tagMatureLong Time No See

Long Time No See


It was the last summer before college and I was looking forward to having the house to myself during the daytime when my parents were both at work. It meant waking up late, spending lots of time in the pool, and basically doing as little as possible for three months. It was going to be perfect. The only catch was that I had to do a lot of the housework, and play chauffeur to our family friend who was visiting from out of town for a couple weeks.

That wasn't so bad, though. April was in her early 40s, and the last time I saw her I was only about 12 but she was a lot of fun then, joking around and keeping my parents up with long games of poker. I was too young to participate in that.

When she did arrive from her cross-country flight, my mom went to get her from the airport. I was watching TV when they got back. I could hear them laughing as they came in but April stopped laughing when she saw me.

"Joey??? Tell me that's not little Joey."

I was a little taken aback, and just said, "Well, I go by Joe now." She was looking me up and down and shaking her head.

"Well you certainly have grown. I'd never have recognized you." She laughed and raised her eyebrows at my mom.

I was just 5'2" when I was 12, and now I was about 5'10", not very tall but I had filled out a lot, and spent a lot of time in the pool so I was in good shape. I noticed April had lost a few pounds since the last time she was here, and she looked good. About 5'5" and a nice shape, still with some extra padding but in the right places. Her age wasn't showing except in the fine lines around her eyes and the devil-may-care attitude.

She was tired from the long flight so said good night and went to bed.

The next morning I went out to take some laps in the pool. My mom had left a note out for me that I was to do whatever April wanted, no questions asked. She still treated me like I was 12, but I didn't care. I got to use the car, which was all the convincing I needed.

I changed into my speedos and grabbed a towel and headed out to the pool. I tried to do about 100 laps a day, and was at about 50 when I felt something hit me on the back. I stopped where I was and looked up to see a beach ball skipping across the water. April was standing at the side of the pool giggling.

"Nice catch," she joked.

I laughed too and said good morning.

"Good morning to you too. You've been going for a while there, you didn't see me?"

"No, I pretty much zone out. Have you been there long?"

"Long enough," she said with a smile. "I'm having some breakfast out here, if you don't mind."

"Not at all. I've got a few laps to go still, then I'll join you."

She turned back to the house and I watched her go, admiring the curves. I felt funny all of a sudden, so I shook the ideas from my head and resumed my laps. I'd lost my momentum, though, so when I looked up and saw April at the table a few yards from the pool with a newspaper and some coffee in front of her, I made my way to the side.

"Finished?" she asked.

"For now. It's boring but it keeps me in shape. I'll have to do another few laps in a while."

"I can relate. I do the treadmill and it's the most boring thing I've endured since I was married." She laughed heartily, and I laughed with her.

I jumped out of the pool and toweled myself off, feeling a little self-conscious about my speedos. I only wore them in my pool and I knew they did a lousy job of hiding anything, so I faced away from April while I put the towel around my waist and cinched it in.

"I brought you out some fruit and coffee, if you're interested."

I walked to the table and thanked her. "That's nice of you, thanks."

She took a hold of my arm and gave it a squeeze. "You sure have grown up. I'd say you're a man now." Her eyes darted up and down my body. "Why does your mom still call you Joey, anyway?"

"She's in denial." I laughed and sat down.

We had a good talk over breakfast, made some plans for the day, and then she headed in to get changed. I read the paper for a while, then went back to the pool to finish my laps.

When I was done with my last set, I got out of the pool and by instinct collapsed on the lounge chair in the sun. My eyes closed and I dozed for a long while, enjoying the sheer warmth and laziness of the day.

A soft voice woke me. "I...brought you another towel." April was standing at the foot of the lounge chair, holding a towel. I raised my head a little and saw her there, but her eyes didn't meet mine. They were lingering on my wet speedos, or on what was beneath them. My penis showed clearly, a six-inch tube that I tucked up along to the hip of the red speedos. I was both shy and excited that April was looking at me, but my reaction was to jump up and grab the towel before anything happened.

"Thanks," I offered, and nearly ran back to the house. I showered for a long, long time.

The next couple of days April stayed inside to have her breakfast and almost didn't talk to me until after I had showered and changed. Then things were normal, and we hung out a bit, even going to the movies and doing some things around the house together.

When the weekend arrived, my parents took April out all day, leaving me to myself and not coming home until late in the evening. Saturday night they got home and it was clear they'd had some wine. They were laughing and happy and came through like banshees on their way out to the pool.

"Come on Joey...er.. Joooseph! We're swimming!" April was pulling at my sleeve while my parents were jumping into the pool in their underwear.

She wouldn't take no for an answer, so I followed suit. April started peeling off her shirt as she approached the pool, and I couldn't help but to notice that her bra was stretched to the limit by her breasts. Within seconds her shorts were off and she was in the pool.

I didn't waste time getting my shirt and shorts off, too, and felt glad the darkness kept us all relatively hidden, especially since I was wearing briefs. We played some games and splashed around for a while before my parents got the great idea to make drinks, even saying I could have some.

