Lost Love



Nichole giggled. "ED. Erectile dysfunction. Viagra."

"Before I'm done, you'll wish I had erectile dysfunction!" he teased.

They fell together again.

The next morning, Michael did something he hadn't done in years: he overslept.

And Nichole woke up in the same place that she would each morning for the next three years: in the arms of the Love of Her Life.

They missed their lunch conversation and he cooked her dinner in bed.


"Oh, god . . . oh, god . . . Oh . . . GAAWWWWWDD!!!!," Nichole buried her face in the pillow as Michael pounded into her.

All he could manage was a grunt.

"Harder . . . harder . . . do . . . it . . . HARD . . . ER!," she arched her back and felt Michael put his hand on her shoulders. He pressed all of his weight down on her, pushing her into the bed with each thrust. Her breasts were pressed flat against the sheets, and with Michael's weight bearing down on her ass, she felt as if she was being split in two. It was glorious.

With one hand, Nichole braced herself against the headboard and rubbed herself furiously with the other. She could feel Michael's balls slapping against her. Her ass stung with every thrust.

Michael let out a loud moan and she knew he couldn't hold out much longer. Nichole arched her back as their orgasms overtook them. Michael's cock erupted. She felt the familiar warm flood of his cum as it mixed with her own. She bucked against him one final time, trying to milk the last of his cum out of the cock that was buried inside her.

Michael rolled to the side and she turned with him, keeping his semi-erect sex within her soft folds. She glanced over her shoulder and saw his eyes flutter. Nichole smiled and took his hand within hers, then placed it on her breast.

Contentedly, she lay there, spooning with her unconscious lover, holding his arms tight around her.

After a few seconds, Michael stirred. He lifted his head off the pillow. "How long this time?"

"Not long, just a few seconds," she turned her head and kissed him tenderly. She pressed her ass against him and wiggled. "Think you can do it again? Want to go for four in a row?"

Michael groaned. "I'm only one man."


Michael smacked her playfully on the backside.

"Don't start that unless you mean it," Nichole slid Michael's flaccid cock out of her and then turned to face him. He rolled onto his back. She cuddled up against her lover and kissed him again. "Now where were we?"

"I think you were about to rub my neck," Michael said.

"I thought I'd rub something else," she purred. She ran her nails down his stomach.

"Give me a minute, will you?"

"What's wrong, Michael, old age catching up with you?" she teased and kissed him again.

It was a week after the company picnic. Immediately, Nichole and Michael became inseparable. Although she didn't "move in", she spent every night with her new lover, much to the chagrin of her "old-fashioned" grandmother, and much to the delight of everyone else around them.

"They look so cute together", "It's about time" and "Do you see how happy she makes him" were all whispered among their family, friends and co-workers.

Both Nichole and Michael were surprised at how quickly they connected. Neither wanted to settle in; he was too concentrated on his work and she was fresh out of school. It just happened.


That's how love works, isn't it? Nichole thought to herself. It just strikes out of nowhere.

Nichole walked back to her bedroom, a glass of wine in one hand. She picked up a box of pictures sitting on the counter. Terra had left them. At first Nichole didn't want to look at them, but today the good memories outweighed the bad, so after settling on the bed, she began to flip through them. They were from her birthday party.


Three weeks after the picnic Nichole turned 23. Not a major milestone, but since she spent her last birthday in China, her family threw a big party. They were originally going to have it at her parents's house, but things quickly got out of hand and they had to change it to another venue because so many people were coming.

People made excuses that they hadn't seen Nichole for so long, or because they were coming to town anyway to see a show, but mostly, the extended family just wanted to see Nichole and Michael together. Ernie and his wife Carole ended up renting out a banquet room at Central Park's Tavern on the Green, not an inexpensive proposition, but it was worth it. After all, they were in on a secret only one other person knew about.

Nichole knew her parents were throwing her a birthday party, but was happily oblivious to the massive amount of preparation that was going in to in. Instead, she was trying to find a job. Ernie and John made it clear to all eight of their children that they would always have a place in the family business, but given her involvement with Michael, the hand-picked successor, Nichole decided that she needed to look for work outside the company.

