tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLong Hard Ride

Long Hard Ride


Thanks again Jerry for the time you take to edit for me. I hope everyone will enjoy this western story. I enjoyed writting it. Jo

In the spring of 1865 my husband and I had been working like dogs to get a little homestead going. It had been a bitterly hard winter on us and on the livestock. We had lost one of our most prized possessions, Mabel, our milk cow. We desperately needed to find a replacement. My husband, William, had heard of some stock for sale in Ortown, about a four-day wagon trip. He packed up the buckboard, took our meager savings, and headed towards Ortown to get new stock and needed supplies for the cabin.

I was looking forward to a little new fabric to make a few dresses; mine were getting threadbare and worn. I had to stay at home to feed the stock and get some of the garden ground ready to plant. Bill hated to leave me; I saw it in his eyes. We had heard tell of Indian uprisings in the area. I knew how to use the rifle but it is a hard land and a rough land. Many of the people we had meet on the way here two years ago had died along the way; most had been killed by disease or Indians.

Life had been especially hard on me the last two years. I was just 23 and already lost one child at birth. The poor little thing never took a breath. He was so perfect lying there in my arms I hated to place him in the little box that Bill crafted for him. I had lost the gentle sweetness of city life and had aged more than a woman should in just two years. My skin was getting rough and my hands were blistered and worn. I longed for the days of frilly dresses and perfumed soft skin I had left behind in Missouri. Bill's dream of living out West and having a ranch had swept me in and I too was drawn into the dream, not fully knowing the blood and sweat that would have to be poured into that new life .

I was hoeing in the garden just one day after Bill left when I saw some men riding in from the east. Not wanting to take any chances I ran for the cabin and grabbed the rifle just as Bill had taught me. You don't trust anyone in this wild place. I watched them ride up slowly I saw that one was only a boy of 16 or 17, the other two much older. They were dirty and covered with dust; their horses were looking ragged. They didn't seem to mind my holding a rifle level with their heads.

The oldest looking stranger said, "Ma'am, sorry to bother you but we have been riding for a week headed to work on the railroad. We got chased back two days ago by some Indians and had to take a different route. These are my brothers; the youngest is Tim. David is my twin brother; he don't talk to much cause he stutters bad. My name is Sam. Can we impose on you and your man for the use of your barn to freshen up the horses and sleep for the night. Maybe get washed up some."

Sam seemed so polite and the boy looked young an innocent. David just looked dirty and pitiful. Their mounts were in dire need of a rest and a good brushing out; the dirt was caked on them. I was torn and wished that Bill were here. This was no time for him to be gone.

My Christian upbringing won out and I lowered the rifle and told them they could bed down and take care of the horses out at the barn. Sam thanked me and even wished God's blessings on me. I though that having these men here for a day or two might even be a good thing. I needed a little help with a few heavy chores. If I offered them a good hot meal they may help me get some more cook stove wood spit and help me fix the split rail corral. We had been forced to burn a few rails during the winter when the firewood ran out.

The men unsaddled their horses and the boy lead off the horses to a creek that ran behind the barn to water them and wash them off. The other men carried the saddles and bags into the barn; then they headed out to the creek too. I didn't want to watch them wash themselves or the horses. It wasn't ladylike; so I went to the house and started to fix a supper for company. I figured I'd feed them out on the porch. It wouldn't be seemly to have them in the house while Bill was gone.

I fixed a hot pot of coffee and warmed up some leftover ham and beans that I had stored in the springhouse. from the going away dinner I made for Bill. I went out to the cellar and dug deep into the hay pile and pulled out some potatoes and apples we had stored over winter and took them into the house wrapped in my apron. I fried the potatoes up and sliced the apples as a special treat; it's not too often we get fresh fruit out here. When the supper was fixed I stepped out on the porch and scanned the field for signs of my guests. I saw that the boy was currying the horses down; they looked much better. He was working hard, removing burs from the manes and he seemed to take pride in his work. At intervals he would step back and look at the horses scanning for places he had missed. The Twins were not to be seen. I stepped off the porch and approached the youth to invite him and his older brothers for a hot supper. I walked up and spoke to him. I must have spooked him a little and he reached for his gun for a second. I guess this land makes us all jumpy.

