tagInterracial LoveLost in Jungle, or...? Ch. 4

Lost in Jungle, or...? Ch. 4


I looked at the ravishing passion mad Queenie and could think of nothing but copulating with her madly.

I hugged her and we fell back on bed.

I spread her legs wide apart such that her wet feminine core was spread-eagled before my loins, and in a swift motion, guided my shaft into her juicy folds, sinking all the way into the yielding sheath.

I propped myself on my elbows and started the mating motions speedily with my waist .

She cried ,'Ummmmmmmmmmmmm!"

Maddened with lust, I drove my waist fully into the squishing yielding folds and drawing my pecker fully out again and then quickly inside, making her squirm, gasp and roll about in bed uttering incomprehensible African sweet swears, which went,

"UMMM! Your big louda! OAHHH! AHHHHHHHHH!!" etc.

I held her smooth hairless thighs each in my hands faraway stretched wide apart as she lay below me spread-eagled, her wet eager pussy at the mercy of my hot lust engine which was going full steam, ramming in and out her steamy hot receptacle.

Her juices were flowing freely, coating my thrusting tool and trickling down to my swaying balls below. She was thrashing about on the silken bed in abandon, giving in completely to the turbulence ripping through her being. I was sweating from the continued exertions but there was only a hint of oncoming orgasm, as I thrust in and out of her willing womb.

Delayed as it were, by the cumulative effects of aphrodisiac and the herbal cream, my orgasm took a long time in coming and Queenie for was not complaining, nor for that matter was I.

I took this heaven-sent opportunity of 'fucking calmly' without an imminent orgasm weighing on my mind, by indulging in some glorious foreplay with the healthy and willing organs of the African queen.

my hands continuously explored the hot and excited breast flesh, stopping only to tweak her stiff dark nipples, making her sigh or suck in her breath.

My other hand would occasionally drop to the moist hot junction at our genitals , greeting her puckered clitoris button, as my ramrod pounded her pussy, reveling in the wet leaky warmth of her cunt and tight asshole.

I turned the willing woman over on her back and urged her to kneel in front of my bobbing excited organ .

"OHHHH darling ...come in liters inside my pussy...Make me pregnant with your fertile juices ",

said Queen and took the position resembling a bitch in heat, Her portals were exposed to me, rhythmically palpitating like it had a life of its own.

I looked no more, but thrust deeply into her moist cave and fucked her with an insanity, which surprised myself too. Soon I could feel the Orgasm brewing deep in my loins welling up as a hot impatient fountain as I thrust in and out of Queen's insatiable cunt, my pounding now making her soft buttock cheeks, shudder with the force of my thrusts.

Then I felt the unmistakable symptoms of my orgasm welling up in the cylindrical shaft and burst forth in a spray , wads and wads of semen literally inundating her thirsty pussy, making me giddy for a few moments that I had to clasp her cool sweaty bums to hold my self from falling over with the force of my ejaculation.

No doubt, the aphrodisiacs had done their job admirably, producing in me, a sharp and fulfilling orgasm which made queen gasp and scream" YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" like a Female Tarzan as her own climax coincided with my eruption.

After some time when we lay side by side with our sweaty bodies thrown about in disarray over each other's, I asked,"Queenie, could you have become pregnant now, honey?" in a mischievous tone.

Queenie kissed me fully on lips and yawned contentedly before replying,

"I hope not, not so soon!"

She turned her attention towards my now softening member and poked it owningly and said,

"If you could keep this up for 10 hours a day, may be it will take a few months before..."

I stopped her further, with a hand on her mouth by saying,

"Say no more, Honey!! Your wish is my order!!"

* * * * *

More in 'coming' parts...

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