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Long Awaited Duet


The MTV Music Video awards. The most controversial, exciting and utterly irrelevant night in the music industry. Winning one of these awards was about as big an honor as getting two gold stars in your third year of first grade. But, it was a good chance for people to strut their stuff.

This year's awards kicked off big, with a great opening by Madonna, Britney spears and Christina Aguilera, ending in the kiss that made headlines for weeks after.

After the performance, Britney showered and changed and went to her seat in the crowd, where she lapsed into a daydream about being a movie star.

“And the winner is…Britney Spears!”

Britney was so used to hearing it that she almost stood up to get the award, before she realised that it was in her head and Christina Aguilera was already going up to get it.

Britney felt glad for Christina. She was so talented but, for the first few years of their respective careers, Christina had been forced to stand in Britney’s shadow. Though Britney never told anyone, she thought that Christina was even a better performer than she was, hindered only by bad marketing.

And, though she never told anyone, Britney had played with herself on many occasions thinking about Christina.

Britney never really considered herself a real lesbian or even bisexual (as she knew many women in the industry were) but whenever she watched Christina gyrate her hot, sweaty body; Britney couldn’t help but get aroused.

Britney and Christina had been good friends for years but nothing had ever happened between them, indeed, it seemed to Britney that neither of them had even been with another woman.

Of course, Britney’s sexual experience was extremely limited, the result of a very strict and sheltered upbringing. She’d had sex only with Justin and she’d given head twice in her life, finding that she hated the taste of cock and that was all.

In comparison, she knew that Christina was pretty slutty and that was one reason that she was so attracted to her.

Britney sat through the awards, now daydreaming of Christina, until, finally, the last award was announced and she dashed to her dressing room.

She shared a dressing room with Christina, who didn’t appear to be there. Britney quickly checked for any sounds from the bathroom and, hearing none, she stripped down to her panties and went over to Christina’s clothing bag. There she found Christina’s underwear from earlier in the night, a bright pink little thong.

Britney lay down on one of the leather couches and, holding the still damp panties to her face and inhaling deeply, she started to masturbate.

Her moans would have been very loud, but were muffled by the thong and, for ten minutes she lay there, vigorously rubbing and fingering her dripping bald cunt. She was so engrossed in her pleasure that she didn’t hear the door open, or see Christina stand in the doorway, shocked beyond words.

Christina quickly shut the door. Even in her shock, she realised what would happen if Britney was spotted. She stood and watched Britney for a few minutes, finding that she was getting really turned on.

She went over to her bag and, as quietly as she could, got undressed. As she slipped her bra off, she heard something that got her even more worked up. Britney, plunging two fingers deep inside her pussy moaned out:

“Oh yeah, oh Christina!”

This was the first time Christina had thought of Britney being a lesbo. She of course had been with as many women as she had men (And that was to say a fair few) but Britney had always been so wholesome and proper. It had taken Christina over a week to convince Britney to go down on Justin.

Lightly rubbing her pussy, Christina crept up on Britney and stood over her, watching her and listening to her.

Then she dropped herself down right onto Britney, lying down on top of her.

Britney was forced out of her pleasure and stared in horror at Christina’s face, just inches away from hers. She didn’t register that Christina was as naked as she was or that she had a very cheeky grin on her face, only that she was there and that she’d caught Britney fantasizing about her.

Britney tried to stutter an apology, making to try and hide the thong, but her stuttering was cut short as Christina shoved her tongue down Britney’s throat.

Britney’s shock was evident but Christina didn’t care. She’d been sneaking peeks at Britney changing and grabbing sniffs of her panties here and there for too long and her chance with Britney had finally come. She pushed her long tongue far down Britney’s throat and pressed her lips hard against Britney’s. At the same time, she worked up a large pool of saliva at the back of her throat.

She brought her face up and looked down at Britney. Her face was still a mix of horror and utter shock, but she’d turned a deep shade of red and was panting loudly, at least more so than before.

Christina moved head down and, nibbling on Britney’s ear, she whispered,

“I’ve wanted you for so long.”

She moved back up and, this time, Britney smiled broadly.

Christina smiled back and pushed her spit to the front of her mouth. As it dripped of her tongue, Britney opened her mouth and received it gladly in her pretty little mouth. They moved their faces closer to each other and, their tongues leading the way, they locked lips again, this time in a mutual kiss.

As Christina started massaging Britney’s big tits, she felt Britney’s hands rubbing and groping her ass.

She let go of their kiss and stood up.

“Get up, I wanna change position.” She explained to a confused Britney.

Britney obeyed and bounced up.

Christina lay down on the couch.

Automatically, Britney went to lie down on top of Christina, as Christina had lay on her before but, Christina pushed her back up, turned her around and her kneel on her face.

Then, Britney felt Christina’s lips on her, softly kissing around her wet hole. She gasped as Christina’s tongue pushed slowly into her pussy. She’d never felt a tongue down there and it was the most amazing feeling she’d ever had.

