tagRomanceLong Weekend Ch. 01

Long Weekend Ch. 01


"This weekend cannot come soon enough." Sven pushed open the door that led from the garage to the stairwell and pushed the button for the elevator.

"I know. If I have to look through another of Charles' nonsensical reports I may just stab myself in the eye with a biro."

"Please don't." Sven stepped into the lift and looked over at Mimi, his arm around her shoulder, "I don't want to spend the weekend in A&E, that's for sure."

Mimi laughed and lay against him. "I'm turning my phone off now."

She burrowed into her bag and switched her phone off. "It's Friday night, everything else can wait 'till Monday."

The doors opened and they piled down the hallway to their apartment. Behind the door something made a low rasping sound against the carpet.

"Hmm," Sven bent down and picked up the thin envelope. "For you."

Mimi took it off him and let the door swing shut behind her.

"What is it?" Sven kicked off his shoes and walked into the kitchen, pulling a bottle of water from the fridge, drinking deep.

"It's tickets." She said, "To Livvi's exhibition on the 28th."

"Your sister?" Sven slumped onto the sofa and turned on the TV. "That'll be nice. Oh, shit! I can't go." He sat up and sighed, a little too dramatic to be convincing. Mimi raised an eyebrow and then grinned.

"Don't worry." She laughed, "I'll just take someone else. Though, it would be nice if you could come I mean it's only one night after all. I'm sure she'd like to see you. You're away working, I presume?"

"I am." Sven nodded. "I think."

"Ha!" Mimi leant over the back of the sofa and kissed Sven on the temple, squeezing his shoulders. "Well, it's a way off yet, I'm sure I'll find a way to get you to come. I didn't think you left until the end of the month."

Sven blushed. "Sorry. That was rude of me." He pinched the bridge of his nose, "I'll try and come. I know it's important to you."

Mimi nodded, 'It is. And it will win you many, many brownie points."

Sven laughed. "Oh, is that so?" He patted the empty square of sofa next to him and Mimi shook her head.

"I'm going to have a shower, okay? Do something light for dinner. Nothing too heavy."

Sven nodded again. "Of course." He kissed her and watched her walk into the bathroom, the door clicking shut behind her.

Mimi groaned to herself as she stretched and stepped into the shower, her hair twisted up and hidden under a towel as she washed herself, the hot spray untangling the knot between her shoulder blades. She shivered and yawned, washing the stale makeup from her face, sinking into the restorative warmth. Her thoughts raced and she realised she had to actively will them into silence, an old habit learned from her youth, the harsh religion of her parents. Mimi soaped herself down, the soft scent of oranges filling her head, making her sigh happily. Think of summer and bright green leaves and the fruit orchards her grandparents had owned. Damn, she thought, a holiday is in definite order.

She rinsed herself off, giving her skin a quick blast with the cold water to pep herself up. She killed the shower and stepped out, towelling herself off. She patted a little moisturizer on her face and fixed her eyebrows, slicked her lips with a little lip balm. She grinned at her reflection and pulled on some fresh underwear, a vest and some thin leggings, stretching upward so that her muscles tensed and the remaining knots snapped and untwisted from her shoulders. Finally, she ran a brush through her long hair and took one last glance in the mirror at herself. It would do, she thought.

"Oh, I-" Sven made to stand and Mimi pushed her hand out, signalling him to sit again.

"Don't." she smiled, skipping over and planting herself next to him. "I need you." She said, her hands curved gently against his thigh.

"What, now?" he asked, his head tilting towards hers. She rolled her eyes at him, her fingers snaking into the hair at his collar.

"Obviously." Mimi planted a kiss on his mouth, prying his lips apart with her tongue, relaxing against him. He pulled away, suddenly solemn.

"What?" the word came as a whisper and Sven looked up at her as she knelt next to him, his face between her palms. She smiled at him and wordless, pulled his shirt off, dispensed with the t-shirt underneath it. "Let me show you." she said. The man nodded and watched as Mimi straddled him, flicking her hair like a flighty pony and bent once more to nibble his lip.

"I need to fuck you." She said, leaning against him, the desire oozing between the words. "I need your dick inside me and I need you to shut up and take it, do you understand?"

"Oh, yes." Sven nodded and gulped heavily, "Yes."

"Good." Her breath was hot against his ear as she spoke, "I need to be rough with you and I need you to take whatever I feel like giving you tonight, okay?"

Sven didn't even attempt to hide his grin, "Of course." Hi kissed her again and she bit his lip in response.

"If there's anything you don't want then it's red for stop, remember?" Mimi coiled her arms around his neck and kissed him gently. Sven moaned.

"Yes." He nodded, tingling with excitement, the familiar fluttering in his chest already starting. "God, I need this." He said. "I really want you to fuck me up, okay? Please?"

Mimi laughed, rubbing his naked shoulders, "You will be thoroughly fucked, my love." She said, "And so will I."

They kissed again. Sven groaned and now, thrilled with what lay before him, began to buck towards her, his desire bubbling to the surface, the week's tensions melting way.

Mimi's breathing spiked and her kisses became hungrier, her nipples tingling under the thin fabric of the t-shirt. She grabbed her boyfriend's hand, wordlessly she pushed it down the front of her shorts, their movements melting together like they'd done a hundred times before, anticipating each other's bodies as only couples could. Sven's fingers curled into the slick darkness between Mimi's thighs, pulling a litany of soft sighs from her lips. Her shorts were drawn away, and she leant backward, pulling herself off him and sat on the coffee table.

