tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLost in Peckerwood Ch. 03

Lost in Peckerwood Ch. 03


"Take these two naked bitches up to the play room Billy," Lester ordered his son as he wiped his spent cock on Sharon's lovely right buttock.

"Sure thing pa!" Billy replied with a nod, pulling Sharon's beautiful friend Emily to her feet by her wrist.

Emily and Sharon had been on their way to California for summer vacation only hours earlier. The two beautiful young blondes had been all set for the holiday of their lives when Emily's brand new car had broken down just outside the tiny, backwater township of Peckerwood and their dream holiday turned into a nightmare.

Their persecutor, the ugly middle aged redneck Lester, had offered them a ride back to town, but he first demanded stiff payment from them, coercing the two beauties into sucking his cock right there on the side of the road. After Emily had swallowed Lester's pungent cum, he'd taken the two pretty young women back to his old father's hotel, where Lester's son Billy had given them spiked drinks.

The girls had then been drug raped by three generations of hillbilly's and found themselves in their current predicament, prisoners of the horny rednecks.

"Don't forget their clothes boy!" growled Lester as Billy pulled Sharon and Emily towards the stairs leading up out of the hotel's main bar. "We don't want anyone stumbling in here and seeing their stuff."

"Sorry pa," Billy said, quickly scurrying over to grab the girls stuff.

Sharon rubbed her eyes and winced as Billy collected their clothes, her head was pounding and her vision was slightly fuzzy. She could still taste Billy's cum in her mouth and her stomach felt queasy at the thought of Lester's cock stuffed into her pussy.

Lester and his father Jethro were sitting down at one of the tables and opening a bottle of bourbon as Billy pushed the girls back towards the staircase. Sharon felt Billy's hand stray to her ass as he urged them up the stairs, his hand squeezing and kneading her bare left buttock, avoiding the glistening streak of cum his father had left of her right butt cheek.

At the top of the stairs Billy led them down a long corridor that had doors on both sides, the rooms all numbered with tarnished metal plates. Billy opened the very last door and pushed the two girls inside.

Sharon gasped as she saw the inside of the room. It had been set up with all sorts of B&D gear, leather whips, handcuffs, big dildos, strange racks and numerous other tools that Sharon couldn't even identify. The room was like the inside of a very dodgy adult shop.

Billy gave Emily's ass a slap as she also hesitated at the door.

"Come on in girls and we'll get you all strapped up," Billy said eagerly.

Sharon bit her lower lip, her mind racing. Whatever Billy had drugged her with earlier was starting to wear off. She felt sick to her stomach at what the three rednecks had done to them, her and Emily were in some serious shit. She had to think of a way to escape the clutches of these lecherous hillbilly's.

"There's something weird about this room," muttered Emily, her face filled with a frown. Emily was apparently starting to come out from the influence of the drugs as well, but she wasn't as clear headed as Sharon, and the fact that old Jethro had just finished thoroughly buggering her hadn't sunk in yet.

"You're father isn't very nice Billy," Sharon said to the teenager, trying to engage him in conversation.

Billy snorted, "to you maybe. I wouldn't get no chicks if it wasn't for him." He walked over to the bed and grabbed a pair of red, felt-covered manacles.

Sharon's brow knitted, her mind racing as she tried to remember everything that had gone on downstairs. "I mean he wouldn't let you fuck us," she said, remembering that Billy had been forced to use only her mouth.

"Yeah, I ain't allowed to fuck 'til I'm twenty one," Billy replied, a note of bitterness in his voice that Sharon immediately latched onto.

"That doesn't seem fair," replied Sharon, stepping closer to where Billy stood, trying to put on her most seductive pout. "You're a grown man, you should be allowed a little pussy."

"Hell yes I should!" agreed Billy, swallowing as the naked blonde reached out and tenderly stroked her hand across his chest.

Sharon slowly licked her top lip as she ran her hand down across Billy's slightly protruding stomach and then cupped his groin through his jeans, giving his crotch a tender squeeze. "I loved the taste of your big cock in my mouth Billy," she lied, "your cock is so much nicer than your father's."

"I...um..." Billy stammered, not used to being hit on. He was used to compliant, drugged women.

