tagLoving WivesLonely Brother-in-Law

Lonely Brother-in-Law


"Poor Frank," was all Janet said to me one evening as I was watching TV.

"Frank who?" I responded.

"Come on Ron, how many Franks do we know?"

I thought for a few seconds and said, "Well there's your sister's ex, and there's...a..."

"Well OK then, we've established which Frank I was referring to."

"OK, so why 'Poor Frank'?"

"He called looking for you today and he was feeling all depressed and abandoned," Janet said.


"Well Lori is remarried and their son has moved out to go to college and he feels all alone."

"What about his girlfriend?"

"Pay attention, Ron, she moved out months ago."

"So what am I supposed to do?"

"You keep promising to stop by to visit him after work, but you never do."

"I know. But the fact is that by the time I get free and get all the way up to his house it is usually after 8:00 and he is three quarters in the bag by then.

"I know. It's not your fault. But I feel like we should do something for him. I feel so bad."

"I could invite him over here after work. That way you could keep him company and maybe even sober until I get home."

"Oh thanks. Make me the bad guy that doesn't let him drink."

"I didn't say that you couldn't let him drink, you can just control how fast he does it. If you give him a beer when he gets here and you talk to him, he won't guzzle a 12 pack in an hour."

The next day I called Frank and invited him over after work on Friday but he had to finish a job and couldn't' make it, so we made it for the following Friday. I forgot to tell Janet and I even forgot all about it myself. To make things even worse I had to go out of town that week and would not be getting back until late Friday night. I always call Janet before I get on the plane for my return. This time when I called her about 5:30 Friday night she said, "Oh hi Ron, guess who's here."

It hit me right away, "Oh my god, Frank! I'm sorry honey I forgot all about it. I'll get there as soon as I can. Tell Frank I'll be there soon."

"Ok," Janet feigned nonchalance. "And what time might that be?"

I checked my ticket, "Let's see...I land at 7:00 so I should be home by 7:30 or 8:00."

"Great...see you then."

I knew Janet was pissed and I later found out what happened.

Frank showed up just before 5. He had been home to shower and change and grab a couple beers first. When he arrived he had a beer in his hand and a cold 12-pack under his arm. He kissed Janet and said "'My Little Wauneta'. I miss you so much."

They talked and Frank drank. Eventually Frank became a crying drunk. He sobbed uncontrollably. "Nobody cares. Even Ron who I love like a brother, doesn't have time for me."

Janet tried to console him but he wept like a baby. Janet went over to him and he pulled her down onto his lap. "Oh Wauneta" he moaned and melted against her back and cried some more.

Janet tried to free herself from his grip but it was hopeless. He had a death grip on her and he was going into this long weep about how she was the only one who cared.

Janet honestly felt bad for him. He's a really nice guy and she hated seeing him so weepy. He kept hugging her and kissing her neck and back. His hands were all over her, touching her hips and stomach and her legs and her shoulders and her breasts and her face and her breasts again and her hips again and her breasts again and her breasts again. She just assumed that he was so drunk that his hands were not connected to his brain. He just kept squeezing her boobs and kissing her neck and she was getting a little turned on. Janet would pull his hands off her boobs and he would put them right back on her tits and squeeze and cry into her neck.

"Janet I am so alone and lonely. You know that I have always loved my 'Little Wauneta'. I dream about you all the time and sometimes the dreams get very 'wet' if you know what I mean."

By now he had pushed her blouse partly open and he was touching her lovely bare cleavage. She kept telling herself that he was drunk and not aware of his actions.

She was also trying to convince herself that she was only getting turned on because it had been so long since Janet and I had fucked, weeks, and not because she had always fanaticized about fucking her brother-in-law.

She was sitting on Franks lap with his hands on her almost bare tits when she began to feel his dick stirring. She moved around on his lap and soon had repositioned herself so that his rather large bulge was pressed directly against her cunt. He would make it twitch and her pussy start to get damp. Then Frank barred both of her breasts and he touched them with both hands. She didn't stop him; in fact she turned more and brought his face to her naked chest. Frank kissed and sucked her tits in a way she hadn't felt in years. She boldly put her hand on Franks bulge and was amazed to feel how big and hard it was.

Now Frank took control of Janet. He pushed her down as he unzipped and unbuckled his pants. Janet watched in guilty amazement as he freed his throbbing prick. Janet looked at his beautiful dick. "Suck me Wauneta," and with a very little touch to the back of her head Frank pushed Janet's face to his crotch and she took his dick into her mouth. My wife, who wouldn't even let my nasty dick get near her face, was actually sucking her ex brother-in-law's big prick.

