Lori's Humiliation


"What's that sound, slut?"

"My...my pussy"

"No, sluts don't have pussies. Now what is that sound?"

"My cunt, Ma'am"

"And why is it making such noise, slut?"

"Because it is wet."

"and what does slut's cunt want to do'" as Terry roughly stuck a third finger into Lori and pressed her back against the wall.

"To cum, Ma'am."

"Ask me nicely, slut. Use full sentences!"

"May I please cum?"

"May who and what please cum?

"May your slut's cunt please cum all over your fingers?"

"No," with that Terry pulled all her fingers from Lori and picked up her bra, panties and pantyhose. As she dropped them in the trash she told Lori to hurry and get dressed. She said not to even think about finishing herself off.

Lori returned to the table with her makeup redone and quietly ate her lunch.

When finished, Terry had Lori pay the tab and they walked to the nearby stores. When they arrived at Wet Seal, a clothing store for teenagers Lori figured they would be shopping for Terry's niece. She asked the niece's age and size and Terry told her she was sixteen and about Lori's size. Lori said that would be a size six and started to look through the dresses.

A few minutes latter a sales girl came over and asked if they needed help, to which Lori explained they were shopping for a sixteen year old about a size six. With that Terry spoke.

"I'm sorry, Dear my friend is confused. We are looking for some outfits for Lori here. Her husband has been seen with a younger girl and poor Lori thinks if she dressed a little more youthful her husband might not stray. Isn't that right Lori?"

Lori turned red in the face and couldn't bear to look at the teenager, "Yes, Ma'am. I was hoping to find something here."

The sales girl thought this was a strange lady but knew she might get a big sale if she played her cards right. Ignoring Lori she spoke to Terry and asked what she had in mind for her friend.

"Something short and slutty. The only way to get men's attention is to flaunt your tits and ass."

Lori could have died from the humiliation. She stood there while the two chose dresses and skirts, holding them up to Lori as if she were the teenager. Terry would refuse any item that wasn't at least four inches above the knee. They also picked out some tight spaghetti tops which Lori knew would show her nipple ring if Terry didn't allow a bra.

Terry sent Lori into a changing room with all the clothes. She was instructed to come out into the store to show Terry each outfit, whether it fit or not. Lori walked slowly into the room knowing she would follow the order but hating herself for the excitement she was feeling. The worst Terry treated her the wetter she became.

The girl asked Terry what was going on and Terry told her they were close friends who always liked to make outrageous bets. Lori lost this one and Terry was having fun. She pulled out a hundred dollar bill and gave it to the girl telling her to play along and keep things from getting out of hand. The girl smiled and said for another fifty she would pay the other sales girl to keep the customers away from this changing area. Terry liked the guts of the girl and handed her the money. By the time the girl, who Terry found out was nineteen and named Monica, returned Lori walked out of the changing area.

She was wearing a short pink and gray skirt with a white tube top. The top was a size too small so her nipples were apparent as was the ring on her left nipple. The skirt was short and Lori could feel the cool air on her pussy as she walked barefoot towards Terry. Lori was in good shape and at first glance one would think they were looking at a sexily dressed teen. After closer inspection you would see the hands of a fifty one year old women, the wrinkles around her eyes and face and legs that no longer had the smooth skin of a teen.

"My, I forgot about your nipple decoration. It just spells 'Slut' doesn't it Monica"

"Well, Terry I think you are right. If I took her to a frat party she would be the center of attention," laughed the young girl.

Terry took out her car keys and threw them on the floor behind Lori, "I want you to pick up my keys. Bend at the waist, so I can see if the skirt is too long."

Lori was past trying arguing with Terry and went into the complete sub mode like she did in the bar in Seattle. She walked over to the keys with her back to the women and bent at the waist. As she reached the keys Terry told her to stay still. Lori could feel the skirt had ridden above her ass and knew they both had a clear view of her ass and pussy lips.

"You were not kidding when you said she was a slut. Look at her pussy. It is bald and I can see her juices from here," exclaimed Monica.

"Go put on another outfit. I am sure we will take this one," instructed Terry. She felt so good that she was controlling this bitch after all these years. She smiled to herself because she realized Lori was probably enjoying her humiliation more than Terry.

Terry chose four of the ten or so outfits Lori tried on. She entered the changing room and told Lori she was to wear the first outfit for the rest of the day. She grabbed Lori's pants, top and shoes and left her standing nude in the room. She went to the trash and threw away the expensive apparel and told Monica to remove the tags from the first outfit.

After she paid for everything with Lori's credit card she asked Monica to follow her. She opened the door and found Lori hiding in the corner, behind the door.

