Lost Camera


"And then?"

"And then we will see what we see."

"When did you see this happening?" In spite of myself I was enjoying this little mystery being spun by the lady with the sexy voice.

"What evening is convenient for you Alex?"

"How about tomorrow night? At say half past six."

"That would be perfect."

"How will I know you Gina?"

"I'll know you remember?"

"Oh yeah." I had no smart remarks for that one.

"I look forward to meeting you Alex. Oh and by the way my real first name is Elise. Bye." So I would meet her tomorrow night. It would be Thursday so I wouldn't even be giving up my weekend.

I went to my computer and sent Gail an e-mail with all the details. I said in case she abducts me and makes me her sex slave you will be able to help the police save me. I went on to say I was willing to bet she would be short, dumpy and sixty years old at least.

Sexy voices never went with sexy people. I also admitted I was intrigued by the whole thing. I said I missed my best friend a lot and signed off.

Work went smoothly or at least as smoothly as they ever do. I didn't have a lot of time to think about my dinner date or whatever the hell you'd call it. I just wanted my four hundred dollar camera back with all the pictures. At this point the pictures were more important than the camera. I really didn't want Jennie so mad she would never see me again. It wouldn't be long before I'd be ready to deal with her ditzyness again.

I got home from work about half past four and jumped in the shower. I shaved and made sure my fingernails were clean. I dressed, combed my hair and brushed my teeth.

There. Now I was presentable to Elise. I had time to kill so I checked my email and read one from Gail. She said she had been in contact with the sex police and would have the place surrounded just in case. That girl needed help. I told her of my gentlemanly preparations, said again I missed my best friend and signed off. I wondered how many guys' best friends were women. It felt perfectly natural but I never seemed to hear about it from other guys. Whatever, she was my best friend and I would trust her with my life. That's more than I could say for Rambo.

I didn't know exactly how much time to allow so I left a little early to be on the safe side. I'd decided to have fun with this. If I lost Jennie's pictures and she asked about them I'd make up lies till the cows came home. I'd still get a new camera and try again!

Now it was more on principle than money. I wanted my camera. Hell let's face it the new technology was far superior to what I had so a new one wouldn't be all bad. You see how easy it is to justify a new toy.

I found the restaurant and I was about twenty minutes early so I drove past and went to the gas station and topped off, peed and took my time going back to the restaurant. I parked and wondered if she would be in there and see me when I came in or she would wait until I was seated then join me. It was time to find out.

I went in and waited for my turn with the hostess. When she asked I said," Two for non smoking please and the lady will be joining me shortly. Do you have a table a little out of the way so we can talk?" Miss hostess did a right fine job. I was seated in a corner with windows to my back and my left. Across from us was one table and it was empty. If this experience was going to be bad this would make it really bad. On the other hand if it was good it would be much better. I was getting into this gambling thing!

Would she be old, young, fat, thin, light, dark, hell she could very dark! She might only have one leg I didn't know. With my stakes now at a manageable level I could relax a little and have fun with it. The waitress came and I explained the situation and asked for decaf coffee. I didn't want to be edgy all evening. I sipped my coffee and discreetly looked at my watch then around the restaurant what little I could see of it. I didn't see a likely lady and she was now a fashionable ten minutes late. Wouldn't it be a pisser if she stood me up! I decided to giver her one more cup of time (there's that time measurement thing again) then I was ordering my steak then going home. The waitress brought my coffee and I sipped at it slowly. I looked around the restaurant again more boldly this time. The only female I saw that might be alone was a fortyish petite woman appropriately dressed for this place but very nicely dressed. I had nothing better to do so I named her Lucy and continued to evaluate the lady. Maybe five and a half feet or just under, very nicely proportioned and seemed very fit. She almost looked like someone who would have a personal trainer. But in this steak house? Not likely. Let's see, very light brown hair almost blonde, cut on the short side in an easy to care for style. Medium complexion so not a big sun worshiper or at least a very careful one. Very nice. Now where the hell is my lady. My last cup of time was up so when the waitress came back I was ordering. At least I'd get a steak out of it. I picked up the menu and studied my options. T-bone medium, fried potatoes, vegetable of the day and a house salad. That would work. As I looked up Lucy was sitting down at my table. I stood up so fast I almost spilled my water. I said, "I'm sorry, I didn't see you coming!"