"You can fuck us if you want to Billy," Sharon offered, her voice husky. "I promise we won't tell your father." Sharon felt the 18 year old's cock stiffening inside his jeans as she squeezed him.

"Oh shit!" moaned Billy as the naked girl rubbed his crotch.

"We'll give you the ride of your life," Sharon assured him, reaching up with both hands and unfastening the front of the young man's jeans. "Come on over here and help me Emily."

Her friend immediately obeyed, Sharon wasn't sure if Emily was still drugged up or if she realised her plan. As soon as Sharon pulled open the front of Billy's jeans, Emily reached in and grabbed his already erect cock, stroking it in her soft hand.

"Oh fuck!" moaned Billy happily as Emily touched his erection. "Are you sure I can fuck you two?" Billy asked uncertainly.

"It'll be our secret," Sharon assured him, taking his hand and guiding it towards her pussy. Billy moaned as he touched the part of her that had been taboo until now. Sharon sighed as Billy slipped a finger up into her moist cunt, probing eagerly.

Emily grinned and then bent at the waist, slipping her mouth down over the head of Billy's cock and sucking heavily.

"Fuck!" grunted Billy, his hips twitching as Emily started to suck on his cock, her tongue sliding down over his hard shaft, her noisy sucking filling the small room. At the same time he began to pump his index finger in and out of Sharon's tight cunt, his mind racing as he imagined finally getting to sink his cock into a real vagina.

"Mmm," Emily moaned almost dreamily as she slurped on Billy's cock, her head bobbing over his crotch as she took him deep into her mouth.

Sharon leant in and turned Billy's head towards hers, pressing her lips against his and hungrily kissing the young redneck, her hot tongue sliding eagerly into his mouth.

"This is gonna be so cool," breathed Billy as they broke off the kiss. He reached down and pushed Emily's face away from his dick, "Enough sucking, I wanna fuck you two right now!"

Sharon smiled and led Billy over to the bed. She took the red manacles from his hand, Billy had forgotten he was even holding on to them still. Sharon gave Billy a wickedly teasing smile and then pushed him back onto the bed.

The gorgeous, naked blonde then climbed onto the bed and straddled Billy's waist. She took hold of the teenager's rock hard cock and rubbed the head of his cock against her moist pussy lips, teasing him.

"Oh yeah!" moaned Billy, trying to lift his hips up off the bed and push his cock up inside Sharon's sweet pussy, but her hand around the base of his cock held him at bay. He moaned in frustration.

Sharon leant down and licked Billy's chin. She then grabbed Billy's hands and pressed them up above his head, against the headboard at the top of the bed.

"This is going to be fun Billy," Sharon purred, grinding herself down against Billy's loins, her pussy rubbing against Billy's straining cock.

Sharon clamped the manacle around Billy's left wrist and fed the other end between the metal bars on the headboard. "You're gonna get really fucked now," she whispered seductively, her large, swinging breasts brushing against his chest.

"Please!" moaned Billy, aching to sink his cock into the beautiful girl.

Sharon clamped his the manacle around his other wrist, effectively tying him to the bed. She leant forward, reaching to the small cabinet beside the bed where she'd spotted a ball-gag. As she leant forward her heavy right tit dropped against Billy's mouth and he immediately sucked eagerly on her nipple.

"Completely fucked," Sharon murmured with a grin, stuffing the gag into his mouth.

Sharon immediately pulled back and climbed off Billy, breathing a sigh of relief.

Billy's eyes went wide as he realised he'd just been tricked by the blonde bombshell and he moaned into his gag and thrashed around on the bed, trying to escape the handcuffs.

"Get dressed, quick!" Sharon snapped at Emily, reaching for her own clothes as Billy's muffled cursed filled the room. He yanked hard on the manacles, but they held strong, keeping him locked to the bed and helpless to stop the girls' escape.

Emily hurriedly pulled on her g-string and stuffed her big tits into her lacy bra, the date rape drugs had clearly worn off on her as well as she quickly got dressed.

Sharon tugged her tank top down over her head and then bent over at the waist to scoop up her mini-skirt, giving Billy an eyeful of her g-string clad posterior that he would have enjoyed were he not busy straining to escape his bonds.

