tagIncest/TabooLong Weekend, Three Couples

Long Weekend, Three Couples


There are no double Ds or 8 inch plus dickeys--No ANAL or other painful acts against the ladies. All are well over 18 and practice birth control.


My name is Andy Neal I am one of a group of six. Three married couples. We are now all in our late thirties. We have been a group and have been interacting with each other since the lower grades.

The interesting and different thing about this group is that we were three sets of brothers and sisters.

There was my sister Donna and I. There was Lois and Jim Wilson. There was Bill and Marg Jones. It ended up that each of the us guys has married the sister of one of the other two. Simple in some ways very complicated in others.

So the cast is three married couples made up as follows:

Marg Jones married me, Andy Neal Lois Wilson married William (Bill) Jones Donna Neal married Jim Wilson

We all six have been 'thick as thieves' since each of our parents happened to become the first three to buy homes in a new development. The Wilson's were our next door neighbors and the Jones's were back fence to both of us due to the fact of the Jones's having a larger lot for some reason.

Anyhow we six were all between eight and ten at the time and within walking distance of school. We were also without other neighbors for several months. It wasn't long before we were 'thick as thieves'. So for these and who knows what other reasons we bonded early and have stayed that way until this day.

Somewhere along the line we discovered kissing. After that we discovered 'Spin the Bottle' and 'Post Office' We knew about incest however this was only kissing. This was not viewed as an excuse to get out of kissing our sibling if the bottle happened to point their way.

In High School we all dated others but come college days and becoming the ripe old age of 18 things changed back. Of course nothing sexual happened between any of us before we had all reached our 18th birthdays.

After that while there were countless sessions of 'making out' and petting there was no sex except between those who eventually married. I can't say that there were not some close calls and a few orgasms, but no actual intercourse or oral.

We married in a triple ceremony as we began our separate lives. We did however stay within shouting distance (Less than an hour's drive) from each other and got together frequently.

As married adults we continued to play kissing games occasionally. We added strip poker to our repertoire. We all necked and even petted a little with the other's spouse now and then over the years. Some times the other's spouse was our own sibling.

I'm sure that if the truth were known there has probably been quite a lot of masturbation while fantasizing over some illicit act with one or the other of the non spouses. I admit to also having masturbated while picturing illicit acts between me and my sister Donna.

I've heard since that some of our other friends have long assumed that our interaction's had become what might be called 'swinging'. Well they had not at least for the first twenty five years.

We probably still wouldn't have it the power hadn't gone out during one of the darkest and longest storms ever. It happened this way.

We happened to be spending the long weekend in a large one room hunting cabin in the deep Maine woods. It was owned by Lois and Jim's parents but we all have use of it in the absence of the senior Wilson's.

Four of us, Marg and I along with Lois and Bill had all driven up on Friday in my SUV. The ten hour trip was tiring so we has simply unloaded, crafted a quick supper and sacked out. The next day Marg helped Lois put the place in order.

Bill and my assignments were to get the boat ready and to pick up some hardware items we needed and some food items that had been forgotten.

There was a large lake which could be accessed from a far corner of the property. There was a boat house with a couple of fishing and hunting boats along with a pontoon boat which was for us to use. There was also a swimming area.

Since the boats were covered with tarps it didn't take long for us to get them presentable. We gave the pontoon boat a test run then returned to the cabin. By then the girls had the lists for us.

"Andy. How about you do the hardware items while I do the grocery." Said Bill. "I know my way around the market pretty well by now."

We did just that and got our chores done quickly thus returned to the cabin an hour earlier that we had planned. We unloaded our supplies making two trips between car and cabin without seeing or hearing the girls.

The house being empty of girls we went looking. We assumed that they were swimming. We quickly packed up the makings of a picnic lunch and headed down to join them. Although we made no particular attempt to be quiet we were pretty close before we caught sight of them.

And, what a sight it was. The two ladies, waist deep in the water were bare chested. They apparently had not noticed us. In addition they were facing each other each holding their boobs up high, one in each hand. Said boobs were separated only by inches. Even from where I was standing which was some distance away I could see four erect nipples.

