tagExhibitionist & VoyeurLook Don't Touch

Look Don't Touch


Alix sat on the floor of her apartment, a bottle of beer in her hand. Although we had often flirted harmlessly, the way her breasts pressed her pink t-shirt made me want to take things further.

"I don't know why it never works out for me," she said. Alix-unlucky-in-love was one of her favorite topics of conversation.

"Is there any particular time it starts to go wrong?" I asked. My private theory was that Alix was a prude, and that the men attracted to her looks and her wavy blonde hair got disappointed and bored.

"We never seem to last much beyond about the third or fourth date." Maybe my theory still held good.

"How are things in the...bedroom department?" We had talked about love lots, but sex never, and I felt nervous broaching this new territory.

"Okay." She shrugged, like it didn't matter.

"Okay? Shouldn't third date time be better than okay?"

Alix shrugged again. "You tell me."

"Well I think, at least some times, you ought to be having something memorable." I felt sure that if I got to the third date with Alix it would be.

"Definitely not memorable."

"Don't you want it to be better?" She shrugged again. "I think you'll find most guys do."

"To be honest, Mike, sex isn't that important to me. I mean, I just don't think it's that big a deal. Another beer?"

"Thanks." As Alix walked to the kitchen I took in the way her jeans curved around her hips, and how they seemed to want to slip into the lower part of her ass crack. A hungry bottom. "Sex is not a big deal? You mean you don't enjoy it that much?"

"Not really no." Alix returned with two fresh bottles. Once again my attention was drawn to her chest. Alix wasn't tall, but with breasts that were a little bigger than average, a neat waistline and a firm bottom her body was an appealing combination. "Must be something to do with a Catholic upbringing."

"Of course. Sex is something to feel guilty about."


"So you've never really had a good time?"

"No." She took a long slug of beer. "Never had an orgasm actually."

I coughed and spluttered, and as I recomposed myself I could see Alix had a sly grin on her face. "You've never cum? Not even on your own?"

"Someone is getting personal this afternoon. No, I have never, so far as I know, had an orgasm, and yes I have 'practiced alone'. Just doesn't seem to work for me."

"Wow. Good old Catholic guilt."

"Yes. No such problems for you I imagine."

Talking about masturbation with Alix gave an exciting edge to the conversation and I was curious to see where we could both take this situation. "No. No problems at all."

"What's it like – cumming?" Now we were definitely heading into intimate territory.

"Really intense. Your mind almost goes blank. For just a couple of seconds you're completely possessed." I could have added it was a little like sneezing, but that wasn't the atmosphere I was looking for.

"So how do you do it? Just move your hand up and down till you cum?" There was an innocence about the way Alix asked these questions, genuinely curious.

"Sure. But you went out with Tom for eighteen months – surely you know stuff like this?"

"Yeah – I used to do it for him sometimes." In eighteen months that was it? No wonder she wasn't getting past third or fourth date. "I just wondered if all guys do it the same."

"As far as I know."

"That just seems so simple. Stroke stroke stroke and you're there."

"Stroking your, er, clitoris isn't that different."

"Really? It was years before I even found mine. I've never heard a guy have that problem with his, you know, dick."


"You've made women cum, right?" I nodded. "And you make Sally cum?" Sally was my current girlfriend. Ahem. But then if I hadn't had a current girlfriend I don't suppose I'd have even been alone with Alix.


"What do you do?"

"I..." For the first time I felt genuinely embarrassed. "It varies, you know, girl to girl, but I suppose the essence is I slide a finger either side of their clit, and then stroke until they cum."

"I do that. That's what I do, but it doesn't work."

"Surely you get something?"

"Something. But I never cum."

I was aching to suggest "let me show you" but I just couldn't. "Didn't Tom do it for you?"

Alix pulled a face. "He just used to poke his fingers up me." My God that relationship sounded fun.

"I'm sure you could cum, Alix. It probably needs the right circumstances."

"Such as?"

"You need to be relaxed. And very excited. Do you ever look at porn?"

"Tom and I tried it a few times. It just seemed silly."

"It might help you – something visual like that. There's plenty of free stuff on the Internet."

"I wouldn't know where to look."