"Sounds good to me!" I said.

"Do you need a hand?" April asked.

"No no, you keep an eye on Joey and make sure he doesn't get in to trouble." My parents made their way noisily into the house.

April looked at me and whispered, "Joooseph."

"See?" I said. "She's in denial."

April laughed. "Well it's no secret to anyone you're a man now. A full grown one." She giggled. "Your mom might not notice but I do." She gave another squeeze to my arm but her eyes looked down.

"Thanks." I smiled at her.

When my parents came back they were carrying four large margarita glasses. Mine was only half full.

"Mom, geez." I said.

"Sorry, you're not legal." She laughed.

"Oh, come on Ellen, he's a man now. He's going to college." April was on my side.

"Sorry!" My mom was insistent. "Now come on out of there before you turn into a prune." My parents went over to the table and put the drinks down.

April splashed me and jumped to the side of the pool to get out. I followed and splashed her back, then got out too, looking for a towel. April had taken mine and was holding it out with a smirk.

"Looking for this?" I reached for it and she pulled it back, teasing me. I jumped again and our bodies collided. I felt her breasts press into my chest and her arm was trapped between us so that her hand was pressed into my crotch. For a brief second we stood there and then recovered and backed away.

"Sorry," was all I could think of to say.

"No, my fault. Don't be. Did I, um, hurt you?" She looked at my crotch and then looked away.

"No. I'm alright." Without thinking, I covered myself with my hands while I spoke. "Are you?"

"Yes, very. I mean, I'm fine. Here." She handed me the towel and went over to my parents. I wrapped the towel around myself and followed. It was awkward at the table, but April winked at me and swapped her margarita with mine while my mom wasn't looking.

"You deserve the big one," she whispered.

The next morning I got up to swim as usual, but to my surprise April was out on the lounge chair getting some sun.

"Today's my last day," she said. "Gotta get a tan before I head back." She was wearing a bikini that really showed her off, and I couldn't help but to stare.

"Well, um.. don't mind me, I just have to do some laps." I jumped into the pool and began swimming, finding myself a little out of breath and distracted by the nearly naked woman at the side of the pool. She rolled on her stomach and had her legs spread just slightly apart so I could actually see up to where her bikini disappeared between two soft folds of skin. I hadn't had a lot of experience with sex by then, so this was pretty exciting stuff. I felt emboldened by out cameraderie of night before, so when I got out of the pool I purposely splashed a little water on her. That was when I noticed she'd undone her top.

"Mmmm that feels good. It's pretty warm out here." The way she was lying, her reply came muffled from under her arm. She couldn't see me so I looked her up and down, noticing the ripe swell of her ass and the sizeable bulge of her breasts, pressed outward by her position on the chair. I took a slow breath then pulled up the other lounge chair.

"Mind if I join you?"

"Not at all," came her muffled, sleepy reply.

I lay on my stomach also and peeked over at her, taking it all in while I could. It was a nice view, too nice.

After a couple of minutes she began to make some motions, then stopped and said softly, "Oops. Oh well, what the hell." I couldn't tell if she was talking to me. "Hey, um, Joseph, would you be mortified if I go topless out here?" She was about to roll over, but had stopped on my behalf. My mind reeled.

"Uh, no." I buried my head into my arm and tried my best to pretend like I was sleeping. I waited until the noises of her rolling over and adjusting everything stopped. Then I waited another minute or two, just to be safe, and finally opened one eye. April was laying with her eyes closed, the sun directly overhead. Her body was on fully display. The breasts, white triangles against her slightly tanned chest, were large enough to hang gently over the sides of her body. The pink centers were the size of silver dollars, and the nipples extended slightly outward. It was a lot for my 18 year-old mind, and I stared with abandon.

April opened her eyes and looked right at me. "Hi. Your back is getting a little red, you should roll over before you burn." I nodded. "Thanks."

I rolled the other direction, feeling my semi-erection would be obvious so I did my best to make it subside and conceal it in the thin fabric of my speedos without taking too long to do so. Finally I gave up and just closed my eyes and lay on my back. I heard a soft noise from April, and looked over at her. Her eyes were fixed on my cock again, and her mouth had opened slightly as let a long sigh escape her lips. When she realized I was looking at her, she apologized, "I'm sorry, I, um, wasn't thinking."

The silence was awkward, so I said, "That's ok. I was peeking at you, too." We laughed for a minute, glad the ice was broken.

"Those speedos, Joseph, they leave little to the imagination. And I guess I have an active imagination. I've never, um, seen anything quite like that."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

She looked at me and considered her words carefully, then said, "It just looks... so big."

My heart raced. I'd never heard any woman talk like this, and it was more than I could take. My penis began to expand in my speedos, swelling and lengthening. April saw it, and again her mouth opened. "Oh my."

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to..." I tried to apologize and moved to get up, but April's hand found my harm and held me. She was sitting up now, facing me and had a curious expression.

