tagLoving WivesLori Discovers A Giant

Lori Discovers A Giant


Finally, after eight years of marriage, things were getting exciting! In the heat of passion last night, Lori agreed to a threesome with another man (I would have preferred it to be another woman, but she would have none of that). At breakfast this morning I was sure she would back out of it, but to my surprise, she asked if I was serious about the arrangement.

“Sure I am,” I said, “you know that’s been my fantasy for a long time. I was thrilled when you agreed.”

“Ok, but I get to decide who the guy will be.”

“Of course honey,” I said, “we did talk about Eddie though and you weren’t turned off by him.”

“Yeah, Eddie’s OK I guess. I suppose we have to start with someone.”

“Start with someone,” I said, “you mean you’d like to get into this even more?”

“Well,” Lori smiled, “I have to be honest, I’ve been thinking about this for a while and I get horny picturing me with another cock in me while you watch. I know how much it would turn you on. Maybe we could like, branch out with our sex life a bit.” Lori giggled and gave me a sexy smile.

“I’ll talk to Eddie tomorrow,” I said.

“Saturday night would be good,” Lori said, with a grin on her lovely face.


“Eddie, Dave here.” I said into the phone. “Remember the fantasy I’ve been telling you about?

“Yeah, you mean where I get to fuck Lori?”

“Right, well it’s gonna happen,” I said.

“You’re shittin’ me. How the hell did you get her to agree?”

“Just trust me. Are you OK for Saturday night?”

“I’ll be there with a hard on,” Eddie said.


Eddie is a nice looking guy, average build and about as tall as my 6 foot frame. I’ve never seen his cock but he’s always bragging about this “big slab” he is supposed to have. He works with me and Lori has met him on several occasions. She likes him and they get along pretty good. Eddie has often remarked about hot Lori is and how he loves to peek down in her cleavage. She has real nice tits and often wears outfits that show her milky white cleavage. She likes to go bra-less and her tits swing gently from side to side when she walks. For several months now, I’ve been telling Eddie how I’d like to see her being fucked by another guy. He keeps saying that he wants first option.

OK, so last Saturday night Eddie came over for dinner. Lori served a nice casserole and we had a couple of drinks. After dinner we went into the living room and I made us fresh drinks. I sat in a chair to let Lori and Eddie sit next to each other on the sofa. We had put on some nice music and, after Lori had a couple of drinks, she began running her hand along Eddie’s thigh. Eddie slid his hand into her blouse and began feeling her bra-less tits. I have to point out that Lori has a very small (and tight) vagina. She never had children and, as she told me, never was one to use dildos, even small ones. Now, this is great for me because my 6 inches fits nicely and her vaginal wall are snug and tight.

“Oh, man. I’m in heaven. I’ve been drooling over these things for years,” Eddie said.

“Feels good huh,” Lori said as she unbuttoned her silky blouse. “Help yourself Eddie.” She whipped off the blouse and Eddie had one of those luscious mounds in his hand. The large pink nipples stood out proudly.

Lori looked at me. “Come on over and join the fun,” she said.

“I will, but I want to watch for a while. You know I’ve always wanted to see you get fucked by another guy.”

Lori reached over and unzipped Eddie’s fly and reached in to feel his meat.

“Oh, my! I can’t believe this,” she said. “Dave, he has a monster here.”

While Eddie helped, Lori slid his pants down to the floor, along with his skivvies. My eyes widened when I saw Eddie’s cock. It was enormous! Lori held it in her two hands and stroked it. Her hands didn’t reach all the way around it. She lifted his monster cock straight up. I guessed it to be at least 10 inches and very fat.

“How big is that thing Eddie,” I asked?

“Last time I measured it was just a hair under 12 inches. Is that OK Lori?”

“It’ll probably split me in half, but I have to try it.”

We quickly removed all our clothes and Lori led us to the bedroom, steering us with her grip on Eddie’s stiff cock. She motioned for Eddie to lie on his back.

“I want to play with this thing for a while before it impales me,” she laughed.

I sat on a chair and stroked my measly 7 inches, while I watched. Lori rubbed it against her face and stroked the length of it with both hands. She caressed his big balls and licked up and down the shaft. Bending her head, she lathered Eddie’s balls with her tongue. Eddie was moaning with delight.

“I love this thing,” she said. “Look at how the head shines, especially when I lick it. These balls are huge, and so soft and pliable.”

As she administered her loving, a large drop of pre-cum oozed out of the head of Eddies’ cock. Lori ran her tongue up and sucked it in her mouth. Then she opened her lips and took the head of it in. She sucked on the head for a long while.

“Shit Lori,” Eddie groaned. You are good!”

I watched as my wife slid her mouth down on Eddie’s giant prick, taking almost half of it in. “Mmmmm,” she moaned with delight. So did Eddie.

“OK,” she said. “Now it’s time for me to impale myself on this monster.” She moved Eddie so that his head was at the foot of the bed where I was sitting. She wanted me to get a good view. She straddled Eddie’s hips and lowered herself while holding his cock with one hand and spreading her cunt lips with the other.

“Dave, come over here and spread my pussy lips for me.”

Anxious to join them, I climbed on the bed and held Lori’s, very wet, lips wide open. She lowered herself a little more.

“Oh, the head is going in. Wow, it’s big. Let me rub it on my clit a while.”