Of course I have a lot of spotting nipples both erect and otherwise I can spot them from a distance of 100 paces. Anyhow they hadn't seen us as Bill and I pulled up short. I couldn't figure out what was going on but it did seem to have erotic possibilities.

As we watched the girls moved those last few inches toward one another bringing their nipples into firm contact. They began an exercise of rubbing the other's nipples with their own.

Bill and I stood absolutely still as we waited to see what would happen next. My cock was straining trying to escape the confines of my swim trunks. I glanced over at Bill. He was having the same reaction as I watching the interplay between his wife and his sister.

"God." He whispered. "Isn't that a beautiful sight. The two sexiest women I know seem ready to go at it. I hope it doesn't bother you Andy old buddy but I love seeing it."

At that moment the girls began a process of taking their hands from their own breast and cupping the other's. It took a minute or two to complete the process as they took time to tweak first their own and then the other's nipples.

After another moment they moved their heads closer together as if intending to kiss. At that moment a Bald Eagle hit the water between them and us coming up with a fish in his beak. We were all startled and the tableau broke up.

Bill and I then continued our approach as the girls turned toward us displaying the fact of their upper body nudity as Marg said.

"I'm sure you guys don't mind if we eliminate our tan lines. We promise to cover up if strangers get near. As we got closer Lois's eyes were drawn to our still somewhat tented bathing shorts and spoke out saying.

"Look at them Marg. They can't deny that they liked what they saw."

I didn't say anything but my face was red.

Bill tried to cover up saying. "What we saw? I saw nothing. I saw nothing." But like me his face was red.

In spite of it all we quickly got the food stowed, the boat untied, and found our way out into the main lake. Marg and Lois stayed topless to our joy. The lake was deserted it be a weekday mid-morning. After a while I couldn't resist saying.

"If you girls insist you can avoid the tan lines on the bottom half of you bodies too. I won't object. I sure Bill won't either."

"Fair is fair." My wife stated. "We will if you will. OK Lois?"

"It's OK with me but I think that you just want to see your brother's cock while it's hard."

After a minute Marg answered. "Yea, there's that too. I've never seen it truly hard." After a moment she added. "Or felt it either."

"Did you want to?" I asked. "See it? Feel it? I can't imagine Bill ever denied you that."

My wife didn't answer nor did Bill comment. Lois looked at me and winked before putting her hands at her waistband and asking.

"Do we have an agreement?" We all nodded and stripped off our bottoms.

I had a bit of trouble getting it past my still cock. I noticed that Bill had the same problem. For a moment I suffered the typical male embarrassment of having other male know that I had an erection. Then I said "what the hell" to myself and turned toward the others.

So now we all four stood facing one another, naked. There were no spectacular features to 'wow' over just four reasonably well kept but unspectacular figures. I took a second look at Lois. I had casually felt her boobs a couple of times. They looked as good bare as they had felt.

I had seen them across a card table too. But seeing them in this setting where we seemed to be approaching some new plateau was extra exciting to me. My cock showed it's interest by springing even further upward.

I looked at Bill. His was not exactly limp either. Did he harbor thoughts of incest. Did Marg? Did I care? The answer to those questions was at this moment an unequivocal, "NO!".

Lois looked at my cock apparently studying it carefully. Then she looked at her husband. Then she looked at my wife and said.

"Not much difference is there? Certainly not in length. One cut the other not. You think you could tell you husband from your brother if one of their cocks was stuck into you in a dark room?"

"I don't know." Answered Marg. "Let's think about finding out. A quick in and out really wouldn't be incest would it?"

"No." I said making sure that I got my say in quickly. "It wouldn't. Only actual intercourse is incest."

"Well." Said Bill. UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice) uses the expression "Penetration however slight is sufficient to prove the offense."

"What if I don't take 'offense', what then?" Asked my wife.

Just then another boat could be seen speeding in our direction. It was decided that we would all sit and the girls would put on their tops. As we approached and passed my mind was on the possible outcome of what we had begun.

