Lori Ch. 07


We gently rocked together as we held on to each other. Lori quickly shuddered and whimpered through a series of quick, small orgasms then her muscles seized my cock, rippling and spasming around it. My dick started to swell as my cum made its climb. "I'm going to cum, Lori." I told her. "Deep inside you." I moaned. Grabbing her hips held, I onto them and tried to embed myself deeper into her. Throwing my head back, I groaned with sweet agony as I erupted inside her. Lori sank her teeth into my shoulder as she shook and ground herself against me.

It seemed like I came for hours before it was over. I lay exhausted with Lori panting on top. She wiggled her hips "Mmmmmmmm still hard. I wonder what I can do with that?" She pushed herself up and began sliding up and down my extremely sensitive shaft. I just lay there watching her rise and fall for several minutes, enjoying the sight and the feel of her tight pussy. "I am soooo full of your sperm. It's too bad I'm on the pill. You might have just fucked a baby into me." I grinned at the thought and I felt my cock grow. "Yeah, I thought you'd like that. All those swimmers looking for my unprotected eggs. MMMMMM. I'll bet after a load like that, I'd probably have quintuplets!" The more she talked the harder I got.

"You are such a slut." I told her.

"Yeah, but only for you. Well, you and your big cock." she giggled. She ran her hands across her flat stomach "You'd like to see this all stretched out with your baby, wouldn't you? Fucking your pregnant slut. Everyone in town would know you were fucking me and my tight little pussy. Making me do the nastiest things! Filling it with your huge hard cock! Squirting your hot cum deep in me. You'd like that, wouldn't you? Everyone knowing I was your slut."

I was amazed how fast it happened. I could feel my cum boiling, building and ready. "God, Lori! You're going to make me cum again!"

"Oh my goodness!" and ground herself down. "I guess I shouldn't do that." then rose up slammed back down, gyrating on my shaft. "Or that?" she reached down and behind to cup my balls, squeezing and rubbing them. "Your poor balls." she pouted "They're all sticky and slimy. I'm going to have to suck them clean. But first. First! You need to make my little cunt happy. It's hungry for your cum. You've starved it all week. It needs your cum." then she growled, "Feed it. Feed me your cum!"

"Take it!" I cried. My load shot up and out of my shaft joining my previous deposit; deep inside. Lori ground herself against me as I gripped the sheets and thrust up into her. It was over way too soon. My balls ached from cumming again so soon but it was worth it. I looked up at Lori and she had her hands pressed against her stomach. Her eyes were closed but her mouth was open, moving wordlessly. I watched as she started to hunch forward, her hips jerked and I felt my dick being massaged by her clenching. I grinned as I watched. She thrust a hand against my chest and I could finally hear her "Ah ah ah ah ah ah oooooooooooooo!" She was struggling so hard to not cry out. The crushing grip on my shaft grew as she kept it all in then the pressure was abruptly gone and she toppled over onto her side.

Scared, I scrambled from under her to make sure she was OK. Her eyes were still closed and she had a beautiful flush to her skin but she was breathing smoothly. "Lori?" I called. She didn't respond so I shook her gently. "Lori?" she moved her head back and forth. OK, that had been a response. Turning out the light, I lay next to her and pulled a sheet over us. I kissing her neck and shoulder, I knew I was a lucky man.


I woke with a start. It was already bright out but that's not what roused me. Looking down, I could see Lori's ponytail and forehead as I felt her tongue swipe across my balls. "That's the way to wake up."

She lifted her head "Darn! I was hoping I could do this without waking you up." but her hand didn't stop stroking me. She shrugged. "Oh well." and took me back into her mouth. Definitely the way to wake up.

She didn't hurry. Slowly bobbing her head and using her tongue as she worked the top half of my dick; her hand kept up the slow massage. After a few minutes she stopped, sat up and unzipped her sweat-shirt then removed it and her sports bra.

Her nipples were hard and crinkled with excitement. "Damn it. I don't have time for this." but stood up and pulled off her sweatpants and panties. "It just looks too good." before impaling herself on me. Grabbing my head she warned me "DO NOT cum in me. I have not tasted you in over a week." then proceeded to ride me.

The morning sun shining on her perfect bouncing tits were a sight to get me going but I had had enough of laying back. Grabbing her hips, I rolled us over. She gave a yelp and laugh of surprise, "OK. But remember. It goes here." pointing to her mouth.