She earned a business degree in college and also spoke fluent Mandarin Chinese, passable variations of other Chinese dialects, and conversational Japanese. She quickly found gainful (if lucrative) employment as a translator for visiting Chinese and Japanese businessmen.

Nichole's birthday party was planned for a Saturday night, with a buffet dinner and cocktails. Her sisters Emily and Melissa were charged with keeping her busy for the rest of Saturday. So after waking up with Michael, Nichole went out with them. Shopping and catching up and doing sister things.

Emily was assigned to a joint project with NASA; by nature her work was secretive, but she managed a weekend away. Melissa was three years younger than Nichole and just finished her freshman year at Columbia. Both adored Michael.

When the three arrived, the party was in full swing. All of their family was there, as was all of Michael's.

Nichole mingled with the well-wishers, but spent the early part of the party looking for Michael, who was conspicuously absent. He arrived about half an hour later, with a big box in his arms.

Michael set the box on the gifts table and came over to give her a big hug.

"Where have you been?" she asked.

"Your dad needed me to pick something up and it wasn't ready, so I had to wait on it," Michael replied, handing her a glass of wine.

When Michael went to get some food, Nichole thought she was seeing a complete stranger. Michael was engaging, talking, laughing. Animated. Vibrant. The person who had been a grown-up in a kid's body for all his life seemed so . . . so . . . normal. She fell deeper in love with him.

Just past Michael, she saw her parents holding hands and looking towards her. And Michael. Ernie had a sly smile. Carole looked distant, the corners of her mouth upturned. Her eyes had a wistful look to them. Nichole thought she saw her father wink at her.

When Michael returned, he handed her a plate of food and she started to nibble. Emily and Melissa tagged along with him. Emily carried the box Michael brought to the party.

It was wrapped in white paper with a large gold bow on it.

"Dad says you can open the other gifts later, but this one you have to open now." Melissa took her plate and Emily handed her the box.

The room suddenly got quiet. Discomfortingly quiet. Everyone seemed to be staring at her. Nichole became very nervous. Michael only smiled. Mischievously.

Nichole untied the bow and began unwrapping the present. It was an unmarked rectangular box, two feet high, one foot wide and one foot deep. Nichole looked over at her parents and saw her mother wipe a tear from her eye.

Nichole's hands began to shake.

The lid came off.

Under layers of tissue paper was her gift.

"What is this?" she said, disbelief denying what her eyes showed her. She turned to Michael. "What the hell is this?"

"It's a stuffed animal," he replied, deadpan. Teasing. "An emperor penguin, to be exact. I found—"

"Not that," Nichole lifted the plush gift out of the box. Around the penguin's neck was a black ribbon. Tied to a ring. The gold glistened, and the diamonds sparkled under the lights. "This."

"It's your birthday present," Michael took the stuffed animal from his friend. His lover. His soulmate. He untied the ribbon and the jewel fell into his palm. Michael knelt before her. He took her trembling hands in his own. Their fingers entwined around the gold and diamond bauble. Michael slipped it on her finger. Of course it fit perfectly.

"My love," he said quietly. "My love, I can't imagine a day in my life where I didn't wake up beside you."

Tears welled up in Nichole's eyes. She reached out and brushed Michael's cheek with her fingertips. His eyes began to water.

"I can't remember what it was like before you came back into my life. You make me happy. You make me realise how lonely I used to be. I love you." She started to cry. "Nichole, will you marry me?"

Nichole pulled Michael close. Joyous sobs overpowered her. She buried her face in his chest and felt his strong arms around her. "Yes . . . Of course, I will, yes!"

Michael pulled back and lifted Nichole to her feet. She felt as if she were floating. Nichole and Michael held each other, oblivious to the camera flashes, the cheers and the pats on the shoulder.

"I love you," she said in his ear.

"I love you, too," he whispered back. "Now stop crying. I can't stand watching you cry. You're making me horny."

"What's with the penguin?" Nichole asked, not wanting to let go. She dabbed at her eyes. "Do they mate a lot?"

"I don't know about that, but they mate for life," Michael said, and she began to cry again. "See? There are some things on the Discovery Channel worth learning."

