tagLoving WivesLost In The Snow Ch. 04

Lost In The Snow Ch. 04


The Aftermath

In Part 3, Katie tells Eric she is pregnant and leaving her for Sam. Eric has sought solace with a new girl Helen.

Helen and I stayed together for a few months but it didn't work out so we parted company leaving me alone again.

Katie brought around divorce papers to the house and said she needed to 'move to the next stage of our lives' whatever that was supposed to mean, even though she said she still cared a lot for me. We both had a cry and a hug then she was gone again.

It was a no fault and quick divorce and I didn't contest. She didn't want anything from me and she offered to buy my share in the house, not that we had much equity, and let me live there rent free for a year. She must have felt guilty.

Some months later, about a week after the divorce was final, I got a call from Katie of all people asking if we could meet at a restaurant for lunch as there was something we needed to discuss. My first reaction was to refuse because I just wanted to forget her and move on, but I was curious about what she wanted.

I turned up and there she was waiting for me, all smiles and a big bulge.

She greeted me with a warm hug and said she hoped I was feeling a bit better now after some time has passed.

I asked her why she wanted to see me. She explained she still cared for me a lot, and she and Sam both felt guilty about how I had suffered because of them and wanted to try and make amends in a small way.

Then she handed me an envelope saying that inside were the ownership papers for the house, free and clear of the mortgage, with my name listed in the title deed. I told her I couldn't accept it, but she put her arm on my shoulder, smiled, and gave me a passionate kiss that left me breathless and bewildered.

She said she hoped it would be possible to stay friends in the future. I told her that it may be better for me if we made a complete break.

She smiled again and said "Eric, you never know what may happen in life if you believe in serendipity."

Then she said, "I also have something else for you." Just then a stunning girl walked up and greeted Katie and sat down at our table looking surprised at my presence.

Katie introduced me to Jane. After a few minutes polite meaningless chat Katie looked at her watch, then apologised to us and said that she couldn't stay for lunch as she had to run off to an appointment. She gave me a quick peck on the cheek, a wink, and was gone.

Jane looked at me and just laughed and said that it seemed that we had both been well and truly set up. We decided to stay for lunch and we talked a lot. She told me she worked with Katie and had recently escaped from an abusive marriage. We chatted for what seemed like only an hour, only to be interrupted by the waiter saying it was four pm and the restaurant was closing.

We started dating, and to cut a long story short, I soon realised I had really met my own soul mate and was the happiest I had ever been. As much as I had loved Katie, this relationship with Jane was different, deeper.

Maybe Katie was right all along after all about the next stage in our lives?

Though I knew Katie and Jane remained friends, I kept my distance from the three of them.

I was surprised a while later to get an invitation to Sam and Katie's wedding. After contemplating my feelings for a while and talking to Jane, I decided to try and put my demons to bed and accepted.

It was a small intimate wedding. Katie looked radiant and also amusing squeezed into a wedding dress with an eight month bulge. Meeting Sam again was not as bad as I expected, he greeted me warmly and made us very welcome and said he was happy I had found love again.

I couldn't help still harbouring resentment against him for what he had done to me but realised hate would just consume me so I put that aside. I didn't mind if Jane stayed friends with Katie but I just wanted to keep away.

Katie delivered a bouncing baby boy soon after that they named David. About four weeks later Katie called and asked if Jane and I would come to dinner at their place. I didn't want to go but Jane dragged me there with a bit of 'kicking and screaming' on my part.

Their house was in an unfamiliar area so we drove via GPS directions and arrived outside a large stunning house on the hillside above the ocean. I turned to Jane in amazement and she asked me what did I expect? When I still looked bewildered she told me that the person who owned Triton Industries could afford almost anything. The penny finally dropped and I realised why the name Sam Jackson had been somehow familiar.

Dinner was lovely and we made pleasant small talk as we ate. After our meal was finished, Sam led me into his den. He started by saying though he felt it was fate at the time and he had no choice, he was truly sorry for what he had done to me and asked my forgiveness.

He said, "I also have a confession. You know, if you two had decided not to take up my deal in the cabin with shelter for the night I would have just let you stay. I figured if that happened, my son was not meant to be conceived."

He then said he had a huge favour to ask which he didn't deserve to get. He left and came back a minute later carrying his little son. He asked me if I would consent to be David's godfather and put the sleeping boy in my arms.

I was astounded and asked "why me?"

"Because that is what is meant to be, one day you will know," he said.

I stood there and looked at him wondering how to say no politely to his request, then David opened his deep blue green eyes and looked directly at me and smiled. Oh my god, I felt a shiver through my whole body. I felt like that this tiny baby was looking directly into my soul.

Totally against all the odds, over time, I did bury most of my demons and the four of us became friends, somehow inexplicably bound up by this remarkable little boy, and despite my great scepticism about such things, almost as if it were meant to be.

