tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLost and Not Found

Lost and Not Found


She awoke slowly, yawning and blinking away the previous night's fatigue. Funny, she thought, I don't remember it. She giggled. I must have really been stoned. She tried to sit up, but she only managed to hurt her neck. "Whaa-?"

She looked around. This was definitely not her bed. Not only that, but she couldn't move her arms. Or her legs she realized. "What the hell happened last night?!?" she asked herself. She craned her neck, looking for any sign of where she was.

Wherever she was, it was dark. The only light in the room was shining right in her eyes. She figured it must have been what woke her up. She tried moving her arms again. No dice. She was chained by her wrists to the bed frame, a very solid bed frame. Her legs were the same.

"Hello? Anybody? Help!" she yelled. Maybe I was really messed up last night and took up some perv on his offer she thought.

Suddenly she heard a cranking noise, like machinery, coming from under the bed. The sheet slid away revealing her body. Her first thought was yup, chained to the bed. Her second thought was an even scarier one: I'm Naked!! She had overlooked that at first because she was so used to it. She always slept in the nude when it was warm enough. Even in winter she would use extra covers and thick comforters so she could remain all natural as her roommate put it. But now, bound to a bed in a strange place, she was not as comfortable being in her birthday suit.

"Calm down," she told herself, "you just have to talk to the guy who did this to you. I'm sure he's a reasonable person. You just have to... convince him." She knew for a fact that if something went wrong she was screwed. Her roommate was out of town, at her parents' place, and college was out for the summer so no one would notice she'd gone missing. "I've got to get out of here" she stated.

"Hello?" she tried again, hoping to be heard. No answer. "Hello?!?"

The noise started again, like gears grinding. "No no no no..." she muttered, "what is it now?" something poked her. "AAHH!!" she screamed. Whatever it was, it was hot. And it wasn't anywhere good. The warm object pressed harder against her unprotected hole, rubbing close to her clitoris. She gasped.

Words appeared on the ceiling above her. GOOD MORNING. YOU HAVE BEEN DRUGGED, There was a pause. TWICE. THE SECOND DRUG HAS GREATLY INCREASED YOUR AROUSAL AND SENSITIVITY. There was another pause. ENJOY.

With that the warm round object entered her completely. "Gyaaahh!" she gasped again. She was trying to figure out anything about her predicament, but the pleasure was too intense. She ground her body her body into the bed in a spasm of ecstasy. "Oh, please!" she tried to slide downward toward the machine. "Please!" the machine pulled out almost all the way, then thrust back in. the motion was gentle at first, but was picking up speed quickly enough. The warmth was almost more than she could handle.

She had broken up with her boyfriend right at the beginning of summer, only two weeks before, over an argument about her virginity. He had taken it while she was drunk, and most likely drugged in her opinion, and she was not very happy about it. She hadn't had sex before, or since that day. Needless to say, she was not at all prepared for this level of sexual intensity.

The machine continued to pump in and out of her, poking the opening of her womb. It continued on relentlessly, making her pussy throb. The heat of the automated member was warming her entire body, spreading in waves outward from her pulsing vagina.

She screamed, finally reaching her climax. The intense pleasure made her convulse, still constricted by her bonds. The machine was heedless of her orgasm though and continued its assault on her femininity. She smiled as darkness closed in, leaving her mind free to wonder heedlessly.

She awoke suddenly. She still felt groggy, but otherwise she was fine. She did another check of her surroundings and was surprised to find herself blindfolded. She realized she wasn't lying down either. Her arms were bound both behind her back and above her head. Her elbows were tied together too. The whole setup was making her bend forward at a weird angle. She recognized this position from a "sex life" magazine her roommate had been reading months ago. What was the position called? Um... strap-do? She pondered. There wasn't much time for that, though, as she tried to figure out her situation again.

There was something seriously wrong with her tits. Her nipples felt swollen like Brent (her ex) had made them feel on their last date. That was worrying, considering he had been sucking them pretty hard. That was the same night he had drugged her, she remembered. And now here she was, drugged again. She wondered if he was to blame for this time too. Some sort of payback she guessed.

Her jaw ached pretty badly. She tried to open and close her mouth to lessen the pain only to find it was open and staying that way. She felt around the intrusion with her tongue. Whatever it was, it had holes in it so she could breathe, and it wasn't coming out either. She tried to scream for help, but all that came out was a whooshing noise through the gag's holes.

The sound from before came again, clanking and crunching. The strings holding her blindfold were drawn and the whole thing came off, brushing gently past her face as it was pulled.

The first thing she did with her newfound sight was figure out what was wrong with her boobs. A pair of clear cylinders hung from her nipples, each connected to a hose that led off somewhere she couldn't see. She would have panicked, but what had happened before she had passed out had sucked the panic right out of her.