She laughed out loud, a euphoric, rapturous laugh. She kissed him on the cheek, at the top of his jawbone. She raked her teeth across his earlobe. His grip on her tensed for just a second. She was sure that if no one else were around, he'd have tripped her right there.

Melissa and Emily practically had to pry the two apart. Both wanted to be the first to welcome Michael to the family. Michael and Nichole were immediately beset by everyone at the party, with "congratulations!" for both and "happy birthday!" for Nichole.


Nichole spent the rest of that night in a daze. The pictures Terra left triggered memories, all of them happy, even though Nichole remembered only bits and pieces herself. Many of them made her smile, but each picture of Michael only reminded her of how empty she felt, even a year later.

The penguin was the first of many Nichole and Michael exchanged over the next two years and it remained her favourite. She fell asleep with it in her arms nearly every night. Nichole held it close, trying to recapture the feeling of Michael's embrace. But stuffed animals don't hug back.

Nichole finished the glass of wine and looked out the windows, their arches framing the spectacular view. It was late afternoon and the sun was beginning to set. One of the last pictures in the box was of the gift table, overflowing with birthday wishes that had unknowingly become wedding wishes. Nichole smiled. Michael had another gift for her after the party.


The party really started after Michael's proposal, and luckily for the couple, took on a life of its own. Michael and Nichole snuck out with the complicity of Ernie and Carole. Of course they knew what Michael was planning. A week before he came to them and asked Ernie for his daughter's hand and for their blessing. Without hesitation, Ernie and Carole gave it.

Right after the congo line started, Ernie waved Michael and Nichole out the back door where Carole and Michael's parents, John and Elizabeth, were waiting.

"Get out of here, you two," Ernie said, fighting for hug time with his three other dear friends. "We love you."

John pointed them towards the street. A horse-drawn carriage waited.

The driver took them through Central Park. Nichole rested with her head on Michael's shoulder. They rode in silence, holding each other tight. In her hands, Nichole clutched her penguin. The driver let them out at Columbus Circle, just across the street from the apartment.

They took the elevator up to the fourth floor. Michael fumbled with the keys.

"I have something else for you."

"What else could you possibly give me?"

He handed her a keychain in the shape of a heart. On one side was the date, the other read, "I love you. –M."

Michael picked her up to carry her across the threshold to his—to their—apartment. "Welcome home."

Nichole kissed him deeply as he stood in the hallway. He tasted her tears.

All the way to the bedroom, she tried to undress Michael, but he wouldn't put her down. Finally, he set her on the bed where she pounced on him. Nichole covered his face with kisses. Soft pecks. Wet. Deep. Sloppy. Her tongue snaked into his mouth.

She pushed him down on the bed and straddled him. She pulled at her own clothes, tearing at the buttons and then set to undressing Michael. His shirt came of, but he wouldn't let her go any further. There was a wickedly pernicious glint in his eye.

He sat up and pulled her close. One hand cupped a wondrous, naked breast. His mouth went to the other. Michael made circles around her nipple with his tongue, causing it to stand up. Then he blew softly on it and it hardened immediately. Nichole shivered. He bit softly and she moaned with pleasure.

Michael kissed his way back her chest, to her collarbone, then her neck and under her chin. He breathed in her ear. "Do you trust me?"

"Of course, I do," she moaned.


Michael put his feet on the floor and stood, still holding his lover in his arms. She wrapped her legs around him and kissed his shoulders. He turned and sat her on the bed, which was just the right height for him if he wanted to have her right then. But he didn't.

"Close your eyes," he whispered, squeezing Nichole's erect nipple.

His hands left her for a second when she felt something around her head, covering her eyes. It was soft. Silky. Michael tied the blindfold and kissed her again. He had something else in his hands. Nichole felt more silk being tied to each wrist.

Michael guided her to the center of the bed and pushed her flat on her back. He placed a pillow under her head. His fingers ran the length of her body, their feather touches causing the hairs on her skin to stand up. Gently, he pulled her skirt and panties down.

She lay naked, fully exposed and blind. Vulnerable. But with Michael, none of that mattered. Her trust in him was complete.

Even if she knew he was up to no good.

