tagIncest/TabooLong Day at Work

Long Day at Work


I have a long day at work and get home at about 6:00. When I walk through the door, my daddy is waiting for me. He takes my coat and handbag and sets them aside. He gives me a big hug and kiss and asks me how my day was. He takes me by the hand and leads me into the bathroom where he has drawn a bubble bath. There is soft music playing, incense burning and candles lit. He undresses me, puts my hair into a clip to keep it dry and helps me into the tub. He returns with a beverage for me and sits beside me. He picks up a washcloth and gently washes my back. I can see that my daddy is going to pamper me tonight because I’ve been working so hard. I wonder what he has in store for me next…did he make me dinner or will he give me a massage or both?

My daddy leaves the bathroom, surely to get me another surprise or to get some warm pajamas for me to wear. When he returns, I am relaxing with my head back and my eyes closed. Before I can open my eyes to see what’s next for me, I feel something around my throat. I instinctively put my hand up to feel what it is and my hand is slapped. I cry out in surprise and my daddy says,

“Bitch, pampering time is over, for the rest of the night you will do what your daddy says. The more you fight me, the more severe your punishment will be. Do you understand?” When I don’t answer quickly enough, I feel a strong hand slap me across my face. “Look at you starting already. I’m going to break you tonight, slut,” my daddy says. “Now one more time, DO YOU UNDERSTAND what tonight is all about?”

Quickly this time I say, “Yes, sir.”

I quickly realize that tonight my daddy is serious. There is no playing and no mercy. I resolve to do exactly what he says so I don’t suffer any more than I already have to. Just as I come to this realization, I feel a rough tug around my neck. I realize my daddy has put a collar around my neck just as he uses the chain leash to drag me out of the bathtub. What started out as a night of being the Queen will obviously end up as a night of being a submissive slut only useful for serving my daddy. My daddy drags me out of the bathtub and puts me on my hands and knees with my ass facing the door. He lets out the water and tells me to quickly dry myself off and stay exactly where I am – on my hands and knees. While he’s gone, I do as I’m told and begin to tremble at the thought of what is in store for me next but I stay exactly where I am. He returns a few minutes later but I dare not say a word. Without thinking, I turn my head slightly to see what he is doing. Before I can get a good look, I feel a sharp pain on my ass. My daddy has the paddle and I have disobeyed him by turning around. He spanks me several more times and just as suddenly as he started, he stops spanking me and I feel the weight of his body on my back and strong pull on the leash around my neck. I can barely breath. He whispers in my ear,

“Do you think it’s cute to disobey Daddy? Do you think Daddy is playing a little game and you can cry a little and use that baby voice and get me to stop and wait on your spoiled ass for the rest of the night?”

“No, sir,” I say.

“Good slut.” My daddy stands up and I so want to turn around and see what he is doing but I know better. It seems like forever before I feel the next sensation. At first I can’t figure out what he is doing to me. It doesn’t hurt but it doesn’t feel like anything my daddy has ever done. I realize he is writing on me with a marker. I don’t dare to ask him what he is writing or to ask him to stop. I just take it like a good slut. He stops and stands up again. He grabs the leash and tugs on it just a little bit this time. He said “Good girl.”

I don’t have to think much about the next sensation I feel on my back and ass. I know this one for sure. My daddy has picked up one of the candle and he’s dripping the wax all over me. I cry out because of the sudden pain and every time I cry out I feel a tug on the leash, each time the tug gets rougher and takes more of my breath from me. The burning stops and I am so thankful. I hear my daddy leave the room. I promise myself to stay exactly where I am, no matter how long he’s gone because I don’t know how much more I can take and I know I’ll get it if I move an inch.

He’s thankfully only gone a few moments and when he returns I see a flash of light. I realize he’s taking pictures of me wearing a collar and leash, on my hands and knees with something written on my back, candle wax spilled all over me and my ass probably red from the spanking. He takes a few pictures and then stops. He walks over to me and grabs the leash and puts something in my hand. I feel that it is a little dildo covered with lube. He says,

“You know what to do with that, whore.” I go to insert the dildo in my pussy and he jerks on the leash the hardest he has all night. I think I’ll faint from the choking. “Ohhhhh no, you would enjoy that you filthy slut. I want it in your tight little ass.” He lets go of the leash and I rest my shoulders on the tub. I reach around with one hand to put the dildo in my ass and the other hand to part my ass cheeks. I slowly put the dildo in my ass just as my daddy has commanded. I hear him say, “Good job, slut, get it nice and ready for your daddy’s big cock. The more you stretch it out, the less it will hurt.”

I continue to fuck my own ass and my Daddy takes pictures of me. I feel humiliated on the floor of my bathroom, burning from the candle wax and spanking, short of breath from the choking and fucking my own ass. After a few minutes of this, my ass feels much looser and I pray that the ass fucking I’m about to receive won’t hurt too much. My Daddy tells me to stop and I put the dildo down. I know what’s next.

I can feel him approaching me. He still has a hold on the leash. He straddles my ass and starts to rub his cock in my ass crack. I can feel that it’s as hard and long as it’s ever been. I know that treating me like a filthy slut has turned my Daddy on and that makes me so happy and the all the pain I’m feeling is easier to bear knowing that I am pleasing him. He takes his cock in his hand and puts just the head in my asshole. He mercifully lets me get used to just his thick cock head. While he begins to fuck, he wraps the leash around his hand and he tugs on the collar with each thrust into ass. He gives me more and more and more of his big black cock and I don’t cry or flinch once, knowing my punishment will be much more painful than his beautiful big dick in my ass.

He fucks me for what seems like forever. He forces me tell him over and over what a filthy whore I am and how much I worship my Daddy’s big thick black cock and how much I love it when he stretches my little asshole out. He says,

"Take that dick you dirty bitch and maybe I won’t have to hurt you too much more tonight.” I take all my Daddy’s dick like a good girl over and over again.

“Daddy, I love your huge cock, fuck my ass harder and harder. Use me as your cum slut. I want your hot cum deep in my asshole.” When I say that, my Daddy rewards me with his hot wet load in my ass. I feel him cumming forever and it hurts so much when he does. He tugs the leash until I feel like I am going to faint and he thrusts into my ass deeper than he ever has. When he pulls out I feel like my ass is the size of a tunnel and I feel his precious hot load spilling out of my ass. As soon as he’s finished, he picks up the camera and takes more humiliating pictures of me on the floor like a worthless whore, his cum pouring out of my asshole. I can feel that he also taking extreme close ups, all the details of our filthy anal sex for anyone to see.

I am sure that this is it - that my Daddy has used me like a useless whore cum bucket for long enough. I just know we’ll go lay on the couch cuddle up and watch TV. But instead he, throws a towel on me and says,

“You look like such a filthy whore kneeling there, get your ass up and take a shower and clean yourself up for your Daddy. Don’t even think you’re done.” I start to cry quietly now. I thought I had served my Daddy well but he wants more. I stand up and take a shower. He joins me there in a few minute and orders me on my knees to wash his cock. “You better wash it good whore or you’ll be tasting your own ass while I fuck your mouth.” I gently and thoroughly wash my Daddy’s beautiful cock along with the rest of his body. For the first time since I was in the tub, my Daddy is gentle with me. He washes my back and tells me, “You’re being such a good slut. You took all of your Daddy’s cock like a good little whore. Daddy is proud of you. I may even let you cum one time tonight. Would you like that little girl?”

“Yes sir, I would. Whatever makes you happy Daddy.” You notice that I answer quickly and can barely look you in the eye. You know you are finally starting to break this slut and you stand there deciding how to use me for the rest of the night…

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