I won't bore you with the details of the rest of the day. Suffice to say that the air stayed charged with erotic impulses. I knew that the first move that someone made would set off a chain reaction. However I really wanted someone else, preferably my wife Marg to lead.

After all for her it would both be 'swinging' and incest. Some private conversations were in order before someone ended up unhappy. Later, after we got back I got Marg alone and asked.

"Do you really want to Fuck your brother?" Shyly she slowly nodded.

"You've wanted to for a long time I guess?" Again she nodded.

"I understand. I'd like nothing better than to have sex with Donna."

Then before she could reply I asked.

"Meanwhile, do you care if I fuck Lois?" She kissed me and replied.

"Have at it. I know you've wanted to for a long time. and she certainly is very sexy. As a matter of fact if........." My wife did not complete her thought.

I was sure that Bill and Lois were having a similar conversation. I guessed with similar results. All that remained now was for someone to make the first move.

We were all carelessly dressed but we really needed some kind of an ice breaker. I was certain from various remarks and actions that both Jim and Bill had more than a little interest in bedding Marg. The real question was would they or wouldn't they, given opportunity and provocation.

We completed the supper preparations then took our dishes out to the covered balcony to eat. As we looked out over the valley we could see a thunder storm approach. We looked at other with wicked grins both remembering a love making session once under a table in our back yard as the rain poured down.

We took the mattress off of the double lounge and placed it on the floor in preparation. We spread an oversized beach towel over to protect it from bodily fluid stains which experience told us would expelled.

Bill and Lois seeing what we were thinking set up camp on the other end of the balcony.

We found some good brandy to sip as we watched the storm approach. As we waited we began some whispered intimate conversation. Marg started it off.

"Your sister will be here tomorrow." Said Marg.

"Yes. That is the plan."

"Tell me true. Did you two ever do 'it'."

"It being sexual intercourse?"

"Yea, or maybe oral. Yea, maybe anything involving bare private parts and ...........Well you get the idea."

"We have not done anything together that has not been done in your presence." I thought for a minute before adding. "I'm lying in a sense. We did neck and pet once when we were teens. We sneaked a couple a-bottles of beer up to our rooms. Needless to say that was all it took to make us high and reckless."

"Second question. Does she want to?"

"I don't know. It's never been discussed or even hinted at. Those little kissing/necking/petting sessions over the years have gotten us passionate a couple of times but no words were ever spoken."

"Not like Bill and I then. We've made a lot of promises to each other but never acted on them."

About then the rain hit. The noise of the rain on the thin roof was deafening. We were naked in a few seconds and coupled in the missionary mode a few seconds later. No foreplay was needed.

I was rock hard and Marg was sopping wet.

"I want to watch you fuck your brother." I moaned between strokes.

"Yea, and I want to watch Donna's face while you lap her cunt. You are so good at that. I just know that she'd come and come and then come some more."

A few minutes later as we cooled after joint massive orgasms Marg shouted in my ear.

Maybe we should work on creating a siblings orgy. Everybody screwing their sibling." There was at that moment a few seconds lapse in the rain.

"Sounds like an idea whose time has come to me." That was not from my wife whose body was tight against mine but from the nearby doorway. The voice belonging to my sister's husband, Jim.

I looked over and saw that my sister had already stripped to her bra and panties and was in the process of removing the bra. Jim was similarly occupied. The rain had restarted. My sister shouted.

"Hope you guys don't mind if we use that other mattress. Watching you guys made us very horny." I didn't think that she had seen Lois and Bill who were in the midst of a wild session of sixty nine not far away.

A moment later my sister was on her knees with her head on the mattress. In a classic demonstration of doggie style fucking Jim's cock was sliding in and out of her obviously wet pussy. The sight re-energized me and Marg. The rain and thunder hid the sounds of passion but the lightning flashed images to us all of the passions being unleashed.

