Lost Angels Ch. 04


'This tape contains recordings of conversations between the man responsible for the Kebby Creek murders and a reporter. The former was unaware of the presence of the tape recorder because this reporter switched it on while pretending to look for a packet of cigarettes in his inner coat pocket. The tape recorder was still in operation even as an attempted murder on the reporter was being carried out. The culprit is now presently occupying the boot of a Honda Accord parked in the Police Station compound. A knife set will also be found in the boot and all the knives except for one missing are covered entirely by bloodstains. The missing knife can be found in the culprit's residence. It should also be known that the culprit has an accomplice that is still at large and is known to be probably mentally unstable and extremely dangerous. Please act accordingly. The reporter drove the car here this morning. Have a nice day.'

It was unsigned.

Inspector Musa shook his head in disbelief. Well at least he had something to show the DPO.

Alex's Residence

"So you are heading back to Lagos?" Alex asked his childhood friend while watching him pack his things.

"Yep" said Caesar, "I think I've outlived my usefulness here. I want to go back and put my life in order. Most importantly though I don't want to stick around and answer any copper's questions."

"How did you know about Inspector Musa anyway?"

"His wife happens to be the principal of Blessed Mother Girls High School. She told me about him during our long chat."


There was a brief moment of silence.

"Anyway, when you finish come into the study for a drink, eh? We'll drink to your new freelance career."

Caesar smiled.


Alex left and moments later Isabelle came in.

"Hi, Handsome," she asked tartly, "On your way?"

"I'm afraid so. Let me leave you two love birds to consummate in peace."

"Caesar, you are despicable."

"So my Mom tells me all the time."

"You know something strange, Caesar? I'm going to miss you."

"Do you know something even stranger? The feeling is mutual."

She laughed huskily and edged closer to him. Caesar didn't bother to avoid her. It was just a warm embrace and a kiss, nothing French. But he could not deny the ripple of excitement he felt as her hard peaks stabbed deliciously at his chest.

"Look after Alex," he said a bit sadly, appalled at the way his heart was hammering against his chest, "He's a good boy."

"I know."

There was a brief interlude as they stared into each other's eyes and she gently unlatched her arms from around his neck.

"See you around, Caesar."

"You too, Belle."

She turned to leave then suddenly she stopped.

"Er...One more thing," she said uncertainly," Why didn't you tell Alex that you caught me and Tony kissing?"

Caesar smiled pleasantly. "I might be a randy old devil, Belle but I'm certainly not a snitch."

"I see." She smiled back. "Thanks anyway."

"The pleasure is all mine."


Vera's Residence


Caesar decided to drop in on Vera before he took off for Lagos. The door opened slowly to his rather pensive knock and she stood before him wearing a long nightdress that made no attempt to conceal anything.

"Hi," she greeted laconically and smiled rather coldly at him.

"Just came to say goodbye," he said a bit nervously, feeling an odd chill in his bones, "Can I come in?"


He followed her swaying hips into the place that he knew already too well and would probably remain in his memory for a long time.

"Make yourself comfortable. I'll be right back." She went off to the bedroom.

Caesar drifted absent-mindedly into the kitchen to fetch himself a glass of water. As he entered the first thing that struck him was the immaculate cleanliness of the room. Then the strong smell of disinfectant.

A feeling of Deja- vu washed over him. Where had he experienced such before? Ah yes. A year ago in Mel's kitchen. Mel the Butcherette, the racist psychopath that nearly castrated him. He shook his head and went back into the living room deciding he wasn't thirsty anymore.

She soon came back but by then Caesar just wanted to go. He was feeling cold and he couldn't understand it. She seemed surprised to find him still standing.

"On your way?" she asked softly.

"Yeah. I really have a long way to go. Come over here and kiss me goodbye."

She obeyed. She was nowhere as pretty as Isabelle was but hers was a more passionate encounter. Caesar released her with difficulty. He suddenly found himself tongue-tied. There was so much he wanted to say but he was speechless. She broke the ice instead.

"I saw something about you in an old paper," she said quietly, "It was about the murder of Peter Marquis. The paper said it was you who found the dismembered body and actually ran into the killer. What happened to her?"

"The British police are still hunting for her. She's wanted for fourteen murders of black bachelors in England."

"My goodness. You were lucky to get away alive."

"A miracle. Someone must like me up there."

"Yes." She smiled at him.

"Well I'll be off." He told her his address. "Visit me sometimes."

"I will." They kissed once again and Caesar left.

As he entered his car he could feel her eyes burning holes into his back.


I watched him enter his car and saw him give me a last glance before he drove off. I watched him till the Benz went round the corner.

I felt a surge of fury course through my veins. If he had only stayed a little longer I could have dealt ruthlessly with him. Nobody humiliated me like that and got away with it. How dare he tear my blouse like that!

Hmm. Maybe I will drop in on him one day.

I closed the door.

Well, first things first. I had a whole new life ahead to plan.


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