Underneath, Christina was savoring Britney’s flavour. She slowly let her tongue circle and explore Britney’s tasty insides, her wet fingers gently massaging Britney’s clit. But, as she ate Britney out, Christina got more and more antsy herself and was soon in desperate need of assistance.

Britney seemed to notice this, but she was nervous of what might happen if she did something wrong, so she played with Christina’s tits instead, which only served in making Christina even more desperate.

Christina decided that if she ever wanted Britney to eat her out, she was gonna have to give her a helping hand and, being as flexible as she was, she knew exactly how.

As Britney softly rubbed Christina’s tits, Christina brought her legs up, wrapped them around Britney’s head and brought them down, forcing Britney’s face right into her small bush, never once removing her mouth from Britney’s puss.

Britney’d never tasted pussy before but, if she had, she doubted any other woman could taste as good as this. Christina’s pussy juices oozed freely into her mouth and she lapped it up greedily. It was salty and a tiny bit bitter, but there was something that was just so sweet about it and Britney shoved her tongue deep inside Christina, in search of more of her wonderful cum.

Christina soon got over the shock f Britney’s tongue jamming down her pussy and when she recovered, she forgot gentle completely. She jammed her tongue inside Britney over and over and her fingers, which had before, gently rubbed Britney’s clit, now roughly groped and pulled it.

She also did something she’d itched to do since she first met Britney. Lubing her finger up well with spit and cum, she slowly pushed it into Britney’s ass.

To her knowledge, Britney had never had anal, but her ass was very easy to penetrate and the next time Christina pushed in, it was with two fingers.

Britney, not knowing what to do, just did what she’d seen in pornos (Justin had tried watching them with her while they were having sex) She pressed her lips against Christina’s labia and darted her tongue in and out of her fuckhole. At the same time, she took her hand and, once Christina’s clit had emerged, she rubbed it between her finger and thumb.

After ten minutes, the two young starlets started to cum. Christina was first and Britney was a little surprised but very pleased when jets of creamy cum squirted out of Christina’s pussy and into her mouth.

The taste of Christina’s hot milk, along with the extra force Christina had used as she came took Britney over the edge and, screaming in pleasure, she exploded all over Christina’s face in what was neither her first nor last orgasm, but was by far her biggest. In fact, as she stood up, on very weak legs, Christina’s head was in a small pool of Britney’s cum.

Britney stood over Christina, who lay panting and smiling and spat a great mouthful of Christina’s own cum onto Christina’s face.

Then, leaving Christina to drink up the milky pool that she lay in, Britney went to the bathroom.

Christina soon joined Britney in the shower and they were soon locked in passionate embrace once again. As they kissed, Christina’s hand again went around and started rubbing Britney’s ass. She had wanted for so long to taste Britney’s asshole and decided that now was her time.

Britney registered what Christina wanted and, breaking their kiss, she turned around and bent over, pressing herself against the wall.

Christina got down on her knees and kissed softly around Britney’s ass cheeks, until her mouth rested in front of Britney’s puckered little pink hole.

She leaned in and, gently as she could, pushed her tongue into Britney. As before, Britney’s asshole opened fairly easily and Christina was able to get her tongue deep into her young lover’s anus.

Her tongue explored Britney’s ass, tasting her shit and Christina was in heaven. Eating ass was a fetish of hers (One of many) and she’d tasted shit before, but this was Britney’s and, while it tasted no different to anyone else’s, she got so much pleasure and satisfaction out of it.

She bobbed her head up and down and darted her tongue in and out, eating Britney’s hot ass as she started to finger Britney’s pussy.

Looking around, Britney liked what she saw very much. The sensation of Christina's tongue inside her butthole, while not really pleasuring, felt very good. She reached around and placed her hand on the back of Christina’s head. Christina stopped for a second and looked up at Britney, who giggled a little and, smiling broadly at Britney’s reception to her tongue, Christina kept eating Britney’s ass out.

Finally, almost collapsing, Britney came a second time.

Christina stood up and as they kissed, Britney could taste traces of her own shit on Christina’s tongue.

She turned Christina around and pushed her against the wall, getting down on her knees.

She spread Christina’s cheeks wide and immediately flicked her tongue over Christina’s asshole. This was a new and exciting world to Britney and she wasted no time. She shoved her tongue into Christina’s ass and brought it out again. As she ran her tongue up one of Christina’s cheeks, Britney left a long brown trail behind her and, as she looked at it, tasting Christina’s ass on her tongue, she licked it up and rammed her tongue deep inside Christina’s ass once more.

She left Christina to finger herself and concentrated on cleaning every inch of Christina’s anus her tongue could reach.

Finally, moaning loudly, Christina came again.

Britney stood up and the two stood in the shower, both very weak in the knees and cleaned each other, taking extra time to clean some very dirty areas.

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