tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLosing Control, Gaining Pleasure

Losing Control, Gaining Pleasure


You walk in to the house, tired after a long day and glad that your husband and the kids are away for a few days so you can just relax with a glass of wine. You slip off your shoes and pad into the kitchen to grab a wine glass and stop suddenly. On the table, sitting positioned right in the centre, is your butt plug. As you stare uncomprehendingly at it, you hear a noise behind you and suddenly a hand is wrapped around your mouth and you are pushed forward to fall over the table, your face inches away from the plug. As you start to panic, you realize that whoever is behind you has a hard-on and that is pressing against your ass. A second later, a voice whispers "Look what I found in your bedroom baby...have you been fantasizing about something naughty?"

You start to struggle a little bit and the hand on your mouth tightens its grip and suddenly a hand is squeezing one of your tits through your shirt. "Relax Becky..you can't stop this and I think deep down you want it." You try and determine if you know the voice as they clearly know who you are, but it is difficult to concentrate as the hand massages your boob and you feel his hard-on slowly grinding against your ass. The hand tweaks your nipple and despite yourself you start to feel a little turned on.

As the hand continues to grope you and the grinding continues, you hear him say "I think you actually want to be treated like a slut Becky. I think you fantasize about a nice hard cock deep in your asshole. I think if you were able to be honest with yourself, you would admit that you want to be fucked hard and treated like a....dirty..... little .....whore." At the end of the sentence, with each word, the hand twists your nipple a little and you swear you feel his cock get harder.

You suddenly have one of your legs kicked out to the side and the hand is gone from your tit only to reappear between your legs. The thin material of the pants you are wearing doesn't prevent much and his hand begins to rub your clit through the material. "Or maybe you want it in your cunt Becky. Maybe you want to be bent over and have a cock ramming in and out of your pussy until you can barely breathe. Being used for my pleasure as I fuck you how I want." You can't help but moan a little bit through his hand as he continues to tease your pussy. You realize with some shame that you are getting wet and that pretty soon he will be able to tell that what he is doing and how he is talking is making you very horny.

The hand over your mouth loosens a little and the voice whispers in your ear again. "I am going to move my hand Becky, but if you scream, it will end badly for you." The hand moves slightly but instead of taking it off your mouth, he presses two of the fingers into your mouth. "Suck on my fingers you little slut, like you suck on a cock." Hesitantly at first, you put a little pressure on his fingers, but as his other hand suddenly pushes deeper through the material, almost between your pussy lips, you begin to suck them harder. He follows your rhythm, until you are sucking his fingers as he puts pressure against your cunt. You realize that you are wet now, the sucking of the fingers being the final straw.

You barely notice when he stops pushing against your pussy, caught up in sucking his fingers. Suddenly his other hand is on your shoulder, yanking you back, his knees hitting the back of your knees and making you kneel before the table. As you kneel, stunned by the sudden change, his hand is taken out of your mouth and a blindfold of some sorts wrapped across your eyes. His hands grab your shoulders and roughly force you around until you are facing away from the table, towards where he is, still on your knees, confused as to what is going on.

The confusion tears to realization as you hear the sound of a zipper being undone and his voice, no longer a whisper. "You filthy fucking whore, down on your knees, just dying to suck cock, aren't you Becky?" You stare into the blackness of the blindfold, unsure of how to answer when suddenly his hand is cupping your jaw, pushing your lips out. "Answer the question you fucking slut. Do you want to suck my cock?"

You wince as he lets go and whisper "No, I don't want...I'm not a...". His laugh cuts off your weak reply and you get the sense he is leaning down, his face next to yours.

"Don't lie to me Becky. I know you are a cock-sucker who can't wait to have the next big dick in your mouth." You start to shake your head as you hear him stand, but before you get more than a shake in, his hand is gripping your face again and without warning you feel his cock press between your lips. With one hand on the back of your head and the other griping your face, his dick slides all the way into your mouth, filling you up and crowding your throat. It is a big cock, bigger than your husband's dick. To your shame you find yourself thinking that doesn't count for much as his dick is pretty small. Rational thought fades as he begins to fuck your face and you struggled to take his cock without choking. Despite the force and the lack of control, or maybe because of it, you feel your pussy getting wetter and wetter. Giving head has always been something that turned you on, something about the power and control over the man, making him feel how you want him to feel. At this, you begin to work with him, bobbing your head to try and take his cock properly. Feeling you make the effort, his hand loosens and eventually drops.

As you bob up and down on his cock, you hear him moan. "God Becky, suck that cock you little slut. Yeah baby, you love that cock in your mouth don't you? Sucking on a stranger like he was your husband...you cock-hungry whore...god, take it Becky." The dirty talk affects you despite your best efforts and you realize that you are dying to have his cock in your pussy. The thought that he might fuck you suddenly makes you feel hopeful and you continue to blow him, wanting to please him. His cock makes a wet plopping noise as he pulls it out of your mouth and suddenly slaps his hard cock against your cheek. Before you can react, he does it again, slapping your face, the feel of his hot, hard cock against your cheek making you want it even more. He bends down again, his face feeling like it is inches from yours. "You ready for a nice hard fucking Becky? You ready to take my dick all the way into that cunt of yours?"

You hate yourself for doing it, but you find yourself nodding as he talks. You hear him stand again and suddenly his dick is pushing between your lips again and you almost gag as he rams it deep in your mouth. He fucks your face for a few strokes then pulls out, idly tapping his dick against your lips. "I want to hear you say it Becky. I want to hear you admit that you are a little whore who wants a stranger's cock in your pussy."