"Take off your jeans." She ordered, "Get your dick out and lie back on the sofa."

Sven managed to breathe out a quick yes and quickly, set to on his orders, shaking off his jeans and lying out on the sofa, his cock already flat against his belly. Mimi grinned again, stripping naked herself and straddled her boyfriend.

"How about I tease you first?" she asked, tantalizing the very tip of his cock with her labia.

"Oh fuck, no." Sven gasped, "Ugh." He grinned through gritted teeth and buried his face in the cushions. "Don't do that. Oh, baby, please."

Mimi laughed and kept gyrating, dipping the leaking head of his cock between her glittering lips. "Shh," she smiled, her musical laughter only making him ache harder, "You love it really."

"No." he pleaded again, grinning, "Ohhh, stop, please."

"No way." Mimi leant forward and twisted Sven's nipples. She tensed at the sight of him squirming beneath her and sank onto him, leaning backward so that he pushed right against her g-spot. The movements were slow at first, deep and languid, punctuated by Mimi's soft kisses and nibbles, her passion building slowly.

"Hmm, your cock is just what I need." She bit her lip; her eyes shut in delight, grinding against him, "All day I've been thinking about fucking you, you know?"

Sven shook his head, trying desperately to hold back, focusing on anything other than the sight of Mimi riding him. She leant forward, her nails digging into his chest and she pinched him again, the dull tweaks getting hungrier until she twisted her nails into his chest as she rode him, her head thrown backwards in pleasure. She fell forward and sucked at Sven's neck, grinding herself against him harder now, clenching at him greedily. "Try harder, cunt." She breathed, "Harder."

Sven's eves flew open and he looked at her stunned, "Oh god." She grinned and curled one hand around his jaw, the other still clawing at his chest.

"Like that, don't you?" she laughed, "My greedy boy. Like it when I tell you what you are."

Sven nodded, "Yes." He sighed, "Yes, I do."

Mimi twisted his nipple again, sending the sharp wave of pain radiating through his chest, blending into the heat of desire between Sven's thighs. "Tell me how much you love it." Mimi said.

Sven nodded, his hips grinding with Mimi's, his breath heavier now as the words fell from his lips, viscous. "I love it." He began, "I love it when you fuck my cock."

"Hmm." Mimi moved harder, her hand pressed against his thick shoulder, "Oh, more." She ordered, her eyes closed, her body burning with desire, drinking up the man beneath her.

"I need you on me. I'm yours; I'm your plaything. I'm whatever you want. I'm so hungry." He breathed, his bucking getting faster.

"Oh god, yes." Mimi fell forward and kissed him hungrily, her fingers running over his face, fixed on his desire, on how hard he was trying. It was captivating.

"I'm so hungry for your cunt, baby. I need you to tell me I'm yours, I'm your cunt, Domina, I need you to fuck me."

Mimi grinned and planted her hands on the arm of the sofa, pushing harder and laughing to herself, their mouths meeting. "God, you're beautiful." she breathed, "So beautiful. So smart, such a good boy." Mimi ground in short, quick dips, keeping shallow so that Sven hit her sweet spot and soon, pulled a hot wave of orgasm from her, her smooth breasts pushed against his face. He leant against her arm and she nodded, whispering "yes" hot against him. He ground against her quickly and bit his lip, a grunt escaping his lips as once more, Mimi twisted his nipples as he came.

They lay twisted around each other, warm and sated and wired up from the harsh words and tender touches. Mimi sighed happily and draped her arm around Sven's waist, rubbing his side. "I hope you're in a suitable condition for more of that tonight."

The bigger man sighed, nodding." You need to, um, give me a minute." He grinned and kissed her hair. She laughed and sat up, slipping off the sofa and moving once again to the bathroom. "I'll bring you a towel."


They cleaned themselves up and dressed again, the TV still flickering behind them, the shadows longer than before.

"Well that was new." Mimi teased, standing up and turning on the lights.

"What?" Sven feigned ignorance, his blushes easily giving him away.

"Domina," Mimi said, laughter in her voice, " I'm your cunt, Domina." She smiled again, sinking next to him, her fingers brushing his face. "I like it."

"You do? Really?"

Mimi nodded, "Hmm." They kissed again as Sven pulled on his shirt. "Your tits okay?" Mimi asked, "Not too rough? I, um-"

"It was hot." The remnants of desire twisted through his voice as he spoke, "Really hot." He grinned again and pulled his boxers on, the elastic snapping comically.

"I hope you're hungry." Mimi said, walking to the kitchen.

"Yeah," Sven stood, following her, leaning against the kitchen doorway. "You need a hand?"

"Nope." Mimi pulled a paper package from the fridge and laid a thick piece of steak on the griddle. "How do you want it?"

"Oh, um – oh my god, what are you doing?" Sven's eyes went wide and his cheeks coloured up again.

"Well, you've got to eat off something, haven't you?" Mimi said, nonchalant, knowing full well how Sven would react.

"Oh god, really? How?" he said, too stunned to say much else. Mimi laughed and turned the heat up a little, flipping her spatula at him.

"Off the floor like a good pup." She kissed his cheek and he curled his arms around her waist.

"I can't believe you bought a dog dish." He laughed, "When did that happen?"

"I snuck it in when you were away last week." Mimi answered, Sven's mouth once more pressed against her neck. "I've got a whole lot more planned this weekend, you know?" she flipped the semi-cooked meat over in the pan, bumped Sven's hip playfully. "Now, go and get your collar. Dinner's nearly done."

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