"Shit! My jeans aren't here, they must be downstairs!" said Emily, wearing just her t-shirt and panties as she gazed around the room.

"Too bad, we have to get the fuck out of here before those other two decide to come upstairs and rape us again," replied Sharon as she pulled on her high heels.

Emily nodded her agreement and reached for her own shoes as Sharon went over to the window and yanked it open. Outside the bedroom stretched the roof over the front porch, an easy escape.

"Remind me to listen to you next time you tell me to stick to the freeway," Emily told her friend as she followed her out the window.

The two scantily clad girls hurried across the porch roof and then shimmied down a support beam to the ground. They were out!

The centre of town was almost pitch black, a little moonlight was all they had to go by. Fortunately there were no shouts of alarm from inside the Peckerwood Hotel yet so they still had some time up their sleeve.

Emily pointed down the street to where a dark coloured Cadillac was parked in front of a dark shop front and they both hurried down the street towards it. Emily was a little conscious of the fact she had no pants on, but it wasn't as if there was anyone around to stare at her panty-clad ass.

The two of them crouched beside the door of the Cadillac, Sharon glancing nervously back towards the hotel as Emily tried the car door. It was locked. Emily leant down and peered through the car window.

"I think I can see the keys in the ignition!" she whispered excitedly.

"Find a rock, we'll smash the window," hissed Sharon in reply, eager to get the fuck out of town.

It was Sharon that found a rock, a fist sized chunk of old concrete on the ground near the back of the car. "Stand back," she warned Emily, before flinging the rock at the car's side window with all her might.

Sharon winced as there was a loud shattered of glass and the window caved in. The noise was so loud that Sharon was certain there was no way Lester and Jethro wouldn't hear it from inside the hotel.

Before the girls could do anything further they were suddenly flooded with a red light. "Hold it right there!" snapped a stern voice from behind them.

Sharon's heart sunk at the voice, but then she sucked in a deep, hopeful breath as she turned and saw that it was not one of their assailants, but a cop standing behind them.

"I said hold it!" snapped the man. "Don't move a muscle."

Standing behind the two girls, holding a revolver levelled straight at them was the Peckerwood Sheriff. He looked around 50 years old with grey hair and a very serious looking grey moustache. Despite the fact it was night he was wearing a pair of large mirrored sun glasses. "Hands up!" he growled, jerking the gun threateningly in their direction.

Emily and Sharon gasped in fright and both lifted their hands above their heads. The red lights from the top of his police car gave the sheriff an almost evil glow.

"Please officer, you've got to help us!" said Sharon, glancing back down the road towards the hotel. She saw that Lester had emerged and was standing in the front door, looking down towards them.

"Shutup!" snapped the Sheriff, "I'll do the talking here."

Sharon swallowed and was immediately silent. She suddenly realised how it must look to the cop, coming across them just as they were breaking into the car.

"Taking a little joy ride ladies?" he asked as he stared thoughtfully at them, one fuzzy grey eyebrow lifted as he saw Emily had no pants on, his gaze moving down over Emily's bare legs and panty-clad crotch.

"It's not what it looks like," said Emily, almost realising the incriminating situation they'd been caught in.

Sharon let out a soft breath as she saw Lester retreat back inside the hotel.

The Sheriff's eyes narrowed. "Turn around and put your hands on the hood of the car, I'm going to take you back to the station and we'll clear this up."

Emily decided that proving their innocence could wait; their first priority was getting far away from Lester and his deviant, inbred family. Both girls did as instructed, turning and planting their hands on the hood of the Cadillac they had been intending to steal and make their getaway in.

The Sheriff relaxed a little at the girls' compliance and holstered his revolver. He then stepped up behind Sharon first and began to pat her down for weapons or hidden drugs. They looked like city girls and from what he'd heard most city girls were on some sort of drugs.

He ran his hand down Sharon's sides, past her narrow waist and over the sensual curve of her hips. The Sheriff's breathing quickened as he let one hand slide down across Sharon's posterior, enjoying the delightful swell of her round buttocks before slipping up under the hem of her ultra-short skirt. Sharon gasped, her body stiffening as she felt the Sheriff's cold, clammy hand cup her right buttock, left bare by her g-string. The Sheriff's hand slipped down between her thighs, his fingers grazing over her panty-clad crotch.