I stood up. "Well why don't I show you? Obviously as a man I'm intimately acquainted with everything sordid that the net has to offer."

"Okay." Alix's PC was in her bedroom. I sat at the chair in front of it while she perched on the edge of the bed just behind me, sipping occasionally from the beer bottle.

"I've bookmarked this site for you," I said. The screen was filled with about twenty explicit thumbnails – women sucking cocks, women with cum on their face, women licking women.

"What sort of stuff is it?"

"It's like a porn portal. Anything you like really. Either movie clips or photos."

"This one looks like fun." Alix leaned forward to take control of the mouse, and her breast brushed the side of my arm. My mouth felt dry. She clicked on a thumbnail and a new site came up, with six links to movie scenes. The stills showed a smoothly tanned blonde chick apparently called Anita stripping, sucking cock, being fucked in the ass, and finally a guy cumming over her face. "Ooh." Alix sounded impressed.

"If you want to watch them, just left click, and the movie player will open automatically" I said. I gently rested my finger over Alex's and pressed the left mouse button. Evidently the cursor had been over an ass-fucking still, because after a very short pause the movie player opened and Alix and I were treated to ten seconds of Anita on all fours with a large cock sliding violently in and out of her asshole. From the loud whining Anita was making this was not a comfortable experience.

"Like this you mean." Alix back clicked, and then brought up the sixth movie. We saw the cock come out of Anita's ass, be brought around to her face, and then as she jerked the guy off over her face Anita licked the cock that had just been in her asshole. "Oh. You like this stuff?"

I shrugged. "I guess. It's not all like this."

Alix clicked back to the original bookmark. "She looks cute." She clicked through to a new site. There were eighteen thumbs of two teen girls – one blonde one a redhead – making out, sticking fingers in each other's pussies and licking each other's pussies and assholes. "You like this?"

"Yeah. You?"

"It's sexy. Not like the stuff Tom got for us. Those guys all had beards." Alix clicked onto a new site, and brought up another assfucking video. "Is that all they do?"

"It features a lot, yes." It felt weird, and wonderful, discussing assfucking with Alix, while the movie looped endlessly in front of us. "So this stuff turns you on?" I asked. "Makes your pussy wet?" is what I was thinking.

"I suppose." I thought I could sense the tension in Alix's voice - like she was aware she was really saying "My pussy is wet right now Mike."

"Do you think it will work?" Will you make yourself cum watching women being assfucked Alix?

"Who knows?" Alix clicked to the last movie in the sequence, the guy shooting himself off over her face. "Hey - you know I've never seen a guy making himself cum before."

"You're kidding."

"Really. I mean, for a long time I thought you just moved your whole hand up and down. I never realized you were meant to hold onto the foreskin and move that."

"Shit. Still, I don't think I've ever seen a woman do herself. In real life." That wasn't true, but I wondered if I could use our shared inexperience.

Alix was staring at the movie. "The way he cums on her face is really quite erotic. Look - the way that streak of cum runs down from her eye. Like she's been crying. That's quite artistic. It's funny how the guys always cum on the girls' faces."

"Yeah. You could watch me if you like, Alix." There, it was said.

"Watch you?"

"Sure. I'm feeling pretty turned on watching all this stuff with you. I thought maybe it might get you going in the right way to see me do it."

Alix was silent for a moment. "What about Sally?"

"It doesn't affect that." My voice was hoarse with tension. "I mean I'm not doing anything with anyone, am I?"

"No." She giggled. "You're dirty."

"Shall I then?"

She giggled again. "Sure. Jerk yourself off for me Mike."

I turned the chair to face Alix, and slipped my pants around my ankle. My erect cock was pushing my boxers up like a tent, and there was a large wet patch where pre-cum had seeped out. "You're wet!" Alix exclaimed.

"You always leak a bit first. Anyway, I bet you're wet too."


I rested my fingertips under the waistband of my boxers, teasing Alix before revealing myself. "You know what would be cool?"

"What?" Her attention was devoted to my groin, waiting for the show to begin.

"You could do yourself while I'm doing me. That might be what you need."

"You're sick."

"You wanted to watch me!"

"I don't know if I could Mike. I'm a good Catholic girl," she added with light irony. The thought of touching myself in front of Alix was exciting, but the possibility that she might rub her pussy for me made my cock strain even harder against my boxers. "You seem to like the idea," Alix murmured.

