tagGroup SexLords, Ladies & Gentlemen Ch. 01-04

Lords, Ladies & Gentlemen Ch. 01-04


Chapter One

The Master woke early as was his custom and threw the heavy blankets from the bed. He stood and stretched, thinking lazily about what he could do that day, he had no particular plans, other than the visit of his daughter and her husband, but he was harbouring lustful thoughts about the new scullery maid.

It wasn't unusual for the Master to harbour such thoughts. Born in a position of privilege over sixty years earlier he had always had his way with any female he desired. Not because of his charm and good looks however since he was lacking in both of those areas, particularly the former, but because of the enormous wealth and the power he wielded because of it.

He had always possessed a high sex drive and even the advancing years hadn't diminished his ardour or fondness for the female form, whatever shape, size or age, so the tender, young scullery maid was perfect for the randy old goat and would be totally powerless to resist any advances that he might make towards her.

The Master pulled the chamber pot from under the bed and pissed a stream of urine into the porcelain bowl. The fact that drops of the stuff splashed out onto the carpeted floor didn't concern him in the slightest; as long as the mess was cleaned he couldn't give a damn.

Naked, the Master made his way to his washbowl, which had been filled with warm water and left for him by the butler earlier. He washed his hairy, white skinned body and scrawny limbs and then called for his dresser to assist him with the task of dressing. 'Archer!!' he shouted. 'Archer,' he repeated when there was no response to the call. 'Damned fool man, where are you?' he continued rudely.

At that very moment Archer was in the Lady's chamber attending to her needs. Although the Lady had maidservants that were employed to attend to her, they couldn't provide the services that Archer could. The Lady was knelt on her bed at that moment, taking her weight on her hands and knees with Archer knelt at her rear. He was gripping the Lady's broad hips with both hands and was feeding his thick prick into the Master's wife as she knelt, her arse high in the air, inviting the young man to fuck her.

'Oh Archer that dos feel heavenly,' the Lady moaned as she enjoyed the servant's attention.

A moment later the chamber door opened and an angry Master strode onto the room, he was still naked, his long cock dangling between his hairy thighs. 'Damnation man,' he shouted at his manservant. 'You're employed to help me, not to tup that slut wife of mine.' The Master turned and left he room, totally unconcerned that his wife was being taken by his servant, leaving his wife with Archer, the man's cock buried inside her hungry quim.

Archer pulled his penis from the voluptuous Lady and repaired his clothing, tucking his hard prick back into his trousers reluctantly.

'Oh Archer, I'm burning for you,' the Lady said as she rolled onto back and spread her thighs wide. She was massaging her sex as Archer left the room to attend to the task of dressing the Master, rubbing the folds of her labia lazily as he departed, closing the door behind him.

Archer had been in the employ of the household for 25 years, since he was 14. He had started in the kitchens but had worked his way up to the position he now held mainly because the Lady had noticed what a fine specimen of a man he was and had seduced him shortly after his 18th birthday, when she herself was only 23. The Lady had only been married for 4 years at that time but she was already well versed in perversion due to an early initiation at the hands of her depraved husband. The Master was fully aware of the relationship between Archer and his cock hungry wife and he often spied on the couple as they fornicated in the Lady's chamber. The Master enjoyed seeing his wife take pleasure from the virile man's prick and would usually masturbate whilst watching her big breasts wobble and swing as she fucked.

He was able to spy so efficiently due to the network of passageways and spy holes that he had had built into the house when it was under construction. These passageways were known only to him and allowed him to roam through the house at will, enabling him to spy indiscriminately upon anyone he chose.

After dressing the Master ate a hearty breakfast, his wife sitting opposite him at the long table. The new scullery maid Amy, served the food, and the Master watched the young girl move with lust in his eye as she fetched and carried. 'You filthy old letch,' the Lady said when Amy was out of the room. 'The girl is only 19, don't tell me you're going to stick your old prick into that sweet thing?' she continued, a look of disdain on her beautiful features.

'My dear,' replied the Master. 'You have your fun with Archer and I will take my pleasure where I wish to,' he said as Amy appeared once more. The Master forked egg into his mouth and watched Amy with predatory eyes. He could have the young girl whenever he wanted but the waiting would make the eventuality so much sweeter as he conjured up images of the girl naked in his mind's eye. He imagined her in her tiny chamber high up in the house and he shivered with sweet anticipation at the pleasure he would have as he spied upon her lithe body.