She spotted something else while staring at her now enlarged nipples: a bar, a regular metal bar. What was irregular, though, was that it was connected to a pair of cuffs; one on each end. The cuffs were also chained to the floor. She tried to edge as far away from it as possible with her arms tied the way they were. To her surprise she couldn't move her legs, but what surprised her more was the fact that the cuffs were already occupied, by her own ankles in fact.

Now she felt the panic rising within her. She tried to look around for some sort of escape. She saw a pair of legs walk by, and then another. She looked up to the best of her ability. She was shocked to find herself in a public park. (Not the kind with children, mind you, but the kind with benches and paths and trees and couples enjoying their time together.)

She desperately tried to get any passer-by's attention, shaking her head and attempting to scream through her gag. Four more people passed before she realized that a naked woman tied in a public place would draw attention no matter what. She looked around again. Wherever she was, she was surrounded by glass walls. No one could see her so she guessed that this box she was trapped in was either tinted, or made of one-way mirrors.

The dreaded noise came again. There was some sort of machine behind her. Something brushed against her clit again, but this time it wasn't warm. Whatever it was, it was made of metal. It slid further forward, slipping deep into her wet pussy. There was a sudden change in width, and then it went back to its original girth. There was a hook! It had a hook thingy on it! She realized. It reversed direction and pulled out slightly, and stopped, but because of her position the hooked part was firmly pressed right against her g-spot. That can't be good she thought. The hooked part was blunt, so it wasn't going to cause any damage. Well, no permanent damage anyway.

Her vagina started to tingle. The object penetrating her didn't move at all, it just stayed perfectly still while energy seemed to pulse out of it and through her in odd ways. Whatever it was doing, she really enjoyed it. She groaned. "Oh wow. Ooohh. Yes. YES!" she nearly screamed as the pulsing became stronger. Then it got too strong.

"Ouch!" she yelled as the machine sent stabbing feeling through her. "What is that?" she asked. There wasn't an answer of course, but she wasn't expecting one. The power was rising with every second, slowly leveling out as it got higher. She let out a little yelp with each jab. The feeling reminded her of the time her roommate tricked her with some shock-gum. "Electricity?!? You're electrocuting my pussy?!? What the hell!" she figured her captors must be monitoring her. She might have been wrong, but she didn't care, she just wanted to take it out on someone.

The whirring started again, signaling something was moving behind her. Another object ground forward, reaching the entrance of her anus. Her asshole tightened reflexively, making the probe's progress more difficult. It continued to push on, sliding into her tight hole and causing her to scream with both pain and pleasure. "NO!" she tried to scream through her gag, "LEAVE MY ASS ALONE! PLEASE!" she paused, tears forming in the corners of her eyes. "Please?" she begged in her head.

The machine slipped further into her, heedless of her mental pleas. About two inches in it stopped. She wasn't sure whether she should be elated that it stopped, or horrified that it was even there. The clanking started again before she could decide. The object invading her rectum, whatever it was, was expanding. It spread in all directions, widening her hole and exposing her bowels to the world. She screamed again, not sure why, and whimpered as it stopped.

There was another strange noise as her nipples began to be sucked on by the clear cylinders, giving her an excellent view of her sensitive teats expanding and lengthening to try to fill the vacuum. She moaned, temporarily forgetting her gaping butthole. With the suction involved she was actually surprised she wasn't lactating. She figured it wouldn't be long until her captors had enough milk to fill a jug.

Another sound interrupted her moans of pleasure. She couldn't focus enough anymore between her nipples being sucked and her vagina being shocked, so she didn't notice the rumbling as something moved behind her. She did notice the ball plopping into her asshole though. She screamed in surprise as another fell in behind the first. A third golf-ball sized intruder landed soon after, and a fourth. Last but not least, a plug like the ones used in old baths was pushed in and the spreader machine pulled out, leaving her with nothing but discomfort and a bit of pleasure behind.

From her angle she could actually see the bath plug's chain dangling behind her. The whole situation no longer hurt, but the electricity from the dildo was now traveling to the balls in her ass as well, making her feel even more of a surge with every pulse.

The entire arrangement was almost becoming too much for her, but then the electro-dildo started to vibrate as well. She moaned as sparks of pleasure shot up her spine. Groaning more and more as the vibrator's speed increased, electricity pulsing through her insides, balls in her ass pushing against the plug that kept them trapped. Her breath whistled through the holes in her gag as she rocked back and forth as far as she could in her strappado restraints, the plug's chain swinging as well.

A pair of boys in their late teens walked over to her reflective prison, grinning at themselves in the mirror. One reached out to touch the glass, but his friend stopped him, pointing to something written on the glass. She could only see their feet though and the thought of being watched sent her over the edge.

She nearly ripped her bonds with her convulsions of ecstasy. She would never have reached an orgasm like this by herself. Her little dildo couldn't even reach all the way into her. Here she was, bent over like a sex slave, her soaking pussy stuffed with an electrified vibrator, her asshole filled and plugged, her nipples sucked so hard they were beginning to turn purple. She was almost thankful to her captors for her monstrous orgasm as she fainted yet again.

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