"Don't you worry about it Alex. I'm sorry to keep you waiting so long. I really needed to watch you for a while and get a sense of who and what you might be. After all I only know how you look."

"I was giving you one last cup of time then I was ordering."

"Cup of time?"

"I frequently measure my time in more practical units. Practical to me at least. I could say fifteen minutes. That's about the most I can get from a cup of coffee. But if I get impatient I don't want to make my coffee last fifteen minutes. I'll drink it faster. It's still my cup of time. It's kind of hard to explain but it works for me."

"That is fascinating Alex and makes a lot of sense. I just may use that some time if you don't mind."

"Be my guest Elise. Would you like some coffee? I'm drinking decaf myself."

"That would be perfect Alex thank you." This was certainly civilized as she said it would be. "So tell me Alex, I noticed you checking me out, did you know it was me or were you window shopping?"

"I was passing time actually. I was evaluating you but not as Elise. In fact I named you Lucy. Not that it fits you it was the first thing in my mind."

"Okay then, you evaluated me and what did you come up with?"

"You are a very well provided for lady, you are very fit, possibly have a personal trainer, you don't worship the sun but you get some and you protect yourself with lotions because your skin doesn't have sun damage. You don't smoke, you are confident but not haughty, let's see, what else? You have a very pleasant but slight southern accent so you are most likely native but with possible boarding school in your background. You also have a sexy voice." I guess that's it for starters. How did I do?"

"You did very well indeed Alex. I am very well provided for as you say. I am married at least in the technical sense, I don't have a personal trainer but I always use the same trainer at the club and I do take care of my self. I'm not a sun worshiper though I do like to get on the lake frequently. Let me see, I don't smoke you were right again, oh, and I did go to boarding school a long, long time ago. I'm afraid I was asked to leave after two years. I was a little too frisky in their opinion. And I am from Lexington originally. You did very well indeed."

"Thank you. Now if you would, what did you decide about me?"

"Just from here or all together?"

"Let's say all together."

"You are a bachelor, maybe thirty tops and you are in good shape and well proportioned in every sense of the word. You are careful, have a modest income at least by my standards, you have excellent taste in women that's for sure, you are well mannered, well groomed and like to have fun. Am I close?"

"You did quite well. I am single, thirty three and I thank you for your guess, I try to stay fit but I don't work out as such. My income is modest by my standards as well, I must have excellent taste in women considering with whom I am sitting, and my manners and grooming I work at but you will have to decide that one."

"Alex, you are so smooth. You slipped a very nice compliment in there and didn't even pause for effect. I thank you."

"If I never lie I'll never trip over my own words." The waitress finally came back and I ordered decaf for the lady and another menu. "I'd say we have gotten off to a very nice and comfortable start wouldn't you Alex?"

"I'd say so yes."

"Dare I ask about the stunning woman you were with that day?"

"I'll tell you her first name is Jennie and she is someone I date from time to time."

"You aren't seriously involved with that gorgeous creature?"

"Not seriously no. Just occasionally."

"You are unique you know."

"Not necessarily but thank you for thinking so."

"You don't have anyone you are more than casually acquainted with?"

"I have a very close friend of many years that I see frequently but there are no marriage plans or anything of that sort. If I may, you said you are married?"

"Yes I am. The marriage consists of me being on his arm at certain social functions, have the occasional gathering at our home and so forth. Your basic window dressing I guess."

"Does he know you are meeting me now?"

"Probably not but as long as I don't embarrass him he doesn't care. That's what makes this place perfect. His sort would never come here plus I'm not from tthis area."

"Interesting. May I order for you?"

"Please if you would. I like my meat medium rare." The speedy waitress finally graced us with her presence and I ordered Elise a T-bone medium rare, baked potato with sour cream and butter on the side, the vegetable of the day, house salad with a light dressing on the side and more coffee. I ordered the same just to make it simple for the waitress.

"How did I do?"

"You did perfectly. Are you sure you don't know me some how?"

"I just followed logic. The T-bone is likely their most tender cut, you told me how you like it, greasy fried potatoes just didn't seem to fit you, by ordering sour cream and butter I covered both bases, I figured the light dressing was a safe guess and on the side in case they drown their salads here."