The Lady sniffed with disdain and turned to her own breakfast, ignoring her husband for the duration of the meal as he smiled wickedly to himself, scheming and plotting his seduction of Amy.

Once she'd finished the Lady made her way out to the stables. She was dressed in her riding clothes, intending to take a leisurely ride, the morning being so fine. She was sexually frustrated due to her husband's ill timed interruption earlier and a ride might go some way towards relieving her pent up sexual urges.

Chapter Two

The Lady rode out along the lanes and fields of the estate. It was a clear blue morning, the sun rising higher and warming the air comfortably as she rode. It was such a fine day and the scene was so pleasant that the Lady eventually decided to take a short rest. Tethering the horse she walked along to a nearby copse and arranged her skirts so that she could sit and soak up the sun's warming rays.

As she sat on the soft, green carpet of the copse the Lady thought about Archer's long cock and how beloved she felt as the servant slid it into her body. Her husband denied her affection altogether but the gorgeous Archer was a superb lover, knowing how to take her to the heights of orgasmic bliss with his fingers, tongue and of course his fat prick. The Lady's quim began to clench and moisten at her dirty thoughts, she was also still feeling frustrated from her interrupted fuck. That frustration, coupled with the feelings she got whilst riding meant that the Lady was aching with desire for fulfilment.

She thought further about the sensations in her groin when she was atop the saddle and the warmth she felt between her legs as the powerful horse moved below her. Thinking about the horse brought back memories from summers gone by when she'd witnessed a stallion covering a mare, about how huge the stallion's cock was as it reared up in excitement and how the mare would often fight and struggle as she tried to avoid being penetrated before she eventually succumbed to the inevitable.

Finally her wild thoughts made her reckless with passion and the Lady threw caution to the wind, almost without realising the Lady had pulled her skirts up around her broad hips and her underclothes down over her thighs as she'd been daydreaming. No one was likely to be out on the estate so early in the day, it was quite private and remote and her husband's reputation for cruelty kept most poachers and trespassers away.

She lay back in the warm sunshine, her hand running down over her torso coming to rest between her milky thighs and she ran her fingers through the mass of hair that covered her mons. She parted her thick, dangling labia and tickled the rim of her vagina with the tip of her finger, gasping as she felt just how wet she had become, her inner thighs were awash with her lustful outpouring and her pubic hair was soaking and matted.

She fingered herself lightly for a few minutes, feeling the slickness of her juice coated flaps and the hard nub of her clitoris. Her breasts ached to be squeezed, the nipples standing hard and upright, pushing against her bodice. The Lady unlaced the garment and allowed her big, heavy tits to fall free, exposing them to the welcoming warmth of the sun's rays.

Because the warm sunshine felt so good the Lady decided that she wanted to let the warm summer air waft over all her body and soon she was gloriously naked except for her long leather boots. She luxuriated in the freedom she felt from being bare skinned out in the open. She had never been so daring, naked outdoors feeling the warmth on her skin, the light summer breeze wafting over her breasts making the tips of her breasts pucker and stiffen.

She lay back on her skirts and teased herself with her fingertips, running her hands over the smooth skin between her damp thighs and teasing her moist centre as she sighed in contentment.

A few moments later she began to masturbate with more vigour, rubbing her clitoris and squeezing her breasts with delicious lack of restraint. The Lady pushed first 1 finger, then 2, and finally 3 fingers deep into her burning cunt. Her quest for relief was overpowering, she needed to be filled, she loved the sensations that blossomed from her tingling clitoris and nipples but she craved to have her hungry cunt stuffed, to be fucked ferociously.

As her attempts to climax became more desperate the Lady used the handle of her riding crop as a tool and pushed it hard and fast in and out of herself. Her orgasm built slowly as she frigged urgently, her thighs quivering with the exertion, her breath coming in short pants, her beautiful features contorted into a grimace of what could easily have been mistaken for pain had anyone been observing.

She finally tipped herself over the edge, her body convulsing as she cried out shrilly, coming in spasms as she pushed the riding crop deep and squeezing her thighs tight together.