Lori's reminder sent a surge through me. I fucked her hard. Pumping and pounding her through a quick orgasm before I went for broke. Slamming as deep as I could get, I rocked against her, reaching those deepest areas and smashing against her clit in the process. I saw the look in her eyes and the sudden intake of breath. Grabbing a pillow, I covered her face just in time to muffle her scream. Her pussy grasped at my cock but I was able to pull out and shove myself back in. Her tunnel attacked my shaft in an attempt to hold me still and milk me dry but I had promised Lori.

Her screaming had stopped but she was still riding a long wave as she came again and again. Looking down at her heaving chest, flushed and covered in a sheen of sweat, started my cum rising.

I pulled the pillow away. "Lori!" I gasped. "I'm close." I warned. Her eyes flew open and she nodded eagerly.

Rolling off of her, onto my back, Lori sprang up and down to engulf my cock. Her hands worked to bring me over the edge. I grabbed her head and pumped it up and down on my shaft until my first shot fired into her throat. Lori took over, pulling back so that just my head was captured by her lips. Her hands jerked and pulled, milking my load into her mouth. It seemed I came gallons because I just kept firing squirt after squirt. Lori had to swallow at least twice as I came and there were still streams escaping down the sides of my shaft, onto her pumping hand! As the last of my cum shot out, Lori popped her mouth off me and took a deep breath before taking my softening shaft back into her mouth, sucking and licking me clean.

Licking her hand clean of all traces of my cum she laughed "You always cum so much!" she swallowed again trying to clear her throat. "Now, if you're awake enough, I need to go jogging." Getting up and re-dressed, she turned to me and winked "Besides, if you're going to knock me up, I need to stay fit." shoes and socks in hand, she left.

I lay back amazed.

I worked the down in the 'bottoms'; I rounded up a few stray cattle and repaired the fence where they broke through. I snapped two wires in the process and had to replace them, corner to gate. It was a long day.

When I got home, Lori informed me we were having dinner with her parents again. I was tired but it was a small price. After dinner, Sam asked me to help him out, part time, during the summer. I told him I'd think about it. Lori was very excited but I was just too damn tired to talk about it. I let her drive home.

I know I was a disappointment that night but I just needed sleep.


We made it to Church.

Afterwards, Lori pulled Father Michael aside and told him that we were going to miss service due to Prom and was there anything special we could do to make up for it. She was funny that way. We were living in sin, according to our upbringing, and doing things that no priest would forgive, at least until we were properly married and even then I'm not so sure, but she was concerned about missing Mass.

Father Michael is a great guy. He said that while it was important to attend Mass, God understood more often than we gave Him credit. He told us both to have a good time and to be safe. I'm sure just I imagined the look he gave me.

Thrilled with the dispensation, Lori spun and pulled me down the steps, almost skipping on the walk home.

I know for a fact that what we did Prom night is a sin in most belief systems.

Sunday afternoon was relaxed. Eric called; I relented and told him my plan for Prom. Lori and I were going to the City and having an early dinner then I had rented a limo to drive us to Prom then back to the hotel we were staying at. Lori had no clue what I had planned but I thought Eric would be interested. Yeah, I had rented a suite. I thought at the time that meant a bedroom and a separate sitting room but I found out that it was actually two bedroom and a sitting room and two baths. Of course, our bathroom would have the Jacuzzi. Eric was more than willing to accept my offer to join us. I was surprised when he offered to pay for half the room. I made sure he knew to keep it a secret from Lori but I had my doubts about his keeping quiet with Vanessa. Oh, well.

We spent some time with the parents then decided to go for a walk. It was fun, walking about in our Sunday best, holding hands, and appearing innocent. However, if anyone had been within hearing distance, they probably would have thought Lori was possessed. The things she can say!

Lori helped Mom with dinner. She really was getting better. Afterwards, I went up and picked out some clothes for her consisting of an extra-long t-shirt and sandals. I changed into some gym shorts and a t-shirt.

Lori was just going upstairs as I reached the bottom. I told her I had laid out some clothes for her. As I was telling Mom we were going out to see who was around, I heard Lori call out that she would meet me at the truck. That was fast.

When I got to the truck Lori didn't have on what I had laid out. In fact she didn't have anything on. "I dare you to get naked, too!" she challenged.