"Very nice. You do impress me Alex."

"Thank you Elise. I assume you would like to discuss business after dinner over coffee?"

"Yes I would prefer that."

"Tell me what you like to do for pleasure."

"Some of that will come in our discussion after dinner. Other than that I like to go out on our boat on the lake, that's how I came to find your camera and I like to travel but not to exotic places."

"What about you Alex?"

"Work doesn't leave me with a lot of time to develop a long list of pleasures so I try to grab my entertainment where and when I can."

"Enter the beautiful woman."

"Enter the beautiful woman."

"What of travel?"

"I travel enough with my work so I don't do a lot for recreation. I'm sure that will change as time passes though." Elise was making great eye contact and I was doing my best to be the gentleman and not look at her cleavage but I was having a difficult time of it. Her blouse was cut sufficiently low for me to know she had nice breasts. Not huge by any means but very nice indeed. I finally said hoping to cover up a wandering eye, "Forgive me Elise if my eyes wander a little but your skin is flawless and I can't help but notice it." I thought that sounded better than forgive me for staring at your tits!

Chapter Six

"Thank you Alex. That was a very sweet thing to say. I do try to take care of my skin. I'll be old and wrinkled soon enough."

"When you see eighty you will still have beautiful skin I'm willing to bet."

Elise put her hand on my arm and said, "I wish I could keep you for myself!" The waitress bringing our salads and more coffee saved me from myself. We ate and made light conversation. I'm a bachelor with fairly modest moral restrictions so I couldn't help wondering what she would be like in bed. She used the word frisky. Maybe she was still frisky! I still couldn't put an age to her. I knew she wasn't short, fat and sixty!

"I'm curious Alex, what were you thinking just then?"

"To answer would be to commit a social error I'm afraid."

"Please. Don't worry about social errors for my benefit."

"When I told my friend I was coming up here I said she has a very sexy voice. Unfortunately, the voice never matches reality. This lady will most likely be short fat and sixty. I must have been trying to see how many ways I could be wrong. You most certainly do match your sexy voice. I don't know your age but you are many, many years shy of sixty, you are not short and if you were any farther from fat you would be too skinny. I also wondered what it would be like making love to you." Elise blushed!

When she tried to talk she stuttered for a second then said, "I asked what you were thinking and I got more than I expected!"

"I'm sorry if I offended you but I gave you fair warning!"

"I'm flattered Alex. And just so I can gain some control of myself I'll side step the last comment for the moment and ask what it is that makes me sexy to you?"

"That is hard to answer."

"You can use any words you want Alex I'm not a china doll and I don't embarrass that easily...at least usually."

"I'm not sure I can put it into words. It's your bearing. It isn't regal yet it is erect. You face the world head on. I said your voice is sexy. It is low, soft and almost musical with that hint of Kentucky. It is sincere and not put on. As I said your skin is smooth and it asks to be touched and appreciated. You have beautiful breasts and your eyes have that clear, alert and moist look. That's the best I can do right now."

"Wow, Alex you make me feel like sex personified."

"To me sexy goes beyond sex. It means sensual and erotic as well as pure sex. I hope I'm not being too graphic now."

Elise took a deep breath and paused. "You are not being too graphic Alex. I think you are seducing me and I love it!"

"Maybe I am seducing you. That wasn't my intention, or at least my only intention, but by me telling you the truth I guess that's how it comes out. I guess I'm seducing you with honesty!" The waitress brought our dinners finally which forced us to take a deep breath. We ate looking at each other.

I must have smiled or something because Elise said, "What are you thinking that's so funny?"

"I just remembered when you said you were sending me a package. I told my friend and said I wondered what it could be. Her response was it would probably be a picture of my camera with a gun pointed at the lens. It just suddenly struck me as very funny."

"That is funny. I wish I'd thought of it. I was having fun at your expense I'm afraid."

"At first it annoyed the hell out of me, partly because I was mad at myself for losing it with the very personal pictures in it. I didn't want the pictures of Jennie falling into the wrong hands. Then I went from annoyed to curious and from curious to enjoying it."

"So you did enjoy it then?"

