tagChain StoriesLord of the Rings: Tom Bombadil

Lord of the Rings: Tom Bombadil

byDecayed Angel©

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    "It's music she brings like wind in the trees
    As love in days so short and dark nights long
    And willows bend to her ripe harmonies
    Our bodies entwine in desire so strong
    As rhythm builds she wiggles on her knees
    When pressed deep inside I feel I belong
    My hands grasping hips in our ecstasies
    In dance as perfect as her virgin song."
                      Tom Bombadil
                      from Goldberry's Dance

It was no secret in the forest why Goldberry was always so nice to everyone she met. In fact, anyone who knew her or knew of her would smile broadly when asked why she was always so happy. If anyone did ask, they'd always get the same answer: "Why it's Tom, Tom Bombadil." Typically the answer was followed by a sly snicker and perhaps some cheeks flushed in either embarrassment or excitement.

The thing that remained a secret was: What on Middle Earth did Tom do to satisfy Goldberry so. He was never particularly good looking, had a bit of a paunch, a scraggly beard and pretty frumpy clothing. As far as his personality, it was difficult for many to tell because he always seemed to be singing. It was different and interesting for a bit, but after a while it simply got tedious.

When other women cornered Goldberry in their discussion circles, they never cold get a straight answer from her. They would ask, "What makes Tom such a good lover?" she'd merely answer, "He is."

"He is?" they'd reply, "What do you mean, 'He is.'?"

Goldberry would smile shyly, her face flushing a bit and simply say, "I don't know how to explain it except that way. He is."

Of course, the real question on at least some of the women's minds had nothing to do with how good a lover Tom was, but what did Goldberry do to keep Tom to herself. Goldberry was pretty and the great one knows she is friendly, but none of them could really picture Goldberry as some sex goddess.

This was a mystery to almost all women, from the elvin finger maids, to the hobbit hookers, to human princesses, even to the dwarven cave sluts, all, at one time or another, had tried to seduce Tom. Oh, they'd get a rise out of him, wood firm as a tree, but he never made any advances to them and when they made the move, Tom would almost magically slip back into the forest leaving even the most experienced finger maids all hot and bothered.

Finally, after long hours of discussion spanning a dozen taverns in at least four different towns an odd hodpodge group of elves, dwarfs, humans and hobbits pooled their spare ale money and traveled to the Shire. The group all convened at the office burrow of the cleric Eric, the hobbit chronicler of tales great and small.

"You see grand cleric Eric, it's a grand mystery to us all. We all agree Tom's a good enough fellow, a bit strange, with some odd powers, but how is it he is so good," Brigan the dwarf asked. "I mean I've come upon him in the forest while he was relieving himself and even allowing for a lot of growth in the hands of a lady, if you get what I mean, it was nothing notable, not in the slightest."

Twilly the twice titled finger maid of the Magnolias, "And we need to know what keeps him from straying from Goldberry. Rohan knows I made ample use of my fingers trying to tickle into his trousers, but he took not of that."

"Good perverts all of you; do you truly understand what you ask of me? Have you not heard of their stealthy lovemaking?" the cleric Eric asked.

"We've heard they can blend into the trees, so they could be going at it just a few feet away from the most modest of persons and never be seen," Roxy the human barmaid whispered.

"You don't see them, but you hear them. It's like a rustling of the leaves on the windiest of days and yet all is still, all but the two of them," Twilly added.

"Okay, as long as you know how long this may take me. Truth be said, I think if I'm to see and watch them, it will not be without them knowing I'm there," the cleric Eric said, wiping his long nose with a handkerchief.

"Then how'll it be?" Howell, the hobbit blacksmith asked.

"Ah, only if they want me to watch, that, I think, is the only way."

They all agreed on a fee and the group left the cleric Eric to ponder the possibilities, which he did long into the night. He imagined finding them in the trees, Tom slipping his log into Goldberry's dark hole and then both suddenly becoming leaves swaying back and forth. He imagined finding them in the flowers with Tom's rosy tongue dipping into her sweet nectar and then blossoming into a billion flowers.

The cleric Eric imagined them as he slipped his hobbit hunk from his pants and stroked it up and down as he looked though his window at the leaves on his trees. He hanked at his huge hunk with both hands as he saw leaf breasts and branch cocks swirling in the wind. Feeling an intense pleasure rise from his balls just as he noticed the delicate folds of an iris on his window sill he shot his hot hobbit cum across the room, splattering it onto his wooden floor.