The Lady lay still for a few moments, her chest heaving as she fought to recover her breathing. She lay with her thighs spread, the leather handled crop still embedded and her clitoris pulsing in time with her racing heartbeat.

Once she had regained control of her body and her mind had stopped whirling as her climax subsided, the Lady examined the riding crop and saw how sodden and stained it had become as a result of her wild actions a few moments before. She reddened a little as she thought about how abandoned she had become in her lust and realised what a slut she must look, naked except for her brown leather riding boots wanking with a leather whip.

It was time to go, her daughter would be arriving shortly with her husband Simon and there were still things to be done.

Chapter Three

As the Lady dressed she didn't notice the 2 men on horseback who were positioned a short distance away. It wasn't until she was back in the saddle that they made their presence known and rode up the path to her.

'Good morning m'lady,' said one of the men in greeting.

'Oh!! Good morning Samuel. Good morning Levi,' replied the lady, flustered. How long had the two grooms been there? Had they seen her completely abandoned display by the copse? The two young men gave no indication that they had seen anything out of the ordinary but the Lady could feel her already flushed cheeks burn sharply at the thought that she'd been observed at such an intimate moment.

The grooms accompanied the Lady back to the stables, chatting easily as they rode. Samuel and Levi lived in a room above the stalls and were seldom out of each other's company, attending to the horses diligently and keeping themselves to themselves.

The Lady's mind raced as the trio returned to the stables, she didn't know whether the men had seen anything or not and they certainly gave no clue that they had, being as calm and natural as usual. Still, she wasn't comfortable with the unknown and needed to know for her own piece of mind.

'How was your ride today?' The Lady asked Levi, as they worked hanging saddles and blankets.

'Twas fine thank you ma'am,' responded the groom as he worked. A response that gave the Lady no indication at all as to whether she'd been seen or not.

It was Samuel who spoke next. 'Mind, we do see some sights out in those woods ma'am,' he said. 'Courting couples and the likes.' Samuel was grinning, and with a jolt, her guts turning to water, the Lady realised he was holding her riding crop as he spoke.

Samuel looked directly into her eyes and lifted the crop to his nostrils, taking a deep sniff of the handle. There was no doubt that he could smell her scent on the crop and now she knew undoubtedly that the men had seen her in her moment of madness out in the copse.

'How could I have been so foolish?' She thought to herself as her face burned with the humiliation. 'The whole estate will know. The whole village! Oh God what can I do?' Desperate thoughts ran through her mind in a whirl.

'We won't say nothin' ma'am,' said Samuel as he placed the crop in its slot on the wall. 'Me an' Levi saw you alright, saw you enjoyin' yerself. Probly don't get enough from the old Master, you bein' 20 years younger an all,' he said as he walked slowly towards the Lady.

She stood motionless as he advanced, saying nothing as Samuel reached forward and cupped her chin in his hand. 'You be nice to me an' Levi an' no none will know a thing.' He said as he bent to kiss her lips.

She allowed herself to be kissed by the bold groom; her brain was still whirring with the speed of events. Samuel pushed his tongue between the Lady's lips and forced it into her mouth. As Samuel's tongue danced inside her mouth the silent Levi moved behind her and began to unlace her bodice.

'No! Stop!' she cried as she felt Levi fiddling with the garment.

'We won't hurt you m'lady,' whispered Samuel as he broke off from the kiss. 'Just we got so horny seein' you all bare in them woods,' he continued huskily as he lifted her skirts in search of her sex.

The Lady struggled for a moment until she felt Levi's rough hands on the smooth skin of her tits and Samuel's hard fingers probing at her clitoris. The lust and heat of passion flooded back over her as the two young men assaulted her body from two directions at once. Although she knew this was such a bad thing to be doing the thought of two virile men taking her simultaneously caused the upper class slut to throw caution to the wind for the second time in the hour.

The Lady began to groan as she allowed the grooms to maul her body, their work calloused hands running all over her tingling flesh. Very soon she was stood in nothing but her boots once more with each of her big breasts being suckled by the men. She stroked their hair tenderly as they nibbled and licked her sensitive teats, thinking what a contrast the two were when compared to the soft skinned Archer.

