tagExhibitionist & VoyeurLori's Summer Daze

Lori's Summer Daze


Hot, steamy and oppressive, the air is so thick and wet that even breathing is an effort. Lori lies still and naked, staring up at the sky through a grate in the roof of the office tower. A tiny current of air to flow though the grate, and together with the bare concrete on which she lies, gives her mild relief from the humidity that sticks to her body.

Lori is unperturbed by her nakedness as she is safely ensconced in the dark shadows of her secret space. A space that she has spent many a hot Summer's day, undetected. Besides the thought of discovery adds a touch of excitement to a dull day, and Lori wants to be excited, to escape from her otherwise staid existence. Today however her secretive adventure is interrupted by a pair of lovers who, unknowing of her presence, decide that the grate on the roof is the perfect place for a moment of passion.

Lori remains perfectly still, directly below the amorous couple who begins to kiss, slowly at first, as they lie across the grate, hoping for some cool air from below. She can just make them out, their bodies silhouetted against the sky as they embrace and caress each other. Lori watches them and begins to feel her own excitement grow as the couple slowly lose their inhibitions and start to undress each other to gain better access to their bodies. Before long they are both naked, kissing and touching each other while below, Lori, also naked, touches herself. She listens and watches intently as the guy goes down on his lover, kissing and licking his lover's sex and Lori imagines her own pussy being eaten out. Lori strokes her clit and slides a finger deep into herself, her wetness and lust allowing her finger to glide effortlessly along her silky flesh. Lori listens intently as the girl above, lost in the passion, starts to moan softly while Lori is forced to bite her lip to stifle her own desire to cry out.

The couple's movements become more urgent and passionate. The telltale moans of pleasure become louder and less inhibited as the girl approaches orgasm. Then at last the girl cries out as she cums, her silhouetted body arching against the light. Lori is forced to once again bite down on her lip as she stifles her own sounds of pleasure, her fingers stroking her excited clit, working her own wetness with an urgent need. Lori watches, transfixed as the guy slides his body up along his lovers and she catches sight of his hard prick slipping between the girls parted legs. She watches excitedly as they fuck each other with complete abandon, the guy driving his prick into his lover and the girl meeting each thrust with equal need.

Lori begins to squeeze her nipples and breasts as her other hand continues to work her throbbing pussy, her fingers sliding deep inside herself. The girl on the grate orgasms again as her lover groans loudly and cums inside her. Lori closes her eyes and imagines it is her being fucked. She tries hard to stop the moan from escaping her lips but loses it completely as she feels the splash of the guys cum, dripping down onto her face. She cums hard, her body shaking with uncontrolled lust as her face is splattered in cum as drips down from the girl's pussy and through the grate.

The Lovers dress themselves hurriedly and leave the rooftop. Lori lies quietly in the dark, staring up at the sky, the smell of sex in her nostrils and cum slowly sliding from her face.

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