"Sorry, ma'am, you startled me.

"Would you and your brothers join me for a hot dinner on the porch in a little bit? I have some ham and beans and fried potatoes. I also have a fresh pan of biscuits in the wood stove."

His eyes lit up and I saw a big smile spread across his face. "Oh, ma'am, I have not had a home cooked meal in over a month. I would be honored."

I was surprised at how polite this boy was, just like his brother. Their mother must be proud I thought. He was still dirty; taking the time to groom the horses first. He had a bad odor to him.

"Well after you bed down those horses wash up and get your brothers and we will eat." I turned and walked back to the cabin. When I walked into the cabin I was shocked and surprised to see the two older men sitting at my kitchen table.

"Gentlemen we are eating outside on the porch." They ignored me

"Where is your man?"

"Out with the stock," I lied. I knew I was in trouble in that second.

"We looked around, and we think he is gone, no buckboard in the barn. We saw where it had been. No team in the barn either. I think your man is gone somewhere. Where is he?"

Sam stood up and lunged for me. He grabbed me by the hair and shook me. "Now, Bitch, where is your Man? Don't you lie. If I catch you in a lie you will pay for it!" He continued to shake me by my hair. I screamed out in fear and pain. Sam stopped shaking me and slapped me hard across the face Shut up bitch! Settle down."

He shoved me into a chair at the table. I was shaking in fear; then I looked over at David and he had a pistol out pointed at me.

"He is gone. He is in Ortown buying stock. Please eat supper and go. I have no money. I don't have anything. Pleeaasse go!" I cried. Let us be the judge of that woman. Let's eat." I was shaking but I put out the plates and served them supper. I watched as they dug in and ate with gusto. Just then the boy Tim walked into the house. His hair still wet from his bath in the creek.

"What the hell Sam. her lip is bleeding? She was nice to us."

"Shut up, Tim. This is none of your business boy. Sit and eat. At least the bitch can cook."

Tim sat down and made himself a plate and looked at me shaking in my chair. He looked ashamed. They ate all the food, and I and cleared the table washed the dishes and poured them some coffee. I mistakenly thought if I was nice to them they would go on their way without hurting me.

Sam went outside and came back with a bottle of whiskey. He passed the bottle around and even the boy drank from it. Then he handed it to me. I nodded a no but Sam scolded me and said, drink when I tell you to."

I brought the bottle to my lips and had my first taste of whisky. It burned as I swallowed it. Sam and David laughed at me as I tried to shake off the taste. They passed around the bottle and we drank it till it was gone. I hated the taste and it made me warm like when the wood stove was burning too hot. I walked past David on the way to try and get me some coffee to wash out the taste of the whisky they had forced on me when he reached out and scooped me around the waist and dragged me down into his lap. Laughing at me,. he stuttered "ssiiiittt heeeeerr baabayyyy."

I tried to wiggle out of his grasp but my effort only caused his smile to turn to a frown and he forced me harder into his lap. He untied my apron and tossed it across the room. He started to kiss me. I was so shocked I tried to turn my face away. He got mad and grabbed my hair and forced his lips against my sore cut lip. He kept kissing me hard and trying to force my mouth open with his. This was strange to me. My husband doesn't kiss like this. He pushed his wet smelly tongue into my mouth. I though I would get sick. It tasted of whisky and chewing tobacco.

I started to feel his maleness bulge under my bottom and I started to cry. I knew where this was going; I was going to be raped in my own home buy three men, at least two. Tears ran down my face as I felt the big man undoing the buttons of my little cotton dress He opened it wide, exposing my bloomers and my corset. Sam got up and walked over to me and started to rub my breast through the corset. Tim got up and left the cabin, leaving me with his two older brothers. The twins then started to grope my chest and pinch my nipples till I squealed in pain.