He was moaning and telling her how wonderful she was and how good that felt. She loved this. Frank had one hand on her tits and then he pulled her around so he could get his other hand between her legs. When he touched her pussy Janet thought she would faint. He rubbed it through her panties and she had an immediate climax. Janet was afraid that he would stop now so she kept sucking his dick with more enthusiasm and she was rewarded with having Frank remove her panties.

"Let me see my beautiful Wauneta," he said and stood her up. Janet boldly removed her skirt and blouse and he pushed her down onto the couch and went down on her. She felt like his tongue was everywhere. He licked all over the inside of her thighs teasing her until his mouth engulfed her cunt lips and his tongue licked inside the folds and fluttered on her throbbing clit. Now his hands were everywhere, he rubbed them all over her body until she took control and put them both on her hot tits. He pinched her nipples sending shivers directly to her clit. Then Frank licked down to her asshole and buried his tongue in there. Janet gasped in wicked pleasure as he pushed his thumb into her cunt and diddled her clit. She had another amazing climax.

Janet collapsed onto the floor and Frank stood over her with his prick sticking straight out. "I need to fuck you now," he said.

"I want you to," replied Janet.

Frank raised one of Janet's legs up over his shoulder and pulled her pussy up to his dick. As he slid his hot prick into her sopping wet cunt, Janet moaned with joy. It felt amazingly wonderful to have the prick that she had often fantasized about actually slipping deep into her hot cunt. Frank just held her leg with his big dick way up inside her. His crotch was pressed firmly against her clit and they both were feeling amazing sexual pleasure. Suddenly Frank began thrusting in and out, slowly for several strokes and then without warning he was fucking her with the speed of light.

As she climaxed again Janet screamed with pleasure and Frank grunted and shot off into her cunt. I burst into the room sure that Frank was beating her up or something.

There was my wife being fucked by my ex-brother-in-law and proclaimed best friend.

"What the FUCK!" I screamed.

Frank jumped back and Janet jumped up and tried to cover herself.

Frank started to blurt out an apology and make excuses.

Janet listened for about a moment or two and then she said, "Stop it Frank."

"Ron look at you, you have a hard on. That's the first time in years that I've seen you with a hard on while you were fully dressed. You like this, don't you. It turns you on to have someone else fuck your little wife, you pervert."

"Well what do you think of this?" Janet lay back spread her legs and opened her cunt showing me Frank's cum oozing out of her pussy and all over her crotch and legs.

"Frank and I were just taking care of each other. See what he gave me, AND he gave me THREE climaxes, Ron, that's more than you've given me in a month. And yes I liked it, hell I loved it and I want even more. So if you will stand back I'm going to suck Frank's dick until it gets hard enough for him to fuck me some more."

Janet was right I loved it. I was never so turned on in my life. As I watched my lovely wife crawl over to Frank and take his limp dick into her hands and then put it in her mouth I almost shot my wad. As she played with Frank's balls and sucked his dick he got harder and harder and so did I. Frank played with my wife's pussy and she moaned that she needed his dick inside her again. Janet climbed onto Frank and sat on his hard prick.

By now I had stripped and I lost control.

"Go ahead and fuck her Frank!" I blurted out. And I stepped up behind her and started rubbing my dick on her ass.

"Fuck her cunt good, Frank, cause I'm goanna fuck her in the ass."

Janet spread her cheeks and said, "Have at it, pervert."

I couldn't believe it we were both fucking Janet at the same time and she was wild with pleasure. It wasn't long before Frank said that he wanted a piece of Janet's tight ass.

We switched places and my hard dick was now inside Janet's well-used cunt and Frank was shoving his dick into Janet's tight ass hole. It was great. We fucked Janet together and we ended climaxing in rapid succession. Janet finished first and she collapsed onto me and I licked and sucked her tits. Her cunt had remarkably strong spasms sucking an enormous load from my dick. I could feel Frank's dick against mine shoving in and out of Janet's ass until he began to shoot off. Finally he collapsed on top of Janet and we laid there in a heap laughing.

Janet laid there wide open with our sperm leaked from her cunt and ass and she said, "Someone clean me up."

Frank wasted no time going down on her cummy crotch. He was like a starving animal. First he licked out her ass then her cunt and finally he sucked on her clit until Janet had her fifth or sixth climax of the night. When he finished they kissed deeply. Finally Frank left her lying there all spread out and naked. He couldn't keep his hands off her body as he got dressed to go home.

To really appreciate how spectacularly sexy that encounter was you would have to know Janet. She is beautiful and complex. She has baggage that keeps her from ever being able to relax and have fun. She takes anti-depressants that for the most part render her sexually unresponsive and I react by rarely approaching her for sex. This encounter changed all that. Janet asked me if I hated her now and I took her into my arms and told her that I always loved her but now I had a renewed lust for her and that she was the most wonderful and sexy person alive. She got so emotional that she cried through the entire blowjob that followed.

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