Jumping in, I shucked my clothes. We sped out of town with Lori sitting next to me slowly pumping my dick. I parked at our normal spot and we made out for a while, enjoying being naked with each other as the sun set. She surprised me when she jumped out. "I want to go for a walk."

Not one to argue with a good idea, I got out and followed her down the lease road towards the main road. There was usually little to no traffic at night but, for me, the tension was still there. And although there were several trees, they were about 20 feet from either side of the road. I was extremely nervous but Lori was acting like it was no big deal. She almost had to drag me across the road. We walked about a quarter mile before I had almost relaxed. That's when I heard the truck.

The airbrakes hissed as it slowed down. We jumped behind a tree to hide and I listened in dread as it seemed to turn down the lease road we had just left. "What the fuck!? Who makes a stop on Sunday night?"

Lori giggled "I don't know but it could be fun."

"Fun?" getting stuck, or worse, getting caught! was not my idea of fun.

"How long can it take? At least it's not cold."

She was right. I looked back at her, "Oh, yeah? Then why are you nipples so hard?" I joked.

"Because I'm looking at your hot butt." she replied, adding a pinch. "So, do you want to cower back here behind the tree or walk with me?"

"Can I at least walk behind you? That way I can watch your butt as it bounces."

She hit my arm "Stop that! My butt does not bounce! Does it?"

I pretended to think about it before "Well, maybe 'jiggle' is a better word." then took off.

"OH!! Come back here!" she called chasing after me. "My butt does not jiggle!"

I ran a ways down the road then turned to wait for her. As she walked up, "Mike? Come on. Does it really jiggle?" she kept trying to look over her shoulder in the near dark to see or put her hands on her cheeks to feel if they did.

I laughed but finally came clean "No. You have a tight ass but your boobs are wobbling all over the place."

Her hands moved to cup her tits and bounced them up and down with her hands. "Like this?" then back and forth "or like this?"

"A little of both but it's OK, they're fantastic." I replied honestly.

"They're not as big as Vanessa's"

"Hers are nice to look at but yours are more fun to play with." I looked around, still uncomfortable, "I don't really get this, being naked out here, but if it makes you feel good then I'll do it.

Lori gave me a quick kiss then dropped a hand to my hard dick. "Your brain may not like it but 'he' doesn't seem to have any problems."

"Yeah, well, maybe it's not so bad." I looked around in the darkness and it was a whole new world. The moonlight was dim but, unlike the stories, wasn't all that romantic. Still, I had a hot naked chick with me.

We continued to walk around for what seemed to be a long time. We never heard the truck leave so we decided to see if we sneak back to our truck. Naked and hard I may have been, I wasn't in the mood for sex.

We crept up the lease road. Well, I crept, Lori walked boldly down the middle of the road. We didn't hear anything. When we were finally able to see the tank batteries, no one was there.

Lori spun around, arms wide, laughing. "Mike? Wasn't that fun?!"

Not wanting to bring her down I replied, truthfully, "Any chance to see you naked is a great thing." ME being naked outside was not something I was comfortable with but her? I was going to make up ways to get her naked.

We got back in the truck and just being 'inside' helped me relax. Lori damn near jumped my bones. She reached over and reclined my seat then swung her leg over and impaled herself on me. Holy God, she was WET. She practically slid down my pole with no resistance. "FUCK ME!" she screamed as her first orgasm seized her. She didn't stop moving. She humped up and down on me, using me to get herself off. Lori was so caught up in her frenzy that all I could do was grab her bouncing tits and hold on for the ride.

When she came the second time she slammed herself down and ground against me. Her canal tightened and relaxed repeatedly then clamped down my cock so hard it almost hurt! I moved my hands to pinch her nipples causing her to cry out as another orgasm hit. I put my hands on her hips and pulled her down as I thrust up, pushing another fraction of an inch deeper. Eyes squeezed shut, she dug her fingers into my shoulders.

I felt a grin crawl onto my face as she started to moan "Fuckfuckfuck MIKE!" at each thrust. "Soooo good. Fuck me. Fuck my little cunt. Fuck it full. oooooOOOOOHHH FUCK!!" then abruptly silent but for an occasional sharp inhalations of breath. Her fingernails clawed into me as her whole body froze then started to shake before going stock still. I thrust up one last time. "...fuck...me..." came out as a whisper then a full blown ear shattering scream "UUUUUUUUUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!"

I tried to move and press deeper but she just shook her head no.