"Pleeaasse, please don't do this!. I beg you!. I am a married woman, a good Christian woman. Please! No! I cried.

Sam slowly untied my corset and removed it, smiling broadly as he unwrapped my breasts as his prize. David actually slid his hand down into my bloomers and blatantly touched my sex. He stuttered to his brother, "Shheeee iss dryy, Saaaamm, maaayyy neeed some larddd." He laughed. He put his big fingers to my sex in ways I never dreamed of. He stroked my womanhood with his thick finger till, God forgive me, I started to feel a tingle inside myself and I was getting wet down there. I was so ashamed I let my head fall and lie still on his chest. While he assaulted my womanhood and his brother roughly squeezed my swelling breasts.

Sam started to mouth my nipples like a baby nursing on its mother. Never have I thought that men do these things to women. I was shocked to see this big man's head against my chest trying to get milk from my dry breast. Fear, shame and excitement had me paralyzed. He nibbled at my tits with his teeth making me jump. My jumping and wiggling was having an adverse effect on his brother's maleness as his groin swelled. I could feel it stretch beneath me. David had his finger inside me just a tiny bit I was wet and it was starting to feel good. I was still afraid for my life.

Sam suddenly pulled out a knife. I saw the flash of the blade and I screamed. David stopped what he was doing and held me tight while Sam cut off my bloomers and all of my clothes leaving nothing but rags on the floor and me totally and shamefully nude in his brothers lap.

Sam stepped back and admired his handiwork and my naked body. "Not to bad he barked."

I didn't want to look at them; I tried to avert my eyes. Their stares were burning into my soul. Let's take a look and see what we have here."

Then David grabbed my thighs and pried them apart exposing my private areas He dropped to his knee and looked into me, using his hands to spread my tender flesh. Shame washed through me as I was examined like no other human on earth had ever done.

"Well I figured she wasn't a virgin, he told David. "Let's see how tight she is."

He placed his big rough callused finger into me. I closed my eyes. "That's one," he said. Then he removed the single and placed two fingers together and pushed them into my pink hole. It was uncomfortable and I squirmed a bit, causing me to feel David's swollen member beneath me. "That's two," he said. Then he removed those fingers and put three fingers together and started to push them against my opening. It hurt and he was having some trouble inserting them. He said, "Ah Dave, she is a three finger bitch."

David laughed and said,. "Lett'ss maakkkee her a fffffourr orr ffffive."

Sam stood back up and lifted me off his twin's lap like I was a bag of feathers and started to drag me toward the bed. David was right behind him. They tossed me down on the feather tick mattress. They both started to undo there gun belts at the same time. David stepped out of his pants first and unleashed his big penis from his dirty underwear first. He grabbed my hair and pulled me toward his sex till my face was touching his big swollen member.

"Suuckk it bbbaaabby!" he ordered

Oh my God in heaven! He wanted me to put that thing into my mouth. I had heard dirty women in the saloons did things like that. I wasn't a saloon girl. I had never done anything so vulgar in my life.

I clamped my mouth shut and tried to pull my head away from his groin. David pulled my hair so tight that I felt like it was going to give way and leave me without a large amount of my hair. No way was he going to put that big dirty thing in my mouth! With his free hand he grabbed my jaw and tried to open my mouth. He tried to stick his fingers into my jaw and to loosen my clenched mouth. I bit his finger. He backhanded me, causing my lip to start bleeding again. I was too mad to cry.

"Dammm the bbbiitchhhh bbbit mmeee! Help mee Ssssaaaamm!"

Sam grabbed his gun from the holster on the floor and cocked it sticking it up to my temple. "You heard my brother. Suck it Bitch!"

His steel eyes burned into my flesh. I felt the cool steel of the revolver against my head. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth. David pushed his penis into my mouth. It was hard and smooth and tasted like the smell of urine. I started to cry in earnest.

"Lickkk me Bbbbaaabbbyyy."

"Don't you know how to suck a dick, Bitch?"