Needless to say Jane and I became doting god parents of David, and then Susan 18 months later.

Jane and I also got married and were very happy together.

Sam helped me set up my own business and under his guidance it was soon flourishing. It really helps to have a rich, powerful and wise friend. We often were at each other's places and spent holidays together, but I did baulk at visiting the cabin ever again.

The only thing missing was children of our own despite trying with Jane for some time. After we had some tests I discovered that I was infertile. It was a great blow to Jane and me. We talked about adopting but Jane really craved for her own child so we contemplated artificial insemination though Jane was not that enamoured with the clinical procedure nor having some strange man's sperm injected in her.

One day Jane came home after spending the day with Katie shopping and dropped one on me. "Darling, you know we have been talking about having a baby, well Katie and I have been talking and we think we have the answer."

Somehow I knew I wasn't going to like this.

"Sam and Katie are our best friends, so what if Katie asked Sam to inseminate me. Then I would know the father and they could both be god parents of our kids and we would all be one big happy family."


"Well, then it wouldn't be some stranger's sperm in me because we know him, and I could have my own baby."

My head spun and I had to sit down. "You want to get artificially inseminated with his sperm?"

I got a guilty look and Jane said, "Katie and I thought the natural way would be best."

The whole grim reality dawned, 'YOU WANT ME TO LET HIM FUCK YOU?" I yelled back.

"It wouldn't be like that dear; it would just be a quick deposit of sperm. I will close my eyes and imagine it's you. You could be there while he was doing it if you want."

I remembered grimly about the size of Sam's 'equipment' and wondered if the girls had discussed that as well.

"I know how badly you want a baby Jane, but I don't think I could handle that honey."

She smiled at me weakly and said, "well dear it wouldn't be the first time that Sam has had sex with your wife."

I refused to contemplate it any further but over the next months both Jane and Katie worked relentlessly on me. That old saying, never get between a 'wanna be' mother and the prospect of a baby.

It was actually Katie who finally cracked my resolve telling me to suck it up and be a man and let my wife have that baby she is so desperately craves. So I finally gave in despite severe misgivings.

Katie beamed and said, "I will talk to Sam tonight, I'm sure I can get him to agree, after all he owes you heaps."

I came home from work one day soon after and Jane was all dressed up to go out. She raced over all excited and gave me a hug and said, "It my fertile time today. It's all arranged, we are going over to Sam and Katie's place for our first try at making a baby."

I grimly drove over and we went inside. Sam fixed us all some stiff drinks and we sat down and chatted awkwardly for a while.

Then Katie broke the ice, "OK you two off you go and get into it, we can't sit here all night."

Jane jumped up nervously and walked over to me and kissed me tenderly, "thank you for this darling, I love you so much."

Sam said, "Eric, I promise I will be gentle with her.

Sam took Jane by the hand and led her towards the bedroom in a déjà vu moment. I felt those old long buried demons in my head rise up again and engulf me in blackness.

Katie jumped up and raced over to Jane and whispered in her ear and they both giggled, then she came and sat down on the couch next to me.

Katie put her arm around my shoulder, "It will be ok Eric, he will take good care of her."

"What did you say to her just then?"

"Umm........I told her there was lubricant next to the bed and best to use lots," she grinned.

"Oh that makes me feel so much better, I retorted."

Katie tried to cheer me up and chatted about how great it would be when we had our own children, trying to distract me from what was happening close by.

A few minutes later Sam popped his head out the door and said, "Eric, Jane is a bit nervous she wants you to come in and hold her hand."

I just sat frozen but Katie pulled me into the bedroom.

Jane was laying on the bed just in in her panties with her gorgeous breasts exposed. She beckoned me over and I came and knelt next to the bed near her head. She grabbed my hand and held it tightly then looked at Sam and gave him a nod of her head.

Sam climbed onto the bed and held Jane's panties and started to slip them down. Katie raised her hips to make it easy. Then she spread her legs wide inviting him into her.

Sam took off his gown and revealed his fearsome 'weapon' to her. She murmured, "Oh God" and gripped my hand even harder. Sam started to rub his fingers along Katie's slit to prepare her for penetration. After a while I could feel her relaxing her grip on me and could see the wetness on Sam's fingers and he slipped then inside her.

Sam put a pillow underneath her ass then positioned himself above her and said "I will go real slow Jane, tell me if I am hurting you, but it does take me a while to cum."

He positioned his cock at her entrance started to rub up and down in her folds moving them open to ease himself into her. Jane looked at me and said "kiss me."

I leant over and gave her a passionate kiss and then she smiled back at me, let go my hand, looked directly at Sam, then put both hands behind him and pulled him towards her.

Sam slowly pushed forward passing inside the tight entrance and Jane let out a yelp. Then he slowly pushed further into her in small thrusts until he was buried deep.