She heard him shed the rest of his clothes and felt him cuddle up next to her. His fingers continued to trace lines on her body. Unable to see, the rest of her senses seemed heightened. His touch tickled and aroused her.

"I am going to make love to you," Michael said, kissing her shoulder. "If I do anything that makes you uncomfortable, just say 'stop'. Do you understand?"

"Yes," she moaned softly.

"Say it."

"I understand," she purred.


Michael straddled her chest, his hardening cock resting between her breasts. He took her hands and made Nichole cup her tits, then she squeezed them together around his engorged sex. His hips moved forward ever so slightly and she felt the head of his cock slip out from between her breasts and under her chin. He continued with several short strokes, playing with her nipples.

She felt a hand lift her head forward and found the head of Michael's cock at her lips. They parted for him eagerly. She tried to put her hands on his ass, meaning to draw him deeper into her mouth, but he pulled on the ties around her wrists and her arms fell away from him.

Keeping up the same short strokes in her mouth instead of between her breasts, Michael tied the bonds on each wrist to the posts on his headboard. Nichole lay there, helpless. Completely at his mercy.

Nichole gave a disappointed sign as Michael withdrew his cock from her mouth. Michael lay on top of her, his hard cock wet with her saliva, so near her hungry pussy. She started to grind against him, hoping he would relieve her desire. But she knew he wouldn't. Not yet.

Michael rolled to the side, his body still pressed against her. Propping himself up with one hand, he took the other and turned her blindfolded head towards him. His tongue forced his way into her mouth, penetrating her. Violently. Lovingly.

His hand roamed down her body, stopping to roll her nipple between his index finger and thumb, then continuing down her naked form. His hand forced her legs apart. He ran his fingers in small circles along the insides of her thighs. Her body buzzed with anticipation. Her clit tingled at the nearness of his touch.

Nichole pulled against the ties holding her down. She wanted so much to take him in her arms and feel him inside her. She wanted . . . no, she needed his touch to release her.

Finally, Nichole felt a finger touch her swollen clitoris. He pressed against it softly, then harder. His fingertip touch became stronger, more intense. Faster. She bucked against his hand. She felt his cock twitch against her leg. Oh, how she wanted him!

Michael moved his finger faster and harder against her sex, every now and then pausing to dip a finger inside her wetness. His tongue continued to assault her mouth, rough and tender at the same time.

Her lover's strong hand pressed against the nub of her sex, wet from her juices, swollen with excitement. She pressed her chest against him as best she could, frustratingly bound to the bed, desperate to feel as much of his touch as possible.

Michael kissed behind her ear, at the top of her neck. She shivered with delight. A gasp escaped her lips as one finger, then two, penetrated her. His breath teased her neck. Michael left a line of slobbery kisses down her neck to her collarbone, then he traced the same line and blew softly. The coldness made her shudder and she pulled again against her bonds.

"What do you want me to do to you?" he whispered in her ear.

"Fuck me."

"Not yet," he teased, rubbing her clit again. "What else?"

"I want you to eat me."


"My pussy," Nichole moaned.

"How do you ask?"

"Pleeeeeaaasse," she wailed, pulling again at the ties. She needed to put her arms around him. She needed to force his head between her legs. She needed him to make love to her.

"Please, what?"

"Please eat my pussy, Michael. Please, God, please," her voice became a whisper. "Please eat me. Please . . ."

Nichole imagined the broad smile her begging brought to her love. Michael pulled away from her, although his hand never left her sex.

What's he doing? she thought. What's he opening? It sounds like a cooler—

She cried out in surprise when the ice cube touched her nipple. She felt the areole contract and goosebumps covered her entire body. A shiver ran the length of her spine.

Nichole squealed with delight as he moved the ice cube all over her breast, leaving a cold trail of water on her body. She felt his breath on her breast as he took the ice cube in his mouth and paid equal attention to her other nipple and breast.

All the while, he continued to massage her clit and sex with his hand. Rubbing, pressing, penetrating.

When the first ice cube was nearly melted, Michael dropped it back in the cooler, got another one and took it between his teeth. She thought she heard him get something else out of the cooler, but the touch of the ice made her forget about everything except Michael's touch. With the edge, he made a line down her belly, until he was laying between her legs. He pushed them further apart

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