Without cleaning up, the cleric Eric fell back into his chair, now able to fully concentrate on a plan. He dozed off and slept through the night, but when he awoke he immediately jumped up and began packing his day pack. In just a few minutes, he stepped through his door and headed up the road into the forest.

It proved to be an amazingly simple plan, so simple in fact that even the cleric Eric was surprised. He merely walked up to Tom and Goldberry's door, boldly knocked with the tree root knocker Tom had carved and waited. Tom answered the door and after a brief introduction, he invited the cleric Eric into his home to discuss it all with Goldberry.

"You see my good lady and virile Tom, I am a hobbit, a cleric hobbit, perverse as a hobbit can be. In my profession, I have heard tales of the absolute beauty, power and unabashed love you two create together. I, the cleric Eric, would like to chronicle your techniques and passions, so all of Middle Earth could learn."

"All of Middle Earth?" Goldberry asked shyly.

"My good lady, the land is repressed, ignorant in the ways of life loving like you share with virile Tom. Imagine if the lands could have loved like you and Tom, why the War of the Ring would never have happened, the Nazgul would have simply faded away, jerking each other off until they came over some cliff or something."

"I have seen sadly desperate lovers try to love and fail," Tom said, "If we can somehow help them it would be good, sweet Berry. And hey, it might be fun being watched when someone can really see us."

Goldberry snuggled up close to Tom and replied, "That might be fun." Looking over to the cleric Eric she asked, "And as you watch us what will you do."

"I'll be working on a written account of the activity, highlighted with some of my drawings and poems," he answered officiously.

"Any thing else?" she asked.

"Well, I'll probably hank my hunk a time or two."

"Just a time or two?"

"Okay, okay, I'll probably be hanking the entire time I am writing and drawing," the cleric Eric admitted, watching Goldberry gaze hungrily into Tom's eyes.

"We'll do it," they both answered in unison.

"Okay, wonderful, I'll just grab my pad, my sketch book and my handkerchief and we can get started."

"No, no, not here cleric Eric, we have the perfect place," Goldberry said, looking at Tom.

"The Verdigris Fields?" Tom asked, standing up and reaching for her hand. She nodded, taking his hand and leading him into the forest.

The cleric Eric quickly grabbed his supplies and followed them down a narrow dirt pathway into the dark underbrush of the forest. Tom and Goldberry were already far ahead, but he had no problem following them since they left a trail of their clothing behind them as they walked. He continued walking as he passed a beautiful blouse, then a blue shirt, a flowery skirt and then Tom's slightly worn pants. Next came a bra, which the cleric Eric quickly sketched, including all the lacy detail.

He continued walking past shoes, socks, Tom's underwear and finally, at the edge of a clearing were a pair of panties. The cleric Eric gently picked them up and fighting to remain calm, held them up to his nose and sniffed. The fragrance immediately stiffened his hunk, but he knew he needed to move on before they got started. Tucking the panties into his pocket for later inspection, he stepped into the clearing.

Tom and Goldberry were reclining in the field waiting for him. He immediately found a secluded place to sit and settled in, preparing his pen, pad, sketchbook and handkerchief. Once ready he called out, "Okay, you can start now."

Goldberry rolled onto her back and Tom moved beside her raised up on one elbow as he slowly ran his right hand over her ankle, up her calf and slowly onto her thigh. She leaned back, closing her eyes as Tom's hands gently passed over her soft skin. Goldberry's breasts, flattened into gently mounds, her nipples visibly growing as she enjoyed the sensations on her thigh.

Oddly, some of the leaves on the vines on the ground around her began mimicking Tom's handwork, the leaves so gently stroking her from her ankles to her thighs. Opening her legs, Goldberry lifted her ass a bit, offering her delicately curved lips to Tom, but he teasingly slipped past and moved to her breasts. The vines and leaves eased ever so closer to her blossoming pussy, but following Tom's lead, they moved to her breasts.

As Tom ran his tongue around and then sucked on her nipple, the leaves were swirling on her other one, in an almost liquid imitation. Goldberry continued to lift her hips, silently begging for a finger, or tongue or cock to come to her there, touch her, taste her, take her, but Tom moved slowly. He traced his finger down through the golden curls and finally, slid his finger along the gentle curve of her outer lips.

