tagInterracial LoveLost in Jungle, or...? Ch. 1

Lost in Jungle, or...? Ch. 1


Lost in Jungle, or Lust in Jungle? Ch. 1

My friend is a married 28 yr old Civil engineer like myself. His wife & a son lived in India at the time of this story and he himself worked in Congo, Africa. We sat down in our room in Bangalore, India after his return from Africa one evening, as he told me this story.

Here is his TRUE story, in his own words, though names have been changed as African Native names are too complicated to remember:

"I was Surveying in a remote Jungle area of Congolese Jungle in Africa, 6 months ago, on a cloudy day when it started raining all of a sudden & very heavily too! My African helpers quickly vanished in the Jungle, as the African natives are afraid of rains as a curse from Heavens!

I ran too, & soon lost my way & stood behind a rock, resting.

After awhile I was surrounded by semi-naked Tribal ladies who wore Leafy bras& small skirts! These ladies were well built & had big, black boobs, ripe black buttocks, & heavy thighs!

They said something in jungle language& grabbed me. They had arrows, bows& knives with them. I was really afraid!

They led me deep into the woods, tying my hands. Some of them giggled excitedly. One of them even touched my hips, dashed her soft heavy black breasts to my shoulders while walking!

After an hour of walking deep in the forest, We reached a tribal village made of mud walls& leaves roofs! I could see a lot of women & some children, but no men at all. Yes! absolutely NO MEN!

I was soon led into a palace-like building at the end of the village.

It had two heavy, tall ladies standing guard at the gates.

I was asked to wait at the verandah, and there was a faint smell of fragrance sticks burning.

It was very nicely decorated with animal heads, good furniture, silky sofas (couches). Soon some body walked into the room. I turned &.. stared& stared!

I was probably looking at the most beautiful African lady till date.

She was 6 ft tall, jet black in colour, wearing a golden, decorated gown from neck to mid-thighs. The dress could not hide her well

developed, smooth soft melon like breasts(may be 38-40 in. size), Long muscular thighs, smooth, skinless legs of the colour of charcoal.

She had a soft, lovely face, black, ocean-like eyes, cherry red Juicy lips, set in a smooth black Face. She had a faint, sexy fragrance to her.

She came to me, smiled & said "Pl sit down " in broken English like a foreigner.

I sat down on the sette/sofa. She sat down too. OOO! Her gown parted all the way to her plump, ripe, velvety thighs!

She said " Sorry, my friend for the arrest& dragging you here. But there is a very good reason for all this".

I managed to say" What? and who are you?"

" My friend, which country are you from?", she asked.

"I'm from India", I said.

"OK! you are very fair& handsome! I'm Queen thulli in kai land. We are a very peaceful tribe in these forests. I'm the Queen of this village now! Let me tell u that other tribals are VERY jealous of us, fight with us. They kill our men. Last 3 months ago I lost all the men in my village, "she said.

I said, "Look, Queen, I can't help you much. I don't know any fighting & I can't fight for you!"

Thulli said, "NO No.. don't mistake me. You don't have to fight any body.

"Actually, I want you to..... " What did she want???

"To father my baby quickly! If I become pregnant, they will not fight me YES, if the Queen is pregnant, Africans don't attack each other! "She said and looked expectantly at me

I just could not believe my ears!

"See, Queeny, I Can't accept this! To have sex with you is a sin as I'm a H**du, married man from India".

Queen lost her calm & said angrily, "If you refuse, I wont allow you out of my village! You will be punished! Please take me as your lover& make me pregnant! "

I thought that there was no way out! At least these people were not Man-eaters, They were not trying to kill me! BUT, to have Sex with another woman, was not really appealing to me, Even for my life!

I tried, "Look, Thulli, dear, you are very beautiful& all that! but, I love my wife too much to make love to you! "

She said, "Look, my handsome, I am not asking you to marry me, settle down here or anything like that! You can go back to City & back to your country as soon as I become pregnant. This is my promise. But you have to make me pregnant fast! Enemies are waiting at the border for us to fight! "

I laughed loudly, "How do you expect to become pregnant, so quickly? In fact who knows how many months it may take to make you pregnant?"

She persisted, "How long did you take to get your wife pregnant, 3 months, 6 months? "

I said, "Yes, 6 months, that too twice a day of sex!"

Queen said, smilingly, "That's all? Lets have sex 10 hours a day. I may get pregnant soon! As a queen here I have no work to do now! No other work for you also till you succeed! "

IT WAS UNBELIEVABLE! I had to FUCK to live & get freedom!

she smiled & said, " As a change, you can have my two body guards also for sex any time! In fact, I advise you & request you to make any lady of our tribe pregnant as there are no men at all here! You have full freedom to fuck any girl/woman of your choice! BUT NOT NEGLECTING ME, ONLY AFTER SATISFYING MY LUSTY BODY! "

I had to say, "OK", as there was no other go for escape. AND ESCAPE WHERE? I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW WHERE IN JUNGLES I WAS!

I was asked to retire to a room upstairs, neat& clean with good clean bed, silky blankets, curtains etc.

I was still thinking about all this in a shock, my future, my 'work' ahead!, when doors opened & in came two body guards of the queen who had arrested me in the Jungles. They were TOPLESS now.

They smiled & asked me " Would you like to take bath now?. We can give you a good bath& massage now! "

Looking at their plump, naked black soft boobs out in the open, my cock expanded in my jeans for the first time in months! It was time it got up too & had some rehearsals!, as there was a lot of work to do in the COMING DAYS, literally! Because I have to come, come, & come to make the queen & who else pregnant!

"My name is Kadu bila & my friend is Donne tika!" said the taller one.

"Listen, ladies, if I get excited during bath... please forgive me", I said in a decent-guy kind of way.

They laughed lustily, "OOOOO... MUIYYYY.. That's what we want! See here, We are ready! ", so saying they both lifted their their skirts & showed me my first glimpse of African pussies.

Kadu bila had a fleshy well developed, hairy, pussy, smooth wide stomach& soft rounded buttocks. She must be over 35 yrs, but had a sex-ready body! Donne tika had a juicy pink hole in the junction of strong thighs. I could see her juicy lips& licked my own lips in anticipation. Her best feature was her big pumpkin like hips! Throwing away my shyness, like an excited animal, I removed my Jeans shorts, exposing my fertile young Indian Brown penis.

G*d Knows when I was going to cover it back in my jocks, with soooo muccchh... of work for it in the coming days.

I ran into the Bathroom to join my hungry twin lady Body guards! "

"Did I risk my religion and indulge in Sin?

That's is the question. Think it over and I will tell you the rest of the story tomorrow," My friend said and we rested for the day.

*Did he do it or Didn't he?

**Or, should he do it or shouldn't he?

I will tell yoou the actual story anyway in next part shortly.

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