"Mm," mumbled the middle aged cop, reaching down and adjusting his cock through his uniform pants, the feel of the voluptuous young body under his searching hands causing a stiffening.

"Hold it right there," he ordered once again as his hands ran back up Sharon's sides, this time sliding around to the front of her body. Sharon held her breath as the Sheriff's hand moved up past her ribcage and then up over her full breasts, cupping them in his hands.

The Sheriff cleared his throat as his hands squeezed Sharon's big tits through her tank top, feeling the firm material of her bra as he groped her lovely melons under the guise of searching her for weapons. One hand squeezed the bottom half of Sharon's large right breast as his other hand rubbed across the top of her tits, stroking her cleavage and the upper swells of her boobs that were left bare by her low cut pink tank top.

"Find anything?" Sharon squeaked, her voice almost breaking as she summoned the courage to speak up.

The Sheriff froze at her remark, his hands clamped all over her big jugs. "Hmm," he grumbled, giving the gorgeous blonde's boobs once last squeeze before he stepped back and released her.

"Stay still," he commanded, moving over to where Emily stood.

The Sheriff began his frisking, running his hands cursorily over Emily's shoulders and back, then immediately down to her ass.

Clad only in a g-string from the waist down, it was clear that Emily wasn't concealing anything, but that didn't stop the conscientious police officer from exploring her lovely round ass. He breathed heavily through his nose as he ran his hands over Emily's bare buttocks, stroking and squeezing each in turn, before stepping right up behind her and pressing his groin right against her ass as he ran his hands over her bare hips and panty-covered crotch.

"Ah!" gasped the Sheriff as he ground his bulging crotch into Emily's lovely ass, letting the fingertips of his right hand slip just down inside the waist band of Emily's panties, grazing her pubic hair. He left his hand there for only a moment and then seemed to think better of it, snatching his hand out and stepping back away from her, not even groping her tits as he'd down with Sharon.

"Get in the back of the car," he ordered.

They did as instructed, Sharon was relieved he didn't handcuff them as she'd expected. The old Sheriff actually seemed to be a little guilty about feeling them up in her estimation, maybe this wasn't going to be so bad after all.

The Sheriff didn't say a word as he drove the police cruiser across town. It was a short trip, taking literally only a minute to get to the Peckerwood Town Jail.

Inside there was the Sheriff's deputy, a surprisingly good looking young cop about the same age as Sharon and Emily, with short, curly blonde hair and a handsome smile. The deputy helped the Sheriff lock the two of them in the town's only jail cell, flashing Sharon a friendly wink as he locked the door behind them. For some reason the comely deputy reminded Sharon of Bo Duke from the Duke's of Hazzard. The kind of good looking, all-American country boy the girls had originally been hoping to bump into when they first drove through Peckerwood.

"I'll talk to you two girls in the morning," said the Sheriff once they were locked up.

"Wait, you're locking us in over night?" asked Emily in alarm.

The Sheriff sighed. "It may be a minor thing in the big city, but here in Peckerwood what you two were up to is called Grand Theft Auto."

"No wait!" exclaimed Sharon. "It's not what it looked like!"

The Sheriff waved away their complaints. "Sure, sure. You can tell me all about it in the morning." He glanced over at the handsome blonde deputy. "Don't worry, Deputy Dale here will look after you ladies 'til morning."

Sharon sighed and sat down on the cell's only bed.

The Sheriff grinned and tipped his hat, before turning and walking off towards the door. He paused briefly and muttered something to Deputy Dale before heading off for the night.

"At least we're safe," Emily murmured to her friend.

"Arrested for car theft?" replied Sharon. "Out of the frying pan and into the fire I'd say."

Emily grabbed the pillow from the bed and rested it over her lap in an effort to cover her bare legs as the two girls settled in for a long night under lock and key.

About ten minutes after the Sheriff had left, the handsome deputy addressed them for the first time.

"So you girls wanna get out of here?" he asked them, his smile twinkling mischievously as he winked at them.

To be continued...

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