About a half hour later the storm seemed finished. So were we. By then the other four had discovered each other. We all retired to the dining table for refreshments. We didn't bother to dress. It was still warm and having seen everyone else as we all had there didn't seem to be much point.

For a while the conversation was a bit stilted and disjointed till finally Jim said.

"Let's figure out what else is going on here. We all are acting funny."

"You know that we over heard the sibling sex thing." Said Donna to me.

"Was that serious or just sex talk?"

The question was directed at me. Being chicken I kind of shrugged, not answering.

Jim added to the discussion saying. "Since we're on the subject and just so you all know. Donna and I have discussed this very seriously. We both feel a strong sexual attraction to our own sibling."

I was a bit stunned but also happy that Donna felt as she did and also that the discussion was out into the open.

Marg answered saying. "I think that there are actually two items of discussion here. One is about 'swinging' the second is about incest."

Marg continued. "Now just so you know. Based on what's gone on since we and the Wilsons have been here, ...........well let me put it this way.

"One little nudge and when you two looked out on the porch this evening you probably would have seen Andy and Lois on one mattress and Bill and I on the other. I was that ready."

That stopped the conversation for several moments as we each considered Marg's confession and it's implications. Finally my sister Donna broke the silence saying.

"Wow Marg, thanks for that. I love it that we've brought the whole subject out into the open. We girls have been hinting back and forth and talking around the swinging question for a couple of years. Up till now we've all been too chicken to have this conversation.

"If you stop and think about it," she continued. "we three couples becoming a swinging group can't work too well without incest. It only would leave us with one partner other than our spouse. Going beyond that leads us directly to either incest or lesbianism.

Donna waited a moment then said.

"Anyhow I think that's why the subject never came out into the open."

She paused a moment then added. "By the way, for the record I have no objection to either." With that said she blushed mightily.

My wife jumped right into the conversation at that point, looking at Donna asking. "Am I understanding you correctly? You're saying that you have no qualms about either sibling sex or lesbian sex?"

"How about both at the same time?" I had to put my two cents worth into the conversation meanwhile thinking how extra special a threesome with my wife and my sister could be.

"Is either of these a lesser sin than the other?" Was Bill's follow up.

"Well I have to confess something." Said Jim. "At one time or another I've masturbated to and had some great orgasms imagining almost every activity I could dream up between members of our little group. I wouldn't call anything among us six a sin.

That brought a chuckle and slightly embarrassed nods from around the table.

"Especially," He continued. "since none of us will go into anything without being in total acceptance of the planned activity. Now I'm going to bed with luscious thoughts of what the rest of the weekend might bring. That broke up the discussion.

I decided that I needed a shower. There was a huge shower enclosure off the main patio. It had a foot wide shower head centered over the stall plus a couple of shower massagers, one on each wall. The water pumps had enough capacity to handle it. The water heaters however could only manage warm at full output.

Long story short, minutes later there were six naked people cavorting in that spacious shower room. We were washing ourselves and each other with soapy hands and spraying each other with the massagers.

Things quieted down a little after a few minutes and I was standing close behind Marg massaging her breasts with my soapy hands. Her head was back against my shoulder, her hands were guiding my hands giving them silent instructions.

My sister Donna was doing her husband's crotch area from the front. The water was running down her body cascading off of her lovely tits. Jim had his head thrown back obviously enjoying the moment. I closed my eyes enjoying the visual along with feel of my wife under my hands.

"By the way," Said Marg as she looked at Jim's hard cock. "I have no objection if the guys ever want to demonstrate how to give a proper blow job."

Marg had turned her head so I could kiss her lips when my cock hardened a bid more against her ass. I couldn't see Jim's reaction as they had changed positions but my sister turned her toward us and smiled.

"Hear, hear, great idea." I heard Lois say in between her gasps of pleasure that she was getting from a shower massager pulsing water against her clit.

A few minutes later I heard Jim say. "One, two, three. OK now, time's up, ladies switch places."

Nobody moved. In my case the mind was ready, the body wasn't.

"Sorry Jim." Said my wife. "Too late. But I'll take a rain check."

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