Katie and I looked at each other and knew that the 'monster' had made its way into previously uncharted territory. I realised that the lubricant had been forgotten and Jane was taking it all with no assistance.

Her eyes were closed and she whimpered a little at he slowly slid his huge cock in and out. I could see he was trying to be gentle but it wasn't easy for her.

Suddenly I couldn't take it anymore and fled from the bedroom with Katie hot on my heels.

Katie caught up with me and held me tight in a hug. "Eric you are really brave and a wonderful man to do this for Jane and I am so sorry to see you hurting again. She smiled and said, "I know just the way to divert you from feeling miserable, come with me." She grabbed me by the hand and took off and I followed her curiously. We ended up in a guest bedroom where she immediately started to undress me.

"Don't worry Eric, I'm sure Sam and Jane will be OK for me to do this with you to take your mind off them," she grinned. "But unlike Sam promised, I don't promise to be gentle with you, in fact just the opposite."

She was out of her clothes in a flash and pushed me backwards onto the bed and jumped astride me. It didn't take me long to respond and she grabbed my cock and guided it into her then rode down on it.

She took off with a yell like she was riding a bucking bronco!

It took only a few minutes to realise Katie had obviously learned learnt a lot under Sam's expert tutelage and she fully applied that to me. Who was this wild woman fucking me and what had the aliens done with my Katie!

The experience can be summed up by "she fucked my brains every which way out and drained me dry." I had never had wild sex like that before.

Sometime much later after three times on my part and uncountable orgasms for Katie I dreamily woke up cuddled up to her, for a moment forgetting we were not still married. I looked up with a start and realised it was daylight. We had got so wound up fucking that we had lost all track of time then fallen asleep. I gently shook Katie awake and we got up and dressed and slunk out of the spare room.

Sam and Jane were on the deck having breakfast. "Well good morning, looks like someone had fun last night," laughed Sam.

"We were finished in 20 minutes last night and came out looking for you two," said Jane grinning widely, "but you were nowhere to be seen. We could figure out what was going on from all the noise coming out of the guest bedroom!"

"Umm, sorry honey, I was feeling miserable and Katie and I..... well."

"Don't worry Eric, when we realised you two were going to be at it all night I dragged Sam back to the bedroom for a real fucking. Eric, you may have to carry me out to the car this morning because I can barely walk," she laughed.

As we drove away Jane said, 'you know darling it may take quite a few goes at this to get me pregnant."

I just said "OK," smiling quietly to myself at the prospect of more wild nights with the new Katie.

Before too long Jane was pregnant and nine months later delivered me a gorgeous daughter. Any misgivings I had about the whole deal few out the window when I held her in my arms the first time. Over the next few years Jane had another daughter and a son in quick succession thanks to Sam's assistance.

During this time we all decided we really liked to 'mix and match' our partners and kids every now and then, and I sometimes lost track of just which girl I was married to. We had indeed become one big happy family.

One night cuddling in bed with Katie after making love I remarked how strange it was the way events had unfolded. She laughed and said, "so you still don't believe that prophecy after all this. I never told you before, but I knew somehow that you and I would never really be parted, otherwise I may not have taken the path I did. I never stopped loving you Eric, there were just some other things I had to do as well. If I hadn't, you would not have Jane or your lovely children either."

"There is more to come. You realise Sam had an ulterior motive wanting you and me bonded so closely together again."

"So he can fuck Jane?"

"No dear, you are so naive sometimes. He is older than us and will probably pass away before us. He wants to set you up to take over Triton, and to care for me and the children when he is gone. He wouldn't trust anyone else. Think you could handle two wives?"

I just smiled at the thought.

I had to concede that maybe that monk Sam had met all those years ago was onto something.

"Anyway Eric, for now I have the best of both worlds, I get to be with the two men I love and have lots of really great sex,"

"Don't you miss Sam's huge cock when you are with me? I know Jane loves the opportunity to wrap herself around it. He can reach places I can't get near."

She smiled and said, "in honesty, Sam can plunge greater depths, but it is always a bit of a stretch, whereas you are a perfect comfy fit." With that she rolled me on my back, climbed astride and gently lowered herself down onto me. "See, fits just perfect," then kissed me passionately.


Sadly not much later we lost Sam to a heart attack and I did indeed suddenly have two wives. We all moved into the one house and became one big family. Katie and Jane slept with me turn about with no jealousy and all the children call me 'dad.

As for David, the foretelling of whose birth had led us all here, he was sitting at the breakfast table one morning reading three newspapers on his tablet, the local paper in English, a German newspaper (in German) and a Chinese one (in Chinese) and commenting on the various views of east and west on the political situation in the Middle East. He expressed the need to calm things down before they escalated into war. This in itself was not that remarkable.... except for the fact that David was still only ten years old.

And those blue green eyes...........

The End...

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