Commotion arose nearby as hobbit cum splashed across a sketch the cleric Eric had just started. Cleaning his hunk with his handkerchief, he tore off the stained page and immediately sketched Tom's fingers as they dipped into her moist pussy. The hobbit had changed to his magnifying glasses, so he had a close up view as Tom's thumb slipped up behind her pink clit and his fingers, moist with her juices slid over the front of her clit.

The leaves and vines, knowing the pussy was Tom's territory alone, continued to move over Goldberry's breasts and nipples, while also massaging her thighs. Whenever she lifted her hips pressing against Tom's fingers, the vines helped lift her, so she was almost floating under his touch.

Tom then moved his mouth down through the triangle of golden curls and ran his tongue over her clit. Goldberry, feeling the pleasure intensify, gently reached and found Tom's cock. She began stroking, but almost immediately stopped as she felt the waves crash over her and she came. Tom must have pushed his fingers into her because as the walls of her cunt pulsed, she felt a bit of him filling her. As the pulsations calmed, she decided she needed him to fill her more, so she gently pulled on his cock guiding it between her legs.

Following her lead, Tom kneeled between Goldberry's outstretched legs and leaned down upon her. As she guided his cock into her wet opening, Tom could feel the leaves and vines swirl around his balls. Secure knowing Goldberry controlled this swirling, much like he controlled the way the leaves had touched her, he accepted the sensation of the leaves as her fingertips. He moved slowly, savoring the sensation of her wet warmth accepting him, enveloping him, drawing him deeper into her softness. Now, completely oblivious to anything around him, Tom began the heavenly thrusting and withdrawal as he filled and unfilled his beautiful love.

The cleric Eric quickly finished his sketch of Tom's cock, thrust to the hilt inside Goldberry, with the vines wrapped around his balls, then finished a paragraph describing the beautiful moaning that seemed to surround the clearing, all just in time for him to shoot another gob of hobbit cum into the grass in front of him. Happy he didn't stain any drawing this time.

Suddenly, Tom began to sing:

     "Take me now sweet Goldberry, feel my strength      into the depths of you I thrust my length."

Tom then arched his back, pressing deep into Goldberry as he came, flooding her with his hot, sticky cum. He paused, as his cock continued spurting her, splashing into her again and again. In a few moments he calmed, feeling his cock slowly shrink and then slip out of her. Realizing he came too quickly for her to come again, he immediately moved his mouth down onto her clit.

The hobbit, watching Tom's cum ooze from Goldberry's pussy as he moved his mouth onto her, frantically sketched the view while hanking his hunk at the same time. The view was incredible, as the sketch portrayed Goldberry, dangling on the edge of orgasm as Tom, ran his tongue up from her pussy onto her clit and back again, cleaning up his cum as he went.

Then, unbelievably an incredible tune seemed to caress all three of them, as Tom hummed his song, vibrating Goldberry's clit until she came again, her pussy walls once again squeezing on Tom's fingers. Her ass was lifted into the air by the vines and leaves and she floated though her orgasm nearly six inches off the ground.

The cleric Eric, quickly finished his drawing then immediately tossed it aside as his cum shot in a gleaming arch that seemed to simply sparkle in the sunlight. He looked up to see both Tom and Goldberry watching him in the last throes of his orgasm.

"Like a rainbow, a hobbit rainbow," Goldberry said. "You see, you create a beauty too."

After about an hour or so, as the sun began to set, the two lovers and one hobbit began getting their things together and headed back to Tom's house. Strangely, Goldberry couldn't find her panties, so she slipped on her skirt and ignored the draft during the walk.

The cleric Eric spent the night at Tom's house and after a hearty breakfast headed back to the Shire and his burrow office. He worked diligently over the next two months on his book, referring back to Goldberry's panties whenever he needed inspiration. The hard work paid off when the cleric Eric published his book, "The Erotic Mysteries of Tom Bombadill," purposely leaving Goldberry off the title in the hopes of writing a sequel.

The book became a best seller topping the sales of all books in Middle Earth with the exception of "There and Back Again," written years ago by a very famous hobbit. The cleric Eric began touring the countryside, living well, but still longing to write his sequel.

Tom and Goldberry moved deeper into their beloved forest, happy they could help the many people of Middle Earth escaped the sexual repression, but also a bit saddened at the loss of privacy. They still had their stealthy sex in the forest, but avoided more public places. Oddly, performing with people around never was quite as exciting as when that odd cleric Eric chronicled their love.

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