"Slut, get out by the mirror, now!" Lori walked by the mirror as instructed and saw Monica standing behind Terry.

She put one arm across her breasts and the other in front of her cunt, more as a reaction then a thought out movement. Suddenly Terry's open hand caught Lori across the cheek leaving a red mark.

"Don't you ever cover yourself up in front of me or my friends. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Ma'am. I'm sorry." Lori was more surprised by the slap then hurt by it and she dropped her arms and grabbed her elbows behind her back. She spread her legs to shoulder width and stood with her eyes cast downward. This was the position Frank had taught her.

"Monica. I'd have you feel how wet her cunt is but she'd leak all over you and I don't think your customers would enjoy the smell."

"I can smell her from here. We will have to put some freshener in this room after she leaves." Monica was enjoying being mean to this women who was probably the same age as her own Mother.

Terry pushed Lori against the three pane viewing mirror and her naked body could be seen from all angles. She reached down and slid her fingers into the pussy for the second time today. The wetness and noise was even more than before.

"Do you want to cum for Monica, Slut?"

Lori tried to fight it but her body was becoming charged by the fingers fucking her. She began to hump up against the hand hoping to get off, but Terry stopped.

"Answer me."

"Yes...yes I want to cum for Monica. Please finger me, I am so close. Please Ma'am," Lori pleaded as Terry smiled at her.

"Next time answer right away. Put your clothes on."

Terry picked up a piece of tissue that was wrapped with a blouse off the floor and handed it to Lori. "Wipe your cunt. I can't believe what a slut you are. You are leaking like a faucet."

Monica and Terry left and Lori was left standing alone. She took the paper and pushed it between her legs, trying to sop up some of the juices. She wanted to lay on the floor and bring herself off, but didn't dare to anger Terry anymore. She pulled on the two items of clothes and walked bare foot into the store. She kept her eyes down but could hear the gasps and giggles of anyone who noticed her.

Terry told her they needed to buy some shoes and walked out with Lori following. They were asked to leave the first store they entered, the matronly lady berating Lori for dressing like that in public. At the next store they found a young man who happily helped Lori find a pair of high heeled strap on sandals. He noticed her bare pussy and actually spent an exaggerated length of time tying up the straps of the sandal while he stared up her dress.

When they finally arrived in the parking lot, Lori took Terry to where she was parked as instructed. Terry was pleased that Lori had brought the Chevy Tahoe and climbed into the captain seat in the back. She told Lori to join her and close the door. As they sat for a few minutes Lori noticed many people walking by the car. She turned when she heard the rustling of clothing. Terry was reaching under her skirt and was pulling off her panties. She pulled her skirt up to her waist and swung her leg closest to Lori over the arm rest.

"Take off everything but your heels."

Lori did as she was told and even though she had never eaten another women's pussy she knew she was about to.

"Get on you knees between my legs. Then apologize for not obeying me completely today. Ask my forgiveness and tell me what you want to do to help me forget what a dumb slut you are."

Lori slid down between Terry's legs. Her face was inches from the hairy cunt and Lori could smell her excitement. "Mrs. Crane, I am so sorry I disobeyed you. Please forgive this stupid slut and let me lick your beautiful pussy."

Terry smiled, slid down the chair until her ass was at the edge. She could feel Lori's breath on her cunt when she said, "Start with the ass, slut. I want to feel your tongue work its way up my asshole."

She noticed the hesitation of Lori and added, "You better start right away or I will send you outside the way you are dressed."

Lori stuck out her tongue and tentatively licked around Terry's ass. Thankfully the area seemed relatively clean and Lori somehow found the odor intoxicating. She began to lick earnestly and found herself trying to put her tongue as deep as possible.

"Finger yourself while you suck my ass. You may cum only if your tongue is in my asshole."

Lori began to rapidly work her fingers in her cunt while pushing her face into Terry's ass. When she started to cum her body shook for minutes and as she came out of the orgasm she was wrought with guilt for enjoying what she knew was a filthy perverted act.

After she came Lori looked up at Terry and raised her head. She was about to begin working her tongue into the lips of the splayed open cunt when Terry swung her leg over Lori's head and stated, "You don't think I'd let a slut like you lick my pretty pussy. You will have to earn that honor."

Terry pulled on her panties and opened the door. Lori's nakedness was displayed to anyone who walked by. She told Lori she would call when their next meeting would be. Lori was to wear one of her new outfits. She is not to wear panties or pants without permission, other than her work out clothes. She was tell her husband that they only met for lunch and discussed his submissiveness. She closed the door and left Lori alone.

To be continued....

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