddering maelstrom of Rayne's pleasure, holding back his own just long enough to stroke and thrust every last drop of trembling orgasm from his lover.

He released Rayne's cock then and gripped his narrow hips hard, powering into him with a few more deep strokes before he got caught in the undertow of Rayne's passion and was pulled down. He gave one more deep frantic thrust, buried as far as he could possibly go and the buzzing pressure behind his pelvis released in a spasmodic gush.

"Uhhh...uuuhhh...ohh god, Ray, ohgodohgod." Black spots danced behind his closed eyes and he collapsed over Rayne's panting body as the last of the violent tremors coursed through him.

His head dropped on Rayne's shoulder and Xavier whimpered nonsensically as his hot breath huffed over Rayne's throat and stirred his hair, his arms locking around him tightly. Rayne curled around him, purring like a contented tiger, his mouth seeking and finding Xavier's trembling lips and kissing them long and hard. From the rumpled bedclothes beside them, his mobile phone buzzed for a little while with the tiny, tinny, excited voice of Lord Warren, expressing his admiration and gratitude ad infinitum. Or at least it might have been but Rayne reached for it without opening his eyes and turned it off.

Xavier kissed him back with languid movements of his lips and loving strokes of his tongue. He didn't think he was capable of anything more strenuous at the moment. He didn't even notice Rayne shut the phone down because he was lost in a hazy drowse, the most amazing body buzz. The feel of Rayne's hands stroking soothingly up and down his dewy back was hypnotic, it felt so sensual.

"Mmm...bite me Ray, just a little?" he pleaded sweetly, his voice sounding almost drunk. His lover kissed the lobe of his right ear and licked him there playfully.

"We are supposed to be trying to restrain ourselves, aren't we? Her Ladyship said I bite you too much for your own good, and I do worry that the old Queen's probably right. Bu-ut..." He sighed contentedly and kissed Xavier's neck, precisely over the twin dimple points of his previous bites. "Matthew was right, that you are very, very, fuckin' tasty."

The reminder of Matt pulled Xavier back to reality a bit. He didn't move but he had to ask.

"Who is he to you?" Xavier had tried for a mild tone but was falling a little short. "I was trying to be nice, Rayne, I really was, but he had attitude the second he set eyes on me."

Rayne shrugged a little. "Matty's like that with everyone I shag. He's just jealous, still thinks he's got a piece of me." He tried for a look of innocence when Xavier just stared incredulously at him. "Okay," he muttered at last, almost unwillingly. "We were an item for a while. A long while; but we've not been together for ages now."

"How long?" Xavier asked, not entirely surprised by this but still a little bit stung at the idea of Rayne still seeing his ex-boyfriend.

"A while." Rayne hunched his shoulders again. "We should get cleaned up. Dom's going to make you some dinner."

The evasion bothered Xavier more than finding Rayne in bed with another man or knowing Matt was Rayne's 'ex'. His brows drew together slightly.

"I'm not pissed, Ray. I just...wanted to know. It would be kinda stupid to think you didn't have a life before I came along, right?" He gave Rayne a look that was hard to read. Xavier had already guessed that Matthew was the one that Rayne had called last night. The first person he called. Before he even got his foot in the door. He wasn't jealous precisely but...a warning would have been nice. At the very least Rayne could have told Matt about him, that might have made his morning a little less unpleasant. "Are you really surprised he still thinks he's got a piece of you? He runs a big part of your life, you're still fucking him, he's got a key to your place, and it's perfectly okay for him to come over and throw your tricks out in the morning."

"He threw you out?" Rayne asked, his eyes darkening.

Xavier's mouth twisted slightly. "Not exactly. He suggested, pretty heavy, that I should get back to work. I could of just ignored it but I didn't know how long you'd be gone and I didn't know how much more mouth I could take." He snorted softly and gave a rueful shake of his head and then he went still suddenly as something else clicked into place, several somethings actually.

He'd known straight off that Matt Greening was a vampire, had felt it before he even got close to him, just like he'd known what Nicolas was. He thought about his conversation with Dominic on the train, about how Nicolas felt, and Dominic had pointed out that he'd known Elian was a vampire too, but Xav had said it wasn't the same. It wasn't just that he'd known beforehand what Elian was either. He'd felt different. He felt like Jabez. And both of them felt different to Rayne, and Rayne felt different to Nicolas or Matt Greening...because both Nico and Matt hadn't been vampires that long. He didn't know how he knew that, but he did. If Matt hadn't been a vampire that long, Xav guessed that he and Rayne were an 'item' before Matt was Turned and from there it wasn't much of a leap to guess the rest.