'Look at her big arse Levi, an' her big jugs,' said Samuel coarsly when he stood back to examine his naked employer.

'Aye, she's fuckin' beautiful,' replied Levi to his friend. 'Let's get her upstairs,' he continued, indicating the room above that they shared.

Samuel led the Lady by the hand as she climbed the stairs to their room, her leather heels clacking on the wooden staircase as she climbed. Levi followed close behind and was feeing the flesh of the Lady's ample backside as he ascended.

Both men were soon naked and the Lady admired their physique. 'God you're both lovely,' she spoke in her upper class tones. 'Such lovely muscles and hard stomachs,' she said as they stood before her. The men were both broad shouldered and well muscled, their bodies clearly defined due to the heavy nature of their work with the horses. The Lady looked admiringly at their long, lean thighs and flat, hard stomachs before switching her attention to both stiff cocks.

Samuel pushed her gently back onto the bed and he parted her thighs, gazing in wonder at her pubic bush. 'Fuckin' 'ell Levi,' he commented. 'It looks as thought he old bitch has pissed herself,' he continued lewdly.

The matted and tangled pubic hairs didn't deter Samuel in the slightest however and he was soon licking the Lady's intimate centre like it was the most delicious meal on earth.

As the Lady let herself be overtaken by the situation, she abandoned all intent at denying the men. Levi moved so that his stiff cock was close to the Lady's head, she saw Levi's penis dangling in front of her face and she reached out to grab it, popping the head into her mouth. She had ever experienced this before, one man tonguing her sex whilst she greedily ate the cock of another. She felt like a whore as she allowed the men to use her holes like this but it felt divine to be taken in such a manner.

Samuel was the first to push his cock into the Lady's quim and he groaned with pleasure as he slipped into her well greased cunt. 'Fuck, she's on fire,' Samuel moaned as he pushed into the Lady's molten core.

Levi had pulled his cock from between the Lady's sucking lips and watched in fascination as his friend's prick split the mature woman's labia as the couple fucked. The bed began to creak in protest as Samuel increased the tempo of his thrusting, the Lady's boots were swinging madly in the air whilst Samuel hooked her legs around his arms and pounded at her.

Samuel pulled his cock out and moved up her body, offering his sticky member to her to suck. The Lady licked at Samuel's cock, tasting the combination of her juices and his as she tongued it.

She was in for a surprise however. Levi took hold of his friend's penis and pulled it away from her tongue. She watched stunned, as the groom began to suck the head of his friend's cock. It was obvious when Samuel made no complaint about this that the grooms were bi sexual and probably enjoyed each other's company far more than she had first realised. Rather than repelling her the sight of Levi sucking his friend filled the Lady with desire.

'Oh God, you dirty bastards,' she groaned as she leant forward and took control of the big cock once again. Both Levi and the Lady licked at Samuel's cock from balls to tip, kissing each other as their mouths met. They took it in turn to suck Samuel, passing his thick, engorged cock back and forth as the man on the bed watched them, a smile on his rugged face.

Next Levi moved the Lady so she was on her hands and knees on the bed and whilst she continued to greedily suck on Samuel's cock, he slid his own stiffness into her from behind. The Lady groaned low in her throat as she felt Levi spearing her with his weapon.

The small room was filled with the slapping sound of Levi's flat; hard stomach hitting the Lady's buttocks as he fucked her. The Lady's big breasts were swinging as they hung below her body and Levi reached below to squeeze the big udders as he pounded into her.

The sweet sensation of her cunt sliding up and down his prick meant that Levi couldn't hold himself back for long and he grunted as he began to spurt his seed into he mature woman's body.

'I can feel it spitting!' Cried The Lady as the groom spurted his hot load into her belly. Her own orgasm pulsed through her limbs, bursting from her squelching cunt as she began to spasm on Levi's prick.

Samuel pulled away from the Lady's face in anticipation and as soon as his friend had pulled wetly from her dripping quim he pushed his cock deep into the oozing slit.

Samuel pounded away vigorously at her now, Levi's spunk leaking from around the sides of his own thrusting cock. He angled his length so that the Lady's clitoris was taking some friction from his thrusting, causing her climax to bubble on and on.

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