You clear your throat and quietly speak "Yes...I want it in me." You hear him laugh.

"Say it louder Becky. Tell me what you want."

You speak louder, "Please, put your cock in me."

Silence for a second, then his voice. "Louder Becky..and tell me exactly what you want you little slut."

You lick your lips, your tongue touching his cock for a moment, then speak again. "Please sir, put your cock in my pussy. I want it in my pussy." Before you have finished the last syllable of the sentence, his hand is on your upper arm, yanking you up and twisting you around.

You feel his hands on your hips at your pants and suddenly they are ripped down until they are around your knees, your panties down with them, leaving you exposed. "Bend over bitch." Shaking a little you blindly lean forward until your chest hits the table lightly. As soon as you touch the table, you hear him draw in his breath and suddenly feel his cock between your parted pussy lips, swollen and wet from how turned on you are. As you start to draw in a breath, he slams his cock into you in one quick movement, seeming to go on forever, until you feel his balls slap against you, his body pressed into you as he rams it all the way in. You moan as he pulls out almost all the way and then cry out as he pounds back into you. Your hands grab the edge of the table as he starts to fuck you, hard and fast, using your pussy for his own pleasure. Your breath comes in little gasps as he fucks your pussy, the feeling of his long, hard cock taking you closer and closer to the waves of pleasure you are feeling.

As he fucks you, he talks, one hand wrapped in your hair, pulling you back against him. "You fucking little slut Becky. God, your cunt is so wet right now..you love being taken like a filthy whore. Fuck baby, take that cock deep inside..yeah, squeeze my dick you little slut." As he continues to pound into you, the combination of the words, the force and feel of his dick is suddenly too much and you find yourself coming, moaning and babbling as he fills your cunt with his dick.

You hear him laugh as he fucks you. "That's right you little slut, come for me, come all over my cock." He continues to pound in and out of you and to your embarrassment, you find yourself on the verge of another orgasm.

His hand is suddenly over your mouth again, two fingers forced into your mouth as he continues to fuck you. You suck on them instinctively, pushing back against the cock in you as you lick and put pressure on the fingers. As quickly as they arrive, they are gone. A moment later, you feel the same two fingers, this time against your asshole. As his cock pounds into your pussy, you feel his fingers slowly push into your ass, until he finger fucking your ass while he fucks your cunt. The feeling is too much and you melt into another orgasm, moaning and screaming as he uses both your holes as he wants.

As you come down from the orgasm, you realize he is moving behind you and he suddenly is grabbing your hands from the edge of the table. Leaving you lying chest down on the table, he pulls your hands behind your back and places them palm down on your ass cheeks. "Spread your ass Becky." he says and you know that whether you like it or not, that big cock that was filling your pussy is going to be in your ass shortly.

You move your hands slightly but don't really spread your cheeks and his hand grabs your hair and yanks your head backwards. "I said spread your fucking ass cheeks you little slut. Show me your asshole Becky." You cry out and nod as he releases your hair. You reach back further and spread your asscheeks apart, knowing that he will have a perfect view of your asshole now. You his him breathe in and feel his cock against your asshole, wet with your pussy juice. He slowly begins to slide his dick in, pausing once the head is inside your ass, then after a moment moving forward in one smooth, long motion. You grunt as his cock fills your ass, his balls coming to rest against your pussy.

You hear him laugh and then feel him lean over you. "God that looks hot baby..your asshole wrapped around my cock. You better be ready baby because I am going to fuck the shit out of you.."

You whimper as he pulls his cock out, the tight pressure suddenly gone. Just as suddenly he slides his dick back into you and quickly begins to pick up speed. Your face is against the table top, your hands holding your asscheeks wide open as he fucks your ass. The impact causes the plug to topple and it rolls over to rest beside your face as he pounds in and out of you. The sound of his balls slapping against your cunt, the feel of his cock ramming in and out of your asshole make you moan out loud, and when his hand suddenly cups your pussy, his finger teasing your clit, you are amazed to find that you are close to another orgasm.

As you begin to back against him he laughs again. "Dirty little anal slut..this is what you wanted..some strange man raping your asshole. You love it you fucking whore. Take that cock up your ass Becky." As he continues to pound away, the feelings caused by his fingers and the feel of his dick filling your ass take you over the edge and you come, moaning as he slams in and out of your ass.

His speed increases and you think he is going to finally come, when suddenly he pulls out and yanks you back off the table. His hand on your shoulder pushes you down and as you sink to your knees he rips the blindfold off. The lights of the kitchen are bright after the darkness of the blindfold and you barely see it as he straddles your face and slides his cock into your mouth. The taste of your pussy mingles with that of your ass and he moans and pulls out finally.

As you look up, trying to focus, you feel the first jet of come hit your face, colliding with your cheek, followed almost immediately by another jet that splashes across your lips. As you gasp, cum shoots over your face and tongue and you hear him moaning and talking. "Christ..take that load you filthy slut...take my cum all over your face..." Finally the bursts subside and he leans forward. You willingly take his cock into your mouth and lick the last of the come from it.

Your eyes have adjusted by now and as you look up, you see him smile and hear the satisfaction in his voice when he speaks. "You are such a good girl Becky. Does my little slut feel good now?"

He looks at you and waits and when you nod at him, his smile widens and he says "Good. Next time I won't be so gentle."

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