"You Turned Matt," he said softly, not at all sure how he felt about that.

"Fuck!" Rayne shook his head, a cynical half-smile pulling lazily at his lips. He threw his hands up. "I don't have to explain, but I will. You've met him now, you've listened to him - till your ears bled, I guess. He's a very, very hard person to say no to. And no, before you even ask it, I wasn't his boyfriend when I gave him my blood. It was all a bit... It was a professional arrangement, all right? And he had no fuckin' right to speak to you like that, but yeah... I guess that was partly my fault. I should have warned him." He looked at his hands with a little shrug. "Sorry. I didn't think."

The corners of Xavier's mouth tugged up the slightest bit. Rayne looked so fuckin' adorable like that; his expression halfway between annoyed and contrite. The apology, however grudgingly admitted, was enough to assuage Xavier, for now. His hands slid gently up Rayne's smooth chest and Xav's warm lips pressed searchingly to his.

"Okay," was all he said further on it, before he kissed Rayne again, longer and slower. He rolled, pulling the lean, nude vampire over on top of him, his fingers creeping up into his mussed hair. The kiss started to get more heated and Xavier finally broke off with a little laugh and a smile for Rayne. "Didn't you say Dominic's making dinner?"

Rayne's expression acknowledged a flash of surprise before shutting down again, giving way to the slightly reserved veneer. He did return the smile though.

"Okay? That's it? You're not gonna give me the nth degree?" He narrowed his pale, pretty eyes suspiciously.

"Do you want me to?" Xav teased, and then after a little pause said, "I told you, I'm not pissed off, I'm not gonna start playing the jealous bitch, I just needed to know what the deal was. I don't think you're lying so...there ain't much point getting bent outta shape about the past."

Rayne was still looking at him suspiciously and Xavier laughed. "Seriously, what do you expect me to do? You want me to flip out over it? Believe me, if you piss me off I'll let you know. I don't play games, Ray. I'm not pretending... anything, okay?"

The look Rayne was narrowing on him mellowed and he shook his head.

"No, I don't want that. I just... I kind of expect it. Whenever I try and predict what you're gonna do you always manage to turn it around on me. I guess I'm not used to people surprising me like that," he said carefully, pulling Xavier to him and planting a kiss on his forehead. "It's a bit weird, that's all. But I'm not pissed off, either. And I believe you're wanting to eat? I'm sure Her Ladyship will be happy to oblige after this afternoon's little game."

He kissed Xavier more tenderly, finding his lips this time and holding him close. The feel of that warm, affectionate body in his arms sent a little quiver of pleasure through him that was nothing at all to do with sex. Not that the sex wasn't utterly fabulous.

They headed out to Dominic's place after a good shower and a change of clothing. Xav had borrowed some jeans and a mesh tee from Rayne's wardrobe, finding both a decent enough fit on him in spite of his lover's slightly shorter, leaner build. Xavier was just about to ask if Rayne remembered the route but his mate was leading the way confidently enough that he kept his mouth shut. Maybe being back in London and slipping into old, familiar routines was helping his memory. Xavier wanted to ride on the tube and Dominic's place was technically only one stop away but Rayne talked him into going overland instead, since they would apparently have to walk just as far to get to the tube station, then come back again, which seemed very strange to Xav. It was not an unpleasant stroll though, Dominic lived in a very affluent looking neighbourhood which was only a handful of blocks from Chepstow Villas and the bustling Portobello Road. As they crossed the street beyond the pretty little church of St. John's, Notting Hill, which looked as if it had been transported from some country village into the middle of London, they found themselves facing a stately crescent of imposing, Georgian terraced mansions, with perfectly pointed mink coloured brickwork to the upper storeys and white painted plasterwork on the ground and lower floors, Xav glanced at Rayne, wondering if he'd forgotten the location after all. He looked briefly uncertain. These houses were even more impressive than the ones at Chepstow Villas. Then he suddenly strode up to one of the doorsteps, more decisively.

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