She tried to balance herself while sliding down on this big cock.

“Dave, hold his cock for me while I concentrate on fitting it all in me.”

That came as a surprise. I never expressed a desire to come in contact with Eddie while we were swinging, never mind “hold his cock.” She let go of it and, as she let herself drop down, Eddie’s cock began to bend. Almost instinctively I grabbed Eddie’s meat. It felt so strange holding another guy’s cock. As I held it I fed it into Lori’s wet cunt. She was having a tough time accepting it.

Sweat was pouring off Lori’s face. She looked like she was in pain. “Oh, it’s so big. I don’t think I can do this. It’s stretching me to the limit. Wait, wait. Let me take it slow.”

I held Eddie’s cock with both hands. I was surprised that I was still hard as stone. Wasn’t this supposed to turn me off? It was turning me on!

“Wait,” Lori said again. She eased herself off of Eddie’s prick and bent down. I was still holding him.

“Let me lube him some more,” Lori said. She took him in her mouth and sucked in the head. I continued to hold him. She worked up a lot of saliva and let it smear over the head of his cock.

“Keep holding him honey,” she said. She climbed up and straddled him again.

Eddie piped up and said, “Hey Dave, that’s nice.” I realized I was stroking Eddie’s cock.

“Don’t let him go,” Lori screamed. She again began lowering herself on the monster. This time she managed to get almost all of it in her widening cunt.

“Wow,” she cried. “I can’t believe this. I feel like I have a big log in me.”

She sat with a thump. Her pubic hairs were enmeshed with his. He was all the way up in my wife’s pussy.

“Let me sit on it for a while. It feels so good. What an experience!”

I, of course, had let him go when her pussy reached my hand. I sat back and stroked myself while I watched. Pretty soon Lori bent over and put her hands on Eddie’s shoulders. She began very short strokes with her cunt, easing up and down slowly. She was dripping wet now. Her sweet cunt juice was running out and wetting her and Eddie’s pubic hairs. Her movements became a little faster.

“Oh,” she cried. “I’m cumming. Oh boy am I cumming! Ahh! Ahhh, wow!”

Her juices were flooding out of her now. I could hear slopping sounds as their bodies slapped together. She was still cumming. She eased herself up so that only the head of Eddie’s cock was still in her. She began to relax. Then another climax took her by surprise. She was screeching as she lowered herself and took him all in herself again. Lori bent over and rested her head on Eddie’s shoulder. Her body was shaking.

“I can’t stop,” she murmured. “Cumming and cumming.”

Eddie looked at me. “I can’t hold out much longer,” he said. “Do you want me to pull out?”

“Go for it Eddie,” I said. “She’s on the pill. Flood her buddy.”

And flood her he did. His pelvis began to heave up, shoving his monster cock up into my wife’s tight pussy as he shot his load. Lori’s eyes opened wide. She looked at me.

“Oh Dave, I can feel his cum shooting into me. I can feel his cock throbbing. Oh, I’m cumming again”

They both shook as they enjoyed each other’s thrilling climax. After a long while Lori sat up and began easing herself off of his cock. I watched as the long shaft slid out of her cunt slowly. She hesitated when just the head of it was still in her. Then, as she backed off of it there was a loud pop! Her cunt lips remained open and Eddie’s white cum began running out of her. In large globs it fell on his prick and flooded his abdomen. It ran down over his balls. Lori lay back, her legs wide open. Her, once tiny, cunt looked like a wide open tunnel, their combined juices running out of it. I was so hot I couldn’t resist. I mashed my face into that sloppy cunt and licked at those juices. Lori held my head in her hands as I licked her and drank her juice and Eddie’s cum. My cock found itself in a nice warm mouth. It wasn’t Lori’s because she was looking at me and smiling. Eddie was sucking my cock! I was giving Lori’s clit a butterfly treatment with my tongue. She began humping my face.

“Oh, Dave! Right there! Keep doing that to my clit. I’m gonna cum again.”

And she did. I felt her juices flow once again as she trembled and climaxed. With that sensation, I began shooting my built up cum into Eddie’s mouth. He kept sucking me and swallowing my cum.

Later on, when Lori and I were alone in bed, we talked about it. I asked her how it felt.

“It was quite an experience,” she said. After the initial hurt, it really felt good. I never felt so filled up. You saw how much I came.”

“Yeah,” I said. “It was such a thrill to see you in the throes of passion. You kept cumming and cumming and I was happy for you. What really surprised me was Eddie sucking me off. It was great but I had mixed feelings about it.”

“Yes, that surprised me too, but he seemed to be enjoying it. I don’t think it was his first time.”

“I was shocked when you told me to hold his cock. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know how he would react to that and I didn’t know if I wanted to do it. When I saw his cock beginning to bend I held it with both hands. You know, it felt good and I was turned on by holding it .”

“Maybe we found another side of you,” she laughed.

“So,” I had to ask, “are we going to do this again?”

“I’d like to, but not with Eddie. I couldn’t take that thing again.”

We both laughed and went to sleep. More adventures will come.

I’d appreciate a vote and will answer all e-mails. Thanks for reading my story.

Mr Lucky

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Read the first sentence and quit. No fucking way would a story like this be regarded as erotic. Plain garbage. ONE STAR

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Part 2, ,3 in the works???

Please write more...gift you have.

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