"No, it's ok. Really."

I stopped and looked at her, not sure what to do. My erection was growing and threatened to pop out of my speedos. She pushed me back down onto the chair and lay me back down. "Shhh," she whispered. "It's ok."

She took my hand and held it for a second, then raised it up to her breast. I almost gasped. The warm breast felt soft, heavy and the nipple was erect beneath my palm. "See, it's mutual," she said. I just looked at her and squeezed gently.

Her other hand was on my thigh, and began tracing a slow path upward. We were both mesmerized by what was happening. When her fingertips found the edge of my speedos, she looked up at me. "May I?" I could only nod in response, too nervous to speak.

Her hand then touched me, fingering my balls and cupping the base of my shaft over the fabric. It felt electric, and I squeezed her breast almost involuntarily. She drew her fingers along my length to the thick head at the tip, seeming almost to be measuring me by feel. My cock bowed out, visibly constrained by the tight speedo. Her fingers tried to circle it but couldn't. "Oh, god, what am I doing," I heard her whisper.

I knew I wanted her to touch me, but she seemed to hesitate now. I closed my eyes, still holding her breast in one hand, and with the other slid my speedos down over my ass so all they were covering was my cock in the front. This way she'd be able to remove them herself.

I opened my eyes again and April was looking right at me. A slight smile played at her lips, and I smiled back. Then I felt her hand begin to tug at the seam of my speedos. Her smile dropped to a different look, and I felt the speedos slide over my cock and balls and down to my thighs. My cock sprang out and landed on my stomach with a slap. Relieved of the pressure, it expanded to full size and stood a few inches off of my body, smooth but thick and very long. April hadn't taken her eyes from mine, but when she did she looked down to see my cock and her gaze narrowed. "My...god."

My cock bobbed and throbbed with anticipation. I was breathing heavily, rolling April's nipple between my fingers, practically begging her to touch me. She looked up at me again. "I have to do this."

She reached down and held my cock up by the shaft, lifting it almost with effort, feeling its heft and girth. She brought her other hand to it, feeling the head, squeezing it, and rubbing the precum around. I moaned. She squeezed harder and I moaned again. She began to stroke me, slow long strokes that felt so much better than my own. Her small hands worked together on my shaft, one beginning at the top while the other completed its work at the base. She massaged me mercilessly, pulling up and out and then squeezing on the return, imitating the cleching of a tight pussy.

My hips bucked of their own accord, adding to the effect of her own ministrations on my cock. I squeezed my muscles and made my cock swell up, eliciting an audible gasp from April's lips. Her pace increased. I felt the cum boiling inside me.

April began to stroke me with just one hand. Her other dove between her legs and she moaned and cried out with an instant orgasm. I squeezed her nipple again hard, barely able to contain myself, and moaned with her. Her eyes fluttered as she came, and soft noises emanated from somewhere deep inside her. Her hand's pace on my cock was slower but measured out in long strokes from the tip to the base. Precum now coated me. Her orgasm gradually subsiding, I felt her grip tighten and she pulled my cock up and squeezed it hard at the base. The head swelled up visibly, red with desire. She leaned into me, laying my cock against her cheek as she kissed it at the base. I cried out, not expecting this move and yet wanting so much more. She looked up at me and began stroking me hard. She kissed the head a few times as she stroked, then licked at the precum. I wasn't going to last much longer.

Her voice sounded a million miles away. "It's ok, Joseph. Cum. Cum for me."

I felt a hot wetness engulf my cock head and saw April had me inside her mouth. Her tongue whirled around me. Her hands wrapped around my shaft together and stroked firm and hard. I felt the cum welling up and moaned loudly. April's grip tightened and her suction on my cock head increased. The release was almost unbearable, pleasure like I'd never experienced. I exploded into her mouth with velocity that sent cum out the sides of her lips and back onto my stomach. She moaned and the vibrations carried down my cock to my balls, which responded with another thick blast. Her throat worked to swallow me, and her hands continued to jack up and down on my shaft. She released her mouth for air and moaned, "oh gooood!" as another jet escaped my cock head and onto her body. She stroked me more, letting the flow continue and moaning with each spasm of my engorged cock. Even when I had expelled my last, she stroked gently, quietly caressing me as my cock slowly softened.

Finally, she put it down onto my stomach and let her hand rest on it. Our eyes met, briefly, but the realization of what had happened made me shy so I looked away. "Thank you, Joseph," she whispered. "You're a very special young man." She gave my cock a squeeze.

I smiled, "thanks, April." A few minutes passed, then she draped a towel over me and put on her bikini top. Our moment together had passed, and I felt a tinge of sadness already.

Maybe she felt it, too. "You know, I'm thinking of coming again next summer. Any chance you'll be around?" She giggled.

"I sure will." Then I thought for a second. "But, you know, my college is just a couple hours from where you live."

"So it is," smiled. "So it is."

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