I nodded no. He smiled and said, "Don't worry; we will have lots of lessons. Lick him like you were eating ice cream at an ice cream social bitch."

I tried to obey. I felt like vomiting. David held onto the base of his member and was using it to guide his huge prick into and out of my mouth. He keep going deeper and deeper into my throat, choking me until I could not breathe. I was going to get sick and pass out; I just knew I would.

"Ssammm shee ca ca nt ssuck cccock. This isn't wwworkking."

"Well fuck her then you big lug. We can teach her how to suck cock later."

With that Sam grabbed me and flipped me over. He ordered me to my knees and pointed the gun at me again. I did as I was told with tears running down my face dripping onto the quilt my mother had made for me. I tried to concentrate on the patterns in the patchwork. I saw in the quilt glimpses of happier times, \scrap of my mothers favorite dress, remnants of my childhood dresses and those of my sister, a piece of fathers Sunday suit. Oh God! I wish I had never left Missouri. My sister has married well and stayed in the city in a fine home with a maid. She has a lovely daughter. I miss her. Here I was in Wyoming, rough and worn, my own lovely child buried out behind my garden. I have two strange men abusing and raping me.

David ripped into me without any regard for my comfort. He forced my head down into the quilt and proceeded to pound me like a wild mustang does his mare. He was large, much larger than my dear husband, and he was hurting me.

Sam was yelling, "Ride her Dav'! That's it! Fuck her hard! Ride that bitch hard!

Sam released his cock from its confines and began to stoke it in anticipation of his ride. Dave was rough and pulling his big slick dick almost out of me before ramming it back it to the hilt, slamming the bed against the log wall. He was ripping me open. I was being lubricated with my own blood. He was holding my hips and pulling me back and onto his cock, pulling so hard into my hipbones I was lifted off the bed with each of his thrusts. He kept at me for what seemed like forever. Then he moaned a little and I felt his big member swell and jerk inside me as I felt his seed fill my insides.

He held me impaled on him tightly up against his testicles for a while and I started to feel him getting smaller and starting to naturally withdraw from my body. He was done with me and tossed me flat on my back on the bed and walked away. Sam approached me with his pants off and with his large hard dick dangling in front of him. I tried to crawl backward up and away from his approach. He grabbed one ankle and pulled me back toward him. This time I was on my back looking right up at Sam's face. He lay down on me with his total weight and I felt his manhood against my belly.

"Spread your legs for me, woman," he said quietly but yet menacing into my ear.

I could tell he meant to be obeyed. I was broken, dirty, and used. I was in no position to fight; all was lost. I gave in and let my legs fall apart. He commented on how I was bleeding like a dam virgin. I couldn't hide from his eyes. He bored into me. My legs were forced up and over his back as he pumped my body.

His erection inserted at a different angle than his twin touched me in different places inside. I was crying and he reached down with his mouth and licked away my tears as they streamed from my eyes. He kept up an even and steady stroke, and at the angle he was entering me the lips of my vagina were wrapped tightly around his cock as it made its way inside and back out of me over and over.

The intensity built inside my own body and I realized I would die if he stopped now. David walked up behind Sam looking down at my body and was quiet as he watched Sam fuck me; now my own body struggled to force him deeper inside of me. My body betrayed me and started to shake and I saw stars for a second. Something was happing to me, something that I could not explain. It felt as though something inside me had given way all the way from my head to my vagina. Fluid seemed to be running from me. I had an over whelming urge to tell this monster inside of me that I loved him. He picked up the pace and my body was shivering uncontrollably.

Then he released his seed inside of me. I could feel a huge rush of it squirting at intervals inside me as his cock jumped and twitched in my cunt. He pushed tight up against my groin and looked down into my eyes. For just a second I saw what I thought might be some empathy for me. He pulled slowly out of me. He rolled me over so that he could not see my eyes, then slapped my rump hard intentionally breaking the quite spell on the room. I don't know how I knew then but I knew right away they had left me a gift, It was a small gift that would grow inside me for the next nine months.


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