tagPoetry With AudioLost In a Funhouse: Part 4

Lost In a Funhouse: Part 4


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Male and female.  Polarized.

M:      Look how big he is!  He's gonna be a football star.

     F:      Isn't she beautiful?
          She's so darling dressed in pink.
          (I wish it'd been a boy.)

M:     Boys don't cry.

     F:     Sugar and spice and everything nice.

M:     Boys will be boys.
     Bang! You're dead!

     F:     Does Daddy's little sweetheart like her pretty doll?

M:     Hey! Don't be a sissy.

     F:     Remember honey, you mustn't hurt their feelings.
           Don't touch yourself down there.

M:      How's my little man?

     F:     Act like a lady;
          keep your knees together!

M:     Come on fella, take it like a man.

     F:     Just wait till you get married.
          (I'll be somebody
          when I'm Mrs. Robert Jones.)

M&F:     Bob and Jane sitting in a tree
     K I S S I N G
     first comes love then comes marriage
     then comes Jane with the baby carriage

     F:     Mom, a boy at school keeps hitting me.
          Dear, that means he likes you.

M:     Look!  Suzy's getting tits.

     F:     Mom!  Mom!  I'm dying!  I'm bleeding down there.

M:     Are you going out for football?
     (Am I a queer if Idon't want to?)

     F:     I'm in love.

M:      I've got to prove myself, compete!

     F:      I tremble when he looks at me.
          Am I too fat?  Will he like my breasts?

M:     Pussy!  Beaver!  Tits & ass.  God!  I've gotta score.

     F:     Nice girls don't.  (But I want to.)

M:     Don't be a wimp.  Nice guys finish last.

     F:      Nice girls don't.  (But I want him to love me.)

M:     She's saying no but she could mean yes.
     What a tease.  (Why is she crying?)

     F:     (This isn't how I thought it would be.)

M:     Boys will be boys.  (Why is she crying?)

     F:     I want to be loved.

M:     I've tried to speak to her
     across the gulf that separates us
     but my words
     were lost in the clamor
     of the funhouse walls.

     F:     Oh where is Mr. Right?
          (Will Mr. Right want me now?
          Will he think I'm just a slut?)

M:     Son, it's time to be a soldier.  (I don't want to die.)

     F:     Someday my Prince will come.  I'll just work till then.

M:     This is your rifle.  This is your gun.
     One is for killing.  One is for fun.

     F:     Where you lead I will follow.

          (I'm so aware
          of the silence
          sifting in between us,
          leaning against our ears
          and mouths in heavy
          banks, because
          I've tried so hard
          to hear a sound and sought
          to move my lips.)

M:     Left, right!  Left, right!  Kill!  (I don't want to kill.)

     F:     You've come a long way, Baby!
          (Am I really free or am I just easy?)

M:     It's time to be responsible, a good provider.  (Nice guys finish last.)

     F:     What a nerd, he drivea a Yugo.
          That one's loaded.  What a hunk!

M:     Have my girl call your girl.

     F:      A woman's work is never done.

M:     Beat out the competition.
     Climb the ladder of success.

     F:     I'm a career woman.
          (Why aren't my abilities recognized?)

M:     I pronounce you man and wife.

     F:     Love, honor, and obey.
          (I'm no longer myself; I'm Mrs. Robert Jones.)

M:     My little woman's place is in the home.
     (Why can't I support my family, the way my Daddy did?)

     F:     I'm the woman behind the man.
          (Can this really be my knight in shining armor?)

M:     Be responsible and provide.
     (Have I been pussy whipped?)

     F:     The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.

M:     Look how big he is!
     He's gonna be a football star.

     F:     Isn't she beautiful?
          She's so pretty dressed in pink.
          (I wish it'd been a boy.)

M:     Boys don't cry.
     (I feel so alone.)

     F:     Sugar and spice and everything nice.
          (I feel so alone.)

M:     Be responsible.  Provide!
     (I'm so alone.)

     F:     You've come a long way, Baby!
          (But I'm still alone.)

M & F:          In the funhouse
          we are, all of us, alone.

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