I did it again. "huh-uh"

Again bare whisper "...no..." Clench. I grabbed her left nipple and pinched. That set her off again! "Fuck you Mike! You sonvabitch! fuckyoufuckfuckfuck! Not again NOOOOOOOHHHHHHFUCKME!" as she ground against me so hard I knew she was going to snap my dick off!

Lori came down slowly, shaking and shuddering. I kept my steel hard cock absolutely still. Maybe there had been something about that walk? "Did you like that?"

"You fucker!" she answered.

"Yeah, I will" I said seriously.

"FUCK!" she cried as she lifted herself off me and lay back in the seat next to me. "God! you're still hard!"

I nodded with huge grin. "Yep! The better to fuck you with!"

"Gimme a second to get my breath and I'll suck that beautiful thing." she promised.

I sat up and pulled her legs towards me. "Nope. I said 'the better to fuck you with' "

Lori put her hand on my chest as I got up. "No, Mike, please." I ignored her and put the head of my dick just between her lips. "Please...I can't take it!" she whined.

Looking down at her, I saw concern in her eyes. "I won't if you're certain." I allowed.

"...I....FUCK!" Nope. Not certain. I slid in to the hilt. "HOOOOOOshit!"

I stopped. "Are you OK?" I asked.

She nodded. "Yeah....it's just...yeah..."

We fucked. It was incredible. I pounded into her over and over as she proved what a filthy mouth she had. Begging me to fuck her til she couldn't walk. I felt like a god! My cock stayed hard as I hammered her until she came several more times and had screamed herself hoarse. Still, I kept it up. She tried to hold me in and milk my cock but she couldn't take it. She had cum so many times she was pleading with me to cum, to stop. I felt the tingle as she talked about all the ways she was going to fuck me and where. She promised to suck me off every night or to let me take her whenever I wanted during school. It went on. Christ, she felt great!

As my load slowly rose into my cock, she screamed out and I pushed her through another orgasm. She offered me her ass if I'd just please STOP! That did it. My cum started to shoot up the shaft and at the last possible instant I pulled out. I had just enough time to aim at her tits before I exploded! Cum fountained out of me. Huge ropes of cum shot out all over her chest, her neck, and face. Finally, after releasing such a torrent cum, the last shot hit her hair, just over her right eye.

I sat back exhausted and looked at her, covered in my cum. Stripes crossing her face and neck. Puddles formed on her stomach and between her tits. Lori lay there panting almost as hard as I was; her hand was massaging her battered pussy and clit.

She looked incredible! I quickly grabbed my cell from the dash and snapped multiple pictures of her. The flash going off caused her to open her left eye and she gave me a crooked smile. Her right eye was pasted shut with my cum.

I took a close-up of her pussy. It wasn't by any means loose but it looked angry red and her lips were swollen.

"Get my face. I can't wait to see those!" I did as instructed and took two quick shots before putting my phone down and leaning back against the door.

I reached back and grabbed my clothes and put them on then grabber Lori's shirt and tossed it next to her. She was too exhausted to do more than pick it up and give ma a dirty look.

I laughed. "We need to get home. We went to Sonic, remember?"

"You bastard." she started weakly "give me something to clean up with!"

"What? You got a shirt. Use it." I responded.

"Fine. Let your parents see me covered in your spunk." She cleared her eye and licked her finger clean. "God you came a lot! And it's wasted! The least you could have done was let me drink it!" she complained.

I grabbed my phone again and set it to video mode, I HAD to capture what she was doing! Looking at her under the truck's dome light "I think I like how you wear it. Of course you make nothing look great!"

"I can't really wear this to school." she commented.

"I'd like to see it." I joked.

Lori lay there looking at the cum coating her body. "Such a fucking waste" wiping the splatter from above her eye and popping it into her mouth she started scooping the rest in as well.

I watched as she continued to scrape and scoop up the puddles to feed herself. She looked up and noticed what I was doing. "You better not let anyone see that." she scooped up a large dollop of cum held it up in front of her face and looked at the phone. "I never would have guessed that I would love this stuff so much." Then raised her fingers and sucked them clean. She gathered up as much of it as she could then rubbed the rest into her neck, chest, stomach and then, with both hands, into her pussy.

"Don't do that again." she scolded. "Its way too much work."

I put the phone down. "That was the hottest thing I've ever seen!" I told her.

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