"Once I felt Jennie was in no danger I enjoyed the mystery. Would you like dessert?"

"No thank you. More coffee would be nice though." I did my best to get the waitress. I didn't know if I succeeded or not. "I want to talk about an arrangement between us Alex and what you are doing to me with your words goes right to what I was going to offer. My God I actually got turned on listening to you! I've never done this kind of thing before so this isn't easy. Okay Alex here's the deal. I want you to make love to me in return for the camera and memory stick. When I say it, it sounds like I'm prostituting myself but when I saw your pictures I wanted you and I didn't know how else to go about it and have any chance at succeeding. There I said it."

"What else?"

"Nothing else Alex, isn't that enough?"

"I expected something unpleasant and the thought of making love to you is not unpleasant by any means! You mentioned discretion so I assume you have thought this through."

"I have. I was going to get a suite at the Comfort Inn for whenever it was convenient for you." That's pretty expensive isn't it?"

"Alex, my husband is quite wealthy. I just spend it and he never asks about it."

"Elise, I would love to be with you. I'm glad you're the one to find the camera."

"Alex, I have to confess, I was going to give you the camera either way."

"Now that I've met you I want to make love to you even if you don't give me the camera."

"You really do?"

"Most definitely! I wish we could have met under more normal circumstances. Now unless you have some particular reason not to, I have a request. Instead of the Comfort Inn perhaps you would feel better about everything if you came to my apartment. It isn't much but it would be warmer and more intimate than a motel room. And since I am seducing you now, I don't see how you can be prostituting yourself."

"So you don't mind if I know where you live?"

"Not now no."

"I like the idea a lot Alex. Let me think about it while we have coffee."

"Isn't it interesting how less than two days ago I was very reluctant to even meet you and now I want you to come to my apartment so I can make love to you! I've never been so open about seducing or being seduced before. By the way, am I seducing you or are you seducing me?"

"I'm not so sure now Alex. This sure has turned out far better than I had envisioned or hoped!"

"I have to say Elise; this has been one hell of an experience."

"I have a feeling the best is yet to come Alex."

"I better stop and drink my coffee after that last comment! I still can't figure out who is doing what to whom! This is fantastic!"

We sipped coffee and just looked at each other. I even kept my eyes off her chest for a couple of minutes. Elise reached in her bag and set the camera on the table in front of me.

"Did you have a certain time in mind for me to come see you?"

"I wish it could be tonight but since it can't is tomorrow night too soon?"

"Tonight is too far away but tomorrow night would be wonderful Alex. What time?"

"Anytime from five thirty on is yours for the asking."

"Oh I like the way you phrased that! Five thirty it is then!"

"I'll give you directions to my place and it's only about forty minutes from here. Do you have a pen and paper?" Elise dug in her purse and handed me a very expensive pen and a piece of paper. I wrote the directions for her and made sure they were clear to her and gave her pen back. "May I walk you to your car?"

"Thank you Alex. I need the ladies room first though." "I'll use the boys room and meet you at the front." We did our business and I paid the bill then walked Elise to her car. No major surprise, she was driving a BMW. A very nice one. I put my hands on her shoulders then kissed her gently. "I'll see you tomorrow night then."

"Thank you Alex. I look forward to it to say the least." She got in her car and pulled away. Wow! What a bizarre evening! I was conned, hustled flattered and seduced all in less than two hours! Of course I did a little seducing myself as well.

Chapter Seven

When I got home I had three messages waiting for me. The first was from Gail telling me to check my email. The second was from a co worker with a problem. Too late to help him with that one and the third one was from Elise telling me thanks for dinner and she had a wonderful time with me and was looking forward to tomorrow night. So was I.

I checked my email and opened the one from Gail. She said her grandmother was not doing well at all and she had requested an unpaid leave from work for another thirty days. She was really depressed about it but it couldn't be helped. Was there any way I could get a few days off and come down to see her? Now that had potential! I had to use some vacation soon or start losing it. I replied saying I loved the idea and would look into it on Monday. Then I opened the attachment! There was Gail in all her naked glory on her back, in bed and blowing me a kiss! Maybe my old SUV would make a fourteen hour drive and not complain. I'd go to Florida if I had to walk! Nobody had a friend like I did.

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