Although I would have offered absolutely anything to see Alix touching herself, I knew pleading or begging would be a huge turn off for her. "I tell you what. I'll show you my cock, and you can touch yourself inside your jeans. You don't need to show me anything. How's that for a good Catholic compromise?"

She was still staring at my groin. "Okay." Before she had the time to back out I had slipped my boxers off my feet and I was sitting on the chair naked from the waist down. Alix actually licked her lips.

"Your turn," I reminded her.

Of course there was no way that she could touch herself with her jeans done up, so I was treated to the aching sight of the top of her jeans splayed open in a lazy vee, the bare pale brown flesh of her lower tummy, and a peeking glimpse of red panties. Then she slid her left hand inside her panties and Alix was touching her pussy in front of me.

I don't think I could have kept my hand off my cock if I wanted to. I adopted my usual grip with my thumb resting on top and my four fingers under my shaft and began masturbating myself.

"Do you always do it so quick?" Alix was totally focused on what my hand was doing to my cock.

I slowed a bit. "Probably not this quick. I'm pretty turned on right now." I needed to slow down - this situation was far too delicious to be rushed. "Are you wet?"


"What are you doing?"

"Just stroking around my clit." The sight of Alix's hand working away at her pussy inside her jeans was incredible, but I was still desperate for a proper view.

"Do you think you'll cum?"

"Dunno. Feels good."

"Some girls, er, go inside themselves with the other hand. You know, clit with one hand, fucking yourself with the other." Coincidentally not possible with your jeans on. "You tried that?"

"I must have done."

"It might be what you need right now. Two points of contact rather than one. You could always keep your panties on." A hint of desperation had crept into my voice, but I think Alix herself was too desperate to notice.

"Okay." She stood up a little and I watched her jeans come down as she revealed two slim tanned legs. Then her left hand was back down the top of her panties and her right hand sneaked inside by her right inner thigh.

"The front of your panties is soaking."


"Is your pussy soaking?"


"And you're getting off touching your pussy in front of me?"

"Yes. Just like you." It was true that my cock had never felt harder, and my fingers were slick with pre-cum.

"I love touching my cock while you watch Alix. Show me your pussy. Let me properly see you touch yourself."

It's funny but I got the impression that more than anything she was reluctant to interrupt her masturbation. Then she pulled her fingers out and slipped her panties down to her ankles.

The flesh normally covered by Alix's bikini bottoms was creamy pale, and she had a full vee of brown pubic hair. Her pussy lips were swollen and exposed, glisteningly betraying her excitement.

"Show me your clit." Our focus seemed to now be purely on Alix revealing herself. She slipped two fingers between her pussy lips then drew them upwards, showing me the pink nub of her clit. "Now touch your clit and put your fingers in your pussy." I slid onto the floor in front of Alix, needing to be as close to her display as possible. "Now cum for me showing me your pussy." Looking quickly up I could see that her nipples were poking against the thin material of her tee shirt, and her face was flushed and contorted, her eyes closed. "Touch your pussy for me, touch your pussy." Her fingers were moving so quickly now, two from her right hand shoving in and out of the sopping entrance to her cunt, two from her left hand almost a blur on her clit.

It started with a wail, high pitched, "Nnnnnnggggg", as if years of guilt, denial and fear were finally being swept away by the needs of Alix's body. The noise actually raised in pitch as Alix's fingers reached a frenzied crescendo, and then her body was jerking forward, "Nngg, nngg, nngg," and her fingers jerked spasmodically across her sex.

The whole eruption took maybe twenty seconds, and only when it was over did Alix open her eyes, wide, staring, St Paul on the road to Damascus.

"Oh God." Her voice actually sounded different. "It happened. Oh fuck." She sounded only half there, like she was coming to after a road smash.

I figured only my silence could properly respect what she was feeling

Alix shook her head, shaking away the daze, and looked down at my cock, still hard in my hands. "Did you...?"

"I didn't want you to miss anything. More fun to concentrate on you. There's plenty of time..."

Alix smiled, maybe savoring the sensation of release she had so recently experienced. "Yes there is."

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